Pell City PREMIERE LUX Cine, Bowl & Pizza Pub
1200 Vaughan Ln, Pell City, AL 35125, United States

Review №1

We bowled and played arcade games. The price was affordable, the kids had a blast. So I would say I was a happy customer when leaving. Looking forward to watching a movie here in the near future.

Review №2

Love this place. We I took my kids bowling it was cheap after a certain time & we got to play a few games. We had an issue 1 time with our lane & the people were very quick to help us out. Also the kids loved playing at the arcade...

Review №3

The large popcorn and soda are no longer refillable and the large soda is actually the size of a medium soda in a fast food drive thru. Most of the concessions items arent even available anymore such as nachos. Who gets rid of nachos? They also dont allow you to fill your own soda cups or popcorn buckets anymore.

Review №4

Neat place!! Recliner style seating in theaters. Concession prices not bad at all compared to most. Kids loved the arcade and ropes course. We didnt bowl, but looked like those who were bowling were having tons of fun.

Review №5

We had the BEST time!!! We went for my birthday, and had a lot of fun. They have a bar, great food, a bowling alley and Gameroom. The seats were incredible. Who has ever got to sit in a recliner watching a movie at a theater??? We put our feet up, and ate our dinner and drank some draft beer (Blue Moon draft~Our new favorite beer) while we watched the movie. I had the steak fingers and they were delicious! Had a great birthday

Review №6

Friendly staff and comfortable seating. Will definitely be back.

Review №7

It was me and my friend first time there last night and it was Great!! Great food great family fun atmosphere I was so relaxed while watching the movie oh! love! love!! Ill definitely be back

Review №8

OMG this is how you watch a movie! This place is amazing with reclining lazy boy seats!! Perfect for taking a nap while your children eat popcorn and drink free refills of endless soda so that they can talk non stop on the way home while you are trying to gather your thoughts and emotions because of the endless struggle bus that is your life. The entire place was so clean you could eat off of the floor! Bring a pillow five stars.

Review №9

Love this place! It has a little bit of everything: bowling alley,arcade, ropes course for the kids, and of course a movie theater. The self serve popcorn machines are an amazing idea. Screens were nice seats were comfortable and reclining. Would definitely take the family back here for a evening of fun and movies.

Review №10

Went for my daughters 6th birthday and it was awesome

Review №11

Went to watch Unhinged Russell Crowe new movie. Everyone needs to watch it you can learn alot about road rage.

Review №12

Bowling, food, games, movies and Alcohol! Nice place to relax and have some fun with family and friends. You can have food and drinks brought to you in the theater. The recliner chairs are very comfortable. The food is Okay, but the experience is top shelf. The arcade also has a sky rail for those who want to climb around the ceiling.

Review №13

Nice! The way a theatre should be.

Review №14

Took the grandkids bowling. They had a blast. Nice clean facility. Decent value.

Review №15

Awesome bowling area, as well as a neat arcade section.

Review №16

All you can eat pop corn and recliners.

Review №17

Comfortable recliners, clean facility, fun games, great food, bowling and a bar for the adults great place

Review №18

We had a party of eight tonight (on a Tuesday) and were happy with our experience. The only let down was empty bowling lanes and they won’t let you play a quick game while you wait. They said leagues were coming. Very small area for leages to be booking, but whatever. Games are all a dollar a play. Didn’t try the pizza, but contrary to a lot of reviews, the popcorn was good so maybe they fixed that problem. Staff was friendly. We did have an issue with printing the tickets at the kiosk, but it was handled by a manager with no problem. The games are great and our kids enjoyed them. Graphics were amazing. The games are played by purchasing a card that is used on each machine. Tickets that are won are loaded on your card and can be saved for another trip if desired. Bathroom was clean and it was accessible at all times we needed it. The only parts that were dirty were due to patrons with poor housekeeping skills. Overall good night. We will go back.

Review №19

Worst experience I’ve ever had in a movie theater, management never told me that there were no refills after I bought a drink for 5.50 which they said was a reduced price then refused to at least give me another cup to refill sense I already paid for a drink. I understand the new laws under Covid 19 but every other food place wouldn’t care to give you another cup to refill. This place is so greedy I left after that even though I paided for the tickets and wasted my money and I might have been rude and showed my butt a little and im sorry for losing my temper but I think it’s unfair to do that to paying customers.

Review №20

Very nice theater. The place is always clean when I go. Ive bowled once. The lane messed up midway through, and the staff was very helpful in getting us sorted out. The games are fun to play. Theres usually a couple that are out of order, but its been that way at every arcade Ive been to.

Review №21

Could use some more arcade games but overall there is plenty to do here whether your waiting on your movie time or just looking for some fun! Free refills on popcorn & drinks, a bar (you can take your drinks into the theatre) & great prices on bowling with a very up to date bowling alley! Oh did I mention that the theatre seats on automated!? If you cant get comfortable then youre just too picky!

Review №22

This is an amazing place the seats are recliners you have a small table and drink holder. And theres a lot more stuff than just a theater and the kids will have a wonderful time. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to have a fun night or day out.

Review №23

Love, love, love this place. This theater makes “going to the movies” an entirely different experience. Love the reclining seats, the swing-out trays for your snacks and there is even a port to charge your phone! My husband likes to go just for the “real food”.

Review №24

Nice place theater is awesome eat before you go food is outrageously expensive games are fun and kids love the zip lines

Review №25

Very nice theater. The staff were helpful and the lines were short. The popcorn machines are self serve which is a great idea!

Review №26

Wonderful experience! Went to see the new Lion King movie, the seats were amazing! The most comfortable theatre chairs Ive ever sat in. The popcorn, nachos and drink line up was self make and I absolutely loved it. Itd a genius new way of doing things to make it easier on employees and customers. I would definitely recommend everyone to go visit this place. You wont be disappointed

Review №27

This place is straight, and you dont have to go strapped

Review №28

Great atmosphere for adult teen and even newlywed families lots to do .

Review №29

Great place, wish there was more bowling lanes and cheaper food. Did buy a drink and got unlimited refills. The arcade was good for the kids. Love the theatre and the recline seats.

Review №30

REVIEW FOR THEATER EXPERIENCE ONLY...First time here and below are my pros and cons for just the theater part.PROs1. Able to reserve your seat online.2. Self serve popcorn and drinks.3. Theater style spacious seating w/electric reclining seats. There is also a USB port if for some reason you need to use one.4. The theater was clean w/no funky smells.5. Audio during the movie was nice and loud with a good amount of bass.CONs1. Bathroom in the theater hall only had 2 or 3 standups. I believe there is another bathroom outside the hall though.2. The biggest issue was the screen/projector issue. During the movie previews, we could barely even see the video due to the ambient lighting but mostly because of the dim projectors. Even during the movie when the theater was dark. The video projection lacked brightness, contrast and focus. Maybe it was just the theater we were in but from reading other reviews, I think it is a well established issue for all the theater rooms. Of note, we were in the first theater on the left.All in all, it is definitely worth the drive if your within 45min-1hr. The only drawback for me was the video quality. Only one drawback but its a pretty big one.

Review №31

Love this place. Free popcorn and drink refills. Seats fully recline and are off ample size. Im 510(178cm) tall and approx 400lbs(281kg) and I fit comfortably in the seats.

Review №32

My kids & husband had a blast on the rope course, it was very well priced & the amount of time they had was perfect, but the guys doing the belts couldve done a little better, they had the strap 2 high on my son. They all had a great time tho.

Review №33

What a great place to go for a day of fun. Family couples and friends can enjoy entertaining and enthusiastic play with games bowling and a movie. This is a great place for the area of St. Claire County and the Talladega County.The movie was awesome.

Review №34

Theater is clean. Staff is attentive. Theater seats are awesome and assigned seating is great. Even though we didnt enjoy the movie we chose, we enjoyed our visit. We did not order food so I cannot rate it. We did not bowl either, but the lanes looked fun.

Review №35

We went to see Godzilla King of Monsters at Pell Citu Permier Lux!! It was fabulous!!! It was less than 20 bucks for 2 refillable drinks a refillable popcorn and a large candy! The seats recline and are clean. There are trays connected to each seat with a recessed drink holder. You can charge your phone with the provided USB plugin. The seats are all oush button and so very comfy!! The movie was fantastic!!! Its a truly wonderful place and I have to say well drive to Pell City before spending more money in Oxford again. The experience was fantastic. There is a huge game room and a small bowling alley along with a small eaterie. Download the app and have food brought to you!!! I highly suggest this place as it was a fun fun evening. We will definitely be going back SOON!!!!

Review №36

I love the arcade and we go pretty often to play some games specifically because they are so fun. The bowling lanes were a bit different than we were used to but still very fun, we havent gone to see any movies yet there but Im expecting it to be a really great experience from how the rest of the facility was great.

Review №37

Great place for bowling! Social distancing is followed here!!

Review №38

This place is awesome!! The seats are comfortable and gives you a relaxed movie experience. Highly recommended!!

Review №39

Not only a movie theater with stadium style seating that recline and have fold away TV trays to eat your pizza and other goodies on but this location also includes a bowling alley, arcade area, and a bar for the adults to enjoy as well. Great prices and very clean establishment.

Review №40

Such a great theater! Super comfortable seats, trays with built in cup holders to put food and drink, and the seats recline. Everyone should give this theater a try. We will definitely be back!

Review №41

LOVE this place! Me and the family go for special occasions. Full bar, well stocked arcade, very nice bowling alley, good pizza, and the movie theater is top notch. There really is something for the whole family here or also good if you just want to grab a beer with the guys and knock down a few pins.

Review №42

Love this place. Comfortable updated seats and great service.

Review №43

Fun. A little expensive, but fun.

Review №44

Best theatre around. Place has the best popcorn, best comfortable seats, best staff I have seen compared to most places within this area. Worth driving from other areas to come here.

Review №45

This place is very nice. Seats all recline and have trays to eat. We ordered the chicken strips. Which were very good!! 1 with tots and 1 with onion rings. My husband is picky about his rings and he enjoyed them. The ranch dressing is in house made and is delicious. You can play some video games and bowl there too. The drinks are over priced though.Saw the movie Joker and it was really good too and I dont like super hero movies at all.

Review №46

Comfortable seating, fun games, and bowling!

Review №47

This is a very fun theater and it is local!!! Everyone is very friendly and courteous. I havent tried the food yet, but everything else is great.

Review №48

Always clean and the people are always friendly. The kiosks right inside the door make for an easy ticket pickup without waiting in line and the seats are super comfy!

Review №49

Perfect Family Fun Night! Buy your tickets well in advance for new releases for best seat selection. Our kids are 9- 21 and everyone had a great time. Its a little chilly so be prepared.

Review №50

This was beyond the best experience. We bowled, played in the arcade, and even watched a movie. The reclining seats were so nice that I didnt want to get up. My popcorn and drink were delicious. I have no complaints from this trip. I would recommend as a must see location.

Review №51

I was told they arent accepting cash at the moment...

Review №52

AweLooky hereHad an amazing time

Review №53

Fantastic! I never use the arcade or bowling but Im sure it would be great for kids and groups of friends. I love the full menu of food available ticket purchase. Its a popcorn lovers dream, free refills! They have a full bar with beer, wine, vodka, and mixed drinks. The theater is super spacious, no more squeezing by ppl to get to your seat. The reclining seats with tables for your food is the cherry on top.

Review №54

Cool theater to go to. Food was OK although all I really had were the chicken fingers and I wasn’t very impressed. The pizzas looked better

Review №55

I saw Captain Marvel here. Excellent top notch comfortable power recliner seating with adjustable headrests, full menu, you have access to the popcorn butter so you can drench it all you like, you can even get alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately I had to take off a star because the screen was very dim, difficult to see what was going on in some scenes, and the volume was also very low. Also these are the small theater screens, not full width. I cannot rate the sound system as they had it turned way down. In my opinion, this place is fine to go see mediocre movies, but for something major like Avengers Endgame I would go to Birmingham and see it on a big Imax screen with sufficient size and volume.

Review №56

The seats are amazing and the entire theater is unlike any other theater, at least that I have been to in the Birmingham and surrounding areas. As other reviewers have stated, I thought the sound system either was turned down too much or needs to be upgraded. But overall, a great addition to our community!

Review №57

The only complaint that I have was the stinky restrooms. I didnt see any vents. The trash cans were over flowing with trash in the womens restroom. This theater is so nice and pretty and for the womens restroom to look and smell like that is a disgrace. Maybe they should invest in some automatic room dispensers to go off every couple of mins. The price that we pay on tics, food, & drinks are too steep to have restrooms that are not presentable.

Review №58

This is a really nice theater. Seats are very comfortable, even heated! I love how the popcorn is dispensed making it super easy to get the whole bucket buttered and not just the top pieces. I dont like the reserved seating though. Makes it a little challenging to go with friends unless you buy all togther and I want to pick who I sit next to in a movie.

Review №59

My husband and I took our 3 kids to watch a movie this past Tuesday. We all got in free due to the kids summer days. We purchased drinks and popcorn and really enjoyed the large reclining chairs and snack tables. We also let the kids bowl and enjoy the arcade. I cant say enough good about this place we love it and will continue to go back.

Review №60

Went their for my grandkids birthday parties (twins)The place was super clean and the staff was very professional.

Review №61

Amazing! The only bad idea is self serve butter. I got a stomach ache from it.

Review №62

Awesome place! Great service seats were comfortable admisphere was awesome and sound great. Definitely will go back. I got totally spoiled

Review №63

The seats are amazing and the lines go by fast they have an amazing selection of food and movies and the staff are so polite and try there best not to cause issues

Review №64

Always have fun with my family there. Great place to go. They have everything

Review №65

It was awesome. My only complaint is they need to upgrade the sound system. Gadsden premier cinema has much better theatre sound. Love the recliner seats, the bowling and the fact you can take a beer or cocktail into the movie.

Review №66

Love it, first time there but I will go. Friendly staff and comfy seats

Review №67

Great experience.. Love the design of the layout. Free refill on popcorn and drinks any size. Great deal. Also, watch out the seats are so comfortable, you will take a nap and love it.... The price is competitive with other movie theaters. Well worth the experience youre going to have

Review №68

Theres an awesome new Hologram arcade machine. They said its the first one to be built in America. So futuristic! It was really fun and different.

Review №69

Pricey. But very comfortable. Very clean. Very relaxing. Uptown kind of place

Review №70

Friendly staff. A little pricey but typical for this sort of entertainment. There are some pretty good deals depending on the night and time frame. All-in-all a good place to do something different.

Review №71

It was so fun! Brought my daughter bowling and to see Malificent. I asked her if she had fun and she said it was so fun she would go straight back.

Review №72

We brought our party here for bowling with the family reunion theres pretty much everything you need here and they have awesome prizes

Review №73

Best experience for watching a movie. Service was good unless you wanted a drink. Bartender was also the cook. Overall good experience though

Review №74

It is so nice to have a theater close to home, with a bowling alley and game room. The service was great. I wish they would deliver the food ordered straight to your chair, but baby steps, right now when your pager goes off you have to meet the server at the door to the theater room you are in. Popcorn and drinks were great. Best thing about popcorn is that you can put some popcorn in, and then some butter, then more popcorn, then get the idea! The pizza was only so so. I am not there for food anyway, just did it this time since it was the first. The seats are AMAZING!! I love me a red recliner! Overall, on the movie end, I give them 4 stars. Still a few bugs, but will update later!

Review №75

Car show today. Very hot. No drinks or anything for attending. About 15 cars. Hopefully they will do better in future. Maybe 1st Sunday each month, to follow 1st Friday in Gadsden.

Review №76

Good prices on tickets. I work for someone in a wheel chair that loves to go to the movies, they do not offer a free ticket for me to get her in there to watch her movie. Trussvile does. Other than that, always clean. The kitchen got my order wrong twice this day but that happens.

Review №77

Best theater ever. The bowling alley is affordable, new, clean, and well designed. There are plenty of arcade games. I love the reclining seats. The only thing is that drinks and food are overpriced. One dasani water is almost $6 after tax. I will still give them 5/5 because all movie theatre food is overpriced, so I cant discredit their other qualities

Review №78

Pretty cool theater with lots to do. Only downside is it only has a few movie screens so the movie options tend to be limited.

Review №79

Awesome entrainment venue!

Review №80

Great fun, awesome seating and food was good. Good way to enjoy a new movie.

Review №81

I really like this theater. The price is reasonable and theres something for everyone. Although I do like the reclining seats, theyre not super comfortable. They also make a lot of noise when they recline so its distracting during the movie. Overall, I enjoyed my time and the theater!

Review №82

Wonderful. So glad we have it in Pell City. Just perfect.. Hope to get more 1st run movies.

Review №83

Great family place! Pell City has something good here. Oxford, youre getting left in the dust.

Review №84

Great family entertainment. Fun for all ages! Cinema, arcade and bowling all in one place.

Review №85

Great place for family fun. Good food, reasonable prices

Review №86

Best thing since the comfort of the drive in. This is actually an idea I had years ago but never followed up on. So they owe me some money. Having said that. Love the reclining seats and tray table for drinks and food. I actually ate chili cheese nachos in the dark without wearing any of it. They also give you a buzzer like your at Olive Garden or something and activate it when they bring your food to the theater door. You just walk to the door and get it, Bon Appétit! Great and fun concept. The kids love it and have a blast. My wife likes the fact that she can store her purse and other gear on my tray while she uses hers too eat. Guess I need to lose some weight anyways. Luckily the arm rest have cup holders.

Review №87

No games here are in your favor. Low ticket payouts and forget the claw machines. I know they’re all rigged but these things couldn’t grip a flea. Don’t waste your money in this arcade. You’ll have better luck at oak mountain lanes in Pelham which is much more fun and will be great. Fix your games and I’ll fix my rating.

Review №88

First time at the new theater in Pell City. Its great place and loved the self-serve counter.

Review №89

Love the reclining movie chairs. Unlimited refills on popcorn and drinks is pretty awesome too!

Review №90

This place is awesome. From the comfy recliners to the charging ports in their arms, we loved it. There are trays attached to the recliners to place food and drink on that you can move around. If you order food from the restaurant during the movie they give you a pager and it lights up and vibrates when its ready to pick up so you dont miss the movie waiting on food. They provided plates for our pizza we ordered. No lines to refill drinks or popcorn and their concessions are priced similarly to most theaters. The arcade is just a small, typical theater arcade, but then theres the rope walk that goes above the arcade, which is right beside the bowling alley. You can order tickets and pick your seats online or they also have computers as soon as you walk in. Staff was friendly and polite.

Review №91

This was our first time at the Premiere Lux Theater and we loved it! The employees are wonderful and very helpful. All of them greeted us with a smile and were happy to help. We will definitely go back for another movie and I have already booked my daughters birthday party there. So glad Pell City now has a nice theater for all the families in the area. The recliners in the cinemas were top notch!

Review №92

Love it!! Love the atmosphere..gkids love it!! ️ love the never ending popcorn and drinks!!!

Review №93

Be prepare to go to 1st Class! This is not your father movie theater. The seating is like being in you favorite chair with plenty of leg room. THESE SEATS RECLINE!! -- Food and self serve drinks and popcorn.The sound and digital picture was great on the movie we went to.If you are there for entertainment bowling and arcade games are there too. ( I do not care for the big sports screens OVER the bowling lanes.)This is an experience not to be missed.If this is the future of going to the movies-- I am looking forward to it. I will be back....

Review №94

AWESOME theater!! Stadium seating that recognition with TV trays and cell phone chargers.

Review №95

Ive seen two movies here & had a great time both times! The seating is outstandingly comfortable &the prices are reasonable given the quality of the facility & accommodations

Review №96

Very very nice. This was my first visit and the chairs will put you to sleep.. lol.

Review №97

Loved it!! So nice!! Fun place to go!! The chairs in theaters were awesome! Like reclining at home and watching a movie!! Ill be back!

Review №98

One of the nicest theaters I’ve been to

Review №99

Clean and friendly. My 4 year old grandson loves playing the arcade games. Husband and I enjoy bowling and watching movies.

Review №100

Very nice. I wish it were closer. It is about a 45 minute drive, each way, for us but it is so much nicer than the theater in Trussville...and they have better price options. So, we will make the drive from now on.

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4.7 Rating
  • Address:1200 Vaughan Ln, Pell City, AL 35125, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 205-346-6843
  • Video arcade
  • Bowling alley
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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