Regal Broward & RPX
8000 W Broward Blvd #1840, Plantation, FL 33388, United States

Review №1

Incredibly beautiful, historical space. I saw a Peaches Christ production here and was so impressed by the level of professionalism, helpfulness and just general goodwill of the staff. Theater was very clean and well-kept. Love everything about this place and wish I could practically pay rent!

Review №2

The service at the concession absolutely sucks. One star is too good for the service that I got. It actually took 15 minutes to get a pretzel. It should never take that amount of time especially when there were only one order in at the same time. It seems to be just a group of kids running around without any direction from who ever the manager was.

Review №3

Inside, you do feel like youve been transported to the Golden Age of Film with the velvet seats and balcony seating. There is so much charm and intricate detail in the architecture - its definitely one of the most accessible historical landmarks in Weston, and not to be missed.

Review №4

There where only 8 of us. I felt safe. The amount of movie goers will increase now that everything is open.

Review №5

It was clean and staff where fine, everything was relatively good. It was not too cold and the seats are a bit small and not the most comfortable, also they need to clean the window infront of the projector because in the brighter sciences if the movie you can see the dust, also with movies or scenes with LOTS of LOW bass the subwoofers start distorting and they are also loose as you a can really hear it.

Review №6

The Movie theater is nice and its to far from Home. The Mall is getting renovated. On my opinion it will be a great mall.

Review №7

It was great customer service I had a good time

Review №8

Nice people, smooth process to get my ticket and popcorn. Great experience.

Review №9

Gross concession stand cold foid stale popcorn

Review №10

Favorite local movie theater in Plantation!!! Friendly Staff, Clean Theater, Plus you get to go shopping before or after the movie it’s right at the mall. Go to dinner to near by from Buffalo Wild Wings to Brio your centralized to all the restaurants in town... #MovieFan your local Foodie guide LOVES movies - Michelle

Review №11

Always a comfortable atmosphere!

Review №12

Comfortable seats. Concession staff is only half paying attention. Eat before going to the movie because their prices are really high and food is mediocre. Hey its movie theater food, right? And finally, when the previews start, or at least the film itself, turn the lights off. We were 10 minutes into Yesterday before someone remembered that this was part of his/her job.

Review №13

This theater is new providing some of the best quality sound in the RPX theater only compared to IMAX. The young staff is helpful courteous and ambitious. There are a variety of movies and movie times which makes it convenient to watch your favorites when you want.

Review №14

I will never go to the Regal in Broward mall ever again!! My husband was being sweet and surprised me with tickets to go see the Rise of Skywalker for my birthday. We were half way through the movie when a teen boy rudely approached us telling us to shut our kid up. Our son wasn’t making too much noise maybe a coo or laugh here and there. Anyway this teen apparently worked there and got one of his work buddies to kick us out of the theater. If you’re looking for somewhere to take your family don’t go to regal theaters. REGAL IS NOT A FAMILY FRIENDLY PLACE.

Review №15

Honestly, it is an amazing movie theater. My friends and I used to go there all the time; However I cannot give the theater 5 stars because the age policy is incredibly ridiculous. The theater is pushing away it’s largest demographic by restricting anyone under the age of 18 from entering any movie after 6 PM. At 16-17 years old, I find it ridiculous that I am able to drive to any movie theater and watch a rated R movie on my own, but I can’t enter this specific movie theater (which is walking distance from my house) to watch Finding Dory (a rated G movie) at 7 PM. 6 PM is really early, and the age limit is too high. It is also easy to predict that this fairly new theater is losing a tremendous amount of money to other, lower quality theaters due to this policy alone. Please please change this age policy, and I’m sure that the theater can reestablish itself as the hotspot of our city (Along with that, my rating will definitely go up).

Review №16

Not busy at all and friendly staffs. You can go shopping afterwards go see a movie

Review №17

Nice theater. Just wish they had reclining seats.

Review №18

Amazing theater, clean and organized, with friendly staff. Concession options are good as well and above average service for a movie theater.

Review №19

Im a faithful Regal Cinemas customer and I normally get great customer service but todays visit really makes me rethink whether I will ever come back to this particular theatre! I ordered some loaded fries with extra cheese, which took 15 min to get! When I opened the box there was fries with 1 pump of cheese in the middle and no bacon! I went back to concessions and talked to a manager who asked where I was sitting and the theatre # because he would bring it to me so I didnt miss the movie! Well more than 30 min go by and no fries so I go back out, missing more of the movie, only to find out that manager left for the day! Needless to say...I am not very happy! The new manager on duty did fix the issue but it was half way through the movie by then! My advice...AVOID this particular theatre but definitely go to the Sawgrass Mills theatre instead! Never have had an issue there and they have a larger selection of movies since its double the size!

Review №20

Awesome theatre. The lines move quickly and you can select your seats at box office. Wait time for food and snacks is minimal as well. The seats are so comfortable.

Review №21

Nice movie spot. Its in the mall, so lots of teens

Review №22

Great theater! Awesome mall. Right around my new home. I love Florida!

Review №23

This place is getting worse.Yesterday I saw Hustlers. Midway through the power went out on all theaters. It restared a minute or so later, but pic, only sound. It took 10 minutes or so to fix.Today I am seeing Angel Has Fallen. I show up 20 minutes before the show starts. I walk into the theater and there is only sound, no pic. I tell some workers, and they respond like they just dont care!Im getting to the point where I dont want to come to this theater any longer.

Review №24

I took my aunt & uncle out and we enjoyed the movie Underwater, but i was looking for the reclining seats but they rock. Not comfortable

Review №25

Love this place. It is comfortable. They can have more staff on hand at the ticket and food counters.Great location. The chairs, acoustics and service is well done. I gave 4 stars because of short staff issue

Review №26

Disgusting. Could not seat in our designated sits for the trash.

Review №27

Great location, ambiance is nice and on point customer service. My 1st time and the experience was great!!

Review №28

Here is a great theater, nice seats. I have been to almost all of the theaters inside. You can earn point toward drinks, food, tickets . The more you go the more you earn. Go with friends or love ones. Go by yourself. Just take in a film like the old days. You don’t always have to stay at home and look online. See what is playing outside the house. It’s worth it! Get out and grab a film, popcorn and meet your friends.

Review №29

Its mostly busy on weekends and especially with the new movies this summer. However they could do a better job with keeping the concession areas clean. The concession staff are truly helpful though.

Review №30

Never to crowded, but its cold in there. Seats n sound r good. Try not to go to hungry. Thanks

Review №31

Yesterday was my first time to go there. The staff were nice and the line moved so fast. But, the screen was so dirty and blurry!! Also The seats are NOT comfortable at all. I am definitely not going back again. Bad experience.

Review №32

Provided military discounts. Has rewards program where you can trade for movie memorabilia

Review №33

It was okay but I rather go to another more updated movie theater

Review №34

My place to be during sundays. Prices accesibles and everything very clean. Food excelent and if you want to be relax buy 2 movies a day.

Review №35

I use it to do exercise with my father in the morning because its nice and cool in the mall besides good stores the aspect of the mall is very clean well kept lots of security good place to visit and find bargains

Review №36

Come here all the time to watch movies. This Movie Theater is relevantly new and has the comfiest seats. Service here is great and fast because it is a smaller theater. Never had trouble finding tickets for movies I wanted to watch here and the place never seems to suffer from overcrowding. Not only are the main walkways clean but the bathrooms are clean as well. I recommend coming here next time you want to see a movie.

Review №37

Clean, and great service very fast and food was super fresh..

Review №38

Went to watch bad boys for life and it couldnt of been better. The sound system in the theater was the best.

Review №39

Concession stands is incredibly slow.

Review №40

Nice movie theater. I wouldve liked reclining seats.

Review №41

Clean theater seats are a little narrow for large adults great screen and sound system.

Review №42

Nice theatre seating. Not a bad complex.

Review №43

Every time I go to this theater I have problems with people not following the movie theater rules. Kids running around the movie, kids crying, people talking loud, people looking at their phones, people taking phone calls, always always dirty from old popcorn, empty cups, etc i mean awful....... and not one employee can walk inside a movie room to make sure everything and everyone is fine. Super cute and comfortable movie theater but people always have to ruin things up.

Review №44

Very nice we had a great time watching the movie comfortable seating great place for date night

Review №45

The screen was bad. An area right in the upper middle section had a light shining on it and it was distracting

Review №46

Great theater - extremely clean, but the ticket booth can be a tad bit slow. So its best to arrive 15 -20 minutes before your movie, because other moviegoers take forever to choose their seats. The seats are cloth and quite comfortable, but they dont recline.

Review №47

Good sound and service. Everybody smiled, gave me good recommendations and on point.

Review №48

Super slow service and bad actitud of everyone at this regal location. There are like 100 people working and lines don’t move. I will never come back I rather to drive to an AMC

Review №49

John wick chapter 3 was good. Looking forward to watching Gemini man in October or probably coming back next week to watch Godzilla.

Review №50

Nice and clean movie theater

Review №51

Tried to work here, didnt go well. Better luck next time..

Review №52

They dont care about your feedback !I was very disappointed, they put us in a theater where the screen was not the best, because the entire top portion of the screen was blurry and the bottom was clear. I told someone of the problem and the young man said that he would tell someone to fix it, needless to say that never happened !!I try it again same problem!!

Review №53

saw Rambo at movies regal nroward.Go see it good movie.

Review №54

This place is fine if you want to save money but the seat are uncomfortable and the movie snakes are to old school for to high of a price . if its close to you and you want to save money or catch a quick movie when your at the mall then fine but if you want the best cinnema experience this is not your place !

Review №55

I really enjoyed this place. It was clean, the popcorn was fresh and hot.

Review №56

This is really a nice movie theater and a great place to bring the family or even to meet friends for a movie. in fact, if you enjoy having movie birthday parties, this is an excellent place to have your party. They have a party room, or you can just buy tickets for everybody and bring them to the movies. They have all the best first run movies so you can be assured that if theres a movie that just came out that you want to see, youre going to most likely find it playing at this leader. And, they have them all attached. So if you decide to shop after seeing your movie, theres a full shopping mall attached to the movie theater. So you can get all your shopping done and go to the big anchor store such as JCPenney, Macys, Sears, and all the little stores as well.oh, I almost forgot Dillards. Dealers is actually a very nice store to visit as well. Its kind of somewhere in between Macys and JCPenney as far as stores go.

Review №57

Great sound sound, but low volume. The 2D screens are reflective and very distracting. The projector glare is really obvious

Review №58

Dont appreciate having to buy tickets from a computer. Please bring back ticket sellers.

Review №59

Staffs were not very friendly and the seats were not comfortable

Review №60

Went to see the latest Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie. Was awesome. Theater was clean. Great food choices like all the Regal Cinemas. Also love earning my Regal points for snacks and free movies. Definitely a great place to watch a movie with family and friends or even alone.

Review №61

We arrived at the 10:20 pm movie and the filth that was left over from the other movie that was before ours, Omg the movie theater was horrible.... The employees did not come in to clean the theater. We was so stoked about the movie that was being played but at the same time we sat next to filth.....

Review №62

Good place to see a movie. Clean and quiet.

Review №63

A really nice cinema. The guys at the concession stand are so friendly. The seats in the cinema are very comfortable. I think the best thing is the location, it right in the heart of great restaurants. Its an epic date experience

Review №64

Bathrooms were horribly filthy. Seats were very uncomfortable! First time going to watch avengers since it was sold out everywhere else. Upgrade your seats and please clean the restrooms.

Review №65

Its amazing

Review №66

MUCH better than Sawgrass Regal movie theater! At least the toilet seats were clean and the staff was actually considerate!

Review №67

So confortable, the staff was very nice

Review №68

Good theater, but compared to the newer reclining seat theaters its pretty outdated.

Review №69

If you are tried and you are in need of some sleep go and see this moive this moive is awful and I Wasted money to see this moive .......

Review №70

50% of the time when I see a movie at Regal Broward my experience is pleasant and the theaters are clean; the other 50% of the time the theaters are horrific, filthy, and it is a genuine distraction from an otherwise quality movie.

Review №71

Great movie theater and food are fair prices.

Review №72


Review №73

This is The Best.Great seatings...Great Food.. love love love the churros. The Staff at the box office are always so kind and helpful to me.

Review №74

Edit: Changed to 5 stars for the great customer service. The GM emailed me about my wallet fiasco and he was very kind and understanding. Regal has some really fantastic employees who go the extra mile. Now its not really possible for me to give anything but 5 stars. Great aesthetics, great movie quality, and fantastic customer service.TL;DR: wallet gone missing fiasco. moral of the story, if you keep an eye on your belongings, the theater is really good. Great style, visuals, audio are great, and god, the seating is fantastic with an adjustable arm rest.Edit: Updated my rating to 4 stars because of the great customer service by the GM. Broward 12 is still on my list of theaters to go to.

Review №75

This theater doesnt have reclining or reserved seating like a lot of others in the area, but I really enjoy it. Its close to the center of Plantation and is conveniently located by University Drive and Broward Boulevard. The prices are reasonable. My only complaint is that the staff doesnt open the theater in the morning when they probably should. I went there once on a Saturday morning when the mall opened at 10. I arrived 20 minutes before 11 am. The theater employees were standing on the inside behind a gate. I asked them when they would open, at least so I could use the automated kiosk to purchase my ticket. They looked at me like they were annoyed with my question and said, 11. I waited until 11:20 (!) and they still hadnt opened the gate. They were busy chit-chatting with one another near the concession stand, in full view of the customers who were patiently waiting near the gate to buy tickets.

Review №76

Nice place but sits where not reclining. Apparently having issues with it.

Review №77

Needs attentive workers. Clear pricing. More punctual movie start times. Needs More comfortable seats. They are hard and Narrow and Im not a plus size.

Review №78

Movie was very good, seats were extremely uncomfortable. Person behind me was kicking seat(not a child). Got a cramp in my leg and had to wait for movie to be over to avoid walking through others Dont think I will return to that theater.

Review №79

Short staffed at concession counter. Had to wait a few minutes just for someone to come out to it. Was first in line and as young man was taking care of my order he allowed a woman who then showed up to give him her jumbo.popcorn bowl and he refilled hers before mine.

Review №80

Went with other cousins. We saw Spiderman Far from home..Since I too was far from Home (NY...heehee)... this theater in Florida and my treated me well..Nice Clean(not saying NY dont have them)but yes it was a nice experience.

Review №81

Little kids were running around the theater during the movie. Other wise it was good

Review №82

The mud or man at ticket desk took time to set up my regal app. What a patient man. 1

Review №83

Awesome mall, great theater and comfortable seats.

Review №84

This theater has gone to hell it was nice when it first open but now its a dump.... workers dont care about the theater experience they barely want to be there. Last movie I went to see a person was on the phone having a full conversation loudly instead of causing a scene I told an usher and they didnt want to do anything about just said go to guess services terrible service.

Review №85

Nice place, clean enough for a movie theater. Convenient at the mall.I wish the seats leaned back just a little more, but all in all, I have no problems with the theater itself. However, the theaters Royal Crown Club (RCC) Loyalty program is lacking. Theater does not provide physical cards anymore, so I now just have an account # to track loyalty points. Gave this # to the ticket teller, but she could not provide me credit for my movie ticket purchase - said I would have to go online myself, without any additional explanation. This did not work, so I contacted customer service, and then was given a run around and told I could get the credit as a one time courtesy like I had done something wrong.

Review №86

Here currently waiting for the movie to start. There was a large white stain/crusty doughnut icing looking thing caked on the seat, when i asked staff to address it as the movie is sold out and i cant move, i was handed a paper towel. After that didnt work, the kid comes up and says he cant do anything about it....... i told him i wouldnt be sitting in that so he takes off. A few minutes later, he comes back and hands us a brillo pad as if we work here and should clean the stain. The theater also doesnt have half of the food items available nor the promotional items they advertise..... real shame as the theater itself is very nice.

Review №87

At 5:30pm on a Saturday with it being opening weekend on a major motion picture and you have ONE employee serving only one line with 17 people on that line. Sad. Take my money and fail to care about the user experience entirely. What a waste. Regal is trash.

Review №88

Went to the movies to see Lion King... place is clean. Much appreciated, thank you

Review №89

I love to go to the movie at this place

Review №90

On the cheaper side (ticket pricewise) of theaters these days. The only complaint I have is that the ticket stubs are like paper receipts instead of the classic hard paper tickets

Review №91

One of the most disgusting movie theaters I have ever went to. Waited almost half an hour at the concession stand for the cashier to tell me that the popcorn machine had just broken. The seats are cramped and way to close together. I would never recommend this theater .... ever !

Review №92

Place was nice and the movie screen was nice and clear and the surround sounds was great nice and clear

Review №93

Fantastic, phenomenal people at this movie theatre. Not only where they accomodating to my children they were to me. I just went to Publix and had frozen meat and popsicles. The kids really wanted to go to see Toy Story so u swung in and forgot about it. I was telliing my story here to a Eric and Brittany and they said they would store my food. Wow!!!. I would return to this location. Clean and the seats recline. Great service.

Review №94

Love this theater and their comfy seats

Review №95

I was very disappointed, my popcorn tasted stale, and when we got into the theater to watch the movie, I can only assume, that because of the movie we were watching was older( wonder park) perhaps they put us in a theater where the screen was not the best, because the entire top portion of the screen was blurry and the bottom was clear. I told someone of the problem and the young man said that he would tell someone to fix it, needless to say that never happened, I wanted to leave but my 5 year old was not having it. (Theater 10 btw) horrible movie experience!

Review №96

Everything goes well most times weve gone. However, last time we went, since it was very slow I guess the employees were more relaxed than usual. The one in the ticket booth and the ones asking for the tickets were friendly, but the one selling popcorn was nasty. He acted as if he was too important for the position. Overall the theater and the employees are nice.

Review №97

MY FAVORITE MOVIE THEATER IN ALL PF BROWARD. I was so happy when they opened one here. I always prefer this one.

Review №98

Beautiful and comfortable placeMovie last night.

Review №99

Was forced to go to a diffrent theatre than usual. It was ok, brand new....but no cinemark 24

Review №100

It was a nice clean theater, it wasnt that busy. I was able to droo off my guests right by the door. It is handicapped accessible, my guest had no problems getting in and out of the theater.The only issue I had was at the concession stand ordering food. The wrong food was brought out for other movie goers, and one gentleman waited a while for another wrong order. Popcorn, candy, and a drink you were okay.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:8000 W Broward Blvd #1840, Plantation, FL 33388, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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