Dannys Midnight Confessions
133 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United States

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Variety within Variety. Clean and Classy. There are plenty of choices to make at Danny’s and the theme here is ‘quality’. The inventory is so impressive and incredibly detailed. There is not just one item in every category. Example. If you want a vibrating plug you will find it but not just one. Many and they are all different. Quality items at very reasonable prices. The staff is helpful and so friendly. So friendly that one of the girls even joked with me and said I reminded her of a serial killer from a movie. I mean where are you going to find warmth like that?! At least I think she was joking. I hope. Anyway it is definitely a great place to find everything you are looking for and much much more.

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This is a small store, but is packed with a lot of hot items. They have a very nice selection of costumes and clothing in the front of the store. Prices were very reasonable compared to some of the other shops in Philly that I have visited. Definitely, will be a returning customer. If you are coming from New Jersey, this store is very convenient to the 12-13th Street PATCO station.

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Excellent store. They have everything you need it want. The staff was nice. There was an attractive girl working that night who I found extremely nice even tho she said I looked like a serial killer. I didn’t believe it then nor now that she was t taking a shot at me but hey. If I had the opportunity to break someone’s balls I’d jump on it too.

Review №4

They have lots of toys and kinky outfits alil high but awesome and they be open all night

Review №5

Very rude no customer service skill do not recommend this place for nothing

Review №6

Website sux: selection small. prices high. no specials. better and more economical sites out on the web.the store is okay, but theyre closed for corona.

Review №7

This is my go-to place when I need adult products! Very professional staff, and I never feel uneasy or awkward when asking for something specific. As an anxiety riddled furry with some very niche interests, this is not something that happens easily. Im on the train into philly as I type, specifically to go to dannys!

Review №8

Wonderfully sweet and helpful staff, the young woman at the front wasnt interested in upselling us, simply wanted us to have a positive and relaxed experience. We will be frequenting this lovely little shop from now on, highly recommend!

Review №9

Always helpful. Never feels weird. Comfortable environment and most of the prices are more than fair.

Review №10

The only place I go to for my toys that require more than an online comparison guide. The staff has always been really friendly and helpful. My gf, at the time, told me it was the first time she’s ever felt comfortable in an adult shop before

Review №11

Matthew and Anthony were so helpful and so knowledgeable . Would always comeback . Great service

Review №12

Look I love this place, it is always nice to walk in here and buy stuff. What I have personally had a problem with is those young behind interns they have working there. The older staff and the usual guy behind the counter is wonderful will answer my questions, doesnt judge and makes suggestions. The younger interns though.... They snicker, and have me feeling judge the hole time. So much so that I told my friend we were going to experience it of the interns were there the day we went, and it is exactly what happened, and it was his first time. Not a good look for business. it happens every time. So I would give it a 5, I just wish they had more mature interns so I wouldnt feel embarrassed, or judged buying my products... otherwise the tape cleaners here work wonders.

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Wonderful staff! So helpful and friendly, even on the phone. Our gps only brought us to the vicinity of the store, so we called to ask for directions. They stayed on the phone with us till we made it to the door, where we were warmly greeted. They are very knowledgeable, and personable, making the whole shopping experience comfortable and fun. Cant wait to go back for another spending spree. Just wish they had more clothing for tall, full sized woman. Overall a great selection.

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I love the staff. Willing to help, answered my inquiries and they werent judgmental. I found this lovely establishment by random (June 17) and they didnt let me down. Been back a few times and still feel the same as day one.

Review №15

The value and selection is the BEST in the city. The staff is non-pretentious, friendly and easy going. I also love that its open 24 hours!

Review №16

This store has just about everything you might need to switch things up in the bedroom. Staff is knowledgable of most products. You just need to not be to shy and just ask. Let your inner freak out. Just keep it on a leash..(They have them to.)

Review №17

Great variety of merchandise. Competitive prices. Very pleasant and helpful staff. Purchases are discretely bagged.

Review №18

I had bought a defective item, and they offer not return policy on defective items, had spent $80, will not be back ever again in this store. And they offer on the receipt an 8 day return policy, and i have had this item for less then 1 week. Do not expect to get a quality product at this store.

Review №19

The staff was awesome!!

Review №20

Very positive atmosphere An helpful staff makes you feel very comfortable. If your looking for a great adult store with a staff thats knowledgeable I recommend dannys

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Great place. Large selection especially of Andrew Christian. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Review №23

I love this shop!!! So many different selections!!! The freaks will understand

Review №24

In a city with some of the best stores like this, Dannys is one of the best, the most convenient to City Center, and open 24 hours when you have that late-night need.

Review №25

Great staff and knowledgeable, keep coming back and good prices on dildos and fleshlights and underwear

Review №26

They where nice n helpful made me feel right at home love them driving again from north Carolina this weekend too go see them

Review №27

Very nice selection. The employees are pretty knowledgeable and able to help with questions.

Review №28

I agree with my aunt Diana Rodriguez...feel rite at home very help full on my way there now

Review №29

I love the customer service and they were wonderful and helping me pick out exactly what I needed

Review №30

I love this place I buy my poppers and jock straps, socks ther

Review №31

The only adult store around for the gays. Has everything you will need. They lost a star for all their Andrew Christian jockstraps.

Review №32

The store is great and gay friendly.

Review №33

I had the most unpleasant experience at this store. They do not stand by there store policies whatsoever. Though their store policy states that they will accept defective products back within 10 days, that is not the case. They would not accept my item back even after showing why the product was defective. I would not buy from this store, ever. Go to a different store.

Review №34

Very friendly staff. Not sleazy like other bookstores.

Review №35

Workers here are very rude and forced me to come into the store! All I wanted to know was if they had pony plugs and what color. I was looking for a dark red so I asked if they had any. I was accused of a prank call and was hung up on in an instant. VERY RUDE

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Pics looks interesting

Review №37

Very liberal and uneasy, terrible experience

Review №38

Great placeAlways open

Review №39

Very helpful staff

Review №40

I love this place

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