Rio Rancho PREMIERE 14
1000 Premiere Pkwy SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, United States

Review №1

I love going to premier cinema when I have had a long week and need a break, for date night and for family fun!

Review №2

Decent theater. Seats comfy enough, but noticed a tear or two in some of the seats. Staff was great. Did not sample their snack bar items, but will in the future. Movie started 10 minutes late.

Review №3

The Premier Theater is my go to theater when it comes to going out to catch a movie. The wife and I love going to this particular theater because its huge. One thing about going to see a movie these days which Im sure everyone is aware of is the fact that going to the movies isnt cheap. Weather you take the wife, your girlfriend or the kids, expect to pay an arm and a leg just for your tickets. When you enter expect to pay another arm and a leg for popcorn and soda deals and even candy. Now I dont mean to sound like a cheapskate but hey, Im just telling it like it is, the staff their are mostly teens but they are cool. To save at least a little money I usually take advantage of the matinee show and I try to go there on a weekday. They have ample public restrooms on both sides of the theater and are very well kept. The weekends are very busy there, so if youre not into crowds and kids go there during any day of the week. They also have more than ample parking available as well as handicap entrances and parking spots. All in all its a great place for entertainment.

Review №4

This is my favorite movie theater by far. The theaters are clean and chairs are a good size. Popcorn and drinks are good portions. Nice movie selections with a good variety of start times to choose from. Lots of lite in the parking lot which is nice when coming out from late night movies.

Review №5

We really enjoy coming to this Rio rancho premiere Cinema, and weve always had a great experience. Unfortunately todays visit was questionable when a worker behind the counter wearing glasses with short curly hair was very rude in explaining the amenities the theater offers. The Fandango website offered services that I just wanted to ask about. If youre having a bad day you should never take it out on paying customers. We will visit this cinema again, has this is our theater of choice. Just hope we dont have an employee like that again.

Review №6

Just love Premiere Cinema. Excellent selection of current movies. Plenty of parking. The staff are very helpful and the seating in the theatre is quite comfortable. My favorite thing is getting to put my own butter and salt on the popcorn. They even have flavored salts if that is your thing but Im a traditionalist and just go for the regular salt.

Review №7

I want to give a shout out to Will at this location. My daughter thought she left her wallet there and took the time to search for it and got back to me even though they couldn’t find it. What a great guy to do that! Our whole experience with staff there has been great.

Review №8

Great theater clean and organize. You can always get the best seats, its not over crowded. Good parking lot and great location. Tons of things to choose from around it.

Review №9

Im glad to have such a great theater in Rio Rancho. Its clean and offers many of the state-of-the-art accoutrements available to enhance the movie goers cinematic experience. The staff are friendly, professional, and there are a number of different restaurants in the immediate vicinity to start your perfect night out.

Review №10

My husband &I hadnt been to a movie in awhile. We decided to go see Frozen 2. We enjoyed the movie, but the rocking chair style seats werent very comfortable. When u lean back to try&get comfortable there is someone behind you. It seems that you bump there legs or something. I think they need to be replaced with something more comfortable. 2+ hours is a long time to sit in something thats uncomfortable.

Review №11

This theater is always clean and the staff is friendly. No reclining chairs, but very comfortable. Better than the Mall theater.

Review №12

Have great deals... Jus need to update seats. Be nice if they would get the modern chairs every other theatre has...

Review №13

I’ve ran into some excellent customer service here, specifically the staff selling the tickets. Older seating, but that’s ok. I love how they have a nacho cheese machine and you can put the cheese on the nachos yourself!

Review №14

I like the early showtimes they have available. It’s kept clean and the staff is friendly. The prices are great too.

Review №15

Theater was clean and not to busy. Seats were comfortable and sound quality was good. Its great to have a move theater in Rio Rancho proper.

Review №16

The theater was clean and the handicap accessibility was good. They have a family bathroom, which is great. What really impressed me was when the movie was over and we needed to get my uncle out, they raised the lights for us so that we could get him to his walker.

Review №17

One of my favorite theaters. Im 64 but the seat have a high slope so I can sit anywhere and not be in the way.

Review №18

There is no assigned seating here, no recliner chairs, but the seats are comfy, rocker style however the legroom is terrible!!!! If you are anything over about 56 you are going to be cramped. Concessions prices were decent and you get even more of a discount when you purchase a combo. My only gripe about concessions would be the self serve butter. Some people may get a kick out of buttering their own popcorn however i prefer my butter layered in the bucket not just on top. Bathrooms were large and clean....the stalls were so big.....nice to have some room!!! Oh and when i purchased our tickets on Fandango, we still had to go to the box office to get actual straight to the ticket taker at this theater. Aside from a few minor things i would say overall this is a solid theater option for those on the Westside!!

Review №19

Best movie theater in most of Abq. and the best on the West side. Good prices, clean theater, nice atmosphere,nice staff. Wish they had some of the movies playing so I dont need to go to Cottonwood or Century 24.

Review №20

This place provides a very uncomfortable experience. The seats kill my back, as they’re made for someone with longer legs, but the foot space isn’t enough for my legs (I’m only 5’8”) and the springs are worn out so there is not possibility to sit up. I keep forgetting how bad the seats are. I won’t forget from now on, as I’ve been watching Jumanji, standing in the theatre entrance watching the movie, and writing this review. I hope standing for 1.5 hours to watch a movie will jog my memory next time.

Review №21

I like the quick service and theater seating. Dependable. Clean facilities.

Review №22

Clean multiplex theatre. Helpful and pleasant employees. One problem, mens bathroom only had 1 working urinal out of 4, needs to be addressed.

Review №23

Loved it, was my first time there, will definitely go back again.

Review №24

Very nice staff, delicious popcorn. I had a very nice time

Review №25

Excellent service. Chairs were actually comfortable. Movie was a hair loud. But we had a blast.

Review №26

Very beautiful theater. Great selection of candy, drinks, and snacks to enjoy during your movie. The staff was very friendly. Super comfortable seats that lean back. Theres a little arcade inside the theater which we went to for about 45 minutes after our movie let out. Its a little small, but has quite a few fun games and claw machines. We will definitely be returning.

Review №27

Good theater, nice employees, and awesome movie theme touches. No recliner update here. The seats are bigger than standard seats, but the cushions are a little worn. Overall great experience. Picture and sound were on point, and really shines as a true movie experience with the family.

Review №28

Awesome experience. Staff was friendly and professional. Clean and comfortable!

Review №29

So. After the theater was informed about this inconsiderate and rude person, she was asked to put her shoes on, which she argued about, but not to remove her feet from the top of the seat in front of her, and then she directed a comment to me, that I answered to which the employees main concern seemed to be our conversation, not caring what so ever that seats in the center of the theater were being blocked by naked feet. If our tickets hadnt already been purchased, and my bf wanting to see the movie, I would have left.

Review №30

I got to go church at the theater with Legacy Church. This was cool to be able to get my food, drinks and service.

Review №31

Cool theater, great nachos. All theaters should take note and give the self serve nacho cheese option like Premier.

Review №32

Comfortable seats. They provided us with the captioning equipment for the deaf. Thanks to Allstate insurance agency, Anthony Delgado for treating all of us as loyal customers.

Review №33

Love the seats there so comfy compared to other places

Review №34

I ordered my tickets online. Upon arriving at the theater I realized I had to stand in line to get my tickets anyway. The manager happened to be the one assisting me at concession and I casually questioned why I had to pay a $3.40 convenience fee and was required to stand in line anyway. His response was its a remodeling fee because they dont have self serve kiosks. I dont see why this is my issue and I have to be inconvinced.

Review №35

Went on a Sunday morning and beginning of movie intersected with the tail end of the church service next door. So in the quiet moments of captain marvel you would hear people lifting their voices in praise. It ended after about a half hour so no big deal. Just wish they wouldnt use the adjoining theaters for movies during services. I hope worshippers werent inundated with any spoilers during their quiet moments of religious introspection.Otherwise, great theater! Great matinee experience.

Review №36

1 ticket seller on Saturday afternoon so u will wait in 100 degree temps. They dont accept Fandango gift cards as payment. Half the games are broken and take your money and the other half are completely rigged. Nice seats. Customer service needs improvement

Review №37

Nice, clean, very comfortable seats. Saw Downton abbey. Great movie. Food prices are very reasonable

Review №38

The staff was up beat and cheerful. Prices were better than I expected. The theater was clean and the restrooms were satisfactory. I have not been to a theater in over 10 years and I was not disappointed.

Review №39

My niece and I watched Bohemian Rhapsody. It was awesome! As always, the theater was in ship shape. Im so grateful to have such a wonderful entertainment venue such as this in Rio Rancho. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful about all of my inquiries. I really appreciate the rewards program and I look forward to building up more and more points to receive some gratis refreshments. Keep going to the movies all of my friends out there. Its totally worth it!

Review №40

I would rather go to this movie theater. Not busy clean and not full. You dont have to sit next to strangers.

Review №41

Nice,cozy and comfortable theatre. Adds to the charm of a great date night. Great temperature kept in theatre as well unlike most which are sometimes freezing lol.

Review №42

Great place to see movies! I loved the incredibles 2! The popcorn is great and the prices are lower than the other theaters!

Review №43

Nice theatre with a good staff. They always have a great selection of movies. Snacks are as unreasonably priced as most theatre, if not more. This location is definitely our choice theatre in the area.

Review №44

Awesome movie theater great sound system and comfortable seats !!!

Review №45

Very nice big movie theater! Great popcorn and attentive staff!

Review №46

Good movie theater, good location and decent building. Problem is that their seats have deteriorated to the point where a lot of them are broken and dont work, and theres no real solution apparent for them to replace or repair.

Review №47

Wish they already opened up:(

Review №48

Not crowded good service. Prices are so hi at all the movie houses I wish there was some way around it

Review №49

Great place! Sandy the Manager always tries to please.

Review №50

Great seats,good food to watch your favorite movie.

Review №51

Gosh, remember when we all got excited about theatres with stadium seating? Well its still here! Yeah, I realize were much more sophisticated now with recliners and food brought to us and all, but theres nothing wrong with an old fashioned movie going experience either. Well, at least as old- fashioned as stadium style seating is. Theaters are usually pretty clean and staff is friendly - not a bad place to see a mivie.

Review №52

Beautiful theater!! The bathrooms were even clean. We had the whole theater to ourselves which was nice. We got lucky. Cozy chairs, buttery popcorn, and a smooth cold icee made for a great night. The guy even explained to us how to use fandango for tickets. I enjoyed this theater a lot.

Review №53

Good movie and the employees were good but the theater was freezing.

Review №54

It was a great experience, fun, friendly. Except the games in their arcade room, more than half didnt work and they took your money. We had an hour to waste so we said why not, played and thats what happened. Overall it was great!

Review №55

We went to a 1030 movie on a Sunday. Legacy Church also has service there on Sunday mornings. It was difficult to hear the beginning of the movie because the music from the church was so loud. If yiu are going to a movie on Sunday morning, I would recommend going to another theater.

Review №56

Its a decent place. Wish they had different chairs. And faster service.

Review №57

Nice theater offering all major releases. Check here first if you live in/near Rio Rancho. Support local businesses whenever possible.

Review №58

I love that I can butter my own popcorn. My biggest peeve about movie theaters is they never butter it how I tell them to. The only thing Id say is that they should upgrade their chairs to the reclining kind, that would definitely make it 5 stars, so I give 4 just for that reason. Although theirs rock and are comfy.

Review №59

Great theater. Comfy seating, and friendly staff.

Review №60

Seen beautiful day in neighborhood very good walk away with someth8ng

Review №61

Great theater, not so crowded that you cant get in.

Review №62

Took my daughter to see lion king. Theatre was clean, audio and video worked so thats always good. As usual over priced concessions, but this is true of any theatre Ive visited.

Review №63

Not overpriced and is usually well maintained and clean.

Review №64

Great local theater. Good screens and picture quality, nice clean building, and great popcorn and other snacks. Buy the popcorn bucket and reusable drink cup and it will only cost you $5 for your concessions every time you come here! An awesome deal that makes me go to the movies more often than I would otherwise.

Review №65

Nice theater. Just wish the seats would recline.

Review №66

Good prices with very clean theaters

Review №67

Great Theater, nice employees, enjoyed it as usual.

Review №68

Comfortable seats, not crowded, fun arcade area!

Review №69

So I really enjoy the Premier Cinema Theater in Rio Rancho. Its clean. Great location. Good parking.Their manager is very helpful and approachable. The movie times flexible and plentiful. They offer an early bird showing for the extremely affordable price of $6.25.Today I watched Ready Player One and later this afternoon I will be returning to watch A Quiet Place. The more movies you watch the more points you collect. Points grow until you can apply them to towards FREE food.

Review №70

We love watching movies here and its close to home.

Review №71

Its a normal movie theatre. It doesnt surprise, but it provides a perfectly adequate movie-going experience. The concessions are about what you expect, though they have DIY butter dispensers which is pretty cool. The candy is of the twizzler ecosystem rather than red vines. I dont think online ticketing is very effective at this theatre because youll still need to go to the ticket counter (inside now).

Review №72

Great location and low prices! The theater is large and comfortable. Their nachos were great! Lots of good places to eat near by.

Review №73

Love coming here. Clean. Safe. Fast. Excellent service. Always remember us when we come back and give us our military discount. Kind. Thank you.

Review №74

Always nice people and the seats are great!

Review №75

Good very local theater: friendly to regulars. Navigation was very good; shortest route, passing traffic.I have had nice experiences with Sandy the Director. She is an amazing manager and the staff are great. Only gripe is they dont always get the good quality films so I must travel and Sandy does too. I do not attend block busters; I look for quality films about life, like the delightful Peanut Butter Falcon. That would fit many ages and tastes.

Review №76

They didnt turn the sound on for the previews and then I ended up dropping my nachos good movie not too great of an experience

Review №77

Very nice theater. Good prices and popcorn an excellent service.

Review №78

The screening rooms are always clean, the start is very thoughtful of the patrons. The movies are loud enough but not blasting to the ears as some theaters are. Great selection of movies. Seats are comfortable.

Review №79

This theater is so convenient to dining and the seats are very comfy. Great prices in food and always clean

Review №80

Great seating Quality Sound Top Movies

Review №81

The movie Lion King was awesome. I really hate the seats at this theatre. When people lean back on their seats it touches your knees!!

Review №82

I like this place because its usually not to crowded and the seats are comfortable. They overfill the popcorn and its impossible to not drop it all over the floor. It seems to be the norm here. Always fun though.

Review №83

Bought tickets on line and got to the theater and they sold more tickets than they had seats for.So we HAD to watch s movie we already saw.Uncomfortable seats. Nacho cheese was cold.I wont go back

Review №84

I love the comfy recliners, getting a huge stack of nachos and being able to pile on the cheese at will, plus its a great venue to enjoy the awesome movies!

Review №85

I saw Black Panther in 3D. I loved the theater. The employees were so helpful and polite. The motion seats took a little to get use to but it was a fun experience. Thanks keep up the good work. It’s nice to see good customers service isn’t gone.

Review №86

Go during the week. Thank me later

Review №87

It was an interesting experience when we went in to get seeded the lights were off and it was terribly dark some people actually had flashlights on their telephones and used them to find their way just before the show an employee came in and saw the darkness and turned on some lights you need to go it was a show well worth waiting for

Review №88

It was great other than the 2 drunk highschool kids doing naughty things in front of me and my wife. Could not enjoy the movie.

Review №89

Can I give them a negative zero? Came here at about the showtime of the movie, the front ticket sales was closed and said go to concessions. There were 3 lines and they were all super long. It took 25 minutes to get through the line. Missed all the previews, which I was expecting and didnt care about but was 10 minutes into the movie. I didnt know I had to treat this place like an airport and get there an hour early just to catch a movie. How about sell tickets at the ticket counter so I dont have to wait for nearly a half hour. F that place.

Review №90

Fair prices and a lot of seating. Only complaint is the pickles seemed old. They were kind and replaced it no questions asked but the second pickle was not too good either.

Review №91

Comfortable seating. Courteous service. Ticket prices very reasonable.

Review №92

I love Rio rancho movie theater I like everything about it I like you dont have to go online to get a seat and all the seating is great. Keep doing what youre doing its always pleasant to watch a movie at Rio rancho movie theater

Review №93

Great theatre. Comfy seats. Would definitely visit again.

Review №94

All time favorite cinema because they have no assigned seating. I dont know what genius thought of assigned seats at a movie theater but this is one reason I no longer visit Cottonwood Mall theater or Century Rio 24. I love Premiere in Rio Rancho and the awesome customer service. The self serve popcorn seasoning and nacho cheese is just the icing on the cake. Its never overcrowded and the seats are super comfy.

Review №95

Greatest movie theater ive been to. They offered great service and amazing hospitality

Review №96

Like the early bird shows at 10:30. Perfect for if you have young kiddos

Review №97

I love movies. Great place to watch them there. Imax is real fun.

Review №98

Good location, not too busy.

Review №99

Great time good service clean and friendly staff

Review №100

I love Rio Rancho Premiere Cinema! It is very convenient and they have lots of great movies to choose from.

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  • Address:1000 Premiere Pkwy SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 505-994-3300
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
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