Sky Zone Trampoline Park
8645 Pulaski Hwy, Rosedale, MD 21237, United States

Review №1

Great place to bring the family. Well supervised areas, great customer service, friendly staff. The pricing is good considering what is included and the facility is clean. Definitely bringing my family back

Review №2

I signed my two grandsons up for Sky Zone camp. We all needed a break. I was a little nervous due to Covid-19. When we arrived our temperatures were taken, masks given if needed and hand sanitizer was readily available. My boys went to join the two other campers there. Needless to say they had an absolute ball there. They literally had the place to themselves. There was structured time like art (tie dye shirts, wax dripped pics, slime and glitter bottles), dodge ball tournaments,and timed activities. Their counselor, Ms. Ozeimh was FANTASTIC!!! She worked with the kids with ease and they LOVED HER!!! By the time Friday came, they didnt want to leave. They had a fabulous Glow Party and I had a ball. Sky Zone was diligent in their percautions and health indicators. At no time did I not feel we werent safe there. As a rule they do plenty of cleaning so they just ramped it up a bit. The manager Ralph was very helpful as I sought information about Sensory Night for my students. All in all, a wonderful time was had by all and I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №3

Awesome place! Great, intelligent customer service reps. The kids had a great time. Accepted my Groupon Vouchers with no problem and were happy to help:)

Review №4

My three-year-old had it all it was his 3rd birthday party there he loves it

Review №5

Very nice, clean and friendly staff. My boy had a blast it was so nice seeing it different then other skyzone. If you have not been to this location or traveling like me this would be worth a stop. Its not far off 95 and 695. Everyone had so much fun!

Review №6

My son and my niece love it here. Everything from the food to the jumping prices are very reasonable. Saturday night glow parties are fun, more for the older kids 11-15 they have a d.j. i felt like i was in the club lol, the music was so loud, but the kids loved it.

Review №7

My littles loves this place so much that I got them a membership . It’s nice to see teens/ young adults working here, every now and then you will see them dancing abs having fun . Place is clean, bathrooms are clean, staff is super friendly .

Review №8

Excellent healthy fun. Enjoyed trampoline, rings, rock climbing, zip-line and swings, etc. Pizza was good. Staff friendly and patient. Will be coming again and bringing others.

Review №9

My first time. Its a very nice place, I will definitely be bringing my grandkids back.

Review №10

Great place but it is dangerous i fell and sprained my ankle. The host for the party seemed uninterested. They need signs for the people that is unfamiliar with the place.

Review №11

I take my son here every chance I get. Hes 3 so we go for toddler Time on Saturday mornings which is great. Its all kids his size he doesnt need to worry about being ran over by big kids all day and the prices for toddler Time are unbeatable. Its something like $10 per toddler, first parent jumps free and any other parent is $5. With that you can do anything in the building. And my 3 year old can do almost all of it. Very kid friendly activities, staff is great and its become a tradition for me and my son to hang out on Saturdays. We both love it and both have a great time.

Review №12

I had a horrible experience giving my daughter her 10th birthday party here. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Review №13

I booked a glow party for my sons 10th birthday here. We arrived 30 minutes early as instructed to get their shirts, socks and to get the party room set up. 30 minutes into the party we were finally able to get into the room due to the party before us running over. I was given every excuse as to why but not offered another room. The food was burnt, the kids didnt want it. As we were cleaning and preparing to leave at our scheduled time, the girl who was helping with the party came in and said.... this was just a glow party, right? Not a birthday party? .... why did we sing happy birthday? Why are these presents here? Giving two stars only because the children had a blast not knowing the chaos behind the scene. For what we paid, never again.

Review №14

We just got a Elite+ membership and we love it!! Very friendly staff and clean facility!

Review №15

Great outing for the children and staff was accomodating and friendly

Review №16

I was there for my best friends sons party. Basically my nephew because that last sentence seemed like a lot. Anyway, the courses were fun, and the staff was friendly & accommodating. You could tell a lot were high school kids working, but it was pleasant to see young workers be polite. Seems to be a rare thing these days. Youth & good customer service usually arent synonymous. Kudos to their staff

Review №17

Had a great time with my grandsons... Next time Ill search Groupon 1st though. Besides that we had a wonderful time... ️

Review №18

Kids always have a good time here. Its more on the expensive side but great for a cold or rainy day. Go on Groupon for discount tickets!

Review №19

I went to the one in Columbia and the staff were nonchalant and weren’t paying the kids any mind, nothing was open except the trampolines I was just super unimpressed. Won’t be back the one in East Baltimore is so much better. Waste of my time and money.

Review №20

I had a lot of fun with my family I just wish the food and drink was not so expensive. I know why they are Im not a huge fan of spending that much on a beverage. I did though I was hot

Review №21

Very nice... Clean, large, plenty of stuff for the kids to do

Review №22

Nice enjoyed my time there with my kids

Review №23

We had a great time. We were there for 2 hours and the kids were still having fun. Weve gone to many trampoline parks but so far, this one is the best. The zip line, multiple obstacle courses, swings, toddler section, etc really stood out. There were multiple birthday parties going on while we were there and you couldnt even tell. The staff that was working upstairs were pleasant and very attentive. The staff that checked you in and took payment were also very helpful.Our only cons were:1. The lockers werent working properly, they said that they accepted credit card payment but neither side of lockers would read Any of my credit cards. We asked multiple people on staff to help us and the general response was we have no idea how the lockers work.2. The staff working the concession stand were extremely dry and more concerned with each others social lives. My kids were completely ignored and could have just walked off with their chips but instead they came and got me to get their attention.These two cons werent enough to keep us from coming back though. The kids had a great time!!

Review №24

Pizza could have been better, drinks were a lil watered down, and no air in party room 4 but Kids had fun and thats all that matters.

Review №25

Very nice. Great help

Review №26

Great place, fun day of playing on the special Minecraft day!!

Review №27

Had an amazing time celebrating my sons 10th Birthday!! Great location & staff Shout out to Hailey our party host!!!

Review №28

Really fun nice place to take kids

Review №29

Brought in my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son for the first time. Staff was friendly and very helpful to my kids who were eager to try new things but needed some assistance using the equipment. I was also impressed with how clean the facility was. Id recommend to anyone.

Review №30

I really liked this location. Love the seating on an upper level with a perch view of the play area. Made it really easy to watch the kids from one spot and not have to hover.

Review №31

Love the place for my grand children. It was so wonderful they had something for children of all ages. My two 18 months old enjoyed it as well as my 10 year old and 8 year old. They didnt want to leave. It is so much entertainment for all of the time you choose. You can choose a day pass or you can get season passes for the children. Whichever you choose you wont be disappointed. The staff was great with helping the children have a good time. Love this place. Its a good pace to hang out whether its too hot outside or to cold. Open year round.

Review №32

Had a blast with the kids for my son Birthday. His dad and I decided to join in and I think we had more fun than the kids we will be back

Review №33

Great fun place to have a party or just to come in an take the kids and do fun things. Also have food and drinks and great environment

Review №34

My 3 year old and especially his dad had a blast at this place. We visited due to a fb ad/event they were having for toddlers and didnt disappoint. I loved the designated toddler time. I wasnt worried an older kid would accidentally hurt my super energetic son who doesnt know how to respect others space yet. There were so many things he could do and burn his energy, play and keep him so busy that those 2 hrs flew buy super fast.The place was clean, the staff was super professional, and the themed party was perfect for my sons likings. Definitely would recommend this to everyone

Review №35

Facility is always really clean. The young staff is unexpectedly extremely friendly and helpful and pleasant unlike urban air. They also have really good snack foods and lots of space for you to eat- waffles and chicken, tenders and fries, pizza, icees and chips. The staff are extremely pleasant- food is good and price is decent when you buy summer passes. We go at least 3x a week since the start of summer and basically only paid for two sessions. We love this place.

Review №36

Kids Really love it

Review №37

Awesome facility with an awesome staff. Found out upon entering that there was a discount on Groupon. The guy at the register waited for me to download the app and guided me through the details so I could obtain the discount. Throughly impressed with that level of customer service.

Review №38

Clean and lots of fun

Review №39

My daughter love this place

Review №40

Love this place for my son 7th birthday . The party host BREE, was phenomenal since we got there very attentive and on point on what she was doing. Making sure my son and his friends had a great time. We had a blast! totally recommended if you want to have a fun birthday party. Ask for BREE to be your Party host.

Review №41

Great first experience here sign up was quick and easy, I used multiple groupons at one time and the kids had a blast and it’s a very safe kid friendly environment !

Review №42

Thanks to the mgr lashes for ur professionalism

Review №43

New facility. Very friendly. Still getting organized. My son enjoyed the party and pizza.

Review №44

I have mixed feelings here.For my 9 and 11 year old, its great. We got the summer pass and come 2-3times/week, and it lets them get out energy and gives me a small break.For my almost 1yr old, its horrible. Theyve got a toddler zone but its in the middle of the room and completely open to whoever. And thats the problem. I paid $50 so he could play too but Im thinking Ill ask for my money back since its monitored maybe 25% of the time, and thats being generous. So my smallest cant safely play since kids and adults keep running through the baby trampolines and foam zone. And honestly most of the rules here arent enforced anyways. Running in the park is a no-no but Ive been almost barreled over, baby in hands, plenty of times. It sucks because theres nowhere I can go with all 3 and I thought this place would be the one. Most likely not going to bother coming back once summer is over until the toddler zone is ACTUALLY safe, whether thats sectioned off or back in a corner tucked away, but something needs to change.Let me be clear though that of the employees, there are a very select few who are very kind and great at their job (a couple lovely blonde gals and African American gals and a few of the gents). But most of the employees are lax and dont seem to care, and this one gal Brianna was just awful, rolling her eyes at any thing my husband and I said and acting like she had a horrible job. Real mood killer there.

Review №45

My kids love skyzone. We go almost every day with their memberships.

Review №46

My kiddos had fun but really for kids at least 6 & older

Review №47

The children loved it.

Review №48

Best place to let the kids RUNNNN

Review №49

We booked a birthday party for my granddaughter. We were told to arrive at 2pm which we did. We checked in and were told the children jump at 3pm and our party room was from 4pm til 4:45. What are we supposed to do with 7 kids for an hour? We were told to hang out in the lobby. Unreal!!!! The children did have a blast once they were allowed to jump but we will never have another party here.

Review №50

I went there with my child for the first, the line was awfully long to pay for the entrance, there were several staff members who were available for the other registers but did not care .The customer services is not good . My child loved the place to play though. If you are new to the place you have to register first in the computer they have at the entrance before they can help you at the register otherwise youll waste your time waiting at the line for half an hour so they can tell they cant help you unless you go to the computer and fill out your information.

Review №51

I will NOT and I repeat will NOT ever return to a sky zone ever again. I have never written a review in my life, but one is needed here. I had my sons birthday party here and it was the WORST experience I have ever been a part of in my life there is NO organization or communication with anything I was purchased the epic package for the party and was expecting a good party for the price that is listed which after everything was totaled around $650 which to me is INSANE for a 2 and a half hour party and only 1 pizza. But I wanted a great experience for my son on his special day I was told to arrive 30 mins early to set up for a party that started at 3:30 pm but when I arrived the staff told me we couldnt have our room u till 5 pm can someone please explain to me what I am paying $650 for? I had 1 staff member go out of her way to try and fix all the issues we were having ONLY 1. After we entered the room at 5 pm we didnt have the correct pizza and the pizza we did have looked old and burnt and from what I read online the children were all supposed to recieve some type of bag with a water bottle well we didnt recieve any of that for the kids I will politely say I will not return EVER.!!!

Review №52

Clean and very nice.

Review №53

Lots of fun things to do. Only negative was how crowded, but thats not really their fault

Review №54

I love only problem was the food...need better and more quality food..I set in the Chill Zone up stairs it was really dirty....i started cleaning up some of the stuff.....need more staff to clean or cleaning staff. or thats going to do there job..and more seating down stairs.chair/tables.....This look better then all the other ones Great Job I

Review №55

It was so much fun! And they had stuff for all ages. Tonight was glow night and they had a DJ face painting and dancing. It was great! I would definitely go back annnd I got a shirt!

Review №56

It was so fun but I hurt my ankle

Review №57

If you want a date night with the hubby take the kids here to have lots of fun and activities but most of all for you they burn alot of energy grab a bite to est the way home give baths and out the door you by the time you get to the car they will be sound asleep

Review №58

Great place with lots of activities for all ages. We held my sons 4th birthday party here and it was a great time!

Review №59

First time at this location and my experience was very nice, from the staff and how they treated our party to the food provided, which was great. The one thing that stood out to me most was the toddler area, which gives both adults and kids areas to play, in wide open space. Good skyzone choice if you want to bring your children and jump at the same time.

Review №60

Phenomenal service and management handled issues with the right amount if promptness and very accommodating

Review №61

Fun place. my kids had loads of fun. u gonna love it.

Review №62

I like this location and the activities. My son and his cousins had an amazing time. I used a groupon and had no issues checking in. Its pretty clean and there is a parking lot. The only issue I had was the service I received at the concession stand - there were three girls just standing there having a personal conversation as I waited to receive service. It was almost like I was interrupting them.

Review №63

Outstanding service! They were able to accommodate my family for a birthday party with about an hour notice. I had a party planned elsewhere and the business cancelled on me same day. Sky Zone East Baltimore went above and beyond to assure that my daughter was able to still have her birthday party. I will certainly be visiting again, and would recommend this establishment to any and all looking for a fantastic time!

Review №64

This location is a real five star! Super clean facility, nice and welcoming staff and caring management.My son’s birthday party was awesome.Thank youWe will be back definitely

Review №65

This place is amazing. It’s state-of-the-art. I’ve never seen a trampoline park or indoor center look like this. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to throw a birthday party or corporate event. It’s awesome.

Review №66

I find it a good place to take the kids to have fun, but Ill never host a party here again. The staff didnt have our room setup. We had to wait for our pizza and when we did, apparently it belonged to another party. Then we were rushed to do our gifts because they had another party waiting. Trying to cut our party short. I even over heard some of the staff talking about hurrying the party next to us. When we were about to finalize our payment for the party, they tried to charge us for a shirt we didnt want and tried not to get the gift that was part of the package.

Review №67

Basic no different than the others places but urban air has more yhey have an actual lil kid area but not bad lot of space but they couldve done better

Review №68

I brung my son and nephew to the glow in the dark night one Saturday and we all had a ball even I jumped and played dodgeball the staff was real friendly and respectful forget chuckie cheese this is where a kid can be a kid

Review №69

This is amazing it was to fun and has an cute area for the little kids and has things you don’t see a lot5 stars

Review №70

Be sure you supervise you kids there is not enough staff supervision. I am an adult and had to kids fighting outside the kids pit which i was playing in with my 5 yr old .. one of the 2 kids fighting pushed the other in on my head and ive had severe neck pain since .n oh here cones the waiver you sign. I could have been paralized, broken neck a broken bone. Anything even if they have no staff or faulty equipment .. you sign away any rights u have any under circumstances just be away in laymans terms. Its all on you and your insurance.........i dont feel like my expectations were not met i think parents should know they need to be 100 percent on top of the kids and themselves because a person can contract a disease at your establishment and you make sure every single thing from blood borne pathogens to a broken toe to full paralysis is covered in the wavier most just sign in a 5 min. Quick lets have fun with my family outing. I wanted people to inderstand what they are signing ... because injuries that can changes lives happen in an instance and your teenage workers are not at the least looking concerned or thinking about the ramifications of the what ifs when they are chatting and flirting with coworkers as with any job. My kids had a blast ..

Review №71

This place is good because it has rock climbing swings zipline

Review №72

Had a blast with my fiancee and his sweet granddaughter

Review №73

Great place. Social Skills group had a fun time.

Review №74

Very fun

Review №75

Clean and affordable. You and your family can have tons of fun! They even have a designated section for the toddlers. Your child even has a sticker type patch showing your jump time. Even the food wasnt expensive and tasted good.

Review №76

I started working at this sky zone location when they first opened up and loved it. Sadly the management is very unfair and unprofessional and quite frankly racist. They hired over 100 employees in the beginning and a month in they started getting rid of people with no explanations. After getting laid off with no explanation and randomly being taken off the schedule I’ve come to the conclusion they’re not to fond of people of color. I actually adored the staff and was great at my job and would do anything asked if need be. As a 22 year old female of color I feel disgusted and hurt that such a company operates in the way they do. Because of my horrible experience here me and all my family members will never spend a DIME at a skyzone.

Review №77

Great day with the Ravens and other Vet,s Ravens do things right thank uuuuuuuu

Review №78

This place is a lot of fun. I had a great experience here and look forward to coming again. My only disappointment was I wasnt able to play dodgeball because there wasnt enough people there. Although I did come on a weekday around noon when there wasnt a lot of people there. Hopefully next time there will be plenty of people there and I can get in on a game of dodgeball

Review №79

I was there recently for my nieces 6th birthday, I had a really nice time, the staff was pleasant and the place was really clean. The only concern I had there was no elevator or escalator, Im handicapped, I was really disappointed.

Review №80

Great place

Review №81

My kids and I loved opening weekend. Its local, clean, everyone was friendly and theres so much to do there. Not to mention the price isnt bad either.

Review №82

Joined dodgeball league. Super small turnout but still fun for my son.

Review №83

Very great grand opening. I hope no one messes it up for the kids. Brought my teenage niece n daughter they had a ball!

Review №84

Horrible and expensive food,no type of security for intruders snatching up kids and way too small

Review №85

Lots of fun... lots of optical courses. Will definitely go again.

Review №86

Crowded, and not all of the stations were staffed. Saw someone fall in between a trampoline and large air mattress

Review №87

Its relatively new so its still very clean and the team seems to be very good at their jobs.

Review №88

I brought tickets online so i wouldnt have to wait in line for the Baby Shark toddler event. First off very unorganized event. I went straight and signed my kids up for a waiver. Then proceeded to the line where you already brought tickets . I was informed that there was only one line. So I had to get in the back of the line. Not only when I got to the front of the line. The lady proceeded to let alot of people go before me that was paying cash or card. When mind you I have paid already but they will not acknowledge me nor my kids. I will come back to update but by so far. Rude staff and very unorganized!

Review №89

Kids love this place very cool fun

Review №90

Great staff and fun place for kids for hours!!!!

Review №91

Family had a great time. Children enjoyed every activity that they participated.

Review №92

We scheduled a private party that was done SOOOO WELL!!!! The Sky Zone staff who attended us was THE BEST!!!! BETTER THAN EXCELLENT!!

Review №93

Fun place to take kids.

Review №94

Great place for the kids to burn some energy.

Review №95

The manger that was on duty from 230 till 5pm was awesome. Very pleasant and patient.

Review №96

I love the place. My son enjoyed himself very much. Employees was great at their job.

Review №97

Glow party was the worse. My sons 8th birthday party tonight was ridiculous. First thing it says the parties from 7-9, but no you cant jump until 8 and you dont leave until 10. No one informed me that or I would have all the guest know to come at 8 and not wait around for a hour. Was sent in one room for 45 mins to be told that this isnt my room and that everyone has to go down stairs to another room. Second the employee thats helps you with a party, what is that I actually had to ask who mine was and where she was due to none of the kids received a glow shirt that came with the party package. When you are the mom and have to do all this its really ridiculous. I ran the party my self they should have paid me for tonight. Third, pizza was late asked for more pizza when I first walked threw the door but no. Im so pissed off n I can tell you I will NEVER take my kids here EVER AGAIN!! I will take my kids to urban air, definitely 100% difference.

Review №98

My great nephews and niece thought it was the greatest place they went that day.

Review №99

My daughter and her classmates had lots of fun celebrating their graduation at Sky Zones glow night. Each Friday and Saturday from 8-11 p.m jump for 2 hours for $22 or get a $50 summer pass and jump everyday for 2 hours all summer. My 4 year old and her friends had lots of different activities to do at the Rosedale location. At the Timonium location all 5 and unders could do was jump. But here they can jump, fly on a zip line, play in the soft blocks, travel through a netted tunnel, climb a netted wall, sit on a ball on a zip line, swing on some ropes and dance. They had tons of fun!

Review №100

Great place

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  • Phone:+1 410-874-5050
  • Amusement center
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Working hours
  • Monday:4–10pm
  • Tuesday:12–9pm
  • Wednesday:4–10pm
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  • Friday:4–10pm
  • Saturday:10am–10pm
  • Sunday:1–9pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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