Get Air Trampoline Park
12160 Community Rd, Poway, CA 92064, United States

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Love this place! My son has so much fun. Good prices. Staff is nice!Toddler time is so awsome!

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Best money spent all week long. Thursday, had the place all to ourselves, the staff is young and friendly. Very helpful and respectful. Loved every minute of it! Cant wait to go back!!!

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They don’t honor reservationsMy kids love Get Air. We are so excited with COVID going on to have found an open activity for my sons birthday. In fact, last year on November 9th we even booked his birthday party here. This year with COVID we just let him invite 2 friends to keep our circle of contact small.I called in advance on Sat the 7th To learn how to book a spot to come jump. I was told I needed to buy tickets first and then call back to make a reservation. I did exactly that, I bought tickets, called back and spoke with a gentleman and I made reservations for Sunday, November 8 at noon for my son’s birthday for 4 jumpers.On Sunday, today, we got here early at 11:45 to check in, and the lady said that they are only excepting reservations. I said perfect we already made one. And she said “no, I mean our computers are down and we’re only accepting new reservations” And that the 12 o’clock time slot is now full and we have to wait till 1:00. I didn’t like this, and was quit blunt at expressing that I did everything correct. I called twice on Saturday, once to learn how to reserve and again after I bought the tickets, and my son is here with his friends expecting to jump at noon.She basically said well it’s 1 o’clock or you don’t jump at all. I told her I have to call my Kid’s friends parents to see if they can stay out that long As I told the parents our jump time is noon. Fortunately the parents were OK with this, but I said what perk do we get for losing our reservation and having to wait an hour? No perk was given.I’m really frustrated that this is the way it went, I did everything right, I bought the tickets in advance and made reservations. Even came 15 minutes early for check in. She didn’t seem apologetic or to have the best customer service skills, You know, like saying “I’m so sorry, or, I know it’s such an inconvenience” or like empathizing with me in anyway. Also she doesn’t even wear her mask properly. She had I tucked under her nose even when interacting with customers.

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The two girls that were working on November 8th were very helpful and apologized repetively for the wait but... In light of the situation that is at hand the way it was not bad. My kids had a great time there

Review №5

A fun place for fun and exercises. Under 46 there is a separate place to jump.There are party rooms for birthday parties and such.Maybe they can get the air circulation a bit better.

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It is our last day in San Diego so we wanted to do something fun for the kiddos. I looked everywhere and my daughter loves trampoline parks so we decided thats what we would do. I made reservations online, read the whole website just to make sure everything was open. Once we got here guy up front was cool, nice... however when we got into the business we see caution tape over everything but the trampolines. I get with Covid we have to be careful, but it would be nice if you posted this on ypur website. We paid $78 to come here, and the only thing to do is bounce.. the foam pit isnt open which i get, hard to clean... but the blow up is such a simple thing to spray down and make kids take turns.Anyways, this place im sure is even better once all is open, but if your charging full price at least mention what is and isnt open.Definitely wouldnt have paid for two hours if we had know there was only 1/2 the park open.Also the bathrooms and the park are FILTHY.Womens bathroom was foul, no soap no nothing!!!!

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Great place for the kids to jump! Highly recommend!

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Always crowded with kiddos, but thats what its for. If you want to go as a adult (like I do) its still plenty of fun but just watch you language and your step. Or jump. Whatever. They offer a birthday event type thing which is fun for the kiddos, or at least it appears to be. Theyre pretty lax about when your jump time starts unlike other places so thats pretty cool. They do stick to their end times, which is normal. The staff is nice and there is always a safety observer. The employees and customers alike always seem kind and friendly. Ive had many a pleasant conversation with a five year old who wants to show me their back flip. Ive never seen anyone (including kids) leave with energy left, and its a great workout for those of the adult bent. Overall fun place, even though other places may offer a wider variety of activities.

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Wonderful place to take your kids to go to jump. Its close to my house and Ive gone more then once because it is just super fun. If you go I guaranty you will love it too.

Review №10

Great experience and the employees are very friendly!

Review №11

Good place to bring your toddler to burn out the energy.

Review №12

Will not honor refunds on annual memberships due to shutdown as a result of COVID-19. Terrible business practice for families struggling due to the pandemic. Definitely never doing business with them ever again.

Review №13

Great place for kids to burn up energy!! Many various areas for different activities. From jumping to basketball to obstacle coarse.

Review №14

Always a great place for the kids to let off steam. Everytime we visit the cousins in San Diego we hit up get air and let the kids jump, flip, run and have fun for an hour!

Review №15

We are so grateful for the early Saturday morning special needs jump. Thanks for making it easier for us to have family time at the trampoline park!

Review №16

Pretty cool place. My first time there but my wife takes our kids there often.

Review №17

Fun place for the kids. Clean and well maintained. Different options than just a flat trampoline to bounce on. Dodge ball area, rock climbing wall, basketball hoop and other things to do.

Review №18

Kids live this place. Usually busy with fun, bring hand sanitizer though.

Review №19

So much fun and a great work out. Highly recommended!

Review №20

Great place, the other kids always play nice with my younger kids.

Review №21

This is a great place for kids and their friends. The place was very clean and staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №22

Nice place to have fun but also excersise. Variety of other things that arent just trampolines. A fun swing, and obstacle course over a foam pit. Won a free jump pass on Friday night for participating in games!

Review №23

Fun for the kids, but Id recommend that when they do parties, they are more organized. The kids run all over the place without structure. The places Ive been to that provide structure for parties makes it easier for the kids to be with all their friends at the party. Isnt it the point to celebrate with your friends and family? Due to the lack of structure, during the cake, half the kids were not there because the place doesnt structure it to be that way. Not fair to the birthday boy or girl.

Review №24

It was awesome and I loved playing in there just wow

Review №25

A good place to spend the time specially on a rainy day.

Review №26

Awesome place to burn some extra calories. Staff is awesome. Price is incredible good. I recommend!

Review №27

1st time here & LOVED IT! Brie was tha BOMB! Very professional staff. Clean. Worth the $. Sooooo easy. Thank U!!!

Review №28

Bounce with me! This place is a lot of fun and of course it is also great exercise! You seriously work up a sweat I, umm like 6 minutes. Id call it Six minute abs... And thighs and glutes. Nice staff, clean facility, good times!

Review №29

Kids love Friday/Saturday night Club Air! Purchase tickets online through their website to get deals.

Review №30

Great indoor place to play. My 5 year old son loved it. There are some areas where the older kids play that may be dangerous. Make sure to have grippy bottom socks otherwise you must buy them at the front.

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Review №32

The look of my friends kid says.. How good this place is....

Review №33

This is got to be one of the best things around. My son and his friends can come and jump hangout and try to show each other up. This also means that the kids will be tired and sleep in in the morning lol. The staff is helpful to. Plenty of parking with handicap parking also.

Review №34

You pass its super funyou will get my token of you passed

Review №35

Nice place to let off steam. Great for kids.

Review №36

My kids had a great time today, tried for the 1st time. A must to try out.. if you have kids. Will try again. Well organized and staff are professional

Review №37

Great place for kids to release some energy! Great service, happy people. We’ll be back

Review №38

Great venue for childrens parties. As a adult if youre reasonably fit and free from knee and back issues an hour of jumping is an excellent workout. They have many different trampolines, two that allow you to dive into a foam pit, a great obstacle course with a climbing net and rings, a dodgeball court and a small childrens area. TIP 1: Check for groupons or check their site for deals. TIP 2: If you pay for an hour of jumping starting a at 10:30, it will end at noon, they round to the hour.

Review №39

I think that Get Air Poway has come a long way from the past few years and the park is beginning to get a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere, while still keeping the jumpers safe and under control!Get Airs staff has seemed to improve on knowing how to monitor the kids in the park and keep them from hurting each other!While it can be challenging to keep everybody satisfied the staff really tries their best to make sure everyones needs are met and concerns are taken care of!

Review №40

So much fun. Clean organized people watching for safety had a great time. A must if u have children.

Review №41

It is very nice place !!

Review №42

We really enjoy jumping here with our 5 year old. Weve been going since she was 3. She loves it.

Review №43

Kids had fun

Review №44

My kids enjoyed it a lot. We would love to go again. Fun filled environment for all. Kids love it!!

Review №45

My kids love this place. If they had it their way, wed be there everyday.

Review №46

Awesome place! The staff is very friendly.

Review №47

Perfect place for a kids birthday party!

Review №48

Nice vibe, close to home. Drinks and ice cream available for purchase.

Review №49

Great place for a kids birthday party!!

Review №50

Great fun as always!Not too crowded, fairly clean and the kids love it!

Review №51

A lot of Fun for kids in clean surrounding. I like that smaller children and kids with special needs have their own jump times.

Review №52

Great place for a rain day when you are looking for something fun to do with the kids!

Review №53

Love this place is awsome for my little ones and for me. A bit strict on the things you try and do but i guess is all for everyone safe .

Review №54

Always a good time. It wasnt that busy yet tonight 6-8pm and they could jump on anything they liked

Review №55

Had my daughters birthday party here, facilities are great as all the kids had fun. The staff is friendly and helpful and show a genuine interest in making the day fun. Thank you

Review №56

Quite bad experience if you go in the weekend, young bad trained staff, quite crowded and dangerous for kids younger that 10

Review №57

This was my first visit. 6 teachers from my school took two children each (auction winners). We had the time of our lives and the staff was helpful, friendly and patient with our first graders!!

Review №58

Great place to jump and very clean. Also sells ice cream and refreshing drinks. The downside is that you have to buy socks to be able to jump. The socks is a one time purchase.

Review №59

My son loves this place, its well run and laid out sensibly with smaller children isolated in their own area.I found out they have a special needs time every Saturday 8 -10am

Review №60

Spacious trampoline park. Fun place to take the kids and join in as well. Good for birthday parties and the like. Downside is it can get a little crowded which gives u much less rm to enjoy urself.

Review №61

It was clean and nice enough. However, $15 per person is pretty steep for an hour of jump time. Then they go and tell you you need to have those dump grip socks for $2.75. This is another way to gouge the customer. I felt taken advantage of and will never go back to this place and will to recommend it to my friends.

Review №62

We were invited for the birthday party here. Very good place! Children had fun!

Review №63

This place is really fun!! I have always enjoyed it every time when I come here and I recommend that others should come here as well.

Review №64

A bit pricey, but like someone else said, they all are.They have a smaller kid area which is nice.Only complaint is the massage chairs beeping incessantly when someone sits there without paying.

Review №65

The only thing that could make this experience better is complimentary water during a party.

Review №66

I am 185lb 6ft tall and 43 years old. I am good on a trampoline.I have been to pretty much all the trampoline gyms. This is the only gym that is fun for me to jump at with the kids. The difference is the great equipment. It feels like it is designed for heavier jumpers. Small kids can get a great bounce.All the other trampoline gyms around use cheap, short springs and grown ups like me bottom out hard and it just hurts to jump. When you bottom out at the other places it feels like hitting the ground. Light kids dont notice the difference because they are to light to sink the trampolines that low.This is the only trampoline gym where I enjoy jumping around with our kids.

Review №67

Nice place, but staff could be a bit nicer

Review №68

The referees dont let the kids have fun. Constantly stop them from anything. Stop jumping for 2 seconds? Whistle blown and escorted off the trampoline. Jumping too high? Whistle blown and escorted off. Jumping too close to someone? You get the point. Out of about 50 kids here there are 10 of them sitting not allowed to jump. Slightly overpriced. If the referees let the kids have fun o I would give it 4 stars but as it is 0 stars. Highschool referees on a power trips ruin it for the Elementary schoolers.

Review №69

They need to raise the AC its always hot n humid, ive been to 3 other trampoline parks and they make it comfortable plus poway needs leather couches like everyone else,making parents uncomfortable loses customers

Review №70

Very good trampoline place for kids. Attended a birthday party and it was great fun. Variety of options like Dodge ball, kiddies court, form pit, slack line, slam ball, Ninja course etc. Kids get really tired in 2hr play.

Review №71

Lots of fun.

Review №72

Very well run facility. Kids love it and we have had several birthday parties here. The staff are friendly and very helpful.

Review №73

My daughter loves it and would go every day if she could.

Review №74

What a beautifully put together park! The park is well designed and has tons of jumping space! The party rooms are awesome with amazing views of the whole park!

Review №75

I love the place so much!! But one minor issue is that one time I got yelled at for falling, it’s ridiculous!

Review №76

Its really fun I really like is my favorite place

Review №77

We called ahead to let Get Air know I was bringing a group to jump. The lady said you just need to bring them and if I had 10 or more it would be $10 per kid. When we got there I found out each child needed special socks at $3 per pair. The lady could have told me this on the phone and she did not. Also we paid for an hour for the kids the kids were there at 2:15 and called off at 3. The guy who help us didnt have a clue what he was doing. Never taking a group there. Felt like they robbed us. $3 for special socks and 15 mins cut off our hour. Staff isnt very friendly or helpful. We were not impressed

Review №78

Could use better seating for adults supervising/watching their kids, but the kids seem to love all the different obstacles.

Review №79

I had so much fun

Review №80

This place is great and so much fun! I bring my 4 year old son here and he goes nuts! Since my son is right under 46 inches tall it cost $10 for one hour or $16 for two hours! On tuesday nights you can get 2 hours for the price of 1! Tip*** socks cost $3 however you can keep them and reuse them each time you come here! This place isgreat have fun!-

Review №81

Kept clean. Great to take the kids to burn off energy. Cheapest to go on weekdays in the morning between 10 and 12

Review №82

Take your kids to Get Air located in Poway to have fun. Play Dodge Ball, Scale vertical walls, jump on trampolines etc.

Review №83

It was fun but needs more activities. Great place for kids and teens to hang with friends.

Review №84

Tons of fun

Review №85

Fun place for kids to burn some calories.

Review №86

Its a fun place with lots of cool activities, but there are always a lot of people

Review №87

Toddler time is typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to noon. My kids love it.I showed up today (Tuesday June 19) and apparently toddler time was changed for the summer from 8 am to 10 am. My kids were very disappointed. My theee year old son cried the entire time while his sister and two cousins jumped.All the other parents were complaining as well. I noticed several other toddlers crying because they weren’t allowed to jump too. The small toddler area was packed with parents and kids who were also unaware of the change in schedule.There were some quickly printed computer signs taped on the front door showing the new times but they still had a huge professional sign in the trampoline park that displayed toddler time as Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to noon.I complained to the employees up front but they were defensive and said the change was posted last week on the website and there were signs posted on the door. I understand it’s not their fault. I’m just surprised by the poor management decision to change times without adequate notification.I go to toddler time frequently and it’s quite popular. It strikes me as bad policy to make hasty changes with little to no notification purely to increase profit during the summer. They could have posted signs months ago informing the regular attending toddler parents of the upcoming change.They are sacrificing the loyalty of toddler toting parents during the rest of the year to rake in a few more dollars during the summer. Disappointing.You’d expect good customer service to offer up some discount or other incentive (maybe a coupon to come back during toddler time for free) but nothing was offered. I paid the full price for all four kids to jump even though the two toddlers were upset and jealous of their big sisters who are tall enough to jump everywhere.I won’t be returning. I might try rockin’ Jump in Miramar next time or just stick to pump it up.

Review №88

Lots of fun. Good exercise, good for bday parties.Can be crowded on weekends, holidays, rainy days.

Review №89

Fun trampoline park. Obstacle course, baby air, and a dodgeball pit. Very fun

Review №90

I love it the only issue Ive been to this place a long time but two times in a row I got sick but maybe thats just me

Review №91

The rule of 46 is so bad. In the past we had a lot of fun here, but we went back today to find out that my 4yo could only play in the area for toddlers. Not nice. Too bad, this was a great place.

Review №92

Love taking my children here. Great place to take children.

Review №93

Super nice place with a basketball hoop, a dodgeball arena, a foam pit, and tons of trampolines. What recommend for people coming is to keep your jump socks even when you go home, because they cost 3 dollars.

Review №94

It definitely worth the money and the kids have so much fun doing their flips ! Definitely recommend for someone looking for a good park .

Review №95

Ridiculously HOT! I had my daughters birthday party there and it was sweltering inside! There were large fans that helped on the jumping floor, but when they sent us upstairs for the pizza and cake it was unbearable, as there were no fans up there! For the price we paid for her party it would be nice if they at least provided you with a fan upstairs. Hot air raises and that balcony is miserable! Oh my gosh, turn on the AC!!!

Review №96

I love get air because I can learn backflip and frontflip

Review №97

Best trampoline park ever

Review №98

Kids love it

Review №99

Simple but fun...they have the basic trampoline set. 4 walls. Foam pit. Obsticak course,only 4 obsticals. Dodge ball,and thats it.Not as much as other trampoline parks but yeah.

Review №100

Get air is a great place to bring your family for a fun time!

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