Plaza Artist Materials
927 W Grace St, Richmond, VA 23220, United States

Review №1

I mean, the employees are wonderful and knowledgeable. Super helpful everytime I asked a question. My husband lists this in his top 5, and he can spend all afternoon there if I let him.I am more into crafts, but there are definitely supplies here for me also (which I didnt realize until yesterday). I am horrid at origami, but they have such lovely paper I am tempted to give it a go again.

Review №2

Very stocked, and mixed media artist focused place. Spray paints could be larger varieties but Montana paint selection is great.

Review №3

Great selection, wonderful staff. Very knowledgeable. Shop local, even though they are a small chain.

Review №4

Excellent store, best in RVA to my knowledge. Parking is metered and you need an app on your phone. That parts a pain, but once your phones set up, just another part of 21st century city life

Review №5

Friendly service and great prices

Review №6

I love this store. It is nice to be able to go in and see and touch various artist materials rather than just do online shopping. The staff is always available to offer help. It is located in the city so parking is limited. There are three Plaza Art spots in the parking lot. The other spots are numbered, please realize there is a pay box to the right of the parking entrance. $2 for an hour or pay for more time and have lunch locally. It is a college area and I like the vibe.

Review №7

Came to this store looking for a specific item. Upon first walking in we got very cold stares from one particular lady. Another lady spoke and we asked her for the particular item we were looking for and unfortunately the other lady lead us to the area. As we were looking she stood there and watched us the entire time as we browsed and talked about what product we wanted. Not sure if our skin color was the issue or not but she made us very uncomfortable at how she watched us just 2 feet away. She eventually walked away without saying a word. We found what we were looking for but due racial profiling we decided not to spend our money there and find the product elsewhere. I’m assuming she was the manager she wore glasses and was red in the face.

Review №8

The employees are extremely nice, courteous, and helpful. Theyre super knowledgeable about the products they sell and are able to make great suggestions!!

Review №9

Always pleasant. I actually no longer shop at other art stores. I can get info on anything in the store and some one is always available to help.

Review №10

Ive been going here a lot since Im taking a painting class this semester and its great! They have everything you need and more. The staff is so freaking nice and helpful and will take you around to get the items you need if youre struggling. It was really busy around the beginning of the year since everyone needed supplies, but its quieted down considerably since then. They also have great deals and a free savings card if you come there often. My only complaint is that when it is busy, there isnt a lot of room for the line and its hard to move around.

Review №11

Great store. The people working there today were quite helpful

Review №12

Great product availability, and very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Loved going to this place. Best art supply store for anyone.

Review №13

This place has more than Ive ever imagined!Granted, Im no artist, but there were definitely items Id never seen before. The store is packed--organized, but densely filled--with every art implement I could imagine, and then some.My son and I spent a long time looking at the gel pens, doodling and trying the different micron sizes out. There were several things on sale, so it was easy to get him a few very nice pens without breaking the bank. I also found what I was looking for, which was a pen to address black envelopes, so I was happy.The store was staffed by very young but polite and helpful VCU students. I will definitely be going back, because the selection and staff were great.

Review №14

I went to Plaza Art today to pick up some material that I needed for a project. Their three store parking spaces were already taken. I went around the block and back out onto Grace St. I noticed the police car parked across the street. Hmmmm, saw that last week when I came here and it was on the Google Street view too. Parking space right in front of the store with a credit card parking meter. Lots of other signs all up and down the street, no U turn, no parking, go this way, dont go that way, etc. I spent a minute reading some of them but none seemed to pertain to what I was doing, going into the store for a couple minutes. Spent a minute reading the parking meter. No information about how much time a quarter would get me, just wanted my credit card. I fed it a few coins and got about 40 minutes worth. Yeah, pay it forward for the next guy. Went in, found my stuff, paid for it, all within 5 minutes. Came out the door and theres the meter maid about to put a ticket on my windshield. Whats that for? Parking in a handicap space. What? weres the sign? She points up somewhere past the back of my car then hands me the ticket. Ahhhhh, so thats why the police car is there. They know it isnt immediately obvious of the parking restriction so they have someone there to run over and write the ticket. I know, its not their job to warn me, its just their job to rake in $200.There are some places I wont go because of the crime. Now, Plaza Art is one of those places because of the City Ordained crime.

Review №15

Bunch of kids running the place.

Review №16

Love this store! Great selection of pens and notebooks!

Review №17

A very good art supply store. They often have what you cant find at the big box chain art stores. Being close to the university ensures that they will be busy during the school year. Limited off street parking but at least they have some, which earns is extra points for an in city store.

Review №18

Very neat organized store. I dont understand businesses with no public restroom. Wife left what she was going to purchase since we had to walk around the block.

Review №19

The best art supply store! They have almost everything I need for my studio classes. If they dont have it, theyll order it. The staff is friendly and for the most part informative. The student discount card makes a difference too.

Review №20

This is a well stocked little art store! There are the basics (and some extras) for pretty much any art technique you can do. Like most art stores, there isnt a ton of stuff for 3D work, but the 2D sections are very nice. Lots of options in many different price ranges in everything from pens and markers to sketchbooks and canvases.The employees are friendly and very helpful! Their loyalty program is also worth checking out if youre going to be shopping there frequently.

Review №21

We were able to get the supplies needed for school project.

Review №22

Been here twice now. Both times staff found everything I needed for me. Prices are reasonable and selection was good.

Review №23

Very expensive, but the location is quite convenient for VCU students. Plus they have parking.

Review №24

Kudos to Caitlin, staffer at Richmond VA Plaza Art. Without hesitation, she got a colleague to cover for a bit and graciously helped a woman jump her stalled car in the store parking lot. Talk about top-of-the-line customer service. It’s always great at Plaza Art, but I’ll never forget this kindness. And I’m not the one she helped.

Review №25

Super friendly staff, great selection, and even more amazing prices. A pack of pens that would normally cost $17-$20 elsewhere, only cost me $13 here. Ive gotten swept up in more than one conversation about art with the staff. They have swatches of their more expensive paints, including ones showing how colors may fade if in direct sunlight. Absolutely my favorite art store, and I drive around 2 hours to shop here.

Review №26

I am so glad to have Plaza Artist Materials in Richmond. I only discovered them this year, while searching for mold making materials. They have it! A wide selection of SmoothOn products, clay, paint, canvasses, and, and, and...The staff is great, very helpful, and friendly.Ive been back several times & I always look forward to my next trip.

Review №27

This is where I can find all my printmaking supplies and large paper. Also they have parking which is great for downtown Grace St. near VCU

Review №28

Awesome selection, helpful staff, really cool shop

Review №29

Super friendly staff and convenient location. They also have a very impressive web store, so I definitely recommend checking that out as well.

Review №30

Great service great prices... had the products I needed and some...I highly recommended them..

Review №31

I always enjoy my experience here. Staff is friendly, and knowledgeable enough that someone will either know the answer to your question or help you figure it out somehow. They even have a few parking spaces in a small lot next door! And you dont have to be a VCU student to shop there. Highly recommend.

Review №32

Great art supply store

Review №33

Great people. Always so helpful and friendly. My artist son buys all his Montana spray paint there when he is on the east coast.

Review №34

Great artstore. If you cant find something, the staff is very helpful. If they do not have something, you can have them purchase it from their supplier and it will come with their order, so you do not get charged for shipping. Great experiences here.

Review №35

Almost everything I ever need for any medium. The benefit of being able to touch what youre buying makes this superior to ordering online.

Review №36

A very good source for the paints and the watercolor paper I like to use. People are nice and they will help you anytime you ask but dont pester.

Review №37

Customer services spectacular very comfortable able to find what you need.Understand what you need when you dont know what it is

Review №38

Really helpful folks, great for VCU students who have art projects to do but no car to get to AC Moore. The employees were very welcoming and kind, and they have a pretty good reward points system.

Review №39

Good selection of products but a bit expensive.

Review №40

Super friendly staff and a great selection. Dont be afraid to ask for help on any of your needs.

Review №41

I really love going to this art store! It carries a large variety of quality art supplies, plus the staff are very knowledgeable & friendly. Also it has a parking lot which is very handy if youre picking up large canvases. ☆☆☆☆☆

Review №42

Great selection. Knowledgeable staff. Competitive prices.

Review №43

Great selection, and if they dont have it they will order it for you.

Review №44

Found exactly what I needed right away. Lots of options.

Review №45

Small but nice selection of art supplies.

Review №46

Small but well outfitted store with an excellent selection of art supplies. Nice people, too!

Review №47

Great store, staff very helpful, quality products, my go to store.

Review №48

Have good deals. My friend makes me take her here due to them and its out of the way for me.

Review №49

People that work there are friendly and nice. The selection is great. Will come again.

Review №50

Located near VCU campus, easy to walk to, great selection of art supplies for a store front location. Staff is friendly and helpful, reasonable prices, easy to walk to.

Review №51

Great place, lots of variety, very helpful staff!! Artists paradise!!

Review №52

Very helpful and nice staff, lots of supplies (though almost nothing of decent quality for any sewing related stuff), and pretty good prices.

Review №53

Really knowledgeable and very helpful staff, big inventory, my go to place for art supplies

Review №54

Thanks for the invite though! Im going back whenever I can

Review №55

Staff there is very helpful and someone in the store always has an answer for you. great place.

Review №56

Good customer service. Lots of art supplies

Review №57

Everything one needs and a knowledgeable staff.

Review №58

This place is great, staff is wonderful. Store has EVERYTHING, including large canvases. My new spot!

Review №59

Wow. Grateful to have such a talented daughter who knows where to find the best.

Review №60

Helpful staff and the best place to get your art stuff in the city.

Review №61

Convenient, located basically on campus. Gives decent discounts too.

Review №62

Great Selection

Review №63

Nice staff, good variety

Review №64

Super knowledgeable and helpful staff with a huge variety of artist supplies packed into the store in the midst of VCU.

Review №65

Great prices on premium art making staples

Review №66

Great gallery that offers expensive, high-quality framing.

Review №67

Great selection super staff

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Review №69

There appears to be an issue when it comes to parking. It is an art store, so maybe it is all a matter of perspective.

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Review №71

It has a lot of professional artist materials, but some of their staff is very rude.

Review №72

Most educated staff with art supplies you could ever want to help a customer.

Review №73

Very helpful staff

Review №74

Very helpful and friendly staff

Review №75

Excellent Customer Service

Review №76

Small store with large selection of professional art supplies.

Review №77

My son, the artist and filmmaker thinks this place is The Bombay!

Review №78

Staff is very nice.

Review №79

Had the air brush paint I needed.

Review №80

Great staff Tina rocks

Review №81

They have almost everything for artists here.

Review №82

Best NY pizza in the area

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  • Address:927 W Grace St, Richmond, VA 23220, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 804-359-5900
  • Art supply store
  • Craft store
  • Gift shop
  • Picture frame shop
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–6pm
  • Tuesday:10am–6pm
  • Wednesday:10am–6pm
  • Thursday:10am–6pm
  • Friday:10am–5pm
  • Saturday:12–5pm
  • Sunday:10am–6pm
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Cheques:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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