Regal San Jacinto Metro
1599 S San Jacinto Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92583, United States

Review №1

Great seeing a movie after months of covid lockout. We prefer this theater over the Hemet one. Seems a little cleaner and staff a little nicer. Looking forward to them upgrading to high-end seating and in seat food service.

Review №2

Good theater that is close to home. They have been upgrading the theaters. The upgrades look beautiful. New chairs are bigger and more comfortable. Now I have no problem sitting through a movie.

Review №3

Regal is crazy! The movie is advertised as starting at 1pm. It is now 1:32pm and the lights are still on and multiple TV commercials continue playing. The movie trailers have not even begun!! It cost almost $11/person for a matinee and we will most likely have at least 45 minutes of commercials! Regal has ruined the movie experience.

Review №4

Signed up for the unlimited movies. In fact sign my brother and I up for unlimited movies. The process was easy and this made it possible since my brother does not use a cell phone. Tuesday was 5% off popcorn day for Regal club members so I felt it was a win win. Except for 3 other people we had the theater to ourselves...cant wait for Sunday...and another movie...

Review №5

Just found out that the seats have been updated to big comfy chairs with individual, attached trays with drink holders. Definitely impressed. Just hope they can remain nice.

Review №6

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Very clean bathrooms. A big plus! And a well lit parking lot. I use this theater quite regularly.

Review №7

Ive always been a fan of going to the movies, especially growing up in a small town with not much else to do. This place holds great memories for me and I love coming back with my friends and family. This place is always clean and well worth the money. Great staff too

Review №8

Love this place. The Most relaxing place to watch a movie .My son & I enjoyed it.

Review №9

Theatre is fairly small but was not crowded for a Sunday. Seats are not reclinable but is the same style as the new reclinable seats, very comfortable. What is different that I have not seen in other theatres is that each seat has its own table I think you can call it, which I thought was pretty cool.

Review №10

Havent been to the movies in about 10-15 years, I had a great time, saw Call Of The Wild its a good family-oriented movie with a good story if youre into animals you love this one!

Review №11

Clean, and friendly stuff. I went in the morning with a big group of kids. It was nice and easy to get in and out. The parking lot wasnt very clean, but no their fault.

Review №12

We had a great family day.. and watched its a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.. what a fantastic movie!!! Everyone should go see!!

Review №13

We went on a thursday afternoon. Hardly any other people there. Popcorn was great! Help was very nice. Theatre was clean. Seats were comfortable. Bathrooms were clean...what more could you ask for!

Review №14

The sprite tasted like carbonated dish soap, all the quarter machines were broken. the only thing making me rate it a 2 star experience was a helpful employee who opened the door for me when my hands were full.

Review №15

This place is great. I took my kids to see a movie but was having a hard time with my baby during the movie so I kept having to step out. The management witnessed this and asked one of his team members to offer me a free ticket so I could come back to see the movie. I kindly declined but was very greatful for the hospitality. Will definitely go back and recommend to friends and family

Review №16

Just saw welcome to the neighborhood not like the trailer makes you think but Totally enjoyed. Will see again with friends and family!!! Went to 7:30pm showing.

Review №17

If you wanna go see a movie and you dont care what the atmosphere is like, this is easily accessible. This is the neighborhood movie theater and reflects the neighborhood perfectly. They have connections (soda, candies, nachos, ice cream, popcorn, iccees), a few games inside, a photo booth... Pretty basic if you ask me

Review №18

Very nice theater. Smaller than most modern theaters, but the staff was friendly and everything just had a nice feel. The layout is nice, as the concession stand is centered and can be accessed on multiple sides. The bathrooms were clean and nice, nothing felt dated or looked sketchy. The seats were comfortable, having pull-up arm rests (my wife and son usually lean on me during movies), and the smaller size of the theater itself made the movie experience feel more encompassing. Even the parking lot was easy to navigate, even with a blood drive truck in front. Overall it has a really nice small town feel, and the movie experience was really nice. I am definitely going back.

Review №19

Liked the theater Very nice employees! Best popcprn too!

Review №20

Chairs lean back like a rocking chair and we had to buy tickets inside the front booth was closed off. It was very clean theater reasonable prices

Review №21

It was a little bit cold, but a nice experience.

Review №22

We love going here because the seats are really confortable.

Review №23

Best movie theater in the area. I dont even consider going anywhere else. I havent seen any sanitation issues. The theaters are all clean when I get there. So, Im assuming that my fellow viewers are fairly tidy and that any messes are cleaned by the staff. The cleanliness is part of why I continue to come here. Also, I enjoy the posters and other movie decor that gets switched around. The only thing I wouldnt recommend is their photo booth. The camera is so zoomed in. The booth itself barely fits two people and the photos are just face close ups. Dont expect to do torso-up body poses or fit in a peace sign, unless youre taking photos alone. I know people go to the cinema to see movies, but just in case you wanted a photo on your way out, do yourself a favor and save the $5. But please dont let that booth ruin your movie theater experience. Again, this is a great, local movie theater.

Review №24

Ordered ticket through Atom. But, at a different theatre. I didnt know until I git here. The staff & manager were great. I was able to go in and watch the movie. No problem! I was so pleased. Thank-you!

Review №25

Great customer service, this location has smaller screens then the large theaters but overall its a nice theater. I prefer this location over the regal theater on Florida the seats are more comfortable. Good option if you dont want to drive 30 or more minutes to large screen theaters.

Review №26

My fav movie theater. Come here all the time and I love their rewards system

Review №27

I love the movie but the didnt pick up the trash inside the room, everything else was ok and good customer service

Review №28

The movie onward was amazing for the whole family

Review №29

Good spot definitely the better of the two movie theaters in Hemet /San Jacinto area. This theatre has refining seats and arm rest that lift up so your able to sit close and cuddle up with your significant other also has a couple arcade games and a photo booth however the last couple times I went they were not working. As far as snacks go it’s a movie theater they are expensive but that kinda comes with the territory.

Review №30

Nice place to go watch a movie nice and comfortable.

Review №31

Adams Family was a good movie and I donated blood out front, where they were doing a blood draw.

Review №32

Great movies and good clean theaters highly recommend

Review №33

One star because we deserve better chairs if Temecula can have nice chairs why cant we you guys make enough money to afford nice chairs treat the people

Review №34

My husband and I went to the 6 o’clock showing of (It part 2) The movie was good but the theater was so hot ! 89 degrees or hotter . It was really hard to enjoy the movie.

Review №35

Staff was nice, price like any other overpriced theater. But the seating needs serious updating. No stadium seating and its stuck in the 90s

Review №36

Clean comfortable seats and excellent service! I cant wait to come back!

Review №37

Me and my partner come to block busters here frequently! Excellent and fun, but only 4 stars because posters and promotional items are passed out to employees per management. Its a shame on some openings on movies for my grandsons age, we ask and never anything to the public. Share .

Review №38

The movie was great the theater was clean . 5 maybe 6 people other then myself so pack.

Review №39

Being the only 2 people in the theater was fantastic :) But everything else was real cruddy- I kept wanting to turn the sound up and adjust the brightness- it could have been just the movie we saw (Captain Marvel) but the effect is going to last a lifetime. Also a regular box of candy was $4.99- just a ripoff. Avoid ever coming here.

Review №40

This theater is in dire need of a remodel. I only come here when we dont have time to make to either to Riverside or the Temecula area. Came here to watch IT Chapter 2 and half of the hot food items were unavailable. Not to mention someone vomitted in the restroom and it was very bad scene and the workers seemed very nonchalant about it when I told them. Not like the vomit particles can get you sick or contaminate food right? I probably wont be back unless there is a remodel, new company that takes over and brings this theater back from the dead.

Review №41

Love this place! We have Regal Unlimited so I go quite often.

Review №42

I love going to the movies, the refreshments and popcorn is great here. The staff is very professional and friendly.

Review №43

Love the rewards program, and flexible convenient times for popular movies, and no overcrowding.

Review №44

Awesome staff and awesome customer service

Review №45

The facility was clean and the employees were friendly and helpful. Snacks and beverages, as you would expect, were quite expensive. But no more so that most any other theater I have visited. The actual theater was very nice. Sound system, screen, seats... all top-notch. And my feet did not stick to the floor, which is always nice when spending money to enjoy the theater experience. Its a nice place to see a film.

Review №46

Good movie theater gor our area.

Review №47

Missing this place so much.

Review №48

Its small, staff is great and tickets are cheap. The lines to purchase food always move pretty fast.

Review №49

Fresh, hot popcorn! Excellent customer service! better get there before the house lights go out because there are no courtesy lights marking aisles, seats...nothing. We literally couldnt tell if we were sitting in a seat or on a person until it was too late, it was that dark. I didnt dare get up during the movie due to inability to navigate my way through the theatre. I would call this a serious safety issue.

Review №50

My grandson love it. He six and stayed watching the whole thing

Review №51

Nice seats, fairly clean. Better than Hemet.

Review №52

New seats is greatmy problem is they are not giving refills on the popcorn and drinks at this time yet theyre not discounting them

Review №53

Good graph nice and big and good seating

Review №54

This location is a little older unit but they do a pretty good job of maintaining it. My family has found the employees to be adequate in their jobs but lacking in customer service skills. Our biggest complaint is how they handle refills on popcorn. They insist on you going to the end of whatever line of customers they have at that time, or theyll say wait here and well get to you to you as soon as we can and then forget about you. Every other movie complex we go to in the general area help the refill customers between other customers orders or may even have a person assigned to help with popcorn refills, and do it with a smile not a dirty look. I guess the San Jacinto theatre could care less how much of your$10.00 to 15.00 movie you miss waiting for your refill and figure if we discourage refills we make a little more money. Dont know if this is a corporate policy or individual location policy.I guess the best way a customer can get their refill is to request it when you buy your popcorn to begin with provided they havent run out of containers that they will put that refill in, otherwise you wait and miss some of your movie. Im considering taking my business to a location that trys to give their customers good customer service and use a little common sense in doing so.

Review №55

This is the nicest theatre in the valley! (Sorry Hemet) if you are going on a movie date, or just in general trying to impress some one with out traveling to Murrieta, come here first. The seats Are bigger, floors cleaner, staff nicer, building newer, its an all around nicer experience.

Review №56

Awful movie theater. The seats are all level. And the popcorn was OLD and stale! Expensive for such a poor theater!

Review №57

My local movie theater. Comfortable & well maintained.

Review №58

Smells like a school gym... theater is dated. If you are used to stadium seating this place is not for you. Movies are all current and the staff is nice, but the theater is just old. This place has been opened for a long time, I am wondering if they will ever update it.

Review №59

It was a nice simple movie theater.

Review №60

Clean well managed for an older theater. I drive past another theater near my house to go here.

Review №61

Pretty good . Go there for most of the movies I wanna see. If they put reclining cushioned chairs and add alcohol Ill change my review to 5 stars

Review №62

There was a hole in the screen and wires hanging down in front of it from the roof. The staff was nice and the theater was clean but the screen being messed annoyed me because it was clearly visible throughout the whole movie. With as much as it cost it should be best possible viewing area.

Review №63

Good and clean theater. The staff is nice and helpful too

Review №64

Super outdated. It was like I went I a time machine to the 90s.

Review №65

It was great and nice and cool love it went to see shaft this week it was of the change not overcrowded just right

Review №66

Best seats ever. So comfy. Not freezing either.

Review №67

Great movie, Once upon a Time in Hollywood.

Review №68

Just saw Poms; a really great feel good show. Who says seniors are old; its a state of mind, how about more like this?

Review №69

Friendly staff. Clean restrooms, lobby and theater rooms. Not crowded so thats awesome. Lots of parking and shaded areas for seeing a movie when its hot. Just wish the popcorn was a little better for the price.

Review №70

I go with my husband every 2 weeks love it

Review №71

Great theater and good service the only issue is the concession need to speed it up a little bit... If theres only one person in line ahead of you it shouldnt take 13 minutes to get popcorn

Review №72

The food is way over priced a hot dog 5 dollars and some change and when I purchased the hot dog the bread was hard as a rock. Need better customer service need more employees that actually smile and care about their customers

Review №73

It was very busy because of the The Endgame. The snack bar was very disorganized, employees not paying attention and slight rude. They need a better set up for lining up the customers, when they have customers line up for movie. Very hectic and not professional.

Review №74

Really nice place to our family

Review №75

Great friendly employees...

Review №76

Get your receipt, I was charged more than $9 than I should have paid, but they were able to refund me.

Review №77

This is just not a great theater. The only reason I go here is because its very close to my work. There is no stadium seating and in most of my experiences the fellow patrons do not have movie etiquette. Always cell phones ringing, babies crying in adult movies that are not meant for children. People talking during the movie loud enough to where its bothersome that sort of thing. I dont know why I keep coming here? Again probably because of convenience. Plus their popcorn can make your stomach really upset if youre not careful.

Review №78

Theatre is pretty outdated, but i dont mind it.

Review №79

Avengers: Endgame.Five starrrrsThe theater is a little basic, but the seats are okay and the sound is adequate. I have seen movies here that were just WAY too quiet, like Captain Marvel. Still, its here, and its better that the Hemet one.And hey. Avengers: Endgame.Five starrrrs.

Review №80

Great place to go see a movie

Review №81

Ok theater, If you are looking for a great sound experience this is not it. Its ok, but not the same as Temecula theatres. Tell me why they wanted to charge $ 17.00 for a large drink and large popcorn ..of course I declined.. Get your Regal card it will get you some savings in the long run if you go to the movies frequently..

Review №82

Expensive if getting one or two tickets, but great if you buy the ultimate package and see at least three movies in a month.

Review №83

Theater clean,workers so busy. I chose to take my grandkids to the $1 movie on Tuesdays and the lines were long. I wish both popcorn machines or stations were open as line was slow. I love this theater,but hope they open both lines next week. Popcorn was great as usual.

Review №84

$10 for a matinee! Wow! Most expensive movie I’ve seen in the last 50 years. Seats weren’t even stadium style. Next one I’ll drive the extra to a nicer theatre with better seats!

Review №85

I enjoy the the movies with my grand children the theater was nice and clean.

Review №86

Liked the chairs and mostly the pretzels with cheese bites so delicious

Review №87

Good seats and clean

Review №88

I saw Annabelle . very comfortable with the seats

Review №89

So can I start bringing my own hotdogs? Im 100% willing to buy them at the theater but it seems like the last 5 ish times Ive been I have been told there are no hotdogs or itll be a 20 min wait... pretty dang frustrating.

Review №90

The only theatre with comfortable seats within 20 miles. Fold up armrests help quite a bit. Never too busy for this disabled vet.

Review №91

Saw in Cold Pursuit with my dad tonight. Its a remake of In Order of Disappearance. It was a good movie.

Review №92

Staff was very friendly and helpful! Theater seemed pretty dead for a movie in its opening weekend.

Review №93

Never a huge crowd which is great. Seems clean. As always refreshment prices are a little high but thats everywhere. Would a five otherwise

Review №94

Its a good theater just like everything else in this town though it feels a little dated.

Review №95

They do not take apple pay yet. Humm. Wondering if this location will soon?

Review №96

Seats are narrow, Popcorn slightly burnt and many were not popped fully....Movie was Awesome and Staff were helpful and nice.

Review №97

Not updated what so ever! They cheep for full price!!

Review №98

Good for unexpected quick night out.

Review №99

Nice and clean and the workers are on top of there game and dont deal with disrespectful people there was 3 teens all the way on the front with there feet up and being ver loud and they took care of the problem fast and we want to go back and see Annabelle Comes Home sorry dont know how to reply to your comment

Review №100

Great place to watch a show, I will say though it is a bit rundown it could use a facelift,

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  • Address:1599 S San Jacinto Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92583, United States
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  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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