AMC CLASSIC Palm Harbor 10
37912 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684, United States

Review №1

Had a really nice time my grandson took on a Valentines dinner and movie. My card that they used to be in there computer. No longer was in there so no savings for me. The young man was so nice to he gave gave me the discount and registered me online because somehow the computer deleted me. And my account So he went out of his way. And said the extra for me and Christian to have a good time and save money. So the staff was super nice. And went out of his way to make it a great night. The expenses of the movies are really so out of control these days. Charging almost 2.00 for a lid for popcorn container. But thats not the staffs fault.44.00 2 tickets a bucket and a soda. Its hard now a days. Im just saying pay it forward....thank you For you help tonight Would like to do this more with my grandson....but cant afford it.maybe some promotions God Bless

Review №2

Nice theatre. Classic movie theater feel. They were recently bought by AMC. Not as nice as other area AMC theatres. There is not a Stubs Premiere line. The theatre is very clean, seats are comfortable and concessions all tasted fresh and delicious. Go on a Tuesday, its cheaper if you are a Stubs member.

Review №3

Love this theater but sad to see so many people that are afraid to venture out for a movie nowdays.

Review №4

Close to home and good sets nice and clean too

Review №5

Always a great experience. I enjoy the move theater experience as much as the movie itself, sadly and unfortunately the endof an era for movie theaters. Hopefully that changes.

Review №6

Havent been in a long time, still a nice theater.

Review №7

I bought tickets online a week in advance of the movie my husband and I wanted to see. We specifically arranged an entire day around this. We have 2 kids and havent been to theaters in three years. We arrive at the theater to find out that apparently they quit showing the movie a week ago. Why did it let me buy tickets online? Why didnt they send an email to let us know that the showing we booked and paid for was no longer happening? They reluctantly gave me my money back, however I didnt get the full amount, they kept the convenience fee from purchasing online. It was about a $6 fee. Not happy at all and wont be coming back here.

Review №8

Nice place to see a movie. Old school and comfortable. Bathrooms could be cleaned more frequently. But folks here are nicer than the bigger theaters.

Review №9

Close, convenient, could be cleaner.Im a regular at the Palm Harbor 10 since 1996. I like that AMC made an investment in new digital projection equipment and the seating, while plain and plastic, is comfortable enough. I was disappointed in its cleanliness on my most recent visit. It was the usual suspects; restrooms and auditorium floors. And one of the freestyle beverage dispensers needed cleaning out. You can also see the age of the place. New carpet, interior paint and counters would be nice. The young staff is courteous and friendly, I was able to get seated quickly, and the overall movie watching experience was good. With it being so close and such a reasonable ticket price, I know Ill be back.

Review №10

The staff is super friendly. The seats are comfortable. Perfect for taking children. Lots of leg room.

Review №11

The employees give friendly service. Good popcorn. Old fashion seats they do not recline.

Review №12

Love all the new updates and the fact that I can order my tickets and pick my seats ahead of time. Great concession stand and lots of good food and even a bar serving alcohol. Great place to go watch a movie

Review №13

Nice theater. Staff were helpful and nice. Too many previews and commercials. Movie did not start on time and had a slight glitch for a few seconds. No reception in building. Hard to do Groupon, so print it out if using anything

Review №14

Really like the location of this theater because it’s close to home and easy to get to. The staff is always friendly. However, it’s seats are so far behind the other theaters in the area. I’m excited of the thought of updated seats in the near future. The price of everything is the same as the other theatre so I hope the seats will also be the same. I love going to the movies and I really appreciate a clean and comfortable seat! If we had that in Palm Harbor, I’d never go to another theater again.

Review №15

The movie and staff see good but I wish a couple things were different.The front ticket window was shut down, now you buy tickets from the concessions stand which takes away from the classic experience of the movies.The movie theater STUNK like old carpet. There are no carpets in the theater just chairs! That means the smell is the chairs we are sitting on. DISGUSTING

Review №16

My go to theatre . Have been going here for over 20 years . Never crowded . Cozy theatres and all the top movies . I always check for movies here first . Never had anything but a good experience

Review №17

You cant beat $6.49 movie tickets. Screens and seats are a little old but perfect for the price. Front food is normal. Nothing to write home about.

Review №18

We got tickets online for 8pm Movie. We got there a a few minutes late and the doors were locked. There was multiple people that could see us and ignored us as we knocked on the door. Finally when we didnt give up they opened and let us in. They didnt apologize and acted as if we had disturbed their cleaning. So rude! There was still previews playing when we got in the movie. Ridiculous! Theater old, run down. Seats uncomfortable. At the end they had the bathrooms closed so no one could use after the movie. Will never go back. Worth driving to woodlands AMC not to deal with all this, plus woodlands has the nice seating.

Review №19

Love our small local movie theater! Cheaper prices then all the others in the area. The staff is always happy, friendly and helpful! Would give 5 star but it needs just a little love and updating, then this would be the perfect movie theater!

Review №20

Nice little theatre. As others have said, could use some updating but still a good experience. I loved buying the tickets at the snack counter...only one line to stand in! The service was great and the popcorn was good. Theatres are small and seats are ok.

Review №21

The area was a thriller because the service people didnt do bad around cleaning. Also the cinema barely has consumers so this is the cinema you can go to if Cobb theaters 12 is full!

Review №22

Great place, great prices, especially on Tuesday ($5 off).Clean, courteous staff, and they have refillable drinks.... Plus the coke products flavor machine!

Review №23

Not much to expect, its a movie theater. Seats are what youd come to expect. The service at the front was good. Apparently you buy your tickets as you get your popcorn now. That was unexpected. Still 20 bucks for 2 large sodas and a large popcorn. Free refills, which is cool. They have,one of those self serve machines, so that saves time when you want a drink refill. Good experience, sound was solid and picture was crisp. Enjoy.

Review №24

This theatre was a little older and smaller than I thought. But great for a matinee.

Review №25

It is a very dirty unkept theatre. Women’s bathroom smelled like a dirty nursing home. Definitely not like other amc theaters that we have gone too. Waiting in the concession line to buy tickets was not enjoyable. Will not be returning to this particular AMC Theatre.

Review №26

Ive went twice in the last month and both times the service was AMAZING!

Review №27

Customer service was great but theatre needs updating. Could not hear any surround sound just people eating popcorn and seating was angled odd. The sound was towards the front like I was watching TV at home with a bunch of strangers.

Review №28

Beautiful theatre with many screens, comfortable seating and a great selection of food and beverage items. Ive never had a bad experience here. Highly recommend. In fact, all AMC theatres I have gone to have been positive experiences for me.

Review №29

Good neighborhood movie theatre. Clean, always available seats.

Review №30

The manager KEVIN was the rudest, most unprofessional and downright MEANEST person I’ve ever felt with at any corporate establishment. I needed his help regarding something negative that had happened to me during my visit. Not only was he completely unhelpful and walked away from me when I was explaining the issue but he actually seemed so angry with me for “wasting his time”. Even the lady behind me was appalled by his unprofessional behavior, she said...”oh my God, wow.. I would report him”.No managerial staff should act is such regard to their guests. I will not be returning here and will NEVER RETURN TO AMC. STAY AWAY FROM HERE! Or at least spare yourself from encountering Kevin!!

Review №31

Bedbugs in one of the theaters. We complained to corporate and got a generic sorry for inconvenience autoreply...nothing else. Stay away unless you want a home infestation.

Review №32

Decent theater with good prices if you belong to their Stubs program and attend on Tuesdays. No recliners and seats are a little small but comfortable enough. Have a bar and some food but we have not used that feature yet. Has close parking which is not available at the other theaters around here.

Review №33

Very unexciting theater. Nothing horrible yet nothing great either. The extra charge for DBOX isnt justified by what you get. Pretty disappointing. Otherwise its a relatively clean place that has competitive prices for standard showings. Also theater 3 has a screen issue so if youre very observant beware

Review №34

This theater is not the cleanest, very unkept. The staff was already shutting down the concession at 8:30pm making it uncomfortable to ask for a refill. A cockroach crawled across my seat (which were low to the ground and very uncomfortable) during the movie making it very difficult to focus on the movie because I was worried about if there would be more.

Review №35

Dying theater seriously in need of an update years ago. I was there when it opened, I guess Ill be at its closing too. This place is the location that corporate let die. Great place before, now its a dollar theater that charges full price but with a bar. Adding overpriced drinks doesnt make my enjoyment level rise, it adds drunks from the hotel across the street.

Review №36

Love the upgrades from when it was Muvico! Loved it then too! Great location too!

Review №37

The Tues., Senior Citizens rate is $5. ... For first run movies Which is great !

Review №38

Great reclining eats. Buy tickets on line, theatres small. Long lines and may not have seats available. Bar in back.

Review №39

Tnere are larger, way busier, and more convenient theaters in the malls and cities, but this AMC is perfect. We live in Palm Harbor, and for anyone that really needs an excuse to drive 19... this is a great reason not to.It’s older... but clean and well maintained, and so convenient for Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs. We enjoyed Donton Abby there, beautifully - for $6.41 each. A real deal !

Review №40

The staff were very nice. I wasnt pleased with the seats. I thought they wouldve updated them since AMC took over. Very uncomfortable

Review №41

My family has always enjoyed this theater. It might not be the fanciest but it is always clean and the people are friendly.

Review №42

Fast concessions, comfortable seating, clean restrooms. Popcorn is hit or miss on flavor. Best when freshly made.

Review №43

Great place to catch a movie. Standard experience. A little expensive but all movie theaters are.

Review №44

I always like coming here. Its quaint and close to home. :-)

Review №45

Old school theater: no frills (they might have a few D-Box seats). Inexpensive (only $8/ticket rather than the $12/ticket at the other local theaters).

Review №46

Wifi is nonexistent and no cell signal...old skool experience. nice employees. super clean

Review №47

Great popcorn, good seats and they serve alcoholic beverages

Review №48

WE spent day here since it was raining out. We had a great time and loved the bar in the theatre. Who would have thought!!!

Review №49

I really like this theater. Great pricing for tickets. Staff is serviceable and the seats are decent. Mind you, this is a Classic location, so the seating is more retro. The best feature is there D-Box which is worth coming for. I saw Avengers Infinity War in D-Box and was satisfied with both the picture and sound. Recommend.

Review №50

Recliners would be an amazing plus to movie viewers and total enjoyment!

Review №51

Old theater but good. Was quick to get thru the lines, can order beer while at the movies which is great. Of course concessions are over priced but that is expected at movies.

Review №52

I visited this theater alone and in a wheelchair, I must say the staff were extremely accommodating and helpful.

Review №53

Not a bad little theatre. Tuesdays are five bucks all day. Not the best theatre I have been to but its close and cheap and quality is not bad. Would recommend

Review №54

It was good, watched two movies forgot about my credits and no one reminded or asked. :(

Review №55

I prefer this AMC theater over the one in Oldsmar, even though it is a few minutes further to drive. The prices are lower, the parking lot is MUCH easier to deal with, and it is never overcrowded like the one in Oldsmar.The two downsides: (1) the theaters and seats have not been upgraded with recliners (hopefully that will happen soon), and (2) there never seems to be anyone at the front ticket booth, so you have to wait in line at the concession stand (with everyone waiting for snacks) just to get your tickets. They should have a self-service kiosk for guests to get their tickets and make it easier for everyone.

Review №56

The theater is old and the seats are very uncomfortable and the people sitting in front of you are in the way of the screen. The theater staff are friendly and pleasant.

Review №57

Theater 5 had no A.C. and it smelled of mildew. We left and they did give us a full refund. Place was empty on a Sat night. Now I know why.

Review №58

Great deals. Nice theater.

Review №59

Love this place because the seating is very nice and they do offer the popcorn bucket. I do wish pricing for soda was cheaper and wish the butter and salt was ready added to the popcorn. Please bring back the added popcorn flavors even if I had to pay a little extra, I miss having those avors to sprinkle on the popcorn. Love the Tuesday special but wish we had some special for Sunday as this is my only day off work.

Review №60

Classic is the fancy way of saying old fashion seats without levels fpr each row; just a flat room of chairs. Would be 5 stars if the audio in theater 10 didnt cut in and out. I let the ticket agent know after the movie ended today, so well see next Tuesday.

Review №61

Loved it. The manager was Very nice.

Review №62

Fights breaking out in front.Hoodlum hangout. Dont go.

Review №63

Nice small theater. If you want to avoid crowds go here

Review №64

The theater is small but, good picture and sound . Not the cleanest but, fair condition . They always seem to get the new movies 1st . Not bad .

Review №65

I love the small feel it has to it. Clean theater.

Review №66

The attention was great and there were no lines, but is an old theater so dont expect the latest in technology. Great for the price and to enjoy a movie.

Review №67

Great movie place there is no $5.00 shows on any day unless you are a member of AMC stubs. They really need to change that even on Tuesdays no $5.00 shows. Other then that it was a great place to watch a movie.

Review №68

Pretty run down for an AMC theater. Could most definitely use a remodel and expansion. Good location being right off 19.

Review №69

Its been renovated nicely since I was there last!

Review №70

Had issues with cleanliness in the bathroom as well as the beverage area. The seating in the theater was fairly comfortable but the bowl like layout meant you had to look over the heads of the people in the rows ahead of you.

Review №71

Love the movies best prices and the popcorn rocks!!

Review №72

Im always satisfied with their services

Review №73

Enjoyed seeing once upon a time in Hollywood. Love the movie theater popcorn.

Review №74

I loved the atmosphere. Seats were decent. Quality of equipment great. Food freah

Review №75

Its a small theater. Nothing fancy. But I love $5 tuesdays and sometimes I get the theater ti myself.

Review №76

Comfortable and great movie visual and sound. Popcorn special and refillable cokes and icees. Unlimited. Excellent value on discount Tuesdays

Review №77

Nice theater. Cheaper tickets prices than other theaters and Tuesdays are $5, cant beat that. Clean and comfy seating.

Review №78

Clean, has improved in past years. Was pleasantly surprised with the value. I went to see Black Panther with my little sister for 15$ on a Friday night. Great option if you dont need the reclining seats. Only issue is that show times and selection can be limited--but Ill take the limitation for the price!

Review №79


Review №80

Best place to go see a movie, usually not overcrowded, and plenty of parking.

Review №81

To be honest theater was great but with all the news reports hard to sit and enjoy the movie prefer to wait for streaming or dvd

Review №82

Staff was lovely, theater and restroom very clean. I had the best time in years!!!!!!!!!

Review №83

Intense movie nice seating comfortable and just down the road.

Review №84

Nice view. Sitting in my car waiting for my kid! I recommend parking near the front. Then he wont have to walk as far after.

Review №85

Really great location with good staff and great prices on movies.

Review №86

Fresh popcorn. And dbox seats was a pleasant experience and the lion king didnt disappoint

Review №87

Fantastic place to watch movies. Prices are amazing if you use an app. You can really save money and pretty much go to the movies for free.. Love it!!!

Review №88

Very nice. Went at noon show.

Review №89

This is an older theater without recliner seats however, the discount ticket price is a reflection of that. The seats are comfortable and in my own opinion, their popcorn is better than most theaters.

Review №90

James (AMC concession employee) was extremely patient and polite with our larger group. His customer services skills are above and beyond.

Review №91

This is a local, small AMC theatre & less expensive w/ NEW releases ! However, the line for movie ticket was the same for consession stand w/ only 2 cashiers (while 4 standing around up front)---- - it made us late to our movie. The seating is NOT teared enough and are uncomfortable. The sound quality is poor. The sound track was a bit off on our film. Not sure it will make it another year in biz.

Review №92

Great prices and seating for an excellent variety of movies. The most recent movie I watched here is Captain Marvel. The popcorn is good. The AMC stubs system isnt working for me but I can get on WiFi here. Its easy to buy tickets online and I person even though theres something wrong with the stubs reward profile system and phone number lookup.

Review №93

Good place to see a movie. Clean, comfy & friendly staff. The prices at the concession stand are no different than any other theater, expensive, but thats to be expected. Was fast & friendly service. I would recommend & will go back.

Review №94

Love first come first served seating, just like the old daysVery friendly staff, plenty of free parking.

Review №95

This is the closest AMC to me. Ive been a Stubbs member with AMC for some time and been to hundreds of theaters on the East Coast. Ill not go back to this one!! Im not a germaphone but all railings inside the theater itself felt like they had a coating of syrup. Very sticky, I touched in 3 places and was in disbelief, yuk! The lobby was clean enough but inside the theaters needs serious disinfecting, including the sticky floors.

Review №96

Small and uncomfortable seating, stale popcorn, overpriced, but staff is always friendly, and 5$ tuesdays is wussup so yea the only reason its 3 stars because of the workers theyre great!

Review №97

Love how simple this theater is. Bought our tickets and drinks at the same counter at a reasonable price and easily found a seat in the auditorium.️ Plan on coming here for now on to see upcoming films.

Review №98

Great place yo see a movie.

Review №99

Great place to go to watch a movie. Very nice atmosphere and in a good location. They are usually showing all the latest movies. As with all movie theaters tickets and refreshments are not inexpensive. However, I think it is worth the money. So, I would recommend this movie theater.

Review №100

Ive been going to this location since it first opened as a Muvico. It has been open for a very long time and I can honestly say its been kept up very well and doesnt look its age. I dont go very often but each time I have gone it has been a good experience. Its a good location as well. I recommend this theater. Its not 5 star but its pretty good and a great option if you are nearby!

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  • Address:37912 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 727-942-8476
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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