Escape Waukesha (Escape Rooms)
2335 Silvernail Rd, Pewaukee, WI 53072, United States

Review №1

This was my second time. A fun experience. The rooms were in good shape. Fairly well decorated. Puzzles had good variety. Friendly staff.

Review №2

We were virgins. We made it through with 25 seconds left to go. Lots of locks to unlock to get clues. Staff communicated through the TV if we needed an extra clue (help). Definitely a team sport worth trying.

Review №3

Our group of four was scheduled to do the escape room called “Murder Manor” yesterday. After driving an hour just for the escape room, we arrive only to have trouble finding the facility. After we finally located the facility, we notice that the parking lot was completely empty, the entrance was locked, and inside it was completely dark and empty. Nobody was there. We called the number on the door over and over again. After countless times of calling, someone finally answered. They told us that nobody was there and they had absolutely no idea that we had an appointment. This was discouraging and irritating, as we certainly made an appointment. We basically drove an hour for nothing. My only impression of this facility is completely unorganized and unreliable. I don’t recommend this place to anyone, especially as there are plenty of other highly rated escape rooms nearby.

Review №4

Had a great time in the Titanic room! We’ve missed going to escape rooms and were very impressed with how clean everything was. There were sanitation areas available and the person working was very friendly. We escaped!

Review №5

Weve taken our girl scout troop (8th grade) to Escape Waukesha the past two years and had a blast! One year was a mother / daughter outing and last year was a Me and My Guy outing. They voted unanimously to do it again this year!! As a troop leader Escape Waukesha was great to work with and easy to set up. Highly recommend, great team building outing!

Review №6

Escape Waukesha is awesome. They really put a lot of work into creating engaging scenarios that challenge teams to dig into each room and have everyone work together. Kelly, Josh and Eric are exceptional and I am always excited when a new room gets created. There is enough variety between the rooms to come back again and again.

Review №7

Super fun and super friendly staff. Great place to for a group to get out and have fun.

Review №8

We have done 3 different rooms here and loved all of them. This location is great- the themes are fun and each step you solve leads to the next clues. Highly recommend Escape Waukesha!

Review №9

Titanic was challenging, yet fair, and fun. We really enjoyed ourselves. Owner was very friendly. Highly recommended. We will go back.

Review №10

This place is so much fun and a welcome challenge in todays digital world. We went with some other couples and had a blast! We escaped the Titanic room with only a few minutes to spare.

Review №11

This was super awesome!!! We were literally planning our next visit as we were walking out. My, wife and kids had a blast. Kinda pricey but worth it.

Review №12

Dont let the back-of-a-building location fool you: this escape room company is doing fantastic work! Our family of 11 did Terror on the Titanic for Christmas (they let us have more than the 10-person limit since a few of our players were young kids). The room decor is incredible, very realistic; the puzzles are all logical and well-created with quality elements; the use of tech-based puzzles was carefully balanced to avoid anachronistic elements. There was plenty for everyone in our group to work on, even the grade-schoolers! There was nothing scary-terrifying in this room, quite suitable for kids. Staff were very friendly -- they even allowed Grandpa to take a couple pictures of the action inside the room!!!NOTE: One puzzle in this room does involve pre-recorded audio which is pretty hard to understand; not suitable for hearing-impaired players.

Review №13

Great staff. Great puzzles. Great Experience.

Review №14

Theres a reason this place is so highly reviewed! The escape room was very well done and the challenges never surpassed our reach, but did require teamwork and creative thinking. You can really tell how dedicated the owners are to their customers experience. We did a group of four and were matched with another group of four. More is better, so I recommend if you cant fill the room you make some new friends.

Review №15

We had a great time at Escape Waukesha! The Titanic room had so many creative riddles and locks that kept our group of 8 moving and puzzling the whole time. Great value for the experience and fun! Eric and the team were accommodating, kind, and made it a wonderful first escape room for us.

Review №16

This place is awesome! We always go there as part of our Work Xmas Celebration! The Rooms are tough, but you really feel good IF you can get out on time! It is always a blast!

Review №17

My kid LOVED it here. She talks about it a lot so, were hoping to get in ourselves sooner than later. Once I do, Ill write a more comprehensive review but, I appreciate any business that treats kids as the customers that they are (or that they will surely become) as it shows they take their business seriously.

Review №18

Went here for my 30th birthday! We did the bomb escape! Had a blast (no pun intended)! Staff was great. The room was detailed and creative! This was my third escape room and it was my favorite one yet!

Review №19

We love Escape Waukesha! It is a great place for a fun night out... Date night, team building, or just friends hanging out. We will definitely be back!

Review №20

We have been to this escape room 4 times (different rooms each time) and love it!! This is our favorite escape room place by far! They’re very hospitable people, and the rooms are challenging but fair! We can’t wait to go back!

Review №21

We went as a family for my oldest sons birthday. What a great time we had, the clever mind games they use are very challenging, so dont think youre going to just walk through. We plan on going again and we will pick the most difficult room they have because it was a blast watching everyone contribute to solving the puzzle.Thanks for a great time Escape Waukesha.

Review №22

Took eight 13 year old boys for a birthday party. The facility was quality, much nicer than I was expecting. The staff friendly and patient. They escaped the Titanic Room and had a lot of fun with the clues. We would definitely go again!!

Review №23

Our first time at an escape room. Great experience. Highly recommend

Review №24

Great challenge! theres always something ahead. some obvious and others are group work. my specific group was very kind and observant with their work. I will definitely reccomend this place to some friends will come back.

Review №25

Very well done rooms (some are much more fun and interesting than others, however). The staff is very nice and enthusiastic. My group has made it out of both of the rooms weve done with minimal hints.As I understand it, they mix up the rooms every 6 months or so to make it fresh, so Ill likely return to try it again. Highly recommend.

Review №26

This is our second time coming and it was great. We came several years ago when it opened and again to one of their new rooms and were impressed both times. Thanks for a great date night out!

Review №27

Ive done a few escape rooms but this one is by far the best experience Ive ever had! They have a variety of rooms to choose from, each one intricately decorated and coded. The clues are personalized for each group so that you never get stuck. The time and effort put into this business is apparent - more so than any other escape room Ive been to. Cant wait to come back and try out their newest room!

Review №28

This was a great place to go for team building with my staff. They worked with us on our time and the staff had a great time.

Review №29

The room was difficult, but in a good way. The clues were there and made sense. Definitely worth the money and experience.

Review №30

Great experience! The staff was awesome, very accommodating, & very welcoming. The price was very reasonable & we are planning to go back to do a different room. I would highly recommend it. We did it with my 18, 19, & 21 year old sons, their girlfriends, my boyfriend, ex-husband & his wife for our son’s birthday & everyone had a great time!

Review №31

Was very fun. Went into Pharaoh room, challenging but fun. Would recommend to groups of friends.

Review №32

My company did a team building escape room here. The room was very well laid out and challenging. We were able to escape but the other team was not. The staff was very nice and told us the history of how this Escape room came about. I would definitely recommend this to anyone especially if you like to solve puzzles.

Review №33

Great experience! Took our kids-12 & 10- they had a great time and so did we! Clean too!!! Everyone was really friendly! Would definitely recommend for a family outing or a night with friends-can’t wait to go again!!!!

Review №34

We had so much fun! We had a group of 9 with ages ranging from 10 - 45. I wasnt sure that I would enjoy it, but thought the kids would have fun. We all ended up loving it! It was great working together to find the clues and solve the mystery. And we made it out just in time. The staff was very friendly and gave us clues when we needed. I would definitely do this again.

Review №35

Good room. We had fun. They need to reconsider their no parties of two policy, however.

Review №36

Details include: Location was easy to find, just, enough parking, was great!

Review №37

Staff was friendly. It was a neat experience. I can see why people enjoy these places, but its not my thing. I was a First and only timer.If youre into that gig, give it a try. It was cool.Im deducting one star because I felt our party size was too big. We went in as a group of 10. I feel a group of 4-6 would have been more fun.

Review №38

Had a great experience in their Pharaohs Revenge room. It was my first time in a break out room and it was the perfect balance of challenging puzzles and fun. Would highly recommend to others. I plan to check out their other two rooms at some point in the future.

Review №39

Great place to do something fun with family and friends. Staff was very nice and helped give clues when we were struggling. We didnt have to wait long before entering the room and start the fun!

Review №40

Nice place.

Review №41

Always love our time with you guys. Your staff is so friendly and fun! Cant wait to come back for your new room!! You guys are AWESOME!

Review №42

Best place to do escape rooms, been to others that were not nearly as good as this one! Must go!!!

Review №43

My college church group had a great time in the Pharaohs Revenge. It was the first escape room most of us had ever done. The room was captivating in appearance. We escaped with a considerable amount of time left which was unfortunate because it left us imaging all of the puzzles that could have been added. There were ten of us, but I think the room would be better played with less people. This would allow you to feel more connected to the puzzle-solving of other. Despite this the room was a lot of fun and definitely worth the price.

Review №44

January 2019 Update- Was looking to re-book this weekend, but they now require at least 4 people in a room and if you dont have it they will cancel your booking. I can no longer recommend for those of you that have less than 4 in your party. This is a deal breaker for us as we like to do these with just the two of us.Yes! We escaped the Cromwell Manor with only seconds remaining! Mission Breakout staff is very friendly and courteous! We had an amazing time and the puzzles are fun. The hour went by very quickly. I recommend all come and try and we will be back take on their other room in the future!

Review №45

Escape Waukesha has fun & challenging rooms. If you are looking for fun head there!!!

Review №46

My first time, group of 10 of us. We figured it out with a little time to spare. it was well decorated.

Review №47

Super fun and challenging. We had two teams there so a little friendly competition along with some great bonding and puzzle solving. Would definitely recommend for team building.

Review №48

It was awesome my team loved it. We will be doing it again.

Review №49

We had a good time as a group and we really loved our game host. We will definitely do it again in the future!

Review №50

Im an avid room escapee, and the rooms here are exceptional. Perfect level of difficulty (not frustratingly hard or eye-rollingly easy), and with help provided to ease you in the right direction if youre just not quite connecting the dots. Highly recommended.

Review №51

It was a fun first time did the zombie room

Review №52

A fun, challenging way to spend an hour. Good puzzles. Will visit again.

Review №53

We had great time and surprised in the size of the rooms. And the staff was very freindly. All at a great price.

Review №54

Great price. Lots of interactivity. Friendly staff.

Review №55

Great rooms! Friendly staff! We keep coming back!

Review №56

Took a few of my daughters friends for her 16th birthday party. They had a blast!

Review №57

Good place to figure out how to get out of the room

Review №58

Great place to visit, the staff was incredibly friendly and I would highly recommend patronizing!

Review №59

Ive done all three and all are very unique. Much better that others rooms done in the Milwaukee area.

Review №60

A lot of fun

Review №61

Easy reservation, friendly staff compared to Escape chambers Milwaukee. Clean facility. Very cleaver. We did The Hideout with a group of 6. Definitely recommend and would do again.

Review №62

Tons of fun!

Review №63

The Egyptian theme room was cool. We have done a number of escape rooms and I would say this is up there with one of my favorites!

Review №64

Easier puzzles than others I have been to, but very fun and reasonably priced!!

Review №65

Was super fun did the pharoahs revenge and the whole family had a blast

Review №66

So much fun! They are very creative.

Review №67

Came here with a small group and had a wonderful time, clever and thought out puzzles. Will be returning soon to do the other rooms.

Review №68

What a fun afternoon for a team building experience! Thanks to Eric and his team for creating this unique Waueksha treasure!

Review №69

Had a great time with my friends

Review №70

Super helpful and kind staff. The accommodations were clean and tidy and all ready for our group to have fun that day.

Review №71

Had a fun,exciting family experience.

Review №72

Fun time! Very well done. Will visit again!

Review №73

Fun time! Great owners!

Review №74

Was a lot of FUN!! Very clever and the staff were great! Thanks for an exhilarating date night:)!!

Review №75

Amazingly fun experience! Super friendly owner!

Review №76

This place is a blast! Room was fun and challenging will be comming back.

Review №77

Fun and challenging. Will go again.

Review №78

Lots of fun to be had while being challenged!

Review №79

A lot of fun with our group of 10! We got out with a few minutes to spare

Review №80

We had a great time. We will be back.

Review №81

So much fun for a group!

Review №82

Tons of fun

Review №83

Awesome place

Review №84

So FUN!!!

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Review №86

I loved this experience!

Review №87

It was a fun place to go!!!!

Review №88

Lots of fun!!

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Review №91

Fun, challenging, will be back

Review №92

Very fun...

Review №93

Awesome owner, fun rooms, good prices.

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