Payson Stadium Cinema
633 S 950 W, Payson, UT 84651, United States

Review №1

Comfortable seats& they seem to be taking precautions well for COVID. It was an old Christmas movie on the big screen & therefore much less expensive (only $3) but tickets have to be bought online so just be aware theres a $1 extra fee.

Review №2

Great place, and great prices!

Review №3

Absolutely love this theater. 1st 2 rows are recliners and they recline much further than other recliners Ive sat in in theaters. Also not horribly crowded and the theater cup is a great value. $2 refills after you buy the come back cup. The rest of the seats are your regular stadium seating non reclining. Decent enough, Ill sit there if the recliners are sold out. Lastly this theater serves Dr Pepper.

Review №4

A few weeks ago we took our kids to see Hocus Pocus. We all wore masks and washed our hands. When we arrived a woman was coughing and sneezing in the ticket line. Her eyes were watering and she just kept coughing really badly. We said please wear a mask and go home if you are sick and she ignored us. Bought her ticket, touched the doors and walked in. She then got in line and bought popcorn and got butter and salt, touching everything. I told the girl at the ticket counter to please ask this person to leave. She is obviously ill and it’s ridiculous that they have signs up not mandating that they wear masks. The girl just shrugged and said we can’t force anyone to wear a mask. You actually can because it’s a privately owned theater and it keeps everyone safe. I will not ever attend again. The complete disregard for everyone else made me lose respect for this place.

Review №5

A clean and comfortable theater.

Review №6

Great theater. Super clean with friendly staff! Love that they play classic movies too

Review №7

This is my favorite theater in the county overall for viewing experience, sound, and comfort

Review №8

Clean theater, good prices for the movies been shown. Good prices on popcorn and drinks. Only problem I am a bigger guy and the chair was quite snug to get in. Overall good experience.

Review №9

You cant beat this theater! The seats are comfy and the staff is the best.

Review №10

FANTASTIC movie!! Excellent accomodations.

Review №11

Nice theater. Comfortable chairs.

Review №12

Good hometown movie theater. Nice to get out and see a movie again.

Review №13

For as old as that theater is it was pretty clean. The refreshments werent too over priced the seats were good and the picture and sound were pretty good. The employees were friendly and seemed to be enjoying their job. Which I dont notice in a lot of places I visit.

Review №14

Its a great locally run movie theater. Nice facility, friendly customer service, and great movie selections, even during Covid.

Review №15

I like the Payson Stadium theater. It is nice and clean. I never have to wait in line to get concessions. They are always well staffed. In fact, I hope that they arent over doing it with the staff, some evenings my son and I will be the only ones in the lobby and there are 4 or 5 kids waiting to help us.Now that we have moved to the south end of the valley, Ill attend the Payson theater a lot more. I like it here.

Review №16

Perhaps the best theater in Utah, great popcorn, excellent lounge chairs, very clean, very clean restrooms, and a fun place to watch a movie!

Review №17

I love that tgey are open and playing classic movies!! So much fun

Review №18

Not too bad. CANT beat the ticket prices during covid. Their social distancing practices for searing isnt terrible but horribly enforced.

Review №19

Small but less crowded. Good theater with nice seats.

Review №20

Clean and comfortable theater. Concessions are reasonably priced. I saw Frozen 2 with two is my daughters. I felt like they may have cut back in the good sound system because it was a movie that wasn’t recently released. But we paid the same price as the other movies.

Review №21

The main ticket guy was very friendly and wasnt grumble.. Also the person who took the tickets helped me by taking my daughters ticket so I could wait for her in the theater. She was able to come 10 minutes later and get her ticket. Thanks for being friendly and kind. Great job

Review №22

Great digitally remastered classic movies, and only 3 bucks during the beer virus crisis. Only complaint is that the sound needs a bit of equalizing, the bass and high treble are both too low. Im an amateur audiophile, and Id do the job for free, if they gave me free tickets ;)

Review №23

Cheap and efficient, hope it stays open forever

Review №24

I love this movie theater. Comfortable seats, great popcorn, nice and clean bathrooms and decent prices. Staff are always friendly. Lots of parking spaces. They always have the newest and best movies! I would highly recommend this movie theater!

Review №25

I love this theater, always clean and staff friendly.

Review №26

My kids and I saw a few movies here I like how you can reserve tickets in advance and each row of seats are well elevated

Review №27

This theatre is the best. Lower ticket and concession prices and the smaller theaters have better than expected seats. Definitely my new first choice for movies!

Review №28

This is a fairly nice theater. The chairs are definitely not the best Ive seen but they have been upgraded so they now recline a little bit. The only problem with that is the people behind you are much more likely to bump/kick your chair.

Review №29

We have been going here for years. They always keep everything up to date. Great down front seating!

Review №30

Very clean, with good chairs. There were very few people in the movie so it wasnt crowded. I feel like this is not a well-known theatre, so that makes it a good alternative to other cinemas in Utah Valley.

Review №31

Comfy seats.

Review №32

We love our local theatre. We like it more now that they got the recliners and more comfortable seating. They have preselected seating so you know which seats you are getting before you go in.

Review №33

Comfy seats and great service! Our family loves coming here

Review №34

Its a great small town cinema with great service. Clean and comfortable. They have normal seating and some loungers.

Review №35

Short lines great service, quiet theater not alot of people so it was easy to enjoy the movie

Review №36

Nice little theater for such a rural area. Some of the theaters have reclining seats, which is a plus.

Review №37

Its a small theater but its nice, and the concessions are a little less than others in the area.

Review №38

Amazing theater! Not the best seats but if you want to watch any new movie and dont care about the quality of the seats then this the place to go. The prices are great!!

Review №39

Awesome atmosphere. Excellent concessions. Customer service okay.

Review №40

Clean and cool on a hot day.

Review №41

Great movie theater.. kind and sweet professional staff

Review №42

Great popcornChairs do not recline

Review №43

Parking is easy, staff smiles and is friendly, great movies are shown, and the theater is very comfortable and clean.

Review №44

I go here once a week. Clean, not too cold in the theaters, never had any problems with buying tickets or snacks. Some theaters have reclining seats and some dont.

Review №45

It was good. First time Ive been there (that Im aware of).

Review №46

I dont go to theaters often for a variety of reasons, but the last few times I have, its been to Stadium Cinemas. Im a small town guy, and I like the friendly, small town atmosphere here. Never too crowded, nice employees, and its been very clean each time Ive been. Ticket prices are right on par with the area, and it seems they recently upgraded the seating, including a few rows of recliners. My only gripe is the highway robbery that is the concessions. $3.00 for a bottle water is pure greed. Sell it for a dollar and youre still making 10-20x your cost.

Review №47

This place ROCKS! Great prices! GREAT staff! Very classy place! it has such a fun and happy vibe. Just when i think that it cant get better, it does! New seats, new TVs advertising movies! the list goes on! Stay strong Stadium Cinemas you ROCK!

Review №48

Very small but was pretty nice.

Review №49

A great theater! I love coming here, and that they now have assigned seating and are putting in better seating. Bathrooms are always clean, and the local commercials and small independent vibe are great. The screens arent as big and fancy as in many theaters and concessions are somewhat limited compared to some places, but they have what youd expect from a regular movie theater.

Review №50

Very nice theater with very comfortable seats. They keep it clean and looking good.

Review №51

Ive been going to stadium cinemas since I was a little girl and it has always been one of my favorite places! Its perfect for a night out with the family or friends!! They have the best movies and the coolest chairs! If youre looking for a great place to catch a movie this the place!!!

Review №52

The best theater experience! I love the new seats and me and my had the whole theater to ourselves. I definitely recommend going to a Sunday evening movie

Review №53

I enjoy their recliner seats better than any other theater. They feel like antigravity chairs, so much more relaxing and enjoyable!

Review №54

Great theater been going here since it opened! Love their $5 Tuesdays. Bathrooms large and clean. They have peppers to put on your popcorn. Good small town vibe!

Review №55

Classic movie theater, great price, $5 tuesdays, not super busy, just an awesome cinema for the whole family. Keepin’ it old school. Love it.

Review №56

There is not a slot of people so it is nice. Also they play good movies

Review №57

I like the movie with the hairy wizard person

Review №58

My favorite theater by far! The staff is always so nice and the seats are great! Its a perfect small town theater.

Review №59

Decent theater with slightly lower prices. They do have theater seating, but the theaters are not very large. Concession prices are standard. I do like that they are less busy than most. The theater is a bit back behind everything, and has limited parking, but I have generally been able to find a spot. Theater is clean, with clean and newer bathrooms.

Review №60

Their popcorn is perfect and the screen was amazing. The high quality screen made the movie come to life. The movie theater was clean especially the floors. The noise is not too loud nor too quiet so they have great speakers. They are super cheap and they have a huge variety in drinks which was pleasing. This is probably the best movie theater I have been too.

Review №61

Great movie theater nice comfortable chairs in a friendly staff the movie was great

Review №62

I remember when this theater was state of the art. Their sound system is still fantastic. The seats are starting to show their age and are not nearly as comfortable as some of the newer theaters. Clean and friendly staff. EDIT: They have upgraded their chairs and now it is my favorite theater to go too. They have not upgraded all theaters yet so hopefully that gets done soon, But most of them are, I have not seen a movie yet in a non upgraded theater.

Review №63

Great theater

Review №64

Love this movie theatre..persons really nice, clean everywhere

Review №65

We love movies, and you will absolutely not find anyplace as good as Stadium Cinemas. The seats were comfortable! The floor was actually clean, not sticky and nasty like some of the others. Most of all, the staff was super and helpful. Best popcorn and no watered-down drinks, all this and you dont feel ripped off by the prices.

Review №66

Clean, assigned seats, and nice screens

Review №67

I came in a while ago with a huge crowd of friends, and I was surprised at how well we were treated by the employees. They helped to makes sure we all got seated together, and happily made sure we were all where we wanted to be. Not many theaters have patience for that, so I thought that was nice! The theater itself was really clean, and organized, and kinda had nice feel to it. Only thing Id complain about is their popcorn bowls are too easy to spill.

Review №68

I am a frequent movie goer, and go to this cinema location about once a month.I am glad that they have significantly upgraded the seating, audio and video in this theater, but I wish the popcorn was more fresh, and that they hadnt upgraded their pricing.I will still go there when they have the movies I want to see, but it is a bit disconcerting to me that we are paying for their new seats. Should keep the prices lower to keep folks from going to Spanish Fork! Just sayin.One more thing, teach your employees to smile, pay attention to the customers, and not just pay attention to the existing conversations that they are having when the customer walks up. Also, count out the change people! Dont just hand a wad of bills and coins back and say, here.

Review №69

Good theatre great sound and gets 5 stars for serving Pepsi!

Review №70

Been going here since I was little! The Sears are comfy and the place is clean!

Review №71

Love this place, clean, decent prices and usually pretty quiet

Review №72

I only give 3 stars just because the theater could use some seat upgrades. The staff is very friendly and the service is good. I like watching movies here for the simple fact of the availability and the local feel I get from being there.

Review №73

Clean lobby, bathrooms, and theaters. Polite and helpful employees. Good selection of new releases. Concessions include fountain drinks, candy, and popcorn. Seats have thin cushions and dont recline. Wasnt very comfortable. $5 for any ticket on Tuesdays.

Review №74

Not too bad, screen wasnt as color vivid as I would have liked but it was a good experience.

Review №75

Very clean. Friendly staff. Smaller theaters, but still great sounds and overall experience. Connections are just as pricey as any other theater.

Review №76

Clean, comfortable, updated seats. Reserve your seat. better prices on movies and concessions. My favorite movie theater.

Review №77

Never too crowded when we go however when we went to the opening viewing of Dumbo last week and the movie stopped for about 5 or 10 minutes and then when it restarted the sound didnt work for another 10 minutes. No apologies or offer of compensation.

Review №78

It cool I love it I see the Lion King 2019

Review №79

This riotous, arcade-game-inspired sequel powers up with fresh ideas and some brilliantly-executed pastiching.With so many animation franchises content to tread water – or in one interminable case, ice – it’s seriously refreshing to see a sequel that’s not only an upgrade on the original, but more thoughtful too. If ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ launched us head-first into a 16-bit wonderland fit to blow the synapses of bright-eyed kids and weathered gamers alike, this surprisingly vibrant follow-up is a giddy, sugar-coated joy. And it’s an expansion pack that plugs in plenty of new ideas: abou

Review №80

Their website is always down, and even the big screen that shows the movie times at the ticket booth is down or rebooting most of the time. Therefore, you have to find out what movies are playing at what time by asking someone at the booth, or consulting a crystal ball. All while the other folks in line are getting annoyed because youre taking forever. Not frustrating at all... at least it is always clean.

Review №81

We love this place. Friendly workers and good prices. Just updated their seating.

Review №82

Great theater! Usually clean and well taken care of. The Pecan Pie Productions commercials do get a little old though. Also you cant use a Stadium Cinemas gift card to purchase/reserve seats online which is inconvenient. Other than this, Its a great little place and I would highly recommend.

Review №83

Not the best theater around but it’s close. It’s cool that the front seats are leather recliners and dip low to see the movie even in the very front. The general seats are not comfortable. The “butter” they use is fake and makes us sick every time. Price is good and staff is nice though. We had to talk to the manager last time so I hope they got the hint not to sell all of the handicap seats to non-handicap people before the movie even starts. We’ll go back again because the staff is nice and price is cheap.

Review №84

Ive only been here a few times. The theater itself looks really nice. It is quite a small theater though so I would not recommend this Theatre if you wanted to watch a movie on opening night for full cinematic experience that a theater can provide. A positive note I feel like the concessions are fairly priced and dont leave you feeling cheated.

Review №85

Very high quality for a locally owned theater

Review №86

Great home town theater with multiple screens and stadium seats so you never have a problem seeing the screen. Smaller theaters and therefore smaller screens, but still large enough to enjoy all movies. Great sound.

Review №87

Great price and tuesdays is only 5 dollars. Got new seats that are awesome and the forward seats recline and are very comfy. Love it

Review №88

Amazing price

Review №89

Have always loved this theater but now even more since getting all new seats that are comfortable and some that recline back as well.

Review №90

The staff are friendly. The theater is clean and has great choices of beverage and snacks.

Review №91

Love the remodel. Wish all seats were recliners but its nice to have a few rows at least

Review №92

The seats are a bit old, nothing special like reclining, but they are decent. I am hoping they will consider updating them, but Ive seen far far worse.If youre looking for a no frills cinema experience thats quickly accessible from the interstate, this one might just be it.Normally fairly quiet, Id recommend this theater for groups and family experiences.For dates its less expensive than other theaters but lacks some of the more intimate features like reclining seats or cuddle seats.Another thing to note is the armrests are fixed, which is great for defining personal space, but can be annoying if you are wanting to be closer or feel less restricted.

Review №93

New and popular movies. More inexpensive tickets for Matinees. Well kept and clean and friendly staff.

Review №94

Pretty nice movie theatre for a small town. It has stadium seating with average quality seats, seemed pretty clean, good snack selections. They have a little lower prices than the theatres in Provo and offer discounts for early movie times and $5 Tuesdays.

Review №95

Attended a private screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at this theater, and I was highly impressed. The facilities are clean and well-kept, pre-roll ads are low-volume and tasteful, staff is friendly. The popcorn was great, much better than some bigger theaters. Audio and picture are top-notch. I wish there were more theaters like this one closer to me.

Review №96

Amazing staff and customer service!!! I bring a group of elderly men and women here every month and the management and staff are always so helpful and accommodating and sweet. Prices are good, seating in the theaters is good and the staff are excellent!

Review №97

Theater was great, lobby floor was sticky but thats kind of to be expected at a movie theater.My complaint is that the baby changing stall is tiny! There is about less than a foot of space between the changing table laying flat and the wall. If I were a larger women, then I dont think I could have fit comfortably. Just too tiny.

Review №98

Great movie theater, decent pricing, yummy popcorn and comfortable seats! We love Stadium Cinemas!!

Review №99

Been going here for years still prefer it over big fancy places

Review №100

Bought tickets online and was able to reserve my seats. Its a comfortable local place! Good service too!

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  • Address:633 S 950 W, Payson, UT 84651, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 801-465-8500
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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