2259 S 9th St, Salina, KS 67401, United States

Review №1

It was pretty good as a kid but now when I go I notice that the lines are disorganized, they have popcorn everywhere on the floor and its like they never clean. The staff takes time off their job and sit and watch movies and guess what they decide to sit in front of little kids who now cant see. Like maybe get some better staff who are a-holes? And with the premier line and stuff is total b-s because you have to wait for the staff to get done with the normal line before they come to the premier line. Everything is overpriced, and you can buy tickets at the concession stands. Like fr ppl.

Review №2

My human likes cheap, this movie theater has the cheapest tickets Ive seen. Only costing right under 16 dollars for a none matinee movie for my 2 adult humans and their offspring. Their concession seem a bit cheaper too. The seats dont recline and you dont get chair service like some of the more fancy movie theaters, but who needs all that to enjoy a good movie? Me and my humans will definitely be back to this theater!!Follow us on Instagram @g.o.a.t_adventures

Review №3

Not a bad place to come to, and see a movie. Tickets prices is not bad but concessions stand is over price as usual.

Review №4

Seems like the theater is mostly clean, not always. Sometimes waiting in line seems like it takes forever. I not sure that some of the people that work there know what they are doing. I also wish the lights on sides of the theater were not so bright. It kind of makes it tough when watching the movie. Pretty decent overall. Prices are good!

Review №5

Review tonight 5-24-19Long line to get tickets and theyve done away with the AMC premier lines. The ticket lady said they were never supposed to have them and the previous owner put them up and they have been down for over a year. Well ticket lady, you guys sure didnt mind selling me the premier service while they were up. Still no idea why they dont have the lines now. Regardless, if that is the case, how about opening up another register when lines are this long or dont wait until a person gets to you to also mention that you can still get tickets at the concession as well...Review from 2 years ago:Just finished watching Logan and by the time the movie was over everyone was sweating. Nothing to do with the movie, they just didnt have the air on.Then after waiting 15 minutes to make a complaint after the movie, not one employee was able to be found, including knocking on all the employee doors.Usually a pretty good evening, but this time was horrible.The movie, however, was very good.

Review №6

This was the end of my birthday adventure. The theater we were in was tiny and seats were not real comfy. Employees were nice enough, cant go wrong with theater popcorn! Gemini Man was great!!

Review №7

Staff always polite & friendly. Place is always clean. Cost of snacks is outrageous!!!!! 5 people, 3 were kids, 3 sodas & 3 popcorns. $52. And some change,!!! $20 to buy tickets, rest was the snacks!! No candy just popcorn & pop for grandsons!!! And NO they werent large servings.

Review №8

Its a fairly small theater with small screens. As far as theaters go, this one is on par with those from the 90s, not much fancy about them. Im hoping they renovate and have bigger screens and reclining seats soon. They do have a Coke freestyle machine. Prices for movies are pretty cheap, matinee was $4.01 last time I went. Employees are nice and helpful. Theater stays pretty clean as well.

Review №9

Just stopped in to get my refillable popcorn bucket. Since they dont sell them in Wichita. The staff were super nice.

Review №10

Several lines to get in for Popular movies at holiday. Good seating. Like this theater very much

Review №11

Theyve gotten cheap with smaller sizes of popcorn and soda with their combos for the same price. Also... whats with having to get your own soda now? The lines take forever and then they constantly run out if ice making it even longer wait times. Also... no more Stubs member lines for faster ticket and concessions. Just seems like theyve made a conscious decision add a company to give less service for the same prices.

Review №12

So nice we were the last ones in here, and they didnt rush us at all, and they were very helpful.

Review №13

Theatre is great. Concessions were of course outrageously high. Never buy any

Review №14

I love AMC CLASSIC. Every time I go see a movie the ushers are nice as well as the people at concessions.

Review №15

The staff was nice. But the theatre was dirty and small. The seats are extremely uncomfortable. One was broken. Wish they would get with the times, do some renovations and get reclining seats like most AMCs have!

Review №16

Service was great! She at least smiled. Underwater was a decent movie. TJ Miller always a hoot!

Review №17

Speaking of which I had a good time with my family to see the Fred Rogers movie and I was so impressed with the show and the other options that were just awaiting to be purchased and enjoyed in the same motion.

Review №18

Been a long time since Ive been to a theater. Long time before I go back. Food prices ridiculous! Staff says thats how the make their money. Not sure why movie theaters still in business. I feel sorry for parents with several kids

Review №19

What can I say its the movie theaters very nice movie theaters lucky to have it close by where I live

Review №20

Never had a problem watching a movie here. Never had a huge crowd. Always had a good seat. Like all theaters the food is highly overpriced and ridiculous, but as I said, all theaters are like that.

Review №21

Great theater with good prices. Concessions are great.

Review №22

I would not give them a fourth of a star I had to make a whole star to be able to leave a review. They are horrible here in Salina Kansas. My husband and I and my granddaughter went today and sit there for 45 minutes and the movie never started the employees acted like they could care less it totally messed up our day.

Review №23

Had a great time, bought tickets early so we didnt have a wait.

Review №24

I went to see They Shall Not Grow Old driving one and a half hours from Hays, Ks. We sat in the theater over a half hour and five minutes after the show was to start and nothing was showing on the screen. I found someone and they said there was not a showing at four. No one bothered to tell us. We paid with two movie passes and an extra $6.52 for the 3d. They would only give us either the $6.52 or two movie passes. The passes dont cover 3d like the manager lied and told us they do. Also she said they came and told us there was no movie and they didnt. When we told her we wanted both refunded she called the police. I would not rate this theater a one if there was a lower rating. Needs a manager that understands math and customer serviceWould like to add I called Corporate and they agreed with me and refunded the money. It is not corporate policy to refund only part of the money or give a readmit pass for a 3D movie.I wish I could let the manager and four police know this .

Review №25

Small theater but good prices compared to the prices in bigger cities.

Review №26

It was great I loved.the movies they were playing g and there popcorn is the best and their movie theaters are so clean

Review №27

Really disappointed that we once had stubs member lines available and then they discontinued the lines. It takes a long time to get through the lines now. Otherwise, we still like this theatre good prices and clean. I would love it if they integrated ticket kiosks, digital tickets, etc.

Review №28

The screen rooms are small and Intimate and cozy love it, with screening room at theaters seating up to 50 - 100 people it was nice having a smaller venue

Review №29

Seriously a gross STINKY MESS! Popcorn ALL OVER the floor. Definitely not cleaned for awhile. I have never felt so uncomfortable in an AMC theater, generally, its a very pleasant experience! Sitting in 7 PM Avengers showing across the way from the concessions. YUCK! I tried to post a pic of this disaster, but it wont post!

Review №30

The picture Midway was great, but theres was way to much time before the movie started, advertisement and preview lasted 45 minutes!

Review №31

It was great I would love to go again

Review №32

Nice place to go to the movies there is never mess ups and the food is good the drinks and nachos are pricy tho other than that it was a good experience.

Review №33

A very pleasant experience.Also the movie Overcomers was excellent. Everybody should see it.

Review №34

Nice theater. Clean. Popcorn not bad.

Review №35

I miss there dollar hot dogs.

Review №36

We enjoy this place a lot. Sad that they downsized their drinks though.

Review №37

I enjoy watching movie on big screen.

Review №38

Got to take my daughter to see one of her favorite characters, it made me the hero of the weekend!

Review №39

Loved the place. Not crowded.

Review №40

Way too loud even my grandkids wanted to leave it was hurting their ears

Review №41

Good service. Good selection

Review №42

Great small theatre. Seats are not the most comfortable. Concessions are a bit over priced but ticket prices are not yet best the the area.

Review №43

Good service, good movie selection, but concession are a bit pricey

Review №44

They shut down the box office and turned off the LED signs outside the theaters. Now you have to get your tickets from concessions, which takes forever and if you dont personally have ticket in hand, good luck figuring out where your showing is.

Review №45

Price is not bad, for students its $4. But the staff seems unmotivated. Come on yall!! Look like you want to bring in people. Keep it clean and alive. If this changes. It would be a 5 star

Review №46

Great popcorn. Wish they would get the cool AMC seats

Review №47

Friendly staff and great prices for movie

Review №48

Come one come all! In the summer in the fall! From Movies here and there come let them take you anywhere! Grab some pop, some corn, a candy! And let Amc have you leaving dandy.

Review №49

First time using the online ticket system since AMC bought them out. The convenience fees are BS. They arent prominently displayed, nor any kind of prompt during purchase so you can back out. And of course, non-refundable. Rip-off artists still. Now I remember one of the many reasons why I quit going to AMC Theaters. Its a shame that our theater choice is so limited these days. Hopefully the movie and theater conditions are nice.

Review №50

Really enjoyed the experience. Great popcorn and kids enjoy the soda machines. Good spot

Review №51

This theater I will never go to. I will not support a business that does not support the armed forces and its members. Do they even read their own reviews. R-rating means no one under 18 without a parent, not 21. People can see just about any movie online for free. They go for a large screen experience. Your screens are small. Its time for AMC to try harder!I

Review №52

My family and I have been going here for years and always a pleasure. Nice, clean, short lines and friendly people.

Review №53

Best priced movies in the US!

Review №54

Great theater! Good prices! The young Lady Dalana was super helpful!

Review №55

The best theater in Salina! Oh its the only one that shows new movies ... AMC should really update this place, could use bigger auditoriums with better seating, more room between rows, maybe one that has the nice reclining chairs like in Wichita or Kansas city. Alot of my friends will sometimes go to other cities to watch a movie due to the location here in Salina... the employees are great, the food options are not, would be nice if you could come in and watch with outside food, since the options there are limited or take a veeerrrryy long time to reheat for you. They could allow food just from the mall area or something .. I know food from theaters is costly, but costly and very limited...

Review №56

Movies are better than ever! Movie theaters are lots more fun than they used to be! Well be back!!

Review №57

Really nice theater arrangement. Clean. Great staff on duty and staying busy as much as they can. Bad night for them. First Friday night high school football for the season. The whole mall was quiet.

Review №58

Long lines. Old popcorn. Lying CSR. I stood in line for about 20 minutes to be told that the show was reserved. Before telling my children that they couldnt see a movie for a bs reason, I got online to check it. It said there were plenty of seats and I purchased the tickets and paid $8 in convience fees. When we got into the theatre there were maybe 20 people in the theatre. The seats were broken. Popcorn covered the floor. I emailed the Customer Service on the website. The next morning they just emailed me back saying that theyll send the store an email. Are you kidding? You just found a way to extort an extra $8 from me and not have to do any work. Go to the next town over. Go to the Kanopolis Drive in. Dont go to AMC.

Review №59

Comfy seats and the seats are high enough above each other you arent staring at the back of someones head instead of seeing the movie.

Review №60

Good theater most of the time. Disastrous opening night for Solo yesterday though. Went to a showing that was advertised as 2D. Halfway through the previews it switched to 3D. 5 minutes into the movie the projector breaks. Was told it will take 45 minutes to replace projector. Management refused to give a refund. Going to the Warren for opening nights from now on, this is ridiculous.

Review №61

A quiet place where you can enjoy your favorire movies. The staff are kind and attentive. Its a little expensive but its worth it.

Review №62

Excellent customer service, cheap prices. The employees clearly take customer service seriously. The theatrics always clean. Really a pleasant experience when I go the movies.

Review №63

Small seats small theater super hot will never go again

Review №64

Very clean and not to expensive. Good staff

Review №65

Worst theatre I have been to... Ever... We get there early and the previews have no sound.. so I say something to the manager and instead of thinking she would fix it, nope she informs me that the files are corrupted and there is nothing can do... It only in theatre number 7 so my response is close only that theatre room... Im sorry sir there is nothing I can do.... I find that to be bs... Inform me ahead of time so I dont waste my time

Review №66

Great prices. Great theater. Best place in Central Kansas, as far as Im concerned.

Review №67

For a small townish area the theater is nice and affordable.

Review №68

It was a decent place, I cant complain, but I cant give it a raving review either. I wish theyd put butter in the middle of the popcorn and make everyones lives better

Review №69

Very nice place is always clean, I’ve left behind my wallet and they nicely helped me find it. My husband lost his keys and he had to answer the make of the car and what was on they keychain in order to give it back so they won’t just give your stuff to strangers. They are nice and what they sell is amazon I love their nachos

Review №70

Good place to catch a movie

Review №71

Great ticket prices for military. Concessions were double the cost of the tickets(nothing new) only gave 4 stars because the seats are old, uncomfortable, falling apart and could use some attention.

Review №72

Ok for Kansas. Clean. Have been to more modern AMC theaters in other states.

Review №73

Very behind the times for being an AMC affiliate theatre. Took longer to get tickets being a stubs member than a non-member. Prices are way too much compared to much larger and established cities. Seating is tight and atmosphere is poorly maintained.

Review №74

I dont get to the movies often, but its clean, comfortable, no rude people talking while the movie was playing, and the ticket price was good!. Now the concession cost is absurd! It cost $24 for popcorn, soda & a box of candy. WTH! I can BUY the movie, get Orville Redenbauker and a 2-liter for $25. This is the reason I have to plan a trip to the movies, and the reason I go maybe 2x a year.

Review №75

Consessions way over priced volume way too high discounts are a joke.

Review №76

Went to a good movie with my son great place

Review №77

Awesome. Reasonable prices... big screen

Review №78

Great movie experience.

Review №79

The young lady helped us get our tickets and something from the concession in a very gracious and timely matter! We didnt miss any of our movie! Thanks! Great service!!

Review №80

Much better than I expected. Great ticket price, good projector & screen, and nice chairs. However, the volume was too low and the seats are too far from the smaller screen, so I never got lost in the movie.

Review №81

Theyve changed managers. This used to be a really nice theater. But it lacks now. Just not a real clean or friendly place.

Review №82

Just what youd expect from a clean and comfortable amc theater

Review №83

Almost all theaters need to be remodeled. And more food choices like the have in other AMC theaters. This on sucks but only one in town.

Review №84

Quick service, plenty of seating

Review №85

Clean with a nice sound system

Review №86

Tickets could be a little less expensive for their off times. There was only 3 people in the theater, which is good for us, but bad for business.

Review №87

Even though you already your tickets, you have to go back through the line and wait till to purchase anything from the concession stand.

Review №88

Could be a higher rating. Just dont offer reclining seats like other theatres.

Review №89

Enjoyed watching a movie there. Though I wish they would respond to messages sent on their Web page, they seem to be wanting in that aspect.

Review №90

Older theater but super cheap.

Review №91

Good customer servicd

Review №92

Spendy food, exspensive tickets. But where else will you see new movies when they come out? Friendly staff and the place was clean and comfy chairs at least.

Review №93

Awesome theater with great concession prices.

Review №94

Unplanned was the movie. Tough one... Great theatre

Review №95

This theater has just been going down more and more over the last few years. They keep saying theyre going to update it, but they have yet to make ANY updates. The staff are very unprofessional...gossiping to each other, blocking the main hallway with their little employee cliques, and their attitudes are terrible... instead of helping customers. Theyve done away with their Premiere line, so us who actually pay for the Premiere status have to wait behind everyone else. Every other AMC theater weve been in have kept the Premiere lines and treat all of their customers as valued customers rather than problems to deal with. This theater need all new management and staff. Seriously. Worst AMC theater weve been to throughout the U.S.

Review №96

Very clean nice theater

Review №97

Movie was great...but snacks are too expensive!

Review №98

Cheap movies! What can be better than that! Love this place!

Review №99

Needs recliner seating other than that its nice

Review №100

My girlfriend and I recently visited this movie theater. Overall, the experience was very enjoyable. The only thing I would comment on would be the size of the individual theaters. I had never watched a movie on a screen that small and with so few seats. It’s not that it was uncomfortable, but it’s just that we were surprised by its size. The price for the tickets was lower than other ticket, so maybe that balances out for the size of the rooms.

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  • Address:2259 S 9th St, Salina, KS 67401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 785-376-0375
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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