Regal Ronkonkoma
565 Portion Rd, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, United States

Review №1

Often my friends and I come here all the time, this is where our movie nights take place and we absolutely love the food, the service and it was where my daughter and I had our very first movie date to see frozen 2, the reserved seating and the subscription has been amazing, this is perfect for family, friends and everything in between. I used to go to movieland but regal has been our upgrade and the prices are amazing and the 10% off concession with the subscription makes it even better. 5 stars for sure all around

Review №2

Best movie theater on Long Island! Clean awesome reclining seats and their deals on app for their popcorn and other snacks and drinks are great! Have earned so many points which I always use for free tickets!

Review №3

Our experience at Regal Theater was truly special and memorable, given its the first time we have been to the movies in about 18 months since we had our baby boy.Unfortunately, the movie we saw, The Photograph, which came out Valentines Day was the only forgettable part of our outing.It was amateurish in acting, lacked substance, and simply all over the place.The best part of the movie literally was the song selections in it!First off, the distance from where I live was close, and a stress-free drive.Our first time attending was Valentines night, so the parking lot appeared full, but we got parking to the side, which was well lit, and safe.We bought our snacks and went in to see our movie, inside a nice, clean and spacious theater.The top sear section, as you can see by my picture was spectacular, comfortable and felt truly like home.

Review №4

Prices are highGreat selectionSeats are very awesome, and staff is friendly!

Review №5

I go here all the time. Great comfortable reclining seats. Great sound and picture. The only real complaint I have is the ridiculous drink sizes they have. A large might as well be considered a 2 liter bottle!!!

Review №6

What an incredible experience! This place is where its at great chairs! Awesome customer service and the best classic movie theater popcorn! Go see for yourself

Review №7

I love Regal Ronkonkoma. The theater clean and very up-to-date. It has recliner seating which is very comfortable. Also you can get unlimited popcorn. I previously would have given a 5 star review but they implemented this crazy policy that you must buy your movie tickets at the food counter. Now during a popular seating time it can take 30-40 minutes to get popcorn and a soda. Bad move in my opinion.

Review №8

Decent prices for food and decent look when inside. Regals strong suit is its in-theatre chairs. The automatic recliners work flawless even after years of use and each come with an arm rest. Would suggest for a nice day out.

Review №9

The cinema hall was great. The environment is great and the theater is neatly organized. Loved the movie I watched and the seats are very comfortable. The time I spend was great. The giant screen was awesome.

Review №10

Seats are comfortable, place is clean, getting your tickets to see a show is becoming more and more you pick up tickets online for a $3.00 fee or wait on the concession line.. Thats not fun. Minus one star for that. Otherwise nice clean theater

Review №11

Love this place. The staff is always so friendly & helpful. Its always clean. I like that the theaters are smaller than the larger chains, it feels more comfortable. Highly recommend. A+++++++

Review №12

Great theater. Love the full reclining seats and being able to pick your seats ahead of time. Very clean and well kept as well

Review №13

Great place to watch some flicks and play some games! Just be careful as some films could induce seizures! (Pic related)

Review №14

Dont come here and expect a great time. Managers treat staff poorly. When asked for a chair because that employee has been standing in one spot for hours they were rudely denied. BUY TICKETS BEFOREHAND OR ONLINE they took away box office to save money so you have to stand behind the family of ten to purchase your tickets. Women bathrooms are hardly clean and soap is never there when you need it.

Review №15

We love that you can reserve seats here. Also, my husband lost his wallet and they found it for him immediately. Were very impressed they helped us so quickly.

Review №16

Best movie theatre Ive ever visited. Clean. Safe environment. Always courteous staff, ALWAYS. Comfortable seating.

Review №17

Comfortable Seating. Smaller Theaters. Early Bird pricesI like going to this theater over others most of the time due to the seating arrangements. The seats are very, VERY comfortable. The can recline back and have a foot rest like a layZboy chair with its own mini table attached. The seats also offer plenty of elbow room so that you dont ever feel crowded by the person next to you. It is an enjoyable experience every time I come here.

Review №18

Love the place. Not sure if this is a new thing or just temporary but they got rid of the separate ticket counter so everyone goes on one line to the concession area for everything (tickets and food) line is unnecessarily long. Dont like it at all.

Review №19

Smaller venue, not too crowded. The popcorn is great! Would definitely recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

Review №20

Amazing seats. Very clean. Nice people. What more could you ask for...

Review №21

My fiancé and I absolutely love this place. Every seat reclines. You pick your own seats before the show.

Review №22

This is the second time in less that 2 months that me and my bf got sick after watching a movie at Regal. It feels like youre entering a freezer. It makes it impossible to enjoy the movie ..If that wont change Im afraid well have to stop going there ..

Review №23

Havent been there in a while. Was very impressed with everything. Seating was very comfortable. Candy was not stale, very fresh. Like it a lot

Review №24

Clean place which is super important to us! They have good popcorn and food. Seats are spacious and comfortable! Love that movie theater!

Review №25

Dont go there unless you bought your ticket online or you like to wait in line with hundred of people buying popcorn. They have no cashiers anymore and one broken selfservice machine....

Review №26

We bought the unlimited app and have been disappointed at the ability to purchase tickets. It is very frustrating that with the app we cannot by tickets the day before without paying a convenience fee.

Review №27

Love the seating style. Chairs are getting worn but always clean

Review №28

Comfortable seats. Going to a show at one but theater wouldnt let us in to buy tickets till after 12:30. It became a long line of senior citizens, many with Cannes. Could be more consumer friendly.

Review №29

Love how small and quaint it is. Other movie theaters in the area are usually overcrowded, loud, and rowdy, but because its so small its nice and quiet. Granted there is a limited number of seats within each theater because its so small, but if you can reserve your seats on time then youre in for a pleasant night.

Review №30

Nice theater. Organized entrance. Smaller theaters with reclining seats.

Review №31

Great seating and it feels like a family owned theater rather than a chain. They give a lot of perks, too.

Review №32

Amazing! Great prices, Quality seats, Quality snacks!! Would definitely Recommend

Review №33

Parking was minimal, theater was great seats were very comfortable. Lots of room

Review №34

The girl was nice to give me advice on seating, but my arm rest that I got had spilled soda on it that was never wiped off, so I couldnt put my arm on it like I should.

Review №35

Super comfy seats, classic movie experience.

Review №36

Great theater. Super comfortable seats the recline and leg rest to lounge. Awesome atmosphere.

Review №37

Very comfortable seating. Always a great crowd when seeing a movie. All seats are great too. Pro tip is to get the regal app and buy tickets in advance.

Review №38

Comfortable seats, nice temperature in theater- great audio visual set up and fun arcade games and photo booths outsideTickets are bought at the concession stand

Review №39

Excellent customer service n I love the recliners

Review №40

They offer a small variety of snacks, of course expensive but good typical movie fare. It was a busy theatre and considering it was a Saturday during a long weekend I would expect any manager in charge of scheduling would have had a few extra employees on staff to make the wait less but not them. They had 2 people standing around checking tickets and a couple others wandered over to chat meanwhile at the concession stand they had 3 people each with their own lines and they were long lines! You think they would have cross trained employees to work multiple stations instead of standing around. My friends and I frequent going out to dinner and trying different movie theaters. We drive around to different states just to experience unique and special cinemas and restaurants. The actual theatre was mostly clean. Still some popcorn on the floor from the previous showing down our row. The reclining chairs are odd. They recline so far you can almost lay flat! I tried it and its impossible to see the movie screen. The semi cushioned leg part of the recliner had what felt like a bar slightly pressing in the middle of my calf. They definately were not the most comfortable. Fine for a 90 min. or so movie but I would not see a 2 and a half hour movie in those seats. The most awkward part of the theater is how the walking rails and chair tables were installed. They have hand railings on both sides of the steps with a small opening to enter your row. Odd but okay until you cant enter your row because the recliners tray table and foot rest takes up the majority of the opening to go down the row. So when someone sits in the end seats with the tray table not directly infront of them and reclining with feet up you constantly have to bother them to get by. Other theatres you can walk staight down the row with people reclining. This takes away from the comfort and enjoyment of the movie theatre. I do not see this being fixed anytime soon because of the newer seats it seems they must have updated to this layout on purpose within the past couple years. Good try but maybe keep people in mind that might not be to steady on their feet or with a cane or small children that can hit thier head on the metal hand rail stcking out in the aisle or stumble in mind next time. Stumbling in the dark I know it happens to others and getting hurt or embarrassed is not a good time for anyone.

Review №41

Need more cashiers to open up, people miss their movie sometimes, but clean and comfortable

Review №42

This is a rating for the movie not the theater. Good boys is easily top 5 WORST movies Ive ever seen. Seth Rogen should send me a check for 30.00 to give me back my money.

Review №43

Comfortable chairs, clear screens and sharp sound in the theaters. Long lines before viewing times because of purchasing tickets and ordering at the concession stand together.

Review №44

Great old school vibe. Friendly Employees. Comfy Recliner seats!

Review №45

My favorite movie theater. In my whole life

Review №46

Good theater. The reclining seats are great

Review №47

Great place to see a movie. Friendly staff you feel safe there they have security inside and outside.

Review №48

They are getting better to compete with island. Much cheaper alternative with comfortable recliners.

Review №49

This movie theatre is my favorite because of the comfortable reclining seats!!

Review №50

Watched Spiderman far from home. Theater was clean and reclining chairs were very comfy. Awesome theater

Review №51

Definetly a pretty nice theater for the price. Popcorn is ALWAYS FRESH, not bagged up for later.FRESH POPCORN

Review №52

Loved it great too see a movie here !

Review №53

Love the comfort, space and audio. Keep it up!

Review №54

Sometimes the bathrooms are dirty but always great service here! Love coming back here with my kids, they love the recliner seats.

Review №55

My car was keyed, last sunday i went to ask the security guard if he saw anything but he was out cold sleeping i think its fair to say he didnt see anything, i went back inside to speak to a manager i waited 10 minutes and no one came to see me, very disapointing

Review №56

Clean and friendly service. Love the reclining seats.

Review №57

I visit at least once a month with my coworkers dinner and movie night. Clean and good service.

Review №58

The movie I saw was great but the reclining chairs are uncomfortable due to the lack of cushions left in them. The theater also had a bad odor of stale drinks and nachos. The carpets are in serious need of shampooing. Some areas were worn and full of stains. Everything you touched felt sticky and dirty. They seriously need to hire a better cleaning crew.

Review №59

Good theatre. Enjoyes my night!

Review №60

Seating is great, would of given 5 stars if the consessions were setup like every other theatre. Concessions are horrible, poor selection, let alone the ticket line and concessions are combined, pre-purhased tickets on Fandango, waited on the combined line just for popcorn over 20 minutes.

Review №61

I will never step foot in this theater again. I left my wallet in a theater. It was the last showing and I was the last one to leave. I returned in the morning before they opened and NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING. I prefer to spend my money where the employees are honest and helpful.

Review №62

We reserved 4 seats and two recliners were broken. We were offered to put two of us in two different seats but that would’ve been unsafe for my children to be separated and to ask four people to split into three areas was silly. The employees refused to give me tickets for the two broken chairs because we were given the option to move two people. How do I separate a 5 or 10 year old from the group? I was disappointed at the lack of common sense. Otherwise it’s such a cool theater.

Review №63

They have had a pretty bad mold problem in the last 5-6 months I have been going here and its immediately noticeable even before you walk into the theaters. Nothing has been done about this and the problem is getting progressively worse. Once you are in the theaters, the leaks are clearly visible all over the ceiling. The smell and amount of particulates in the air is so dense you can feel it. I am a NY State Licensed Mold Assessor and have inspected plenty of rundown/ abandoned buildings and the level of impact here is severe. Would not recommend going here until the problem is remediated.

Review №64

The Star Wars movie was intense. The force is strong.

Review №65

Great place and love how I can buy tickets in advance without going there to reserve seats but recently I have been experiencing the seats not functioning properly. I still give them 5 stars in hopes to see them get to having the seats working 100%

Review №66

Nice reclining chairs Clean bathrooms

Review №67

This movie theater is great. Just by the reserved seating alone. It also has full reclining seats. Clean theaters and bathrooms... thats most impressive. Attentive and courteous staff. The staff actually come and check the theaters during the movie as well. Fast concession lines. They always have the latest movies out. A good assortment of showing times too.

Review №68

I love going to this movie threater great price great service and very clean

Review №69

Nice and Comfortable chairs. Food option is Theater style. We saw the Aquaman. but the screen wasnt centered so missed a bit. we let the staff know. Seats are comfortable and reclines.

Review №70

Excellent theater. Awesome reclining seats.

Review №71

Love this theater its worth the extra $. Leather type recliner seats w small table,cup holders. Still good seats 2/3rows. Clean place

Review №72

Love this theater. Seating is big and comfortable

Review №73

The best place to go to watch a movie. The whole reason to see a movie is to enjoy it and without comfy seating how can you enjoy it if you are constantly fixing yourself in your chair. Their seats are lovely recliners that you can recline all the way back or to your liking. The movie picture and quality is great and the service at the snack stands are quick and courteous. Also the cleaning people do not rush you out, which has happened to me before. Overall best place to watch a movie, even better than Island 16. The tickets are cheap, especially during matinee times. Even after they are not expensive at all. Make this place your choice for a movie so you can relax and enjoy your movie!

Review №74

I love the recliner seats watching a movie.

Review №75

Had a nice experience. Very Comfortable chairs.

Review №76

Great during a regular weekday matinee

Review №77

Good seating. One star removed due to cleanliness.

Review №78

Great Movies, Seats, and Popcorn

Review №79

That movie theater is going to be my favorite now. Thanks for wonderful experience.

Review №80

I am not one to complain or leave nasty reviews but this has to be brought to others attention.I brought my three children ages 4, 6, and 7 to see Toy Story 4. There weren’t many people or employees around so after I got my ticket, I checked in and was told I still had 20 minutes before the movie started but I was more than welcome to sit in the theater and wait. I walked in and to my surprise there were two employees in the far corner of the theater all over each other in an inappropriate manner. They noticed me immediately due to my children running for their seats, as they noticed what was happening they both ran out of the theater. As they left I did recognize the man because I come to this theater very often. He happens to be a manager. As for the young girl, I did not immediately recognize her but she looks like a girl I usually buy my tickets from. I am submitting this review anonymously because I will still have to come to this theater because it is closest to my house. However, I am hoping that this review will make management aware of what they are not seeing.

Review №81

Theater is clean, best seats in town. Only wish concession area could figure out a way to move people faster. Maybe automate the non perishables. Large vending machines.

Review №82

Most comfortable theater in area...kept clean

Review №83

Great theater and the reclining seats are awesome

Review №84

Cute small theater with reclining seats due to small compasity must by tickets in advance

Review №85

Love this place. Most comfortable seats ever! Kids really love it. Service is superior to Stonybrook or Island16. Popcorn is made in front of you, not pulled out of a bag. And theyll put the butter in so its not all just at the top (other theater make you do it yourself and melted butter is oily and nasty). While some theaters only know how to overcharge (this one does have high prices too), Regal comes with service.

Review №86

Comfortable but the prices are astronomical.

Review №87

We always enjoy coming here for our movie going experience

Review №88

Nice theatre.. Bathroom was gross.. Urinal leaked when flushed

Review №89

Chairs need wd40 they squeekie when reclining

Review №90

Reclining seats, always clean ... bring a blanket and relax!

Review №91

Its really cool how they have reclining seats now.

Review №92

Great theater in the middle of a small town. Comfy seats too.

Review №93

Affordable theater with cozy reclining seating

Review №94

Best movie theater around since they put the reclining seats in very clean and relatively quick service.

Review №95

Very nice clean and reasonably priced

Review №96

A cashier named Ariel was completely rude and discriminatory toward my clients with disabilitiesThey were apparently taking too long to speak so she called the next customer in line. My client isn’t stupid and picked up on what happened immediately. Ariel how could you be so inconsiderate and indecent.

Review №97

Love this place great staff and great seats

Review №98

Beautiful big screen movie theater sounds and picture great experience clean bathrooms and snack counter. Step railings need a wipe down are sticky as well as the bathroom doors and some of the seats.

Review №99

Quick service. Clean theaters. Comfy seats. Love being able to pre-order my food there with the Atom app.

Review №100

Regal cinemas Ronkonkoma is my theater of choice. They offer fresh popcorn and nachos as well as hotdogs and candy. The drinks are cold and refreshing. As for the seats they are all recliners and they have a special table attached so you can put you goodies on it and swivel it close to you. Chairs have a cup holder on both sides and the seats are spacious. Definitely worth going to see a show here !.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:565 Portion Rd, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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