Cinemark Tinseltown USA
4425 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX 76904, United States

Review №1

THIS THEATRE IS OPEN!This theatre was Soo clean and their recliners have seat warmers!Half price popcorn and drinks because they cant offer refills but I was NOT upset at these prices!

Review №2

Absolutely love this place! Every seat is heated. Every seat reclines. They may not have the unlimited amount of popcorn or soda, but thats fine with me. I never really cared that much for those types of popcorn machines. All the seeds and the corn kernels go straight to the bottom. Also I dont drink soda. Ive had my sons birthday party here. He loved it. They did a great job helping with that as well. My job once a year will take us out bowling or to the movies. We always get the whole theater room to ourselves. They work with them on everything.

Review №3

So happy they are open. We watched War with Grandpa. Very clean and enjoyed the theatre. Popcorn and a movie!!

Review №4

First time back since COVID...I felt safe & they did a good job. Great movie!

Review №5

BEST theatre Ive ever been to in my life! I didnt go to the concession stand but did enjoy aquaman. Awesome movie! Best part of all was the heated and cooled leather electric recliners. AMAZING. The screen was huge! Theatre was very clean, very roomy, very quiet and very comfy. We will definitely be back! Under $30 for 2 adults and 3 kids

Review №6

Loved the movie, it was so nice seeing a movie during this time

Review №7

I liked how they Separated the seats when you are watching a movie in the employees were nice as ours being safe and precaution

Review №8

It is so frustrating when you go to the movies and the employees want to shut down the concession early and not allow you to purchase anything because they want to leave early.. that goes to show that they dont care at all about customer service. who wants to go to the movies and not be able to buy popcorn candy and drinks. sad very sad

Review №9

The whole experience was great. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was because the prices are ridiculous and they try to scam you. The #1, #2, #3, & #4 deals, posted in front of the cash register, say that you save money when, in fact, they actually cost more than buying everything separately. Simple math proves it. Everything already costs an arm and a leg. Quit trying to scam more money out of people with false claims of saving money when you are actually marking up the prices.

Review №10

Love this theaters luxury reclining/heating seat! Only problem is its too comfortable to watch the whole movie without falling asleep.

Review №11

Very impressed with the staff. The staff is known by its leadership and they have a very good leadership. I had an issue that my mother-in-law has be wanting evertime we go to the movies. It was brought to the attention of the staff and with the kindness and professionalism that they posses, it was resolved. Thank You to all staff that make it comfortable for everyone to enjoy a movie and there after.

Review №12

Fantastic theatre. The most comfortable seats Ive ever sat in. They play the movie at the right volume. Not too quiet, not blaring blown speakers. If I had a complaint it would be screen size. I do understand they have limits due to building size however.

Review №13

Nice, clean, and comfortable. The seats are soft leather-like material and recline with your feet up. Spacious.I was impressed. Several theaters under one roof like most. Did I say clean? No sticky floors. Movie and sound qualities were great.

Review №14

Good theater all be it a little more on the pricey side. Seats so comfortable my date slept through our movie

Review №15

Great Cinema with cheap prices, pleasant seats, and good service! Love that the seats can recline pretty far back!!

Review №16

Great theater! Matinee prices are awesome and chairs are very comfortable.

Review №17

Great snacks, & seats; but the Ladies restroom by main entrance reeked of urine & floor tile was wet butnot because it had been mopped!VERY UNSANITARY!!!

Review №18

Movie experience was amazing!!!! But the staff behind the counter getting our drinks and popcorn were taking their sweet time!!!!! It took entirely to long to get a soda and popcorn!!

Review №19

I love the new seats. Refreshments were good.

Review №20

Went and saw 1917, great movie, but the screen room was so hot it gave me a headache. Felt like there was no air flow

Review №21

Went to see the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie and it was a great experience. Tickets were very affordable. I reserved my seats online and had to pay a fee to do so but at the ticket office I just showed them my phone and they printed my tickets took all of 15 seconds at the most. Seats inside were great. There are pretty good size seats with an electric recline feature and also have two heat settings for the back of the seats. After the movie was over they had an exit at the end of the hall that went to the parking lot so you dont have to walk around. I think it was set up well and is the best theater that I have been too.

Review №22

Surprisingly nice theater. Their matinee prices are great and their seating is very comfortable. Concession prices are expensive, but about what Ive come to expect at most theaters.

Review №23

Awesome popcorn and snacks. All new movies, recliner chairs makes you feel like your sitting at home watching tv very comfortable.

Review №24

Went with my husband & kid for a weekend out of town, & I loved it. The seats were comfortable, reclining, & heated!!! Very nice & much cleaner than I expected. You get high quality treatment for 1/2 the price totally recommend this theatre!

Review №25

Recliner/heated seats! Great theatre, great go to

Review №26

The new seats are much improved from what they used to be. The screens and sound system are what they should be when watching big budget heavy cgi movies. The reserve seating is also nice as you do not have to wonder where you will sit or if you can sit a group together.

Review №27

Nice seats, recline, and they can heat up. Of course food is expensive. Clean restrooms. Not bad of a theater.

Review №28

Icon cinema came into town like a wrecking ball. So Tinseltown stepped their game up. They got the power-reclining leather seats. Tickets are CHEAP its about 5 dollars any time of day (is that military only?). Drinks and popcorn are pricey like anywhere else but this theater has its own special thing going on. It has San Angelo history. Ambiance.Then again, Icon has beer on tap.Your move Tinseltown. ;D

Review №29

$4.75 matinee for a new movie! Movie fan points. Recliners with heated backs. Awesome Sound. Free refills. Way to go!!

Review №30

Love this place. I hope that we (movie goers) can keep this theater clean and not tear it up. This weekend I went to two shows and notice how the people did not even pick up their trash plus trashed their area. OUT RIGHT DISREGARD FOR OTHERS. Listen theater you can charge these people extra or ban them. We have assigned seats. FIND A AWAY to maintain our loved theater .

Review №31

Prices are way to much, now there is no special prices on Tuesday unless you are a member of their rewards club.

Review №32

It has been some time since I had enjoyed a movie here. I live on the north end of town, however, I managed to get a BOGO free coupon in the mail, usable only at Tinseltown. My son and I watched the new Fantastic Beasts flick. I love the newly revamped heated lounge seating.. I however do not like that seating must be reserved. Our only choices were way in the far back corner or anywhere in the front 2 rows, in the ear bleed section. I want it to go back the way that it was, where you got whatever seats you took because you were there before everyone else.Cleanliness of the theater could have been better. Popcorn everywhere.. staff were friendly enough.. all in all my only complaint is that seating is now reserved.

Review №33

One of the best theatres experiences Ive had in the country.

Review №34

This place was ok, I have been to better movie theaters. They only had 2 registers open!! And there was a line all the way to the door!! I asked for extra butter on my popcorn and did not get it.

Review №35

Amazing movie theater very plush for a great value.

Review №36

Pretty good the new seats are a major plus. Service is usually okay and I love how Cinemark has anime movies showing LOVE IT!! One complaint is the over bearing smell of feet in one of the screen areas but still a good movie theater!

Review №37

The Theater is always very clean and comfortable. They have a great selection of movies from kids to adults. The staff is courteous, friendly, and helpful with a smile.

Review №38

Great seats but dont care for having to reserve seats ahead of time. If your plans change you have lost your money.

Review №39

Typical theatre. But they do have recliner chairs

Review №40

Good clean Environment fresh popcorn and great seatings

Review №41

Very nice theater, reclining chairs popcorn and coca cola icee. Very good experience

Review №42

I love the reclining seats that also heat up. Seating is spaced out nice so every seat has a good view of the screen. Just wish I could pour my own butter on my popcorn.

Review №43

I love their seats an the heated ones especially. & Customer Service is Amazing & Clean

Review №44

Clean theater with comfortable seats and great sound. The staff was a bit less than attentive. I waited in line at the concession stand for quite some time while waiting to be served.

Review №45

Refreshments are always fresh and the seats are always VIP l!!!

Review №46

Love the new seats almost too comfortable fell asleep while watching end game.

Review №47

Nice recliners but I have to ask for AC, every time.

Review №48

Really disappointed in this place now, having assigned seating like icon does. Why couldnt they just stay the way it was before, things were so much better. Couldnt even watch a movie without having to sit in the first or second row from screen bcuz of the assigned seating crap they started doing!

Review №49

Love these chairs, I dont even think cars in Fort Worth or heated and cooled but sitting on the second row was not an issue with the reclining chairs. Great time! Great concession stand workers as well. Saw the Grinch Nov 10th

Review №50

Love this place especially ever since they put in the recliner seats

Review №51

The service and the staff are great. I enjoyed my time there and the heated seats are wonderful

Review №52

This location has recently upgraded everything in the building. New reclining seats (with seat warmers), assigned seating, new carpet, and new signage to name few things. The prices thankfully have not increased to my knowledge. I will be choosing this theater over Icon Cinema due to the location and cleanliness.

Review №53

You can not buy tickets for R rated movies at the auto kiosk, but they have a line of 30 people waiting to buy tickets and they only have one person on staff selling tickets for movies starting in 5 minutes.Little did o realize that they have 30 minutes of ads that start at the time. Had no idea we could have showed up late and still not missed the movie.

Review №54

Seats r great! They all recline! If ya want anything at concession stand you better float a loan. Real pricey!

Review №55

Watched Godzilla and REALLY enjoyed those powered recliners. Very comfortable.

Review №56

Movie House. Nice seats. New building.

Review №57

Comfy now with the heated, reclining, sofa seats. Wish they would open the back concession more consistently. Lines can get long.

Review №58

The matinee prices are definitely a plus. I didnt like that the new seats werent very wide. Everytime I moved, my leg would hit the seat warmer button or the recline button. Also, being the first show of the day, I didnt expect our seating area to be as dirty as it was. Extremely sticky floors and cupholders didnt make for a pleasant experience. Join the rewards program though. Some of the discounts make the trip worth it.

Review №59

Now they are moving up with good seats now! So happy and before 5pm cheap prices! Good for the kids this summer nice and cool for the adults

Review №60

I love the renovations and the fact that its 4.50 for recliners, you cant beat it.

Review №61

Wow just let me tell you about this place.....First off if you are not from San Angelo dont come to this theater unless you want to sit in silence even for an action wife and I bought tickets ahead of time for John Wick 3 once in our seats we were eating our nachos QUIETLY waiting for the movie to start when ask by a neighboring viewer if we were going to keep talking? And in the beginning of the movie my wife stated wow thats the guy in Pirates of the Caribbean at which point the man left and got and officer....Wow really....then we were where ask to come out side and talk to the officers at witch point we were told we had to leave on the premis of trespassing...after we had already paid for our tickets.....with no refund...then being told the officer could smell alcohol when in fact we were having a coke, nachos and candy.....mmmmm makes me think how corrupt the San Angelo police are only to take care of the locals.....with no concern for those out of town waiting to see a movie for the father day weeked.....I most certainly will not spent another dime of my hard earned money in this town if this is how we will be treated....what a sad ruined weekend delivered by such a bland town.....can I just say this town is full of SNOWFLAKES....STAY AWAY.....FAR AWAY..

Review №62

Was in the back row but could still see the screen really well, good sound picture

Review №63

Wonderful and comfortable seating and great customer service

Review №64

My favorite movie theatre in San Angelo always got my app ready with good deals and having movie club is good, always stuffing face with popcorn!

Review №65

The seats are so comfy

Review №66

Its been improved ever since Icon opened. Competition always helps.

Review №67

I LOVE that they put new reclining seats in. I will never go back to the other theater. Icon Cinema is in the worst part of town and the food there is awful; drinks also taste like fish water. This is the best theater out of the two for sure! Great customer service, refreshments, and now better updates!

Review №68

Love the theyre and the seats. The lines are super slow for concessions and the video game area is in need of serious update and repair. Not to mention cleaning

Review №69

Went to see Overcomer in the heated lazy boy electric seats. It was Awesome!

Review №70

The theater was nice. The chairs are comfortable. The volume is way too loud. Be ready to have a headache.

Review №71

Great service and incentives on concessions

Review №72

My childs first movie, Avengers Infinity War, was amazing and he loved it. The theater is below average in my experience. There arent enough lines open, not to mention the cash register in my line was jacked up and all items had to be entered manually. The cashier failed to inform anyone, kept trying to make conversation while the movies were starting, and to top that bug off the drink machines are not in the open but rather behind the counter meaning if a refill was needed then a customer had to go all the way back through backed up lines again. The movie theater was set up nicely, but the floors were filthy and some of the cup holders had trash in them.

Review №73

Comfortable seats and spacious, perfect movie theater.

Review №74

The best movie theater in San Angelo.

Review №75

The seats are super comfy

Review №76

Love the heated and cool seats!

Review №77

Always have a great comfortable time we go.

Review №78

Comfortable heated recliners.

Review №79

Still a bunch of inconsiderate employees and facilities for the disabled person. Doors are partial blocked by trash cans going into the theaters. Doors blocked by lazy staff at the end of movies placing trash cans to hold doors open! Even the doors entering the main building are hard to get open if youre blind or in a wheelchair. Never a smile from staff!

Review №80

The new renovation brings new life to this theater. The staff are usually nice and upbeat.

Review №81

Very clean nice place

Review №82

Good place love it katie.....and the woman from Tennessee and husband

Review №83

I prefer the, new, Icon Theaters. But I have to admit, they have stepped up their game here. The seats are more comfortable, but they dont reline

Review №84

Comfortable seating still not very fluffy friendly

Review №85

Very clean, nice comfortable seating, love the free refills on soda and popcorn.

Review №86

The new seats are amazing and i love that they now have a back concession stand open!

Review №87

Love closed captioning device. Thank you Tinseltown.

Review №88

Theatres are usually pretty clean, and the sound system is awesome, and I always see one of my favorite movies.

Review №89

I love their servers

Review №90

Love, love, love the new seats! The staff is still unfriendly, but I can deal with that if I am comfortable.

Review №91

The luxurious chairs

Review №92

Great seats awesome sound

Review №93

Great prices and the popcorn and drinks are AWESOME!!

Review №94

Very clean in friendly!

Review №95

Clean, fantastic prices, and new chairs makes this an easy pick.

Review №96

Great place to relax and watch a movie!

Review №97

Always love this theater.

Review №98

Chairs so comfy with the heating seats

Review №99

When I say that I dont want butter on my popcorn, I really mean that I dont want butter on my popcorn.

Review №100

As always great!

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  • Address:4425 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX 76904, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 325-223-2854
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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