Century at Tanforan and XD
1188 El Camino Real 4th Floor, San Bruno, CA 94066, United States

Review №1

The Place is amazing. I used to go a lot with friends. Convenient Loadout, With snacks in the center and the theaters are on the left or right.It also happens to be right above The food court, and Next to one of the best boba shops ever. Is it early in the morning, and you don’t want a boba?? Well Thers a Starbucks literally directly under the theater!! A little farther down and there’s a GameStop for Us gamers to hang out in. It’s also conveniently next to the exit of the mall, and A direct path to the parking lot. It’s an amazing place.4/5 tho cuz the food is overpriced and the restraints can get boring.

Review №2

Always nice, but upgrade the seats to reclyners. I really like how you can choose your seat & see what seats are already reserved . 12/2/19: the soda pop machine was broken. The worker gave me no ice after i asked him to fill the cup with ice! They served us out of 2 liter bottles. The seats are all cloth! That is so gross! But, appreciate how this theater & mall are literally right outside the San Bruno BART gate! I drive there. Lots of parking. Nice stores to shop at too. 1/3/20: I guess they dont compete for San Francisco movie goers, but they are at a BART stop. The seats make me so wary of bed bugs, ticks, etc. They are like old BART cloth seats: so gross & never cleaned! They need to upgrade them to leather like stadium recliners. Also, the concession stand room smelled badly like popcorn smoke. I saw the smoke coming out of the popcorn maker top. You could see it in the air too. I mentioned that to the young manager gal, but she said it was normal. I doubt that! I like how their pizza was hot, ready, & boxed for my matinee movie.

Review №3

We were the only people there, toy story! Good time $5 tickets

Review №4

During COVID, I think they got this pretty well maintained.

Review №5

Very cool you should come and chill. XD movies is the best thing ever.

Review №6

We visited this Cinemark theatre for a Hindi movie. The seating was absolutely horrible. The upholstery was coming off at places. Seats were cramped. The audio quality was good. No problems there. Parking and entry into the theatre from parking are very convenient. But I wouldnt visit this theatre again unless this is the only theatre around showing that movie.

Review №7

Old theatre. No recliner seating like in the other Century theatres.Auditoriums don’t seem to get cleaned up after each movie ends—always trash on the floor and on the chairs, yuck! Movies sometimes start late.Overall, movie watching experience here has been unpleasant.

Review №8

I would have gave them four stars, but I really think they need to find a better approach to cleaning their theaters. Especially in a day and age ever-increasing threats from viruses. Seats, armrest and rails need to be disinfected regularly. For what we pay an entertainment and food cost alone these theater should do more.

Review №9

Our movie is about to start and they didn’t bother cleaning anything.I’m from out of town, but I’m confused. Does San Francisco not clean their theater after every movie?The ticket is already pricey but they don’t bother checking the quality of the theater. It smells so bad too.This is the worse service I’ve had in a movie theater.

Review №10

Depending on the theater you get, its hit or miss. Sometimes the theaters dont get cleaned after a viewing so when you go in to watch your movie, you just see trash all over. Bathrooms are also not clean too.The up side is that they do allow you to bring outside food into the theater, which is probably about the only redeeming quality of it and why I gave it 3 stars.

Review №11

Please dont be fooled by the select stadium seats!!! Theatre 17, which I sat in today, has OLD, NASTY SEATS WITH STAINS... there were only about 10 people in this particular show and the floors were sticky and paper littered about the floor. Cinemark needs to pay its employees more so that they can take incentive on how the show rooms look inside... if you come to this theatre bring some paper or something disposable to sit on instead of sitting on the seats, there is no way these seats can be sanitized... I sat on my jacket while thinking about the dirty seats. The group I was with could not bear it any longer and the manager came over and comp our $30 we paid for 3 seniors tickets, that was thoufhtful... maybe the kids could give it a try or just come when the lights are off, but I cant come back again.Upon leaving I realized I left my security blanket jacket which I sat on instead of the chairs. I ran back to the theatre which has already been cleaned!!!! sure enough my jacket was still sitting on the seat and paper left in the cup holders. So much for cleaning.I have this place a 3 because the kettle corn was the best I have ever had!!! Excellent

Review №12

Went here with a friend to watch Maleficent. Affordable tickets and their staffs were friendly. Comfy seats and the sound systems were good. Clean and well-maintained bathroom too.

Review №13

Parking is really accessible that is why I’m giving them three stars employees in the concession stand is very friendly and helpful the only problem I would say is the seats are very uncomfortable they don’t recline they’re really small for such a huge movie theater other than that overall movie theater is located in a good area and as soon as you park in the parking lot you just walk right into the movie theater which I really like and it’s really good for people with mobility disability.

Review №14

Great atmosphere & quality cleaning

Review №15

If it wasnt for this movie theater this mall would be dead

Review №16

Always seem dirty here... popcorn and other trash on the floors of the theaters and lobby areas. The Daly City Century is generally much cleaner.

Review №17

Theater is good. But concession area needs work. Constantly messy, and frequently has machines not working.

Review №18

Customer service was the worst.. no ice, no napkins, no seat covers, dude called his manager and manager Latishma calls her supervisor Anthony Chan... no help whatsoever..

Review №19

If this Cinemark was a character in a book, it would be the first kid that went completely ferrel in Lord of the Flies.If this Cinemark was a microorganism, it would be a drop off of water.This is a running log of the horrible things about this movie theater.1. 2/21/20 -- the poor fellow burnt the popcorn and ran out of the old popcorn. For 45 minutes on a Friday night, Cinemark Tanforan did not have popcorn.2. It smells like Sbarro farts over stale candy.3. Every video game costs $4 to play.4. Although I hate it, I cannot avoid it as it is the only mall cinema near me.

Review №20

Older theater desperately in need of renovation, understaffed with long lines for concessions before and even into the show. Time for an upgrade. Location and Comfy recliners are the saving grace.

Review №21

Finally got to try the super nachos and it was heavenly. Had always wanted to try it but they always run out of it early.Watched the first show time of US and got great seats and enjoyed nachos. It was surprising that the floors were sticky, wonder if they clean it well the night before, hmmmm. Always makes me wonder how clean movie theaters are.

Review №22

Love seeing new movies

Review №23

Older theater, that doesnt have the more updates seating. If you like a cocktail or beer this theater doesnt have them. Otherwise clean with parking and all the snacks and popcorn you would expect at a theater

Review №24

I’ll just say that I expected better. I wouldn’t take a date here anymore lol, Not bad but compared to other places, needs to be updated.

Review №25

Older theather that needs some updating. XD has updated seats but would like to see the electric lounger chairs added.

Review №26

Easy parking, great selection of fast food at the food court and ease of catching a movie. However, theres really isnt any stores worth walking into except maybe just the attached Target.

Review №27

Absolutely not good. I saw Starwars in one of their theaters a few months ago.The theater I was in, was a tad on the musty side. They got the money, they can do better.

Review №28

Very nice theater, not so good seats though.

Review №29

One of the best movie theaters in South San Francisco! ️️

Review №30

Great centrally located place in the Peninsula. Very busy. Enough that there should be enough in the budget to hire more people to ensure better maintenance. The people that are there are very cordial and seem interested in providing the best service possible.

Review №31

They even try to exclude bags that are smaller than the allowed size posted! 12x12x6 = 14.1 liters. When walking in with my clearly marked 13 liter hydration pack full of my diabetic supplies I was told that for next time the bag policy says...; I stopped the person there and pointed out that it is smaller than their maximum size, but the person persisted with that they were just saying for next time. I replied that I was just saying that they should know their own policy if they intend to enforce a bag ban (they said the manager directed them to do so) to up concession stand purchases as we all know its NOT really about safety and that for next time theres nothing to talk about because its allowed. Get it right, if youre going to be awful to your customers at least be right about what it is and be honest about why it is. All sorts of weapons fit in a 14 liter bag. This isnt even TSA level security. Its just about the concessions. Bye Felicia.

Review №32

Stinks and Im afraid of contracting a disease from the seats....

Review №33

Great for Sunday morning early bird specials. This place is large enough to show a wide variety of movies.

Review №34

This theater wears its age. The seating is outdated and just about every theater has a funky/musty smell. There of course is the overpriced concession stand, but it could use a good deep cleaning. Most of the staff is nice but there are a few grumpy bad eggs Id rather not interact with ever again in my life. We wont talk about the time there was no toilet paper in the working stalls of the bathroom (2 of the stalls didnt work and were filed with ****)

Review №35

It would be nice if you could teach your staff to use manners when dealing with customers. You know, say please and thank you, that sort of thing. After all, I spend $50 every time I go to the movies, Id think at the very least I could get a thank you when I give employees my money. Call me old fashioned. Otherwise, the theaters are usually somewhat clean and seats are comfortable and I like going to this theater. Maybe I should just stop spending money at concessions.

Review №36

Very bad experience. We traveled with work backpacks and they wouldnt let us in. Seating is horrible too.

Review №37

Nothing innovative here. Beware the weird concession setup - the lines are different for different items.

Review №38

Great theater for movies. You can reserve your seats and the staff are friendly.

Review №39

I go here when waiting out traffic for a show and a good variety of food options. Easy to get there from freeway .

Review №40

Great theater to watch a movie. If you park in the complex connected to theater on the third floor. There is a walkway that takes you directly in front of the ticket booths. Very convenient. The staff is very friendly and eager to help with youre concessions.

Review №41

If you plan to come here after school or work with your backpack, please go somewhere else. I came all the way here to know that I couldnt get in with my backpack. I have no doubt why this place is so empty.

Review №42

Not bad. Typical AMC. Clean and the floor isnt as sticky as other places. My only complaint is AMC should not charge your soul for 1 small bag of pop corn with a side of soda.

Review №43

I went to see the movie Joker at this theatre. The movie was great but l was disappointed about what theatre the movie was in. The chairs are old stiff outdated no recline l couldnt get cozy while watching the movie. The Joker opened the book about his life before his reign of terror on Gotham.

Review №44

LOVE the participation in fan events and festivals-- saw Harry Potter festival here and looking forward to the Star Wars fan event in December

Review №45

Good movie options and fast food pre-movie options.

Review №46

Great Theater,Its a pretty straight forward theater,buy your ticket and enjoy yourself for the next 2 hours next to a food court and a mall right next to it just in case you get hungry or need to do some light shopping after.Highly Recommended Great theater.

Review №47

It has dirty screens that intrude on the viewing experience and dead pixels in the XD theater

Review №48

Its clean and the temperature is just right.

Review №49

The theater is nice. The quality of sound and video was excellent. The manager was very helpful when I couldnt find my ticket on my phone. Everyone else I encountered was useless. Im not from this area and it seemed very difficult to find, but that might bre more Googles fault. I would think some signs inside the parking structure would be helpful.

Review №50

Fun movie trouble with getting gift card and then using cashier then food court. Question if your a movie fan or movie ? Not good PR

Review №51

Very nice friendly employees and clean Century theater but I wish the seats will recline like the Lazyboys seats in the other upgraded Century theater like Century 16 in Mountain View.

Review №52

Really nice place to see a movie.Seats are comfortable and its easy to reserve your preferred seats in advance.It would have been nicer if the carpets were cleaner tho. A worker was walking around spraying what may have been a deodorizer into the public area carpets. Please just have it cleaned!

Review №53

They dont allow big bags to go inside, understand why they do that, but still sucks, no more freedom in america!!!

Review №54

Great movies, but dont bring your shopping bag with you, they wont let you in.

Review №55

Excellent service by pratik. Asked how we were doing then proceeded to verbally direct me to the correct screen.

Review №56

Did the box seats and 3D. We wont talk ticket price with all that. Had fun though, and loved the movie with rocking seats.

Review №57

Went to see captain marvel on saturday. Pretty good, you can tell everything is old and needs to be updated: seats, carpet. I guess the short blonde girl that cleans the girls bathrooms is gone because the bathrooms are dirty all the time again! People pee all over the floor and leave stained toilet paper everywhere!Concessions stand was a bit dirty too but I was in and out fairly fast. Parking is pretty convenient. And if I decide I dont want theater food, I can always stop by the mall to eat!

Review №58


Review №59

Everything is clean. Sometimes the bathroom. Always the theatre. And when you get snacks drinks and popcorn most of the time it is clean. Besides the popcorn place. That is a little messy. But everything else is pretty much clean as far as I can tell.

Review №60

The XD seats are extremely comfortable. Wish all seats were like this. Only thing better are the recliners

Review №61

Nice theater. Big parking garage. Reserved seating. Comfortable chairs.

Review №62

These theaters have gone downhill! They smell like vomit and frankly I don’t feel comfortable sitting in the chairs. They need a major clean up.

Review №63

Decent set of theaters attached to the Tanforan mall. Some of the screens need to be cleaned, but the sound is good in all of them and there is reserved seating which is great, and the seats are comfortable. Get your tickets early on line, and youll be guaranteed great seats. Ive never done the 3D or advanced seats, but friends have told me theyre good.

Review №64

It was a quiet late weeknight. No crowds friendly staff. Theatre seats are comfortable, and sound is excellent.

Review №65

This theatre has seen better days. Run down and worn. At concession stand checkout they ran out of paper for receipts. Small issue but one I understood better once inside the theatre. The theatre I was in was filthy. No one had been in to clean between shows. Garbage everywhere. Seats worn, old. I expect more for my nearly $28 for a ticket, hot dog, drink and popcorn!

Review №66

Awful. 8 kids walked in yelling in the middle of the movie. Hitting each other. Tanforan has gone down hill. Getto... I would never go back to that movie theater again.

Review №67

Dont love the food service area but over all nice theater

Review №68

Horrible they sent me back because I brougth a back pack pack they refund my food and took it away. And cant even refund my tickets so they gave passes for another day. My nigth was ruined by these people with no common sense. I had only a tshirt on my backpack.

Review №69

Very good deal and not cheap on more then a tickets

Review №70

Went to go watch Alita Battle Angel. Awesome flick! Theater was super-clean. Workers were friendly...

Review №71

Basic Century theater. It appears to sit on top of the parking structure near Sears. I always enter at ground level at the food court and take two sets of escalators up. The first escalator leads to the main ticket booth. The second takes you to the actual theaters concession area. There is also another ticket counter up there. They really squeezed this one in a limited space with the parking structure. The biggest plus is that they have chopped onion for the hot dogs. None of the other theaters have that. If you are on a date then maybe that is not a The seats are regular and starting to age but I went here for a specific CineArts movie not playing elsewhere. Funny we had the whole auditorium to ourselves. No one else showed up.

Review №72

Membership deal is a steal. But hope they could improve their seats.

Review №73

Seats are kinda worn, but decent movie selection and times

Review №74

We almost frozed,talked to management told us its controlled by headquarters heating system there not allowed to raise it . Bad experience for more information outside temperature was 48,but the movie was good Ford vs Ferrari

Review №75

This is my favorite place. Good place to go and relax and enjoy a movie or two. The staff is friendly and accommodating as well. Theater is big so you have a bigger variety of movies to see. The place isnt too big or too small. Attracts a diverse group of people.

Review №76

Popcorn is not very good, overly salty. Seats are bad and not comfy (Im over 6ft tall) and the parking situation is not that great either. However if youre in the San Bruno or South San Francisco area, this is convenient. The staff at tickets counter are the highlight though: very helpful and patient.

Review №77

Good location. Convenient ticket kiosk. Seats can be better

Review №78

Reserved seats! i love the fact that each and every seats here are reserved! you buy your tickets, youre automatically designated a seat! I would however pre-order tickets from their App to save you the trouble of getting in line. They also have the usual amenities, pretty big and Starbucks!

Review №79

Great theater. Clean helpful staff, great snacks and the XD theater experience is awesome. Pay the additional for the experience!

Review №80

Seats are old and narrow, need to remodel the theater like the other locations with reclining wide leather seats.If youre not familiar with the area, finding the theater from the outside the mall can be confusing.Go to the garage to the 3rd level and park near the elevators. Theres a walk way to the entrance to the mall. Once you enter, the ticket booth will be on your right.

Review №81

Love this place the reason why no 5 stars is because the seats theyre the old style not reclined seats

Review №82

Totally love the theatre located in a mall and right above a great foodcourt. The theatre houses are generally clean .

Review №83

I liked it. Went last night to watch end game and was in tears. Amazing display and sound. We paid for the xd, but they dont have recliner seats like in Daly City. Concession is expensive as expected. I recommend getting something at the cafe because its basically the same prices outside. The barista was very nice and made my drink to my liking.

Review №84

Safe quiet theater, convenient and easy to use prepaid seating system. Clean restrooms, cold soda and buttery popcorn. what more do you want? Discount Tuesdays.

Review №85

Sad to see Sears closed. The shopping center is depressed

Review №86

Great picture and sound! Watched Hobbs and Shaw! Excellent!

Review №87

Theater is pretty good and the selection of theaters is pretty good as well.

Review №88

Excellent experience of entertainment to enjoy a movie.

Review №89

Early show almost no one there. great for senors with low income. enjoy.haha

Review №90

Monitors and Marquee at box office are down resulting in longer than necessary lines. Theater was just okay.

Review №91

Disgusting! Nasty! Dirty! Filthy! I went here to watch The Black Panther Movie and I HAVE NEVER in my life seen such a grotesque movie theater. The place was falling apart. The elevators look like they were rotting and smelled of pee. The seats were dirty! The carpet smelled horrible and had a bad odor. The paint was chipping apart everywhere and food was on the ground. I was born in the ghetto and I know that the movie theater where I am from never ever looked as bad as this one did. I was VERY disappointed and for sure will never return. The only thing good about it was the movie I was watching.

Review №92

Randomly messes up anime movie showings by screening the wrong language and muting the audio.

Review №93

This is our go-to movie theater! We love the comfy seats and their dbox seats. The restrooms are mostly clean and the junk food selection on sale are not bad.

Review №94

Captain Marvel was a very intriguing movie cant wait for the other Marvels to come out April 28th

Review №95

Great theater. They have a CD screen and is conveniently attached to the mall.

Review №96

Helpful staff and always fun to be there!

Review №97

My favourite place! I loved that you have a choice of where you want to sit & concession has good food choices

Review №98

I attended the 12:55pm Double Feature for Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen. I am completely dissatisfied with the lack of attention from your employees and stupidity of your operation. There were a number of mistakes that should NOT have happened during a showing!1) The movie showing was at 12:55pm. Before the movie, there were no previews, no music, and just a blank screen. The movie did NOT play until one of my friends had to ask someone to play it. It was close to 1:30pm before the movie started playing.2) As the movie started, whoever was in the control room forwarded the movie to skip the introduction. Not only that, they skipped it beyond the beginning, revealing some parts of the movie. They had to rewind back, multiple times, to find the initial start.3) The lights did not turn off when the movie began. My friend had to get up, AGAIN, to let someone know about the issue.4) After the movie ended, it took another 30 minutes before Reign of the Supermen started.5) During the prolonged intermission, the lights were still off and the screen blacked out leaving the audience to sit in the dark for a period of time.6) When the screen came back on, it played a scene weve already watched from Death of Superman and then proceeded with the credits and after credit.7) After that the real intermission screen came on stating that the next movie will be playing in 5 minutes.8) A few minutes into Reign of the Supermen, the lights came on.9) Not only that, the sound cut out and went completely silent. Once again, my friend had to get up and say something.10) When the sound finally came back on, it played songs from the Lion King. At this point, people are walking out of the theater. In addition to that, the audio playing was not related to Superman at all but Cinemark advertisements to download an app.Cinemark Tanforan! Please get it together! This was the worst experience I have ever had in a movie theater. I am appalled at the amount of mistakes that happened. Most of the audience were in line with us at Guest Services because of the experience.I refuse to be a customer to this mess of a movie theater.

Review №99

Always go to early showings and grab a meal at the food court beforehand

Review №100

Fantastic ! I, thought Tuesday was $7.00 but, You have to pay $3.00 more the XD theater, which for the enhanced sound system ! It helped make La Llorona, that much more intense, and scarier ! LL KOOL RAY

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:1188 El Camino Real 4th Floor, San Bruno, CA 94066, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 650-588-6052
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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