Starlight Terrace Cinemas
28901 S Western Ave, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, United States

Review №1

Food and drinks are way to expensive but seats was comfortable and service was also good. Great movie theater.

Review №2

I went in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day. The movie didnt qualify for the special matinee price ($5) because if its a Sony picture and is a recent release its $10, which is a good price anyway. Many seats available at that time, and the seats were comfortable. It is located on the top level of the Terrace Plaza. Nice area, nice shopping.

Review №3

Not a significant theater but its fantastic! The staff is extremely friendly and the prices on Tuesday and Thursday’s costs are fantastic at $5. You absolutely must receive the benefits card. Points accumulate very quickly and you may use them for lots of free items like tickets and concession items. I adore this location!!!!

Review №4

Not a big theater but its GREAT! The staff is very friendly and the deals on Tuesday & Thursday prices are wonderful at $5. You definitely have to get the rewards card. Points add up very fast and you can use them for tons of free stuff like tickets and concession items. I Love this place!!!!

Review №5

Great theater with comfy seats they dont recline but lean back....screen size is decent.

Review №6

Love Sunday and Tuesdays. Its $5 and they have free refills. Its clean and a great inexpensive movie theater if your not picky.

Review №7

It was clean, staff was extremely helpful. Love the seats, they were comfortable.Totally enjoyed the show!

Review №8

Nice theater! Pretty clean, quite comfortable, generally not crowded, pleasant staff. They dont always have the movie Im looking for;thats the only reason I dont go here exclusively.

Review №9

Most theaters chains keep going up in price but they went down! Instead of $6 on Tuesday and Thursdays they are just $5!!! Also for Seniors on Wednesdays, l even saw Magnificent Mistress of Evil opening night on Thursday, excellent better than l had expected!

Review №10

Well maybe I should give it one star from my last visit seeing The Lion King, but it has nothing to do with the theater so thats why I kept the five stars. They have now switched to the assigned seating. So we bought the day off and got the very last row see. You could see the screen fine here everything fine. It was just people would open up the theater door every two minutes and that was a big distraction to watching a movie. Also, I had to get those child seat to prop me up so I could see over the people sitting in front of me because the very last row is not at an angle it is I level with the people in front of you. So it was a very uncomfortable time. But the staff there are so friendly and helpful and they even offered we could give you a ticket for a later showing if you want to come back another day cuz they were totally sold out today. So they always try to help. And its a very low cost, $6 movie where else can you get that AMC doesnt one day a week this place doesnt three days a week.

Review №11

The theater reminded me of old, classic movie theaters. I felt like I stepped back in time and it was awesome. Its def not like the bigger chain theaters (i.e. Cinemark, AMC, Edwards, Arclight, etc.) it was the theater from like the 80s, or 90s. It was very nostalgic. Found this theater on Groupon and the deal covers tickets for 2 plus a free large popcorn (like the tub of popcorn), so make sure you buy a big drink to avoid getting parched during the movie. Lol. The theater attendants were friendly and helpful. The theaters were smaller but still big enough to enjoy a nice movie with the fam or friends. They theater was clean and didnt smell at all. The unique addition to this theater is that its located on the 3rd level of a plaza/center, and the view from the parking lot, where you can see torrance, san pedro, long beach is breathtaking; hence prob why they call it Starlight Terrace Theaters. Lovely theater all around. Will def be going back again.

Review №12

Cant beat $5 tuseday and remember to bring at least 1 shot of alcohol to put in your slushy while watching the movie and always remember brink responsible and respectfully while around other guests

Review №13

I usually enjoy going to this theater but this particular night people were just rude. They wont stop talking and the people in front of me keeps turning on their phones flashlight. This is a 2 hour and 49 minute movie that I have to sit through. Telling people to be quiet doesnt work anymore.

Review №14

My favorite movie theater. The price for new movies on Thursday is awesome. Free popcorn toppings. Clean floors and seats.

Review №15

A nice level cinema w 6 screens, reserved seating and a nice price too! Free parking as well.

Review №16

I was pleasantly surprised as to how clean and comfortable the seats were. Popcorn was really good and fresh and was delicious even without butter. The price was was $5.00 Tuesday!!

Review №17

This theater has always been a place where me and my friends go watch movies after school

Review №18

This theater is alright. Its small, dated, and the seating isnt that great so if you got someone tall or with a big head sitting in front of you then you best believe its gonna impair your view of the screen. But, they keep it clean. The ticket prices are fine, especially on their discount days (refer to their website.) The selection of movies is limited but, youll find most of the major releases to be shown here.

Review №19

Not a bad seat in the house. Very clean theater. Wide and comfortable rocking seats. Lots of room between rows. Large kids meal is a good deal. Good projection of the movie plus great sound.

Review №20

This theater is pretty cool but before there were no select seating available and recently they have been really extra when it comes to Rated-R movies. Before they would let any 10 year old see PG13 and sometimes Rated-R with no biggie but now they dont even let older kids (even some that are over 18!) get into a Rated-R screening without an ID. (I think its just some employees who are really extra, they need to fix this)

Review №21

Not the biggest or fanciest theater but thats what I like about it. Cheaper than some and more friendly than others, this theater is my go-to for the area. I even joined the Starlight rewards program because I see this theater as my own. Its a part of the community and I love it for being itself.

Review №22

This is the cutest little theater I have ever been too! It has only 7-8 theaters inside, less than 15 staff members, and each theater itself has less than 30 seats. Even though its small, it keeps up with current movies, and you can still go to a concession stand and get some yummy popcorn and soda!

Review №23

Not bad did online tickets so there was no wait

Review №24

Love this Theater they have great prices good and clean seating and pleasant employees. What more could you ask for? definitely 5 .

Review №25

Family oriented inexpensive way to comfortably see a movie.

Review №26

This is one of my favorite theaters to come to. It’s really hidden and great seats

Review №27

Good memories here

Review №28

Comfortable convenient neighborhood theatre with great midweek prices on movies still in theatrical release.

Review №29

Not the fanciest place to watch movies. Most of the screens are on the smaller side. But their discount days more than make up for it. With a good selection of current movies you can see almost anything for relatively cheap.

Review №30

The movie Mercy, bring tissue. Awesome

Review №31

Excellent place, nice and clean, very customer service oriented and great value!!! And now with seating reservations, oh boy is in our top list.We gladly recommend it.

Review №32

Love going here with the kids. The staff are always friendly.

Review №33

Its a very nice theater with many cinemas to choose from and also kept clean. I do have two negatives #1, the cinemas are most often too cold and I need a jacket. Maybe its just me but I cant enjoy a movie when Im freezing#2, I wish they would add a burger option or pizza slice.

Review №34

Its a nice theater. It doesnt have stadium seating, but they have a lot of candy and the popcorn is pretty good.

Review №35

This is a wonderful theater. A little worn but the staff is great and they have deals that are real deals. There is not much to say about any theater really. It’s all in how the staff makes you feel. This is a great budget theater

Review №36

The last affordable movie theater. My secret spot for all the new releases.

Review №37

Pre purchased discounted tickets online and it was nice that the service charge was only a dollar fifty, so the movie was under eight bucks! I like the room roomier seating, the theater was clean and the employees were friendly. Love this local theater.

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Review №39

No long linesTheatres are always clean. Very helpful staff!

Review №40

Tuesdays and Thursdays are awesome $6 movies.

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Review №42

Great little local theater with reasonably-priced tickets. The concession prices are too high though - higher than the major chains. Their reward system is nice.

Review №43

Great little theater. Older but very clean and pretty quiet and non disruptive clientele. We try to go here or the AMC in torrance or Manhattan beach even though we live in Long Beach. The riff raff in the LBC is sure to talk through an entire film while putting their feet on the back of your seat and sneezing down your neck.So cultural!

Review №44

Usually its very good, but when we went to see it there was no air conditioning in the theatre and the staff didnt even know. It was ridiculously hot and uncomfortable.

Review №45

Whats a good place to go watch a movie its nice people are nice over there they smile I go there again

Review №46

Great place to come watch a movie, and great popcorn & cherry coke

Review №47

Good idea to sign up with their Starlight Rewards program to get points for future discounts. The theater seats are comfortable and seating is assigned. Bathrooms were maintained clean and stocked. Wed is senior discounts, and Tue & Thu is general public discounts. Sat before 6pm is matinee $8 price for all.

Review №48

Conbiniant clise to home 5dls tikets not to bad either not to Crowder too.

Review №49

Great place for up and coming producers and artist can showcase thier work! #GoodCopBadCop #JAH

Review №50

Nice local theater. Attentive and helpful staff. Clean. Tuesdays and Thursdays are only $5.

Review №51

Older, smaller theatre. Ticket prices reasonable considering what one would spend at the big chain, as usual concession stand prices jacked sky high. I did like that they had complementary flavors to add to your popcorn. Seats were comfortable.

Review №52

Saw hustle at this theater. Average theater and the food, same as any other. I ran into some rude people in the theater but the manager took care of it and gave us some passes for free movies. I wouldnt go here If your expecting something luxurious but its a fair price and I really like the management.

Review №53

Friendly staff, clean theater and $5 Tuesdays! Doesnt get any better than that!

Review №54

This cinema is great small have a nice access and big parking lot and the theater is nice inside the view and the seats are nice and comfortable and the food is good and prices are great ti and the special the tickets prices are so good

Review №55

Nice place, great prices... Here on a Thursday.

Review №56

The manager MARISELA is rude! She has no type of customer service. She acts like she owns the theater. Very trashy lady not presentable at all. She needs to get demoted

Review №57

Nice small theater. Great seats. Need to mop more frequently.

Review №58

Great prices on their bargain days. The staff is always nice and Ive never had an issue with the movies we watch. If you check in on Yelp you get a free small popcorn or you can get $3 off any medium or large popcorn. It is a small theater so loud adults or noisy kids can be a problem but not too bad. Staff is quick to resolve most issues.

Review №59

First time and let me tell you, it wont be the last. Already spread the word to my friends and relatives. Talk about a hidden gem. Employees are very courteous and professional. Cant recommend this place enough. Keep up the exceptional service!

Review №60

Good prices could be a bit cleaner

Review №61

No crowds or long waits. If you just want a quiet night at the movies this is a good spot

Review №62

Nice theater that generally didnt get too packed. All digital video and sound in here keeps it in pace with the other larger cinemas. Parking can be challenging here so plan ahead of be prepared for a short walk.

Review №63

This is a great place to watch movies. The chairs are comfortable and recline. The movie tickets are very reasonable compared to other theaters; I can take the family here and not break my budget. Place is clean not smelly, and the rewards card is totally worth it, I have received free snacks and movies. The movies played here are current, not months old.

Review №64

5 buck upcoming movies on Thursday. Cant be beat, comfortable seating too, plus 4 to 5 powder cheeses and Jalapeños.

Review №65

Always new movies, clean, and friendly service.

Review №66

The theater and personnel are wonderful.

Review №67

Our favourite movie place.

Review №68

Wanted to one particular film here but this dump no longer shows it, but they show the same films that have been showing just as long if not longer.

Review №69

This place is humanitarian. Because of the Tuesday and Thursday special prices and the card they have for reducing prices on popcorn ECT... My friends with big families can afford to go to the movies. I also want to say that everyone who works there is helpful and courteous. Thank you for being a family orientated theater.

Review №70

Great family theater visit at least once a week

Review №71

Popcorn is good, food is overpriced, movies are okay, seats are uncomfortable. I only go there to sneak InNOut in to the movie to make up for the cheap seats. Bring pillows when you go.

Review №72

Seats are ok, popcorn is good. The one complaint had nothing to do with the actual theater but the people that attended. People talked and laughed throughout the whole movie which got annoying.

Review №73

Pretty run of the mill theater, comfy seating. However the commercials shown during when the movie is supposed to be showing were ridiculous. Sat there for 20 minutes past start time being bombarded by loud brainwashing commercials. Probably wouldnt go again, but the movie and facilities were good.

Review №74

Only place that you can good equity in price

Review №75

Dated... Guess Im just partial to AMC and reclining seats with a tray. Not much to choose from at the concession stand, whole theater stuck in the early 90ies. Sound of the movie was not good either. However it was a fundraiser, thats the only reason I went. Its ok... nothing special.

Review №76

My seating was perfect for me and my grandchildren and we love the popcorn

Review №77

Great prices, great atmosphere & great company.

Review №78


Review №79

Good sound and seats are comfy enough but the A/C is set soo damn cold it took my attention off the movie more than 4 times. So I get up go to the restroom and the lobby temperature is near perfect go back into the theater and its like stepping into a broken fridge still cold but not enough to kill you. Im usually warm even in cooler temps but next time Im seeing a movie here im coming dressed for the slopes.

Review №80

The nicest staff at this theater. We go on the morning or afternoon and maybe 8 people in the theater! Great $5.00 senior day on Wed!

Review №81

Very nice theater! Staff is very friendly. Rachel was very nice and helpful. A smile goes a long way

Review №82

Bohemian Rhapsody, excellent. Great seats, sound and picture. Discounted price 2x a week too!

Review №83

I love the special price on Tuesday and Thursday! Makes it possible for a Family movie night. Not a huge theater so its never impossible to get a good seat. Love that I can watch new releases without feeling I need to get a second job just to enjoy a couples night out at the movies. Love that its near by. My husband find ourselves saying hey! Wanna catch a movie? way more often than weve ever had before since we found this little theater. Hope it never changes!! The staff has been really friendly and never a line for tickets, even for primer nights. At least thats been our experience.

Review №84

Extremely reasonable, nice Customer Service. The arm rests need upholstering. People should not be allowed in late on Big Movie Days, at Pirates, people were standing in front of me most of the show. This was the Best Written of the Series, I hope not the last.

Review №85

5 dollars movie on Sunday before 6pm.. can beat that. Specially if you have kiddos..

Review №86

Small lil spot cool. Its never packed I love it .

Review №87

I enjoy this place. We always have a good time.

Review №88

Movie was good but their rewards program doesnt work

Review №89

Great customer service. Excellent price for movies. The only issue would be just like any other theater... The other movie goers who ruin it for everyone with their big mouths throughout the movie!

Review №90

Good Up to date movies

Review №91

Great place to watch a movie!

Review №92

Seats Are the BEST in this area..even WAAAAAY better than AMC20

Review №93

Ralph Breaks The Internet was a great movie to watch w family. The references, comedy and overall nostalgia of the featured video game characters were a delightful treat.

Review №94

Not the best seating but really good prices on tuesdays and thursdays

Review №95

Not so busy like AMC so easy to park and get into. Comfortable Sears and the latest Dolby sound system.

Review №96

Is a small theater but really convenient. Clean affordable and new cushion rocking seat.

Review №97

Good experience, Comfortable seats. Like the reserved seating

Review №98

Great price older theater but picture and sound are good. Bathroom needs update.

Review №99

I like coming here. The place is clean, organized and a great deal. The seats arent recliner, but they are new and comfortable. The seats do rock and are reserveable.

Review №100

Went to go see JurassicWorld with my husband,daughter and two. Of Our Three grandchildrenIt was a Very Action Packed. Movie.We have. All been Jurassic Fans. Forever!!!The movie theater is clean, friendly. Staff.You can also pick your seating

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:28901 S Western Ave, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 310-831-1100
  • Movie theater
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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