Prime Cinemas Red Bluff
400 S Main St, Red Bluff, CA 96080, United States

Review №1

Owners don’t treat employees like they are appreciated or valued. Very sad. We drive out of town to take our business elsewhere.

Review №2

I stopped by to ask about the sensory showings they have been advertising because I have a son that is losing his hearing. I wanted to know if they had captions. The sensory shows are for people with disabilities that have issues with loud sounds and stuff. They leave the lights at a dim setting and the sound is lowered. Thats wonderful but for my son with hearing issues its not helpful. So what they have for the deaf is these really cool gadgets that screw into cup holders. Theyre flexable so you can position them in front of you or to the side. They automatically sink up with the movie when you turn them on and disply the captions from the movie!! Wonderful! It was a great experience for my son.

Review №3

Clean. Friendly staff. Cant wait until it opens again. I like movies on the weekend.

Review №4

Awesome, community minded owners

Review №5

Love it here. Good staff, always super helpful. Fairly clean bathrooms. Moderately comfortable seating. Long movies can get tiresome due to low seats and limited leg room but Ive most definitely been to worse.

Review №6

Super small town oriented business who cares about our community!

Review №7

It is a decent place to watch a movie. Since they made the change in offering alcohol beverages which can invite a larger crowd.The seating has pkenty of room and that is good.A good place for families and alone.

Review №8

Unfortunately they let huge groups of kids/teenagers in and let them talk and yell during the entire showing. Good movie and staff but definitely dont go here on a weekend when kids are out, because you wont be able to enjoy your movie you paid for.

Review №9

The theater is older but it was spotless. The concession stand prices are extremely cheap. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The sound wasnt to loud or quiet and the temperature was perfect. They did not have stadium seating. Im a movie watcher at heart and the staff was some of the most incredible then I have ever encountered.

Review №10

First time at this Cinema, seats have great leg room and you can even buy a beer or wine! Never been to a Cinema that offers that. Just wish they had my favorite beer Mango Cart.

Review №11

Bathrooms were dirty and unkept. Popcorn was stale and either you got 2 drops of butter or your popcorn was floating in another Exxon Valdez oil spill. Refreshment staff training might go a long way if they want return business. We took our young children and afterwards realized that we were charged full price adult tickets for all 6 of us. Theater is in dire need of renovations.Overall: Extremely disappointed.

Review №12

Its small and doesnt seem like the best, but the people are really nice and child friendly. They ever do showings for children on the spectrum (mine isnt but he is two, so he is hard to take to the movies). When they do these showings it is nice because your child can be themselves and no one will be upset because you are all there for the same reason (your child/children are hard to take or cant go to normal movies showings). Also, the prices are not too bad.

Review №13

Pretty good. Employees are kind, but the snacks are expensive and no outside food or drinks are allowed, both of which are to be expected however.

Review №14

Great cheap movie theater and really friendly staff.

Review №15

Movie selection really blows and staff is rude, perhaps some training in Customer service should be considered!

Review №16

Great theater but bring your wallet if youre going to eat or even need a bottle of water!

Review №17

Its just great to have a movie theater thats convenient and the staff is super friendly. Thanks for all the great entertainment you provide our amazing city.

Review №18

Great prices and a nice small town movie theater experience

Review №19

Ive seen fun movies in these theaters. Even the place is fun for me. The customer services are fair for the audience.

Review №20

Was clean, nice and comfortable. Not crowded at all. Sound in theater is a way bit too loud and concession is pricey.

Review №21

Staff is polite and friendly, prices are cheap and concession stand is like any other theater .. love this small town theater ..

Review №22

Awesome staff, nice seats, enjoyable experience.

Review №23

Its great to see movies there I love going there

Review №24

Clean attentive to moms with kids.

Review №25

Clean, quiet, well priced. Not much more can be asked for.

Review №26

Didnt go there. Went to the dollar tree. Been to the show a lot

Review №27

I like how community oriented this theater is, and I love the improvements theyve been making, but I was not prepares to wait outside in 90 degree weather for 45 minutes despite buying my tickets early.

Review №28

Very friendly service and delicious food. Reasonable priced tickets. Comfortable theater seating.

Review №29

I love our local movie theater, We saw Poms with Diane Keaton, it was awesome.

Review №30

Great little movie theater and clean too!!

Review №31

We do not understand why all of the sudden we cant refill the large popcorn right after buying it. They told us their policy changed and we cant refill until weve eaten the first bag. We left without buying a movie ticket. Small thing, yes. But new rules like this are ridiculous and turn business like ours away.

Review №32

Wonderful service and extra clean

Review №33

Staff was great.....

Review №34

Pretty upset with the fact that it says no where on the website that a proff of age is needed for the free bday movie.We all paid and then also had ro pay for our friends daughters 13th bday because we had no clue a 13 year old would need proff of her age .Then the staff lady copped an attitude with me my friend and her boyfriend with our 8 year old and a 13 year-old right there watching..Never coming back lost 5 customers tonight

Review №35

Do they do free birthday movie?

Review №36

I love being able to take my grandchildren to the movies

Review №37

Its a good theater for a small town. I go here because its close. The staff is always very friendly. And the theater is clean.

Review №38

They told us the wrong time and didnt tell is that we were watching the end of the movie. Then when we asked to go see a different movie they said that we need all of our tickets to go. Then a girl that had two piercings u def her lip was mad at us because we wouldnt go see the movie and asked for a refund.

Review №39

Clean your popcorn maker so it stops burning the popcorn!Dated theater showing news releases at a decent price. However, the Concessions pricing is higher than at a stadium seating IMAX. Cold inside.

Review №40

The theater was very warm inside .

Review №41

Great atmosphere and service!

Review №42

Very friendly place. Movie was great

Review №43

Great theater. Great seats. More room in rows between seats than we have ever seen. Red Box philosophy is great! One low amount per month and see all the first run shows as many times as you wish! Friendly staff.

Review №44

Small screens and theaters, smells funny. Overall could be better, just go to anderson

Review №45

Grate place could use some updates but a nice joint to catch a movie

Review №46

Great place to watch movie more people should come support local theater!

Review №47

Wish the seating was more comfy.

Review №48

Comfortable and accessible seating, professional staff and great sound system. The picture quality is acceptable and the sound isnt louder than it needs to be like in some theatres.It is a clean facility with fair enough prices for a cinema.

Review №49

They dont even answer the phone!

Review №50

I have never been here before. It was nice to go with my kids to get out of the smoky air in Chico.

Review №51

Love this theater! Friendly, helpful staff and a cozy atmosphere. I wish theyd OCCASIONALLY take a risk on quality cinema instead of relying on action, heroes, thrillers and kids movies (current example: you have to go past Amderson all the way to Redding to see The Book Club, which is arguably the best cinema available in theaters right now), but they have to play to their perceptions of Red Bluff moviegoers tastes and discernment.

Review №52

My Friend and I watched Nutcracker and she loved the movie, I was neutral about it. The cherry slurpees are good and the prices are great!

Review №53

Had a great time and the staff does a great job of getting the theater ready for the next movie.

Review №54

Always friendly, clean, and food is fresh

Review №55

I usually come here when Im bored. Bathroom is pretty big. I do wish they would make the place more interesting. The best part is theyre right next to dollar tree. Buy your snacks there so much cheaper.

Review №56

Great little theatre. The staff are always friendly. Small selection of movies, but always a great time when I go and relatively clean.

Review №57

Drain your bank account, buying popcorn, and a soda!

Review №58

Clean well kept.

Review №59

Nice comfortable place for movies.

Review №60

With it being so hot outside youd think they turn the air conditioning up. Was a bit too warm actually sweated ugh... And prices for popcorn really. Was overall a bit disappointed.

Review №61

Love it much better now that theyre quitting the membership nonsense as of November 1. My family doesnt go to the movies more than once a month, so them membership was of no benefit whatsoever. In fact, the membership was so expensive for a family of 5 that we couldnt afford to see a movie at all. Great move away from the membership, Prime Cinemas! Thank you!

Review №62

Lots of stuff in such a small area

Review №63

Its the only theater in town. Its ok, prices make it affordable, esp on Tuesdays when all movies are $5. I was a little bummed with the popcorn, tasted stale but perhaps an off day for it.Employees were nice and friendly.

Review №64

Small inexpensive theater none of the big city gimmick seating just buy a ticket and find a chair

Review №65

Clean and wonderful staff.. Love seeing movies with the family

Review №66

Prices are terrible so is the service

Review №67

It was really cold in the theater.

Review №68

We loved going to this theater and our daughter saw her first movie here. Unfortunately we will be taking our business out of town now in the future. We do not go to the movies every week and a monthly membership does not benefit our family in anyway. This is a very sad thing to happen in our small town. So here we come Chico or Redding for movies.

Review №69

The place can use a remodle

Review №70

Nice place to take the kids

Review №71

Very clean and nice staff during summer vacation kids watch free movies

Review №72

Prices are extremely high for the people in the area!

Review №73

Fairly standard for a small theater, the video and audio quality of the movie we saw (TMNT, 8/9/14) was good, premises was cleanly. Limited parking, concessions seemed a little high. My major complaint, the members-only policy. The expense is not that high for regular movie goers, but it doubles the cost for people who only go to the movies once a month. Also, there is a SEVERE lack of clear pricing provided at the theater and the staff attempts at explaining only compounded the problem. I think Id rather save the member fees and spend them on the gas to drive to another venue.

Review №74

People ruin everything, but in this case, those people shouldnt have been in the theater. We were watching an R rated movie. The theaters very own policy states that anyone under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult to one minor. Tonight, when we bought tickets, we were told if the teens get to rowdy, let us know. What teens? The theater, R RATED, was full of kids.I complained to an employee because the children (and if it was you, thats exactly what you were acting like) were flashing their cellphones frequently and a group of girls sitting nearby talked through the entire movie. The employee spoke to them briefly but then disappeared and the girls continued to talk.I had been waiting for this movie for YEARS and my theater experience was ruined.Why were THAT MANY obvious TEENS allowed into the movie? They ruined it. I wont be viewing movies here unless something is done. I wasted my money and time, just to sit and listen to constant whispering and a light show.

Review №75

Fun ! Family friendly

Review №76

This is a great thing to happen to this town. The kids have a place to go. We have a pleasant way to spend an evening

Review №77

Not crowded..we enjoyed the movie.

Review №78

Great theater. Tuesdays are discount days too.

Review №79

Amazing place to go watch a movie!

Review №80

It was okay

Review №81

For a little expensive unless you go on Tuesday half price

Review №82

No spoilers but if you go to see End game bring Kleenex.

Review №83

We love going to the movies here the last 3 years its close to home, great picture and sound system is amazing, always get good seats and Tuesdays its very reasonable priced

Review №84

Overcomer was awesome

Review №85

Cannot get ahold of anyone by phone, would be nice to be able to find out what time a movie ends. Website shows start time but not end time.

Review №86

Prime Cinemas is a great place in a good location in town, prices are also very good comparably. Some of the theater rooms are small, thats the only downside as far as seat choices and distance from the screen, but its not that big of an issue for us most of the time.

Review №87

Its a clean well kept theater. The reason Ive always liked it is the staff is always very nice and the seats are great with out the huge lines and massive crowds of Chico or Redding.

Review №88

Another place of fun with friendly staff

Review №89

I love this place, its never been crowed and its clean, a.c keeps you cool from the sweltering heat outdoors. I go every chance I can.

Review №90

Great way to get out of the hot summer sun.. so nice to have Ice It next door and not the mouse pad anymore!!!

Review №91

Great theater. Membership was a wonderful way to keep a small theater open and business local.

Review №92

Cozy, local, clean movie theater. Never too crowded.

Review №93

Fun local theater

Review №94

Very nice place

Review №95

Ok to go to but could use better speakers

Review №96

Good theater the cost of food an soda there is a little high tho

Review №97

Concessions are very expensive but the theater Is nice

Review №98

Really nice staff pictures always clear sound is very good they definitely do their best

Review №99

Love it!

Review №100

Alright movie theatre, for being in red bluff.

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  • Address:400 S Main St, Red Bluff, CA 96080, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 530-529-5491
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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