Fortune Poker
3650 E Valley Rd, Renton, WA 98057, United States

Review №1

Best poker room in NW!Great dealers and staff.The service is excellent and the food is delicious!Social distancing and masks kept everyone comfortable.

Review №2

499 high hand for 30 minutes not bad. Would have been better if it was every 15 minutes.Wish I can play there daily and get my share. Great food and friendly place to play Hold’m!!! And the best game room I ever played so far. If your looking for poker room, Go try your fortune at fortune poker

Review №3

Well ran, but management is missing the target a bit with some very aggressive stances on what hardly if at all qualifies as loitering. A tent with 30 or so tables is packed as it is, however know this, even if you played spent money with them you will not be allowed socialize with any of your friends you may be meeting there. I understand the policy, however its enforcement is a little overdone here.

Review №4

I appreciate all the work that went into Fortune being open. I like having the opportunity to come and play. I think Fortune is making the best of the bad pandemic situation.I only have one request: Can you get hot water into the rest rooms? The hot water never was plentiful but now the gaming floor is chilly. Hot water in the john would be great.Thanks.

Review №5

The 3-5NL Texas holdem is ther recent popular game with pretty good action. No better place for poker here in the NorthWest.

Review №6

I absolutely love this place. Great ambiance, great food, friendly/professional staff, high hands, bad beats, and last but definitely not least, all you beautiful patrons!!!

Review №7

Excellent poker room. One of the best Ive ever been to. All the dealers were great and not once did the house have to be called to resolve an issue. The house was run expertly and efficiently, making sure the tables were always full and the transfers were properly honoured. The food was very good and remarkably well priced.Its is busy though. All the tables were full. There is no calling in to put your name on the waiting list... which I love! The wait staff seemed overwhelmed but managed. A little patience is required for food orders.I wished I lived nearby... Id go back in a sec.

Review №8

I felt very safe playing poker here. Very sanitary place, and clean poker tables. Not like other poker rooms.

Review №9

I have played in 100+ poker rooms/casinos, and Fortune is the best one by FAR.Best food youll find in any poker room, at unbeatable prices.Most efficient and professional staff Ive ever seen outside of WSOP.Great action and very soft games at both 1/3 and 3/5 NL (they have a very big 20/40 limit game running too).I have logged 400 hours at Fortune in 2020 so far, and I would never play anywhere else in the area.Thanks for everything guys, looking forward to outside play due to COVID restrictions!

Review №10

You want great poker this is the place and only place. I would say. Who else can afford to pay $250 dollar high hands every 15. Food and comps are good too. The best thing is they run things like a well oiled machine. Fast dealers and better pit bosses getting games going, moving players and getting money fast.

Review №11

Best place to play poker in Washington period! Staff is great! Food is great! The room is clean and ran perfect. These guys definitely did it right. Thats why they are so busy all the time.

Review №12

Its outside in the parking lot, same great staff, same great games!

Review №13

Pretty cool little poker room. Lots of tables and they have a full bar and food. Great service and lots of different meals to choose between. They offer Texas holdem and Omaha, tournaments throughout the week and lots of action. Most of the tables and cheap and you wont get rich here, but its a great place to practice and have some fun!

Review №14

Summer High Hands will be $499 every 30 minutes. Staff is super friendly and handling covid restrictions very well.

Review №15

This place has daily tournaments and cash games as well as a bar. And food to order that good and discount when your playing. Free soft drinks also. And all the sport news with TVs. Nice tables and comfortable poker chairs. And friendly staff.

Review №16

Im glad this place is shutting down.. bad environment for covid19, risking other peoples lives.

Review №17

Ive been to poker rooms all across the US and this is the best-run room Ive seen. I should give this place a less-than-stellar rating since I ran pretty bad over the 8-hour session I played here, but I just cannot bring myself to do it. The floor staff worked together like a championship team, quickly moving players, filling open seats, ruling on table questions, and issuing chips while maintaining a friendly demeanor. Every dealer I saw was efficient and knew their craft well. The food was excellent (highly recommend the vermicelli bowl) and service was attentive. Chips, cards, tables, chairs all top notch (a place where many rooms cna cut corners). All in all a great place. I would easily rate six stars if the cards were a little kinder last night ;)

Review №18

In response to Frank Frish post about his post: I was at the table when the incident happened. Here are the facts:- a player raised a bet on the flop. He had the best hand. 3 people, including myself and Frank, folded- raiser made a joking comment that we’ve got the “rift raft” out. Every player knew he was joking. Frank took offense to that.- player who made the comment, apologized, twice, and assure everyone he did not intend to offend anyone.- Frank still took offense. Cory, our dealer, called floor person to diffuse the situation. He explained, as is, with facts, to the floor. Frank is still triggered and continues with his own alternative facts, claiming Cory is biased. None of the players thought so. Yes Frank, players talked about your behavior after you left the table.- Frank then tells the player who raised to “Shut it”. That’s how the situation escalated.Moral of the story: Frank, if you can’t get your stories straight, don’t call out others, by name, and run it with your alternative facts. Everyone may have a bad day or game, but don’t take it out on others.Lastly, I enjoy going to play at Fortune Poker. I don’t take things, like raises and check raises personal, as it is part of the game. If comments start to bother you, get a set of headphones like everyone else. They’re cheap.

Review №19

Great place to Play Poker with Great Promotions and half price on all food while you are playing. The Dealers and the Floor Supervisors are very friendly and helpful.

Review №20

Great place, nice dealers, good food

Review №21

First time Ive been there was last night. It was a chill atmosphere to me. Had a beer to start, played for hours, had an omelette and it was great. Beer and food was pretty cheap. Dealers were pretty cool too.

Review №22

Well run poker room. Played for 4 hours, up and down and broke even. Dealers and staff were friendly, drinks were priced right and players were fine with me. Place was packed, but very short wait. Will be back

Review №23

I have a beef with another player. Dual rate dealer/floor person Corey calls floor person. Corey reports the situation with a mixture of facts and his opinions. Of course floor person just wants to get the game moving. So he does not want to listen to me. Very frustrating to hear the situation misrepresented by the dealer. He confuses his opinions with facts.

Review №24

Really good food, awesome staff, limit - nolimit games of poker.

Review №25

Very nice and clean...

Review №26

Great Place, great staff, good crowd, great service, good food & drink, open 24/7.No espresso though..isnt this Seattle?3/6, 4/8, 8/16, & no limit hold em, usually one table of Omaha, call to be sure.

Review №27

I enjoy. Always seem to have good tables going.

Review №28

Very nice location. Room is bright and tables are in good condition. Almost always multiple games running and very professional dealers. My only complaint is that with a few exceptions the wait staff is very bad. Orders are frequently forgotten of flat out wrong and it can be difficult for players to get service at all, especially for some of the tables at the edges of the room. All in all though easily the best poker room in the area.

Review №29

Friendly servers and dealers, food isnt bad either, Ive yet to have a bad time when Ive gone there!

Review №30

I am from Michigan and have played all over the world. I love this place with a singular focus on poker. Everything you need is right here. High hand specials every 15 min. Mix of LHE, NLHE and Omaha. Very impressed.

Review №31

Dont believe all those 1 star comments, looks like competitors are trying to make cheap black PR. No drugs sold, very good and cheap food, friendly stuff, a lot of games going, you can win (in fact Ive won) $250 every 15 min with high hand. Ive played there a couple times and I will be back. Highly recommend.

Review №32

Best place

Review №33

This is the second time i have came here for a breakfast. It is 15 minutes that i am sitting here, nobody is serving me. Even not coming to me. I even looking at them so that they understand and come to offer manue but they ignore. I have come other times as well and every time i come I tip them but i do not know what is wrong. This is very frustrating. The below is my first comment that i left before and now editing and adding my new experience. I was here from 9:10 to 9:30 am although was not that bussy but nobody served me. I hope they make the customer service better. All tips i have given them i regret now.I went there I wanted to see the menu altough i waited for one hour. They even did not ask me what i want to eat and did not bring me any menus Finally i got out of the casino.

Review №34

The best food in the Southend Their restaurant should be a Five star. Even their salmon is wild sockeye.

Review №35

Best place to play poker in the Northwest. Most action ever. Always got games going. Check website for what is going on live. Absolutely low cost and delicious menu of food (half off for players). Best bonuses in the entire region. Has drained players from every other know room around here. Only bad situation: parking. Really bad if you come at peak time to find a spot to park.

Review №36

Great place how to play poker or go out to dinner the dinner is tremendous and its cheap half the price of a normal restaurant with five star quality food

Review №37

Decent room for locals. $4 rake + $3 jackpot drop, which is really heavy if youre not a regular. Good food options.

Review №38

Great poker room. Food is awesome and priced well. They have NLHE ($300 max bet) going almost 24/7. You wont find a better place to play.

Review №39

Well run poker room. Good action.

Review №40

Great discount foods and poker game

Review №41

Great food! GREAT Poker!! $250 High Hands every 15 min!!

Review №42

This is the best place around to play poker. You get 50% off on all food when playing and the food is worth it alone. This is a great business they have going

Review №43

If you’re looking for a close poker room in the Seattle area. Fortune is your best bet. Clean place with a good amount of tables. Half off food for playing there as well. Down the street from Silver Dollar Casino.

Review №44

Very good poker room. Dealers are friendly and competent. Lots of 1/3 games always going and generally a short wait for 3/5. The floor is awesome and level headed but be sure to ask about some of the quirky house rules, especially in the tournaments.

Review №45

Was here 10 ago, closed .

Review №46

Best poker room on this side of the Mississippi not in Nevada.

Review №47

Dealers allowed to be too opinated. Not neutral. Avoid calling floor... Also, adding rules for games just to be diifrnt. Which texas hold em is universal

Review №48

Staff is great, food is amazing, and good poker promotions. Whats not to like?

Review №49

Honestly one of the best places to play in Washington. They have a great selection of games and the food is incredible. Food is 50% off while you play and the drinks are reasonably priced. I love playing here!

Review №50

Good food, fast service

Review №51

Dont go there unless your ready to play big list 400$

Review №52

Top poker room

Review №53

My favorite poker room in all of Washington state

Review №54

A fair virus effort but not up to par. Fortune only allows seven handed games now to maximize the rake. You are not allowed to walk around inside or sit at a table while waiting. You have to wait in the parking lot. You can only order a drink if you are in a game. They could easily make the games nine handed and the room would be better to play in. Fortune acts like the games cant be nine handed because of Covid, but they dont wash the chips in each pot before pushing to a player. #thatmakessense.

Review №55

Slow service, not paying attention at bar.

Review №56

This place is Great! Professional staff and plenty of action at almost any level of play! Huge menu filled with tastey food as well! With them staying open 24hrs, Ill be spending a lot of time here while I visit the Seattle area!

Review №57

We dont fit in here, cheaters paradise. if you dont speak Vietnamese, you will be taken advantage of. dealers have fav player and if you not that. they will empty your pockets with out a gun or knife

Review №58

Lots of tables (15), has both limit and no (spread) limit games and occasionally Omaha. Food is the best of all local casinos Ive been to.

Review №59

The tables are nice and the food is good. A lot of donks though at the 1/3 table. Almost every hand preflop is raised to 25+

Review №60

I had a full house play, went all in, turned around to take a bite of my food and my cards were gone, I said flip before I turned around to eat my food. I saw 2 pairs on my opponents side and looked down and asked where my card were. Dealer said verbally he didn’t hear me, and I verbally said consent to flip. Management took the dealer side, and said take responsibility for my actions, which I did verbally, my cards were not pushed past the line. Tonight I’ve had dealers hand me 1 card instead of 2, forget to give change on blinds, or skipping players hands. But it’s my fault the dealer didn’t hear me verbally.....literally their management words..because he didn’t hear me? Take responsibility for your employees mistake and not blame it on players when you have nothing to lose to check the last play on tape before dismissing someone’s killer hand they 100% would of won. I lost respect for this establishment and management. But if this were the high roller table, they would of doubled checked, forsure!! Especially when I went all in!

Review №61

Best poker room in the state! Great action and wonderful food and drinks. Always a good time

Review №62

Good place for live poker, food is okay. Carful with the poker, its easy to lose quickly, play tight.

Review №63

Although we play poker, there is no better late night dining than Fortune Poker! Diverse menu and quality ingredients with exceptional execution of preparation!

Review №64

I just want to thank the staff at the Fortune Poker Room for creating a room that is a great experience for poker players. The staff is professional. The room is run in a way to make you feel welcome and at the same time have players understand that they are to respect the rules the staff and their fellow players. Thank you for the great poker experience!

Review №65

Service could of been better but the food was good

Review №66

Nice poker room in state of Washington. Unfortunately I had really bad experience tonight ; a guy wasnt in the hand said Dimond loud and crystal clear with four dimonds on the board.The player who had pocket JJ with a dimond, he tanked for 5 second and almost folding, but when he heard DIMOND HE SHOWED HIS HAND..What a night... right?Dealer didnt do anything( not EVEN TRYING TO GIVING A warning to player who said dimond specially, HE WASNT IN THE HAND)So I called the floor, but they said, They CANT do anything about that, AND GUESS WHAT? HE GOT A WARNING. PERIOD ..Well I learned my lesson tonight.

Review №67

Nice place, but no slots

Review №68

Excellent food funny people friendly staff perfectly run. Cant say enough good.

Review №69

Great poker room. Very well run with top notch dealers all around. Great asian menu. Highly recommend.

Review №70

Suprisingly the best poker room in Seattle. Unfortunately some dealers and floor take their job to seriously. They have a lot of dumb rules. Swearing is not allowed. Also the NL games are capped. I would not recomend for a serious grinder, fun weekend activity though.

Review №71

If you like poker . Look no further .high hand 250 every 15 min in 4/8 . 100 in Omaha hi lo ...they even have a 1/3 no limit table . Plus the food is very good and its all half off if you play or in a list to get on a table ....

Review №72

Bad service, no splenda, no switch hashbrown to French fries, cold food, super bad experience.Is too much better on Fredies

Review №73

Best run room in the area. Great food too!

Review №74

Best place to play cards in the city anymore. Rake is reasonable and food is unusually good.

Review №75

Lots of variety in games. Great early a.m. tournament. Cool staff. Good food/menu

Review №76

So bad always lust money no good

Review №77

Well trained employees. Nicki is wonderful.

Review №78

This place is awesome, fantastic food, best variety of poker games, always a game you can play unlike other casinos where you might have to wait for 20 minutes just to play some poker.Always new poker players there, not the same old people day after day like other places, this is the best mini casino in Washington State right now I would give it 10 stars if I could.

Review №79

Nice poker room with good servers and well proceed food for the players. Fully recommend.

Review №80

Great food, friendly, fast and exceptional staff. Parking can be scarce at times. But thats my only complaint.

Review №81

Was my first visit there. I loved the room. Very well managed. Food was great also. Will visit there again for sure.

Review №82

Phenomenal food and service. Very lively scene.

Review №83

Love this place... Food, drinks and poker... What more do you need!!

Review №84

Great Action and great staff!

Review №85

Best poker house Ive been to. This would be my #1 recommendation. Now only if I could get up when Im ahead....

Review №86

Well run poker room with around 15 tables and good selection of games. $250 high hand every 15 mins.

Review №87

Beautiful location. Best poker room in the NW by far! Great food too!

Review №88

Great when you win (or lose). Formerly players and the atmosphere is great too. The food is bomb.

Review №89

Best poker atmosphere in town. A must visit place, even the food was great! They have really raised the bar on customer service.

Review №90

One of the best poker rooms Ive been to. Great action almost any hour of thr day.

Review №91

Fantastic, clean, smoke-free poker room. Pitching multiple tables of NLHE, LHE, and Omaha. 11 tables in action on a Wednesday at 3-5 pm.

Review №92

A variety of live cash games. Good amount of players with some decent and some questionable. The 1-3NL HLD game is a soft game, $200 will keep you in the game for a good part of the session. 3-5NL HLD plays well but doesnt last very long. Maximum $300 bet with 3 raises being capped. The way this game plays $1-1.5k will keep you in this game. Overall good place to play for low to medium stakes. Good dealers and accessible wait staff.

Review №93

Nice dealers, great food.

Review №94

Great roomStickler for the rules

Review №95

Great service and great food. Best poker environment in town.

Review №96

Very nice staff

Review №97

One of the few places to play holdem cash games in the area. Very clean. Good format that lets you see which games are live and waiting from their website. Parking situation could be a little better though.

Review №98

One of the best ever poker rooms in Seattle

Review №99

Excellent food. Menu has a few distinguished differences to set them apart from similar venues.

Review №100

Best poker room in Washington. They always got a 1/3 NL game running.

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  • Address:3650 E Valley Rd, Renton, WA 98057, United States
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  • Phone:+1 425-572-6500
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Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
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  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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