City Base Entertainment
2623 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States

Review №1

It was great to be back at City Base Movie Theater. Very clean, safe and the movie was great ( Croods 2).

Review №2

XX’s beer with lime salt dressing is great! Restrooms are strategically placed to make visit during movie very fast (music in there is great too). Entire place is clean and has a security guard. The movie seats are leather but too small and not reclining, disappointing. Video and audio are superb. Pre-show is great too because there are a lot of ads to encourage kids to goto college or vocational schools. Lots of parking.

Review №3

Very happy with the way they have social distancing! Movie theater was very clean. Highly recommend going to the movies there. Support Local Businesses

Review №4

I Love It Here. I Like The Original Version Better But I Guess Some Changes Had to be Made, I guess. But It has a Bar & Video Game Stations here. So, its still awesome.

Review №5

The staff was friendly, place was clean, enjoyed our time there only complaints the volume in the theater was way too loud and the price of the movie tickets

Review №6

The only place where they serve barbacoa and big red on Sunday and they have beer to accommodate the thirsty patron noting that they have a appealing concession stand of course enjoy the experience here

Review №7

I cannot speak highly enough of thisethis and the way they treated me and my family to a first night back at the movies back. Not only did my son win a trolls world tour prize package for having gone to the movie plus they took care of us for any problems we had in the game room and they made sure that our drinks were cold and our food and concessions were fresh and our popcorn stayed extremely well buttered and great-tasting the manager Ramirez was beyond exceptional in taking care of us and they maintain the cleanliness standard that was above and beyond what they had to I absolutely will be coming here again and want to make sure that we support a business like this because not only were they affordable but they were also well worth any dollar that you spend here.

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Review №9

This movie theater has many, many snack and food options with a bar for beer or alcoholic beverage. They have cheetos popcorn which is truly unique. Seats are comfortable and the theater is also extremely clean. Whenever Im in San Antonio I will always come to this theater. Go see for yourself.

Review №10

Love going to the movies here. However they are strict w the age requirements I couldnt take my child to a rated R movie even though Im her parent and it was early in the day other than that its a great theater and they have a nice arcade area where you can host a bday party.

Review №11

City Base Cinema is a cool place to watch movies. 1st time Ive returned, 1st since the #COVID19 re-opening in Texas. Had popcorn & a margarita, watched Sonic the Hedgehog, & had the theater to Myself!

Review №12

Love this theater. Refreshments are always great. The menu is big. Seats are comfortable. 9 out of 10 times to see a movie I come here

Review №13

Clean theater, nice staff, and popcorn is the usual movie popcorn. Got two nachos and love that the most about going to the movies. On the rare occasions that I do go. This trip was worth it. Oh and, they have a minicomica store... Cool.

Review №14

Sounds was extremely loud. Chairs are comfortable. Screen was decent due to seeing a bunch of color spots when a lot of white was being shown.

Review №15

We had a very disappointed experience coming to this theater tonight. We’ve only lived in the area a short period of time but the few times we’ve come to this theater, we’ve always enjoyed it.Tonight, however, we were given some free passes as a Christmas gift, only to find out when we got there that the tickets are not free for “new release” movies. So it would not work for any of the movies that were currently playing, it would only make them half off. Now, any discount is still a good discount, but these tickets were purchased with the understanding that it was a free movie, not a half off movie. It should have stated this explicitly on the tickets, which it did not. Be cautious if you get these tickets.

Review №16

Love this theater. Very cozy, clean, decent prices, great location, friendly and helpful staff. After every movie, a friendly staff member hands out peppermints. So cool.This is one of few theaters I love looking at movies.

Review №17

I would leave no stars if I could. This movie theater is outdated and horribly staffed and it starts from the top. (management) It began at the concession stand where we were charge an upcharge for a theme kids pack but we didnt want the kids pack but according to Guzman thats is all they had. So customer service is not a big deal at this location. I highly recommend anyone to visit any other theater even if this ilocation is convenient. The only way they will change their attitude is to hit them in the pocket book.

Review №18

Nice theater, up to date movies, inexpensive, can go next door to wait for your show and play games

Review №19

I live 40 minutes away, and there are 2 other cinemas within 15 minutes of me, but this is my go to theater. The snack and drink selection is fantastic and the ticket prices are reasonable, unlike some other theaters now. This place would get 5 stars from me, but they need to REALLY work on the customer service at the bar area. Even when there is only one person sitting at the bar, they make eye contact with you multiple times before finally asking you what you want. No sense of urgency at all. So now I just get a drink at the snack stand where the service is much friendlier! Still love this place though.

Review №20

Went to go see Star Trek The rise of skywalker. I wind up not seeing all the movie because i walked out. The Audio was WAY to loud. I could not take it so i left.

Review №21

This movie theater is pretty decent. It has a bar and usually very clean. But the last few times we’ve been here we could barely hear the movie! Very loud people who clearly movie hop and not to mention last night someone had to get police escorted out because they were screaming and cussing during the lion king movie. Smh. I like this theater but I wish more workers at least checked in during showtime hours and checked tickets upon entry at the movie door.

Review №22

I would have enjoyed it even better if happy hour with sooner we got there around 2:30 and we left after one beer and went to 5050 Broadway because theyre happy hour starts at 2

Review №23

Great plece for fun

Review №24

Seats are pretty good. Good sound! Popcorn is decent. Lots to choose from. I recommend going. Plus prices are fair!

Review №25

Its a friendly environmental, cleanliness . Great prices and lots of fun just hanging out at the gameong station . A movie plus a drink what more can a gal ask for lol

Review №26

If I could give this zero stars I would. They sell you tickets online, give you no indication that 13 and under cant see rated R movies with their parents, and then refuse to refund the full ticket price. I can legally let my kids drink but cant take them to a movie of my choosing.

Review №27

Everyone here is super friendly and helpful. The place looks and smells clean. No nasty carpet smell. Hotdogs are very good here as well. I will be coming back again.

Review №28

I love this theater! I like the seats and the sound is always good. Only gripe is they dont even allow you to PAY for a refill unless you have a mega sized drink or have a ticket for a CBX showing. Other than that, i prefer this theater.

Review №29

Me an my daughter come here all the time, the one night we have a late dinner and decide to see the lion king they dont allow her in because shes 5 I spoke to the manager and he broke my little daughters heart would not let her in because of policy that doesnt allow children after 10 but allowed another child who looked the same age in to watch the movie, my daughters night was ruined and we wont be returning here after that. Its a childs movie an my daughter is well behaved Im really upset

Review №30

Love the fact that you can have a cold one while watching a good movie.

Review №31

Its a nice place n very clean, a nice place to enjoy movies.It was my first visit love it

Review №32

Brought my nephews and step son to watch Secret Life of Pets 2. They had a blast!!!

Review №33

We love this theatre! Staff always friendly and comfy seats. What more can you ask for?!

Review №34

Awesome place. Friendly staff, great comfortable seats.

Review №35

I have taken my family here many time for family day at the movies and we have had a wonderful time making memories. You and your family can do the same here.

Review №36

The movie theater was good temp, sits are like the seats from a plane, there narrow and too close no room for popcorn and drink with out rubbing the other person in the next year, No combos with free refill, popcorn was cold. restrooms were clean, the staff is friendly.

Review №37

The staff is great, the theaters are well maintained, the seats are very comfortable & I love their game area. Heros & Fantasy is also inside & a fun place with great events going on from time to time. All in all, I always look forward to seeing a movie there.

Review №38

Clean, great selection of candy, nice game room, good service, and complimentary mint keep up the good work

Review №39

I came to San Antonio for a weekend vacation. I decided to come to this theatre to watch a movie. One of the workers would not let me purchase a ticket. He said that they were closed, but the movie I came to watch had literally just started!

Review №40

Food court dirty seats were alright service could have been better

Review №41

Love that they now ha e an open bar good service

Review №42

Me and the wife had a great time watching star wars..pretty cool movie

Review №43

Service is good but prices are outrageous

Review №44

This theater is newly renovated and has extremely comfortable seating. The seats all are adjustable and the sound system is very good too.

Review №45

The place is attractive and pleasant, but definitely High Dollar. Ok if you want to impress, but as a family man with a budget, this is a place to visit maybe once every so often, like tax refund season.

Review №46

Love going to watch a movie and have an Adult drink at the same time.

Review №47

Good I wint to go see under water I love it

Review №48

Love the fact that I can sit anywhere and still be able to see the screen...Im short.

Review №49

People are very customer service oriented and kind make you feel like it’s Home, all around kind I would take my family anyday

Review №50

Just saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, on a non busy night, perfect movie for the recent years. Mega popcorn good atmosphere and great company.

Review №51

Nice quality time with my beautiful girls. Their not babies anymore. N still spends time with tis old man. Lol.

Review №52

Enjoyed a great movie .

Review №53

Will not be returning been coming to the early bird movies for months bringing my own popcorn container because the oil leaks out of the bags they use nobody ever said anything. Decided to come at night and told my empty container could not be used. I stated been using my own container for months for the early bird special they said you never have been caught. You mean to tell me the ticket taker never caught something in plain sight? Alamo Draft House, Mayan Palace will now have my business at least they use buckets.

Review №54

Great place for families to have a good time great customer service

Review №55

Great way to kill time waiting for movie

Review №56

City Base entertainment, is a great movie theater located by Brooks City base! This movie theater is one of a kind. Most movie theaters have the common stuff like popcorn, soda, and boxed candy however this theater has more than that. They have Mexican candies, Hot Cheetos, and other snacks that you are unlikely to find at any other common movie theaters. Seats are comfortable and have a good amount of room. They even have a large game room attached to the theater where you can wait if there is a couple more minutes till your movie. I definitely recommend this theater.

Review №57

It was okay. Theater chairs are not very comfortable. Snacks are very pricey too and popcorn bags are smaller. I prefer going to the Mayan Palace.

Review №58

Love seeing movies here love going with my boyfriend Mark puente

Review №59

This is one of the best movie theaters I have been to in quite some time. There is something for everyone. Game room for the kids and a bar for the adults! Comfortable seats along with an amazing sound system.

Review №60

My first time coming to this theatre. It was such a great experience. The staff is helpful and friendly. I will certainly come back.

Review №61

Awesome. Midway was terrific. Early bird deal is great.

Review №62

So, apparently even though youve paid and plan on buying food, you cant bring food from somewhere else and when you tell them youre not able to leave it in a car because you dont have one they make you throw out food youve bought and as someone whos not able to finish a meal but too beoke to buy two and their was a full disclosure still couldnt have food. I mean if i pass out thats fine, right?

Review №63

The energy you put into searching my bag to make sure I dont sneak in reasonably priced refreshments; please channel that into kicking out the challenged parents who think bringing screaming, YOUNG CHILDREN to a movie is appropriate. If you want to have children, thats your business, but you lose some privileges like going out to a movie until your devil children no longer need your lousy supervision.

Review №64

Small theaters. Non-luxury seating. Needs better security inside and out. My car was hit and soda poured all over my windshield tonight. So probably wont visit again

Review №65

Well done guys, staff very friendly and polite. Great job guys, its nice to see people still putting pride in their work.

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Review №67

Love this place. Staff is nice, place is clean and it is reasonably priced.And dont think about sneaking in stuff. They check your stuff when you come in. Bags, purses, blankets......

Review №68

Seats are a little worn out but position just right

Review №69

Very cool theater has a comic book store inside that you dont see often

Review №70

I was visiting someone, and we decided to go there to see a movie. I really enjoyed my experience. They made good drinks. I had a margarita. The only thing I didnt particularly like was being stopped and told my purse was going to be searched to look for outside food and such. I wasnt told when I bought my ticket that my purse was going to be searched, and felt it was an invasion of privacy. I dont know if thats something they do everywhere in the state of Texas or its just done there, but I didnt appreciate it.

Review №71

Online times were wrong

Review №72

Got the #2 combo for $13. Great bar. I really hate that you have to buy the biggest drink size to get refills. They will not give you a refill period. Not even water.

Review №73

Prices are fair. Family atmosphere. People are friendly. Place is clean.

Review №74

Ate at armadillos 30 mins before closing and staff still welcomed us in with a smile, and didnt rush us off .they just waited patiently as we enjoyed our dinner.Thank you all so much.From parents that worked late that day,thanks to all the staff and owner.

Review №75

Thank you for not allowing minors in R RATED audience and so far Ive enjoyed going there with no distractions from people overall. Pricey menu though, would like a discount app and also dont appreciate your employees using a stick to poke around my handbag, a quick peek would suffice. Please train your staff to offer other options as to senior discounts or better combo treats. The one we had seem to not want to open up (shy?), Im not being aggressive, just want to enjoy my outing.Thanks!

Review №76

Nice but wish the seats were a little more roomier I felt like my neighbor was in my lap.

Review №77

The theater is clean and the snack bar has more than just popcorn and candy. They also have a full bar. The theater has been a great addition to Brooks Landing.

Review №78

Always great

Review №79

Good attitude personnel, never doubted them, loved atmosphere and wings

Review №80

Awesome theater to go to game room very spacious and entertaining theirs a bar inside even a mini bowling alley very fun for all ages

Review №81

Great. Always clean and good service.

Review №82

Its been a while Ive been to a movie,me and my daughter went it was great.Big difference from when I use to go,but overall we had a great and wounderful time.

Review №83

Cinema 2 City Base theater is our temporary church worship service location, due to a fire destroying our building. Thank you for allowing us to worship and bring the Holy Spirit to come in and touch everyone in the building.

Review №84

Friendly staff, nice movie theater, delicious snacks.

Review №85

Man this theater is going downhill. I stay a block away from the Mayan 14 Nd decided to go here for a movie. Worst mistake ever. The food was overpriced like crazy. And so nasty got 2 white castle burgers and it looked like it had mold on the bread. Manager just replaced it with nachos very disappointed

Review №86

Brooks City Base movie theater is always great. Great prices, times, and concession.

Review №87

I give it 5 stars now that no more cleto intro that was so annoying...

Review №88

Very clean great service good sound

Review №89

The movie experience was good the snacks are too pricey

Review №90

Its small and cute. Perfect for a weeknight date. Pictures and maybe a small party adorable friendly staff fun.

Review №91

Movie was great, building clean, and everyone was courteous.

Review №92

I love this theater. Best prices on food, it does have assigned seating. Best prices on tickets. get the young crowd and talkers.

Review №93

I really dont remember every going here, but Google says I did, so I must have. If thats the case, this place deserves a 5/5 for being so forgettable.

Review №94

Very pricey and I went with my family and we couldn’t watch the rated R movie because my little brother is 13... so we went to Mayan and had a great time !!

Review №95

There was only one machine to retrieve your online tickets. There wasnt a sign to make one line for that one working machine. When I told the on duty manager, she rolled her eyes at me and seemed bothered by my recommendation. I wasnt rude about it. It was just a suggestion to save people the frustration and so customers wouldnt bother management like the bothered look she gave me. Theres no point in getting there early for your movie when theres only one machine working and only one person selling tickets. The line is long to get snacks. Then youre late to your movie.

Review №96

Great movie venue! Unfortunately they open 15 minutes before the first showing! You have to purchase tickets, select your seats, go to the bathroom, make a purchase at the concession stand, then go & find your seats; youre lucky if you make it to the start of the movie!

Review №97

Went to see Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Whole experience was very nice.

Review №98

I had a great time watching the movie with family.

Review №99

Liked it very much nice and clean.

Review №100

There are a few things at this theater that could use an update compared to other theaters Ive been to. A faster ticket buying system and better ticket kiosks are a couple.They ask to do a bag check before they admit you. They DO offer free refills on their largest size fountain drinks an popcorn!

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:2623 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-531-3000
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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