Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park Sacramento
2401 Butano Dr, Sacramento, CA 95825, United States

Review №1

Its easy to fill out the waiver online, and saves you time when paying. Theres a lot of stuff to do! The kids enjoyed the Ninja Warrior wall and also the climbing obstacles. The food is pricey in the snack bar. Two bottles of water was $6. The massage chair was cool, but a little tougher or more aggressive they I had imagined. The staff are friendly and always moving. Theres a cool parent loft or viewing area for to watch the kids play. Theres lockers to place your valuables. It was $4 for 2 hours. Definitely going again!

Review №2

Lots of fun to be had here. I wish they had better child security procedures. If someone wanted to take your kid and you werent watching them, it would be pretty easy for them here. Maybe a guard at the door with stamps to verify the kids coming in and going out

Review №3

Aurora checked us in and was as friendly and helpful as can be. She didn’t hurry us and patiently explained the details on the various package deals (membership fees). She made the experience great before our 7 and 10 year old daughters even started running around. Then, of course took the time to go over the activities and ninja courses! Great employee and the girls had a great time jumping and running around for a couple of hours! We will be back soon!

Review №4

Loved the atmosphere here !! Staff was amazing and helpful :) A host Aaron he helped me look around over the weekend at the different rooms they offer. birthday party rooms were spacious, looking forward to booking here soon. Highly recommend coming to jump with your kids!

Review №5

Ton of fun! My 9 year old loved every minute there. Friendly staff and they offer a parent pass for a great price. Clean place and had awesome wall climb that is unique.

Review №6

This is a place with a lot of potential, but I missed the energy in the staff. Because it is such a fun place and with a very nice structure, it would be much better if the employees were not so unwilling to work. We waited too long on some activities and even gave up on one of the activities because we didnt have an employee to assist us (this was on a Saturday) ... Very sad, I dont plan to go back.

Review №7

Super oober fun place! thats all I have to say.

Review №8

This place has gotten somewhat better since it first opened. I still had to wait about 20 mins before getting checked in which is annoying. Then the girl charged me for the sergeant instead of the scout. My kiddo is only $4 so I overpaid, by the time I noticed it wasnt worth going back and waiting. They added more areas, but most of those were closed off. Typical jump place but its convenient for us.

Review №9

We got here early, we had a Groupon and decided to try this place out for the kids. The young lady was really nice, she let us in and said we could wait inside until they officially opened. We were the only ones there for a while so they opened all the attractions we wanted to do. Very nice staff and fun environment. Will definitely go back.

Review №10

Such an awesome place to bring the kiddos to get all that extra energy out. Even fun as an adult to jump around.

Review №11

Hours of fun, if your body can handle hours it is exhausting after 5 hours for sure, a sea of trampolines, ninja warrior course, trampoline basketball court, dodgeball, indoor kids play structure that is at least twice as big as any fast food play place, bumper cars, a food court, rock climbing and an arcade if you do need a break. As well as a loft viewing area. Great for kids and adults alike.

Review №12

Fun and safe place! Just wish it was more secure at the entrance (like Chuck E. Cheese).

Review №13

Best place Ever!!!! The party host were so nice and very professional! Fun had by all Thanks Rebounderz

Review №14

Rutter kids had a great time. They have a lot for them to do. My only complaint is that it is a bit pricey, but they have a lot of supervision done by young people with great attitudes. We will definitely be back.

Review №15

Best place to have the boys burn off all that excess holiday energy! It would be 5 stars if someone that works there would ask people sitting in the massage chairs without paying to get up when that loud irritating sound has been on for more than minute.

Review №16

I had my sons birthday party here this past weekend. We have been here a few times previously for open play and the facility is always clean. The birthday party situation was a little unorganized. Checking in for each child took a little time and it cuts into their play time. I had a list written down with all the names for our host to reference and even told him as the kids were coming up so he could get their socks and and wristbands ready but was kinda slow. The pizza was actually surprisingly good. To serve the pizza took awhile and our host didn’t seem to have any kind of system so I jumped in to help him serve. At the end of the party the manager went over our total bill (which we already paid for the night before) to pretty much ask for a $120 tip for our host... yes, $120!!!!. They “recommend” a 15% - 20% tip to your host. Our party cost nearly $600... I’m sorry but that is unreasonable and quite rude if you ask me. The host checks the kids in, serves the pizza and then sweeps the room. Is that not part of their hourly pay? I let the manager know up front that our host was great and friendly but that’s a totally ridiculous tip. She wasn’t too thrilled with me but I really don’t see how you can pressure customers to tip that much. We didn’t have fun of the whole play area, we weren’t served fine foods, we had pizza that I assisted in serving ( no blame to the host, Rebounderz should train their staff how they can better organize serving especially a large party like ours), clean up me and most my family did, he had to sweep and we had table cloths to cover the tables so there shouldn’t have been much to clean up from the tables.Alisa is great! Thorough communication and very friendly. We will continue to come back here but a birthday party I wouldn’t really recommend.

Review №17

My kids had so much fun here. The staff were all very professional and the facility was very clean. The food was delicious and they give you decent portion sizes. I will definitely be coming back soon.

Review №18

Wonderful place the kids had a great time and I did to real big place and plenty of time things to do. It can get a little pricey though just dont stay to long and eat before or after you go

Review №19

The kids had a wonderful time. Food court shoulda been cleaner.

Review №20

My grandchildren had so much fun didnt see them for 2 hours

Review №21

False advertisement for children 4 years and under...i would not recommend this to anyone with small children. There is a sign posted that says children 4 years and under are allowed to ride the bumper cars with the company of an adult. Well when my wife tried to ride them with our 4 year old son she was told she is unable to and when she asked why the answer was well we used to have it like that but now we dont...why is the sign still posted??? And the lack of energy from staff was a complete DUD. Like a firework with no explosion. Probably could have had a better time at skyzone.....

Review №22

We attended my daughters close friends 9 year old birthday party at Rebounderz in Sacramento. We were blown away by all of the different play activities and the cleanliness of the facility. My kids had a great time and did not want to leave as the party was ending. That staff was courteous and helpful and we will definitely be going back soon. We loved the climb walls!

Review №23

We had a lot of fun with with our kids and friends. Great value for the money.

Review №24

Lots of fun stuff to do and suprisingly affordable. I would recommend to friends and family.

Review №25

Our sons 10th birthday party was a blast success all of the children had a blast the adults had a good time talking the service was outstanding lots of fun like always.

Review №26

The name of this place sounds like a website where divorcees meet to share their stories. Fun place though.

Review №27

Best place for a rainy weekend of jumping. Reward after a awesome week of home school.

Review №28

Went today for the 2 hour summer play with pizza slice package. Wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never been to one of these types of places before personally. Once we were inside I was fairly impressed with the many options of play for the kids. I only had my 2 youngest with me today, but with 4 boys ranging from 5-16, I felt they all would have enjoyed themselves. My little guy had a blast running all over the place checking out each area and then moving on to the next while his older brother explored a little on his own. Staff was friendly and helpful when needed and the facility was clean and organized with lots of sitting area options for parents. The price point felt right for what was available and both my boys had a great time and asked to come back. Will be bringing the whole family next time. Definitely recommend Rebounderz in Sacramento.

Review №29

Really fun. And really great for the whole family.

Review №30

If I could give this place zero stars I would it took 30 minutes and counting to register my party of 12 we completed the waiver online before entering and they couldnt find it. We then had to stand in line and complete the waiver on their computers, the guy checking us in kept leaving the counter and switching with another employee this went on for 15 minutes before half our party left. Since we paid on Groupon we could not get a refund.

Review №31

Great fun... but horrible,horrible service. . some food actually came out as guest were leaving never did get our icee drinks for 22 kids.

Review №32

Had a great time with my family here tonight! My 7 year old loved the ninja course and she even did the extreme jump! Had some snack bar food, while watching the game and played in the arcade until they closed. We will definitely be back! The staff was great! Mackenzie at the snack bar was especially helpful!

Review №33

Cool place for your an indoor playground!

Review №34

It’s bad place, don’t care for kids,and very dirty place

Review №35

Great for kids from 2 up. Theres a large space for young kids, dodge ball for older kids, and a ninja warrior style competition that is too difficult for the likes of me. They could use a few more staff members, and the claw machines are all rigged to the point where I highly doubt they comply with the law. Cafe is decent. Its new, so still very clean and nice looking.

Review №36

The kids all had sweaty happy faces. Good times.

Review №37

Birthday parties need to be done a bit different.. took into party time to check everyone in.. otherwise kids had a blast

Review №38

This place is super fun. Both my boys liked it. Totally worth it to get the all day package. You can come and choose as you please the entire day

Review №39

Great place friendly staff. Enjoyed the Mixer and ribbon cutting.

Review №40

Kills my knees but the kids love it.

Review №41

Came with my own grip socks. 100% same style and grip. Was forced to buy the socks they sell. Rip-off

Review №42

Cool but hot and lines?? Would go again

Review №43

This is true this place doesn’t welcome Muslims and I also experienced the same as I went today Aug 22 2019.The front desk lady was not helpful she charged without explaining what we could use at that moment.Eventually she taunted by what do you Muslims come to a place without reading it.This is extremely unprofessional unacceptable and this is a discrimination at its best, this is a bias and she shouldn’t be working there.She shows the entire group bad and I know there is someone who will follow what and how can she treat people like this.I hope to read a reply from General Manager.

Review №44

Lots of kids but good spot for them loll

Review №45

Two stars just because my kids still had fun. But we threw a birthday party for my 5year old son which was about $600 for the best package when we got there 15 mins before party time like suggested nothing was set up our host was Lauren every party room was set except ours so no biggie I did ours so she could start checking kids in- @ 3:15 my kids are still waiting for socks and wristbands and I told her can they start getting it to go play since it is limited play time right. Passed them out and she gave some to adults as well which I didn’t want & I explained that to her I just paid for kids and she should of asked me first, pizza was served before my knowledge I just wanted the kids to get there slices before the adults eat, also brought ice cream and I told our host and she didn’t even bring a spoon to scoop it had to use a small plastic fork, & lastly she didn’t give us our bday boy rebounders T-shirt and I called after I left the party and talked to a manager who said she was going to send it and I still haven’t received it.....

Review №46

Pretty awesome place! Lots of activities!

Review №47

Good times for my 11 year old daughter here. For 2 hours, times fly by. They have rock climbing wall, bumper cars, and lots of bouncing on the trampolines.

Review №48

I paid nearly $500 for a party to be hosted and instead I hosted it myself I set up I served the kids I served the cake and we wer taken out of the room right at the end time there are so many more reasons I would not recommend this place Do not order from the cafe unless you have 2 hours of ur party time to wait and still get nothing This place needs serious help the employees are really nice and young no complaints on them they are trying it seems like management needs to step it up and get it together the party planning amd time management is a disaster they really lack organization skills this place was not worth it at all

Review №49

What a well thought out fun place for kids. Fair prices, clean facility and nice variety of fun things to do.

Review №50

Good place for the kids to burn off energy

Review №51

Nothing like their website! The employees dont know our follow the rules! Their parties are a rip off 100%

Review №52

They do not accept tickets purchased from groupon, living social, etc on holidays. We called the day before our planned visit to verify but when we got there the staff member said that their manager said that they will not accept tickets anymore from groupon, living social on holidays. We said that we called ahead and requested to speak to the manager but he/she was out during that time. I’m just going to use the tickets that we purchased from living social then after that I am not taking my kids to this place anymore.

Review №53

Great place to visit with the family#Thank you

Review №54

New and alot of fun options! Well organized. There was a person watching each area to make sure everyone gets a turn and is safe! There is a parent area on second floor that can see over the whole jump area.

Review №55

Inclement weather honeyhole perfect from running some energy out your offspring

Review №56

My grandkids enjoyed it. I am retired from the USMC and was told there was a 10% military discount, however the discount for $40.00 of jump time was only $2.00. Somehow their calculations are totally wrong. But vfc the kids did enjoy.

Review №57

Very nasty in here the floor is sticky, the rails are sticky like nothing is ever wiped down. Not a lot of stuff to do for the price they’re charging.

Review №58

Weekend is a lot busier and probably more fun for the kids. Big place. Lots of variety for fun.

Review №59

My daughter loves this place! They have different types of trampolines and other things to do.

Review №60

Took my family here earlier today and it was the most fun we had in awhile. Also it was very tiring! Love that about this place. Great place for the kids.

Review №61

It was fun for my 2 year old.

Review №62

A good variety of activities such as wall climbing, and trampoline dodgeball. There are plenty of places for tired parents to rest and watch their children easily.

Review №63

If you have a special needs child DO NOT COME HERE!!! HORRIBLE PLACE.. Paid almost $400 for a party only to find out my special needs child couldnt go on!! Thats the whole reason why I had the birthday party here, after being told he was ok. Take your money elsewhere.. I wish I could give it negative stars..

Review №64

Had soooooo much fun as an adult in the dodgeball stadium. Plus its a good cardio workout. 10/10 would peg a kid in his face with a ball again.

Review №65

This is the best jumping me and my family have gone to this has good quality place and arcade also there is rock climbing and a lot of other fun things I can not forget about the 15 foot drop is the best thing EVER this place is so FUN I LOVE THIS PLACE

Review №66

Took the kids for the first time last night. We were excited as we live in the area and welcome new places to take them. We took our 6 year old and 2 year old. After getting in we found out the play area for little kids isnt done and not open. However I still had to pay $14 for him. Also we have socks from a couple other indoor jumping places, some with more grip than the ones they sell here. However they force you to buy theirs for insurance reasons which is a lame excuse to extort more money. We all sign our kids lives away with the waiver anyway. Third the benches are not bolted down. I am on crutches and almost flipped one sitting on it. Hopefully that sue-happy ADA lawyer doesnt come in there.To the franchise operator- when you see someone walk in with a 2 year old AND your area for 2 year olds hasnt been finished, please let them know or at least discount their fees. For what you charge there are other options out there that provide more value for the price. We spent over 60$ for my 2 and 6 year old kids plus my wife to go in to keep an eye on our little one.

Review №67

What a great addition to Sacramento. Our kids did not want to leave after three hours of constant play. We had plenty to do as parents and were very comfortable in the massage chairs!

Review №68

Where to start... service, safety, cleanliness all below average. I am not sure why everyone keeps going here. I just had me sons 8th birthday, unorganized not worth the money and not one of the supervisors care!! I really suggest you speak up and write reviews so we can get something worth having in this spot. I wont be back and I will be sure to let people know that i dont recommend it, even to people I dont like!!

Review №69

Rebounderz Sacramento is amazing! There is an awesome jump tower and ninja warrior course as well as the trampolines. Their staff is great, so friendly. The guy working the ninja course spent time with my 4 year old showing her how to do it, and took her through the whole thing. I cant wait to plan my 8 year olds birthday in December! Looking forward to going back this week while school is out! So glad this is in Sac.

Review №70

Paid $18 for 45 mins of play. The staff didnt explain the rates or special correctly. Then said theyd exchange my 10 yr old sons socks for their jump socks, then would not give him his original socks back that he came in with when we tried to give them their jump socks back. Just wow. My son was upset and so am I!

Review №71

Not to bad not to good. The people that work here are rude and vert annoying. They like to scold you for any little thing. I was feeding my nephew some baby food they said your not aloud to have outside food. I was like wth. Overall inside is nice. Also when you go on different jump tracks they like to scold you for doing the smallest things. Like I would like to jump in peace and enjoy some time with my family.

Review №72

Terrible! It was dirty! I honestly would not recommend it for any ages. The staff were not very friendly either! Everything was not available, due to certain packages. Most things werent even open, with little staff with terrible attitudes. Will not go again

Review №73

Fantastic place to bring the kids a lot of different activities

Review №74

Basketball hoop trampolines were the best yet. Cant wait to go again.

Review №75

Wonderful experience. Im still sore and my kids nap was the longest its ever been. Cant wait to be back with friends and more! Thanks so much, Rebounderz. You have yet to let me down(:

Review №76

Great place for the whole family. There is plenty of room and no lines to wait in for activities. Recommend this place to everyone

Review №77

This place is great to take your kids or even for work. Team building activities for adults as well. Will definitely be back.

Review №78

B4 SAKURA we had a 2hr session here. actually Aken was enjoying himself here while I watched.

Review №79

Why they are not on Google maps. Have to search for the place if you know the name of it.

Review №80

It was cool when it was new. That made your purchases all access but now they mad it so that you have to buy certain packs that cost more money

Review №81

Good place to take the kids.

Review №82

If you have elementary aged kids or grandkids... Take them here... Its awesome

Review №83

What a great addition to the Sacramento area! So clean, fun, and the staff is so kind! Definitely will be back!

Review №84

Awsome fun love the bumper car

Review №85

The trampolines themselves felt stiff. I couldnt jump as high as other trampoline parks like rockin jump or sky high. The obstacle courses are way to difficult. I witnessed adults and teens try to complete them and none of them could. The basketball setup is just a little bit odd, there are no dividers so other jumpers could just use the hoop you are using at any point. The dodgeball has no center line so as i played, the opponents could come within arms distants to throw the ball. You also have to pay for lockers, unlike rockin jump. The only thing keeping my review from a 1 star was the free fall air bag thing. I have never seen one in a trampoline park so it was new to me. Honestly, it was dead in there, there were about 10 maybe 12 people there. I dont blame them. The most packed and fun park is sky high. It is also fun, especially if your favorite activity is dodgeball. To sum it up, i am not coming back.

Review №86

Very busy but very fun!

Review №87

Kids had a blast! We will definitely be back. There were a lot of things for the kids to do.

Review №88

Amazing place with fun area for people of all ages and physical ability.

Review №89

Went to a birthday party and Raven was AWESOME. But a blond girl at the dogeball was RUDE!!

Review №90

It was an ok place. I guess I was expecting more. They make you buy their socks. Staff were polite and professional.

Review №91

Love it just didnt realize you have to sign a waver ahead a time.

Review №92

It was really fun and Ever one there were really nice if I could I would go there everyday

Review №93

Our first time was a success!!! We came in for a birthday event and the staff was very helpful! We enjoyed our time here my only negative feed back is it was a slight muggy.

Review №94

Great place at a good price. Thanks to Groupon!

Review №95

Great indoor activity for my children and Mackenzie from the cafe was very helpful and kind.

Review №96

Great place for kids as Nd babys 2&up!

Review №97

My daughters favorite place to play. I love it.

Review №98

Nice that it is new, but this place is terribly overpriced, when compared to places like sky high. Even concession is overpriced

Review №99

The atmosphere is amazing. There are people having fun everywhere and the employees take every precaution to make sure the customers stay safe.

Review №100

Very awesome u can get a work out there

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  • Address:2401 Butano Dr, Sacramento, CA 95825, United States
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  • Phone:+1 916-836-3001
  • Recreation center
  • Children's party service
  • Children's amusement center
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–6pm
  • Tuesday:11am–6pm
  • Wednesday:2–7pm
  • Thursday:2–7pm
  • Friday:2–7pm
  • Saturday:2–7pm
  • Sunday:2–7pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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