Plant City PREMIERE LUX 8 & Pizza Pub
Lake Walden Square, 220 W Alexander St Suite 31, Plant City, FL 33563, United States

Review №1

No refills do to covid 19? You have self service machines. Just another example of covid being used to make more money.

Review №2

Nicely upgraded. All drinks, popcorn and icee are self serve. Ticketing is inside on automated machines or at concession. Staff was friendly. Seems employees are inexperienced and so theres some growing pains to get the theater up to speed. Cheapest tickets in the area. All theater seats are vinyl recliners with individual tray tables. Theater aisles are wide enough that you dont have to adjust your seat if someone needs to enter or exit your row. Clean bathrooms. Will come again!Oh and theres a bar where alcohol is served if thats your thing.

Review №3

The theatre is great and I would be giving it five stars, but there is an issue with the fan in theatre 1; it’s SUPER loud to the point where is drowns out the movie. Honestly couldn’t hear half of what was said. The chairs were great though and the size is perfect, plus they seem to get very good films! Hopefully this issue is rectified soon, because I really do want to go back again!

Review №4

My first visit was Thursday. I enjoyed the reclining seats. My only pet peeve is they dont offer a courtesy cup. I must take meds with water and told I must pay full price for a cup. I understand that for inventory purposes, but cant you buy some styrofoam?

Review №5

Love the new remodel with lush armchairs that recline. And $6.50 for a matinee before noon! Great deal!!!

Review №6

It was great! Everything looked so nice and clean!!!!!!! The seats are unbelievable. Loved everything about our visit !

Review №7

Completely renovated interior pays off big time. Better tasting popcorn and much more comfortable seating is one of my big takes from the experience. They could have better speakers though. Not enough bass and highs are a little too pronounced. Pricing is exactly what youd expect at a decent theater. My wife and I shared a large popcorn and drink, cost us a total of 35 dollars. Not too much for the experience. They also have a bar now if thats your speed, as well.

Review №8

I am a huge movie lover. For the past few years I have traveled to North Lakeland because of how dirty the old location was. I have gone twice to the new upgraded theatre but I feel like who ever designed this, did it cheaply and didn’t really care what movie watchers really want. New chairs are on a slanted floor. No stadium seating and if the person in front of you doesn’t have the chair reclined then you can’t see the bottom of the screen. Also these are not good quality seats. I don’t see them lasting because many complained that theirs never reclined and mine in both theaters went side ways when going up. Biggest disappointment was choosing this location for 12/20 for Star Wars. Sound is the same and not upgraded, the screen had marks on it and was not upgraded either and not the best quality for being an upgraded theatre. I will not be back and will advise others that love watching movies with the highest quality of sound and picture not to waste their time. So sad a Plant City resident has to drive to another city.

Review №9

This movie theater is small, but very nice. Not sure if they recently remodeled, or if it is new. The seats are pleather and have electric recliners. They also have a tray to set your food on. You can order a pizza from the concession before the movie and they will bring it to you. Overall, really nice movie theater

Review №10

The lounge seating is very nice.Food selection is standard Theater fare, but refills on soda and popcorn regardless of size is an excellent value. Plus unlimited cheese for your nachos.I endorse this Theater as an excellent value and will continue to patronize in the future.

Review №11

Recliner chairs. New movies. Close to home.

Review №12

Comfortable seating. Great concession options.

Review №13

Very nice renovations and upgrades. Sit back in your recliner and enjoy the show! Unlimited popcorn and pop refills. Bar with snacks. Way to bring the theatre up to be more competitive and enjoyable.

Review №14

Its a real step up from where it used to be. Seats recline and are actually comfortable. The food was good and the staff was friendly. Definitely gives you a reason to stay in town to watch a movie instead of dealing with traffic on your way Brandon or Lakeland.

Review №15

Absolutely beautiful theater. You can definitely see that theyve spent a good bit of money upgrading the theater. Theres a full bar, full restaurant, and regular movie concessions. AND its all incredibly affordable. I will definitely be going back.

Review №16

Loved everything. Self serve popcorn and drinks. Free refills. Easy to find your reserved seats. Plenty of room, even with reclining seats. Seats were comfortable.

Review №17

Absolutely would go back time and time again. Amazing remodel and rebranding of the establishment. The prices of the movies are the cheapest in the area and the concessions are clean and self serve. I look forward to my next movie experience. It was as comfortable as being home.

Review №18

Not a bad place to watch movies. Was just visiting. The only down side was the potato skins were old and dry. Other than that, staff was good.

Review №19

Seats are comfy but the ticket counter and snack bar seem to be disorganized. I think they must work with a shoestring budget. They are close to our home and convenient for those of us in Plant City. They also show a lot of family movies, which we love!!

Review №20

Just went on their opening night and it is really nice. Its newly renovated and staff was all super nice. Ticket prices are affordable. They have a big popcorn machine that is self serve which is cool and a bar. The theater was not packed at all which was nice. Only downside is the food seems to be a tad bit high but, I guess that is to be expected. I wish they could do like the GQT Riverview theater in regards to their discounts on food for reward members.

Review №21

Love this place! Best prices for tickets and food. Really sad they are renovating don’t fix what isn’t broken!! I wouldn’t be surprised if they went up on their prices now. Smh. This was the one theatre I can count on to always come through!! & nobody I mean absolutely nobody has better popcorn/butter! Please don’t change it! The nachos did change and I wasn’t a fan of the new cheese. Does anyone know how long reconstructing is going on for??

Review №22

Went to a competitors location this evening and after finding a parking spot in a crowded parking lot. I went and stood in line in the blaring sun and after 14 minutes they had sold tickets to 4 people. I had enough. I left and drove the 40 minutes to the Plant City theater. Easily parked, went inside and bought my ticket, nobody in line. Went to a comfortable uncrowded theater and had a very enjoyable movie experience. Two thumbs up!

Review №23

Local theater that I could not wait to return to after the Coronovirus scare.

Review №24

Price is right and pizza was good. Small but good. Theatres are really comfortable.

Review №25

We tried to call to confirm some questions we had and we never got an answer so we came in and got tickets and we came in to get a pizza and watch the movie on time and as we came to order after waiting in line the manager stares my man in the eyes and says kitchen is closed no food. We purposely didnt get food elsewhere so we can get food there and when we asked for a refund the manager wouldnt even look or talk to us and she rudely ignored my man and completed the reprocess harshly. Too bad.

Review №26

Seats were very comfortable but everything was broken popcorn machine credit card machine bathroom door.soap dispenser for being newly renovated we were very disappointed. Also computer said theater was full when we got in hardly anyone there would have chosen better seats. Probably wont come back.

Review №27

I love this newly renovated theater. The seats are comfortable, reasonable ticket prices, and I love the concessions! Hidden gem of a theater.

Review №28

Fresh and renewed, great customer service, and it wont burn your wallet. Best theater in the county

Review №29

The renovations are great. The chairs are wonderful. However, the screen in movie theater 1 was absolutely filthy and showed every time the film was in daylight. Very distracting.

Review №30

Our movie was showing in theatre 2. My seat did not work properly. Even tho they rehabed the theatre Its still the same old screen. The air conditioning only came on once and room was too hot. They didnt even clean the AC air diffusers during the shutdown and you can visibly see the years of accumulation and can only immagine how the inside of the ductwork is packed with dust and bacteria. The movie was good and the floors were clean. They said it was free popcorn and soda refills but they shut everything down. Over all...not impressed

Review №31

Totally awesome. Reclining seats. Hot food available. Great popcorn.

Review №32

Loved the upgrades and ordering pizzas with our movie. Nice experience all the way around

Review №33

Brand-new renovation. Need to check it out! Long over due for Plant City.

Review №34

SMALL TOWN THEATER.If youre a cinema freak like I am, you will love this theater. It is small and dated. It feels like youre actually at the movies, and not some bar/grill like a lot of other theaters are doing. The whole place smells like fresh popped popcorn, and the employees are always kind and courteous. Love this theater.

Review №35

Very luxurious cinema..serving liquor and beer. cant wait till the grand opening this week go check it out....

Review №36

Was super excited about the remodel but was quickly disappointed. The new seats are already broken, the one I had raised sideways and the room was pretty stagnant. Didnt feel like the air conditioning worked correctly, a glance up and you could see air vents black with dust. All that could be ignored but the worst part was the movie sceen itself, it was filthy, streaks covering the screen and you could see it through the entire movie. The whole point of being there and the screen is nasty, like watching a old timey film. I understand its an old movie theater but it was just closed for this massive remodel the least they could have done was clean the screens.

Review №37

For being newly remodeled, everything seemed to be broken. The bathroom door was broken, the popcorn didnt come out of the machine, only one butter machine worked, the credit card machine wouldnt read the cards and tickets showed all the seats filled but a few, yet during the movie there were plenty of better seats left empty all over the theater... When asking for a replacement soda cup, management said we would have to purchase another one because they would not replace it, even when showing our receipt. It was our first time since all the upgrades and was very discouraged to see almost every thing broken or not working properly.

Review №38

New seating is so comfortable and spacious! Love the serve yourself popcorn and drinks, no more waiting in line for a refill.

Review №39

The remodel is wonderful. Soft reclining seats are so comfortable. Everything is new and clean.

Review №40

Fantastic with the new renovations, ticket prices remain very fair, cheaper than most other theaters. Clean premise so far, hopefully the upkeep will remain strong.

Review №41

Nice seats, great concession. Clean, good bar. Quiet little theater.

Review №42

Wow! The upgrades they have done are unbelievable! Push button recliner chairs are super comfortable- need to start coming more!!!

Review №43

Great old fashioned movie theater. Brings me back to the 90s. Never an issue getting tickets.

Review №44

Awesome. Nice upgrade of the theater and with a bar now to order drinks. What!

Review №45

The screen of the movie I went to wasnt working properly and even after my husband managed to drag the manager into the theater to see what it looked like, they didnt do anything about it. I wasnt thrilled about their customer service either. All that money spent on renovations cant help poor customer service. Wont be going back to this theater anytime soon.

Review №46

Completely messed up my purchase and never even gave me my money back, literally had no food and none of their employees had any idea of what food they had or what anything was. Pathetic.

Review №47

Its very good they have refillable popcorn comfortable seats as well very much recommended

Review №48

My experience there was average, like you would see at other movie theaters. Lights were dim, the air was fresh and smelled of melted butter, and the seats within the movie rooms were very spacious and dark... Perfect for reclining if nobody is behind you (I like to stretch all the way out). The surround sound is as to be expected... It is loud, it is booming, and it is very immersive. When you consider this, paying ~$7 a ticket isnt all that bad a deal... Especially if you can sneak in your own snacks. They always have the newest movies, and the sign in the plaza always has the movies they are playing up to date. All around great experience and I would highly recommend it!

Review №49

Great upgrade, but should have added more womens bathrooms, and get nachos in individual bags so they still fresh and not stale, I enjoyed theater over all, though. I will be back again and again, no other theaters offer free refill on popcorn, drinks and icees, thanks

Review №50

I am very glad this theater is in our little city. The prices are the very reasonable, the popcorn is my favorite, the movie selection is always current with what is out there, the staff is always friendly. There is never a long line to wait it, place is very clean other than a little old smell in some of the rooms. The only theater I go to...... Thank you !!!

Review №51

Spacious and comfy seating and the theater was super clean too!

Review №52

Omg Never going back to Cobb again. Best theater ever with table, reclining seats,And a phone charger in the seats.

Review №53

Really nice. I love the recliner seats.

Review №54

The best staff (friendly & competent) of any theatre in Hillsborough County. The best ticket prices as well. Clean bathrooms, on time show starts. The best value and customer service experience if any theatre in Hillsborough county.

Review №55

Beautiful, clean, comfortable reclining seats with built in USB ports to charge your phone. Dont forget to bring your own cable.

Review №56

Didnt notice many upgrades but it is still a bit cheaper than the other theaters. The new screen had black marks on it, the sound was deafening, and the recliners are much smaller and shorter than the ones in Gibsonton and Riverview.

Review №57

Renovations are great! I loved my trip back!

Review №58

This is my favorite movie theater.

Review №59

My boyfriend and I went here for date night. There were kids directly behind us that kept getting up and pushing the back of our chairs and were very loud. Staff kept coming in to quiet them down. Not really the theaters fault... but the seats are disgusting! My boyfriend went to sit up and his head was stuck to the seat. Some kind of sticky substance that hadnt been cleaned off. We wont be coming back...

Review №60

Very good small town theater. Friendly staff, never crowded like Brandon or Lakeland. My preferred theater experience. I wish the sound system was a little bit better, my only complaint. I will keep coming.

Review №61

Good theater. Price options are reasonable too. Great way to take your entire family to the movies!

Review №62

Very polite Service And Nice Theater Atmosphere and Reasonable Prices

Review №63

Great theater was shocked when they told me ticket price expected to pay more and the snack bar was shocking to puts the fancy theaters to shame on there pricing they charge a very fair price dont gouge u on the snacks. And the staff is friendly and courteous

Review №64

A little bit out-dated but I really like the prices. Inexpensive but good for a theater. Pretty good food options too.

Review №65

Great service, not crowded, you get to choose a seat when you get there instead of assigned seats! a little on the older side but still good

Review №66

We love this theater. We have never had a bad visit. The ticket prices are fair and snack prices are comparable to other theaters.

Review №67

Price wise the theatre is cheap. Movies until 6:00 pm are just $ 6.95 and after they cost $8.65. Not bad to take your family. The popcorn is as expensive as in other movie teathres. The location of the place is excellent there are many places to eat and shop around definetively

Review №68

Like the remodel, however the screens are nasty. When there is a light scene the dirty streaks in the screens show up

Review №69

Second week in a row, loving the new and improved theater!

Review №70

Very comfortable. Staff is nice, never crowded and good facility. Love here but too cold.

Review №71

Over all i liked the theatre it was very nice and clean. But their customer service totally needs work. I lost my wallet there and have 5 people that are witness to the fact that i dropped it there. While they did look for it they were rude to my Mom and me while on the phone. And they refuse to take down mine or hers information if it was found.

Review №72

This is a State of the Arts theater. LOVE the upgrade.

Review №73

Very poor service. Ended going into the movie late because no one came to the outside service window. I ended up coming inside and again waited for someone to ask me if I could be helped. Its a sad think to see 4 people standing there helping one person for popcorn.

Review №74

I love this theater. Its close to my home, the ticket prices are reasonable, its rarely packed/sold out, and the management is awesome.

Review №75

Love this little theater. Comfy, homey and the employees are always awesome.

Review №76

Great movie theater and very reasonable ticket prices

Review №77

I clean there, its a really nice place to go

Review №78

Cleanliness - 2, Friendliness- 4, Seating - 3, Screen and sound - 4, Management today - 10 on 0-5 scale.

Review №79

Very comfortable everything nice and clean.

Review №80

Love this movie theater. Best popcorn around!

Review №81

Fair price . Good quality. Restrooms always out of service or in repair.

Review №82

Like that it isnt as crowded as amc in the reward programs and cheaper prices

Review №83

Can’t believe what a change they have is gorgeous. Free refills on drinks, popcorn and Icee!!

Review №84

Great place to see a movie on the weekend. They recently had an issue where the movie Glass didnt work and they could only accept cash on the same day. Poor things.

Review №85

Great service amazing place to watch a movie

Review №86

Requested to purchase a large water at the price of a large soda. We dont do that, but you can buy a bottle. If Im willing to pay the price of a soda fill the freakin cup. Never again. Ill stick with AMC and Silvermoon Drive-In.

Review №87

I havent been here in awhile but my son treated me to a movie so we went. The one thing I was aggravated abt was when we walked out of the movie it was super dark. Then in the lobby it was super dark. Like why dont you turn on a light so we can see how to get out of the place. I understand they were closed for the night but dang. And of course prices for food is insane. My son wanted nachos and cheese and I was like you realize you can order the whole menu if you wait and we go to Taco Bell after LOL

Review №88

Prices are reasonable but this IS a no-frills theater. Only one working restroom was an inconvenience but projection and sound were just fine.

Review №89

Its a smaller, hometown theater without all the bells and whistles, BUT its also much more inexpensive than the fancier theaters...It does have stadium seating in each theater.

Review №90

This place sucks. Movie did not play due to difficulties. I also found the staff to be quite rude. Will never visit this theater again. Thats an hour of my life I will never get back.

Review №91

Good people work there. Theaters too cold at times. Movie selection is sometimes poor.

Review №92

Its a nice theater. The people working there are very friendly.

Review №93

Not as good as it use to be prices up...To many commercials. Outdated chairs hurt my back no low back support, cup holders are to short for large drinks and seats are to close together. Needs updated...

Review №94

The theater had bad service and had a big period stain on it and smelled like doo doo they said it was a fruit punch stain but they don’t serve fruit punch

Review №95

The seats need to be more like xscapes seats, there too low

Review №96

Great movie theater! Friendly staff. Not overly crowded either.

Review №97

Very expensive snacks, not the cleanest bathroom and a stain on the screen were it looked like someone threw something against it but staff was friendly and the sound was great.

Review №98

Amazing cinema with friendly staff, great seating, prices are nearly 1/2 of other theatres that are twice the size. It is the smaller size & price of this freshly remodeled Premiere Cinema that makes it such a dont have to Wal a mile to get from parking lot to inside & once inside there are CLEAN restrooms just a few steps away. PLANT CITY PREMIERE CINEMA IS A TREASURE!

Review №99

Very good price for a movie. Would recommend eating a way back burgers in front. Of the center before going to the movie. The place is old and dated but its a good place to catch a movie at a great price. $6.00

Review №100

All is good except for rude people. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and a lady was so rude.

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  • Address:Lake Walden Square, 220 W Alexander St Suite 31, Plant City, FL 33563, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 813-719-7600
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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