Fairchild Cinemas - Pasco 12
5020 Convention Drive, Pasco, WA 99301, United States

Review №1

I love this theater! Its clean, has attractive displays, and they have so many fun toppings for popcorn. Love it!

Review №2

The $6 Tuesday movies is the main reason me and my wife visit Fairchild cinemas especially for date night they have good pricing on concessions and the customer service is top notch

Review №3

You get what you expect. No issues. This is the normal place I go because of distance and a good theatre.

Review №4

Always a great experience. Theater is always clean, the seats are the comfiest around (rocking theater seats!) Concessions are reasonably priced, we love the kids box for only $5.50!

Review №5

I dont know where they got the chair set up but very nice.

Review №6

John Wick 3, great movie for what it is... Completely what I expected... Non-stop action and over the top violence. I only wish the young mother that sat in front of me didnt subject her probably 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl whom she had to continually cover her eyes to it. Not the full experience I was looking forward to.

Review №7

Clean well kept theater. Lines arent too slow moving either. I like to purchase my tickets in advance so we can waltz on in. Bathrooms are clean and well stocked. Parking lot is well lit and clean with plenty of handicap parking spaces and plenty of exits so youre not behind a long line of cars.

Review №8

Super fun night with my granddaughter watching Frozen2. Everyone in the theater was having a good time laughing and enjoying the movie.

Review №9

I enjoy going to the free kids Summer movies with my grandchildren. Also like going on Tuesdays with the $5.50 matinee price for everyone to every movie all day. Not too big theaters so not over crowded, and nice comfortable seats. Drinks and snacks are like every other theater, pretty expensive. Large parking lot with several handicap parking available. Customer service is good, and speedy. On extra hot days I bring a sweater as the ac is cold. One of the nicer theaters in the area, but there is one ( soon to be two) with the recliner seats, service to your seat including alcohol.

Review №10

The theater may be older but there service is better. Its the same company as Richland and Kennewick but they answer there phone.

Review №11

Always low stress on a Sunday night. Comfortable seating, no buttons to push. Food prices to high but thats been the norm for a long time. Apparently, this money is used to create yet another complex on 27th in Kennewick.

Review №12

Excellent cinema with an excellent and nice staff. Restrooms were extremely clean as well as the theatre before screening. I would definitely recommend for any new openings!

Review №13

Nice, clean, friendly/helpful staff, good popcorn too! Lines tend to move fairly quickly, even if theyre long.PRO TIP: During the summer when schools out... Get your tickets ahead of time online! (Had to learn that the hard way. Haha.)

Review №14

Quick parking and ticket purchase! kids popcorn boxes

Review №15

Plenty of films to choose from ..Tuesday night special is great!

Review №16

Friendly staff more than willing to help you. Huge lobby and clean. The theater rooms are large, but I have seen a few bigger in larger cities. They do a really good job cleaning between movies. The restrooms have always been clean and stocked with paper towels. Then have a good variety of snacks and drinks which are not a great price, but all theaters charge about the same.

Review №17

Was nice .. good movie.. but they should have asked what time I wanted to see the movie ..

Review №18

Pretty basic theater; amazed at all the 5 star reviews - apparently most people in TC have not been to a legit big city cinema. Decor very bland. Seats are tiered, but nothing fancy. Basic food items, nothing more. Volume in theaters is way too low. When I can hear my neighbor munching on their popcorn over the movie, I’d rather be watching the movie at home.

Review №19

Food is too to go to the movie here

Review №20

Fairly clean. Small seats that have a little recline. Fabric chairs feel cheap and grungy. Lights went out when they were supposed too and the sound system was good.

Review №21

The theaters are always clean, and the staff is polite and helpful.

Review №22

Quite frankly its one of the best movie theaters in town plenty of room never feels really overcrowded. Great place to take the kids.

Review №23

Lots of movie times, nice staff and comfortable seating.

Review №24

Not sure how they would mess it is up.

Review №25

Very nice cinema just pretty dead.

Review №26

Great prices on Tuesday. You can afford a treat after the price of a ticket.

Review №27

Had a good time at Fairchild cinemas comfortable clean and well-maintained

Review №28

Its great at the time I whent! No 1 was there at 130pm on a Friday you can pick the seat that you want. Rambo was awesome at mat price cant beat the 8 $ for action flic.Dan j

Review №29

Im very unpleased. I was told that a 21 year old had to buy my ticket for a r rated movie. And so I had my brother buy my ticket. Then as the movie was starting someone came in and told us to leave. They kicked us out because my 21 year old brother wasnt watching the movie

Review №30

Nice seats, and cheaper than the lounge theaters.

Review №31

My grandsond and I saw Lion King here. I was told, Yes, we have unsweetened ice tea....then, found out they dont. The popcorn...( we ate) during a matinee. Note to self.... easy on the butter! Snacks were under $20 for a large popcorn a slushie and an ice water

Review №32

Good, except one of our kiddos got sick (outside) and there were no attendants to clean up. I felt terrible leaving that mess, but had to get the kiddo home. #toomuchcandytooearly

Review №33

Its nice n big always good to bring your children for a good movie.

Review №34

I dont mind paying a little extra for the amazingly comfortable seats. Always a good experience.

Review №35

Not the newest setup (no fancy powered recliners). But a comfortable, clean theater with efficient ticket and snack counters and good video/audio quality

Review №36

Nice friday night theater. I go there all the time. They also do $5.00 movie Tuesday for those on a budget.

Review №37

I saw Avengers Endgame. Its a great today theater with 5.50$ Tuesdays. I cant wait til we get the new one in Kennewick. Plenty of theaters with a panorama view or Google Pixel three on your phone for lobby trips.

Review №38

So affordable, we love this theater.

Review №39

Well bathrooms always!!! The work staff can use some manners!!! I reported that there was an open needle in the Mans restroom... They did nothing till I went back after the movie... And picked it up... Myself... and asked for a Manager... Just a shame a little kid could have poked himself... Was not happy at all about it...

Review №40

It was pretty good, but at summer, when they make offers in the tickets, you have to be there like 1 hour early to have a good place to sit.

Review №41

Great deal on Tuesday half priced tickets.

Review №42

Home town theater.. great!

Review №43

Clean, nice staff and not too cold.

Review №44

Everyone working there is very nice and helpful.

Review №45

Ehh for the 5 dollar tuesday it makes it worth it

Review №46

Had a great time with my family !

Review №47

I have a really sad experience in this place and embarrassed time I was going quick to bathroom before the movie starts to change my babys diper and this employeename stars with k, I ask to call her manager and she ingnor me she refused to let me use the bathroom and change my baby, so if they will be refusing to the customer use the bathroom they should close the cine

Review №48

Seats comfortable, ticket people courtesy is good doesnt smell of smoke

Review №49

Always a good place to be at. People were extremely nice.

Review №50

I love the reclining seats!

Review №51

Great theater employees are always nice.

Review №52

I feel the seats need to be a little bit wider to accommodate us bigger people

Review №53

Great movie theater. Toy story was a wonderful movie

Review №54

Always a top notch cinema, always top notch service. Love their deals and investment in the community

Review №55

My favorite theater by far very very comfortable seats in the picture seems to be better than any of the other theaters

Review №56

Took the kids in the daytime on a Friday..and it was perfect. Food prices are a bit high.. but didnt expect any less.

Review №57

Went to see John Wick 3 with my Uncle Dennis (he is in a wheelchair) we got there 40 minutes before showtime and a line was starting to form so I asked if people who are disabled (there was one other in a wheelchair) could go to the head of the line. He said his manager told him it was first come first served.WOW!!!Dont expect any specal treatment for the disabled at this theater because you wont get!!!

Review №58

Great seats, screens and plenty of good eats there.

Review №59

It was clean. Staff was friendly. Chairs were comfortable. Temp in the theater was comfortable. Enjoyed everything about our visit.

Review №60

Theater is always clean. I like the setup for buying refreshments. You get to serve yourself and then take your food up and pay for it. Makes the lines go a lot faster. I have never been waiting in line just hoping to get into my movie before it starts like happens at other theaters. Its a much better system.

Review №61

Saw UNPLANNED. What an informative movie. Everyone needs to see it. Thanks Fairchild for hosting. Looking forward to meeting Abby Johnson in April in Kennewick.

Review №62

Price is not too expensive

Review №63

Great place to see a good movie

Review №64

Had a great time with my daughter into youngest granddaughters going to see Transylvania 3. Three generations having a great time. The seats are very comfortable, I prefer this theater over most others

Review №65

Good theater in regards to seating and quality. Docked them one start for the lack of sour candy... Sour patch or sour straws are a MUST have candy option and I often go to the AMC despite significantly inferior quality just because they have better candy options.

Review №66

They have amazing movies and very clean

Review №67

Great service and comfy seats

Review №68

Honestly, I wasnt sure how this place would compare to the luxurious theaters in Richland; but I was pleasantly surprised.The seats were comfy, great customer service/staff, and good food as well. Also, watched Cpt. Marvel here and the picture and sound quality were awesome. The theater is just the right volume as well.

Review №69

Just went last week. We were comfortable and love that there were only a few other people. Good timing!

Review №70

My favorite movie theater in the Tri Cities area!

Review №71

Comfy theater. Recommend highly. Need a healthy option to go with pizza and nachos.

Review №72

The fact that i can get end game tickets on launch day without paying extra is awesome. also the cinema is clean, seats are comfy and staffs are friendly but STILL END GAME IS GOOD

Review №73

Love my Tuesday dates with my little nephew. It makes it affordable and enjoyable during the week.

Review №74

Typical cineplex. Rarely crowded. Comfy seating.

Review №75

Love going here for there free summer movies.

Review №76

Week day late show allows one to pick the best seat they desire.

Review №77

Was the most expensive water I ever had. Movie was cool tho. Better eat before you go to the movies because their food is not cheap. $4.50 for a water. Can you imagine what the food will cost?

Review №78

We love Fairchild! We dont go to any other theaters anymore.

Review №79

One of the greatest Movie Theaters is out in Tri cities, yet it is very inexplicably exciting to watch movies and buy snacks, but beware of bringing your own snacks in, plus it is very secretive that others do this. Do at your own risk. But I highly recommend the Movie Theaters to the public.

Review №80

Always a great experience here! Clean theater with comfortable seats and polite employees. And all movies on Tuesdays are $5.50!

Review №81

Great place to go watch a movie!

Review №82

Good theatres, and I really appreciate that they do free summer movies for the kids. With young kids you never know how theyll react to a movie or how long theyll last, so these have been great to practice on.

Review №83

Great experience great all-around theater for relaxing and watching your favorite movies

Review №84

Staff is always pleasant

Review №85

Ive been going here for years and will continue to do so. The only thing Im wasnt that happy about is how slow the food service was, but since the renovations thats gotten a good boost. I also cant seem to find the self service machine for online tickets, it used to be out of service altogether so I dont know if they just go rid of it, either way the service is fast so I dont loose much.

Review №86

Very friendly service way better then AMC !!:)

Review №87

It was a great experience taking younger son and daughter to watch Hie To Train Your Draon 2 :) Great and cute movie

Review №88

Went here for the first time to see Aquaman. Movie was good, no hiccups in the film. The theater is supposedly cleaned in between movies, but upon entry it appeared they only picked up the cups and buckets etc. The floors were riddled with popcorn bits. The cup holder near me had a straw wrapper in it. Also they did not have any combo deals at the snack bar, usually you can buy a tub of popcorn and two large sodas for a slight discount, not so here. Over all an average movie experience made worse by greed and laziness.

Review №89

We love watching movies here clean and great staff

Review №90

I tripped on the curb. thought it was leveldidnt get hurt much but where the level changes you need to paint it or something

Review №91

This place is nice and usually clean. It can get too crowded at times, but not often. Its what you expect with a movie theater.

Review №92

Always have, close to my home and the recliners

Review №93

Decent movie theater. All the good movies are always available here. On Tuesdays, they have $5.50 per person movie sales. Workers are generally friendly. Bathrooms are maintained.Recently they have upgraded their interior to the newer design (the same on that the Fairchild in Richland has). It looks very nice and modern.

Review №94

I love the movies....GREAT place to just chill relax and have fun(plus...they have the best movies)

Review №95

Great Service. Great Price. And Great Popcorn! I Mean The Seasoning Is Popping. Not To Mention You Dont Have To Buy The Seasoning On The Side... Overall A Great Cinematic Expirience.

Review №96

Great local theater, seats are wonderfully comfortable. best time to go is matinees when kids are still in school.

Review №97

I Can Only Imagin- great movie. Take your Kleenex; if you like Christian music by Mercy Me - got to see. Great afternoon with a new friend.....

Review №98

Good, not as good as the queensgate one but good for the price.

Review №99

They play free kids movies in the summertime!

Review №100

It was to hot watching the movie alot of us were complaining and no one did anything to fix it

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  • Address:5020 Convention Drive, Pasco, WA 99301, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 509-544-0115
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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