Cobb Theatres Downtown at the Gardens
11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave Suite 1201, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, United States

Review №1

Get the large popcorn. It has free refills. Hubby and I love going to watch a movie. Eating all the popcorn. Then taking a bag home for the grand kids. I love going to Cobb Theatres Downtown. The movie theatre is nice. Staff are friendly. But what I really like is coming out and being in the midst of Downtown at the Gardens. All the other stores and the atmosphere.

Review №2

Very nice time at the theater. Staff is very friendly and work hard to keep the place clean. Clean up staff nicely asked us to wait while they cleaned up the the theater from the previous show and they were very fast and efficient. Girls at the snack desk were fast and informative and provided good quick service. Facility is always very clean and is our theater of choice even though we literally live right next to Cineopolis. Very good job!

Review №3

I have had so many meaningful nights and memories here. Great theater.

Review №4

Go see a movie!! Great prices and alcohol available!

Review №5

Great entertaining area for a movie theatre. Loved that they had a bar and a bunch of fast, focused teens to take the order and make sure the right food went out to the right customers. Nice movie theater and great food. I had the Chicken tenders and fries and also a Strawberry banana smoothie. Very delicious.

Review №6

Awful place to work!! Management does not have your best interest at heart. Too many managers with too many different rules. They favorite certain people only... and spend their days talking about everyone! Very poor pay! Dirty theaters! Would much rather spend the extra money and go to Cinépolis in Jupiter!!

Review №7

Theater has really gone down in quality over the past 2 years.Pros: Comfortable seats. Still has the best food in all the local theaters. Cons: Staff consists of teens who dont want to be there and it shows in the service. The last time I went the ticket sales clerk was literally laying her head down to take a nap. They are often out of the most basic foods.

Review №8

The Cobb Theater couldnt be more convenient for the show goer. Park on the 3rd level and you are at the theater level. Signs direct you to the Cobb. Its a short walk, no stairs. Seats are very comfortable. Went with a friend, she fell sound asleep. So be careful.

Review №9

Movies at a movie theatre are just that, movies. So what sets them apart? Cleanliness, customer service, and comfort.Cleanliness - not bad. Theater was clean. Temperature was good. Didnt smell stale. 4 starsCustomer Service - Spoke only when spoken to. Wanted to get a drink but the bartender didnt move from behind the register. When I asked for a drink, she was responsive but robotic. Not that friendly. Didnt go the EXTRA MILE. Customer service sets you apart from the competition. 1 starComfort - The chairs in the movie theatre are the most uncomfortable chairs Ive ever sat in. Too narrow and too upright. Not very ergonomically friendly. By the end of the movie I had neck and back pain. -1 starWont go back.....

Review №10

I was shocked by how unsanitary they kept the place, they had roaches running around! It was disgusting, I was afraid to eat there.

Review №11

Nice Theater, clean. Wish the chairs would recline. They are very big seats however and well padded . Will be going back.

Review №12

The movie theatre was great except for the misleading statement on there website of reclining seats. NO Reclining.I looked at the seats behind me and you see that the recliners attached had been removed.You should not advertise what you don’t have.

Review №13

The theater is very well maintained. The seats are nice and comfy and the staff is very friendly. I hardly ever go to movies so I wasnt expecting much more than the typical in and out kind of event. I was pleasantly surprised that the manager Scott was very helpful and accommodating when I was there. He took the time to ask how my movie experience was and genuinely interested in what I had to say. I came here on a busier night and was surprised that there was lots of personalized attention by a manager. Ill definitely be coming back to Cobb for a rewarding movie experience.

Review №14

I love the Tuesday cheap movie specials. One free popcorn refile is good. And really comfy seats. I wish they reclined...but I heard that some theatres within had that feature. Maybe I was being cheap. Also...floors were sticky and bathrooms were decent.

Review №15

The theater itself is very nice (large and clean). The popcorn bar on both sides of the interior ticket booth is unique and amazing (I love the free topping options). It keeps me coming back, even though I have good theaters closer to me!

Review №16

I used to enjoy going to the Cobb. However, last night was not good. Several people had their cell phones on and would not turn them off when asked to. There were two people smoking in the top row. When we asked them to quit they told us to chill. . There were employees jumping up on counters. The only one doing their job...was the person taking the tickets. I would like to know, where the manager was. This was an early, 5:00 pm movie.

Review №17

Up until recently, my experience here has been fair, however Sunday 16th Feb, 2020 was horrible. The movie was virtually sold out except for about half the front row. The 2nd from front was so close, you had to look up and physically turn your head about 15 degrees to follow the movie. We saw several people try to sit in the front 2 rows, but the ended up getting up and standing in the back, or sitting on the addition to this, the music from the band outside was plainly audible throughout the movie. Had I not been with a few other people, I would have most definitely asked for my money back and left.They also had this movie in one of their smaller cinemas, where it should have been in one of the larger ones considering its popularity.My advice is to get there early if you are going to a popular movie/time, as otherwise you may end up in a row of seats that should never have been squeezed so close to a full width screen.

Review №18

Huge complaint. Cobb is selling tickets to Amphitheatre 1 which has a torn screen (as seen in the picture) that throws off the whole movie-going experience. $30 to see a ripped movie screen, really?Everytime a scene features that specific area for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker it was just a total bummer. No idea why Cobb didnt close down this amphitheatre for maintenance. I feel like I just got ripped off.Seats in the theater were comfy, but what a hassle to even get inside to our seats. You book in advance, get charged a $3.50 convenience fee, the ticket taker doesnt have a scanner so by the time they tell you to go to the Customer Service desk to print out your tickets, the line to that desk is pretty decently long and now you wait. Where is the convenience in this? Why not just invest in a scanner?

Review №19

Nice theater but why buy advanced tickets if you still have to go through the line to get a paper ticket‽‽ seriously, buy a scanner. It what all the hip theaters have these days. And no recliners.

Review №20

Great movie theater, usually clean (sometimes sticky floors), safe area, good availability of tickets. Love the reserved seating!

Review №21

I really enjoy $5 Tuesday to watch any movie thats showing at this Palm Beach Gardens Cobb theater. During the summer, my sisters and I, take the grandchildren/grand nephews to certain movies for free.

Review №22

The theaters fine. I would like if the seats reclined. I like the fact you can get a service tray to put your food on.

Review №23

This movie theater has new VERY comfortable red padded theater seats that rock. Great improvement from the old seats. We had to wait to be seated. We went to see the New Adventure movie and rushed to be early to get a good seat. But they had that covered too for we picked our seats when we paid for the ticket. Great Place to relax and enjoy a show.

Review №24

This place has suffered from years of indifference and neglect, which shows in every step of the process. I booked my tickets on fandango, and whereas every other theater these days scans your phone, here you need to wait in line at customer service to get an actual ticket. Want to use the self serve kiosks? Those are all out of order. In the bathroom, toilets are not automatic, but customers havent quite figured that out. Gross. Final straw: at the concessions stand, there are two lines, five people deep. The girl behind the counter, without warning, just leaves. Our line is left wondering, do we move to the other line? If we move, can we go directly to the front, or do we start over? Do we wait for her to come back? We can see her behind the counter, not helping customers, and she comes back after 5 minutes. I ask to speak to a manager. She claims she is the manager (Michelle White, according to her name tag) I tell her that it was totally inappropriate to just leave a line of patrons waiting without warning or plan. She offered no apology, explanation or accommodation; she literally handed me my popcorn and walked away, again, in spite of the growing line.This place needs to just close to make room for a theater in sync with the current decade.

Review №25

Im VERY surprised to see these comments that say this theater is Clean & Well Maintained. That was not my experience last week! The entire place was filthy and there was trash everywhere. The concession stand was dirty and the staff were barely trained. They were sold out of almost everything on their menu. The table area in the lobby was not kept up and every table was dirty. We had to stand outside our theater until it was the start time of our movie because they were cleaning from the previous movie. When we finally got to our chairs, there were still bags of popcorn and drinks in our row! Does not seem like they were cleaning anything...I went to the ladies restroom before it began and it was actually so disgusting that I did not go. What happened to this theater???

Review №26

The theater was clean and comfortable. The popcorn was fresh and the speed of the service was good. The staff behind the counter made me feel that because I was unsure of what I wanted, I was taking too much time and they seemed impatient. While the policy for purchasing assigned seats is good, it has its drawbacks. We purchased seats and sat with an almost empty theater. A group came and sat behind us. The parents all sat at the other end an the children behind us. Due to assigned seats we had to remain and have our seats kicked and listen to the kids talking and playing the whole time. The latter is not the fault of the theater but it is frustrating as we cannot find other seating.

Review №27

The place is closed, at least for now. The Palm Beach County Council said theyll ask the Governor to let theaters open up again. Hopefully they follow through and this place can get going again.

Review №28

This Theatre has gone downhill, ladies room not clean, two of three ticket machines out of order, and theater 15 had a noisy vibration that you could hear and feel that turned on, escalated and then turned off all through the entire movie. Extremely annoying/ distracting. Find another theatre.

Review №29

Nice movie theater, and by nice I mean: seats are elevated so always an at least decent view of the film. They have many screens so showtimes are very plentiful. there arent a bunch of kids talking thru entire movies they shouldnt be allowed to even get tickets for because they actually regulate age-rating limits which you would understand the benifit of fully if you have ever had the displeasure watching a film next to a group of unattended 12 year old kids. Theater is located in themiddle of downtown Gardens so there are plenty of places to eat and shop while waiting for or after watching a film.

Review №30

Superb theater. Digital HD projectors, large wide bright screens, best sound system Ive heard in a movie house, deep comfy leather hiback reclining seats, and a well stocked beer/wine bar.Top marks!

Review №31

2 lines formed for tickets. One window closed and told that line to move to the other line. Only 6 people total. She could have waited on 2 more people then close...... Went in to get popcorn. One window open. We were 2nd in line. Lady ahead of us had a problem with the amount charged. 10 min later the girl behind the counter told us there was no one in line on the back side and said for us to go there. Walked around to the back and there were 6 people in line. Very unorganized. If you are going to let kids run the joint, this is what you get I guess.

Review №32

Very clean theater comfy seats and plenty of room...however I find the head part of the seat a little too stuffed for the position in which to view the screen. Nothing a drink from the bar wont We sat in the center of the theatre...maybe better in the rear or maybe my head only Nevertheless I really enjoy the theater. Not too cold not to hot and perfect lighting in the event you have to go to the bathroom during.

Review №33

Saw the movie Just Mercy, first time here, it wad great. The seating is very comfortable.

Review №34

The bathroom smells worse than a state park bathroom (which is really just a latrine.) that’s not an exaggeration and it really is over powering and gross. The entire place is pretty filthy. Seats are ok and of course prices are outrageous, but most theaters are. Wow, though. It’s just so filthy and for this area, a real disappointment and shock.

Review №35

Ive been to this threatre a few times in the past years. Its located in a fabulous spot right in palm beach gardens but the overall threatre is becoming rundown. After waiting 10 minutes in a very short line to buy tickets i was late getting into see a movie. It was trully like going to an old, stale smelly, sticky floor kind of feel threatre. Only one line for concessions were open and no one was even working the other stands located in this place. What a bummer.

Review №36

I enjoy this theater for girls night out, on a date or hanging with my kids. Cool spot for sure!

Review №37

The theatre is very nice and comfortable but the prices for snacks is outrageous. There is no way snacks should cost that much. Is it greed?

Review №38

The staff is obviously all children and quite distracted most of the time. The seats in the theater compared to others are little tight and the movies are ridiculously loud. I love a good explosion as much as the next guy but they could turn it down just a little bit. The movie always looks great though...good screen good projectors

Review №39

Outside the staff behind the customer service desk the rest of the staff were rude. Man behind the concession didnt even bother to acknowledge us and let out a hugh yawn. Place smelled musty.

Review №40

Nice theater. Mostly clean. Fairly good customer service.

Review №41

Was surprised that the theater seats did not unfold like at other Cobb theatres. Also, the parking is not great for people with disabilities to get to & from the lot to the the theatre. Other than that, the g place is nice.

Review №42

We went this afternoon for the summer movie. At first I was a little nervous because it seemed packed, but they had two movie options playing on multiple screens and it made life much more comfortable. They also put the summer camp kids in different thearters so ours was just families which helped a lot. After we got settled in I was shocked how nice it was. We usually go to Cineoplois but moving forward I think well be making our way down to Cobb more often. It was clean, the screens and seats were well kept and the employee were very friendly and helpful.

Review №43

You wont fall asleep through any movie here because the overstuffed cushioned seats are FAR FAR less comfortable than any other theatre around. Truly painful seating. Do you like obnoxious teenagers? This place has them by the hundred. When your man uses the restroom does he like pissing in front of a crowd? Hell love it here, no dividers between the urinals at all.

Review №44

Bad movie experience on a Saturday night taking my young children to see The Adams Family. Our theater was overtaken by 20 teenagers who became very disruptive within 10 minutes of the film starting. Teenage girls bickering and arguing, teenage boys getting up and walking in and out over and over, the environment becoming more and more tense. My family and another family (unrelated) left the theater to speak to a manager. Management was initially unwilling to refund our ticket purchase but eventually bowed down to our pressure. They do not hire police officers to work off-duty at the theater to address the out of control adolescents.

Review №45

Wow, this was horrible. I hope management sees this. Because whoever you had working the concession at 7:00 on October 20th was absolute terrible and you need to have a conversation with all of them. The guy helping us didnt even acknowledged us as we walked up to order, and when we asked a question he LITERALLY yawned and answered MID yawn. I specifically asked for a receipt so i would have the guys name but unfortunately i think he was using someones register cause the name is of a girl. The theater itself reeked of mildew and there is no lights on the walk ways to see where u are going or to find your seat, the majority of the stalls in the bathroom was filled with pee and an over flow of toilet paper and the popcorn was so old. For such a nice area I was so disappointing to see such rude staff and a poorly kept outdated theater.

Review №46

Typical Cobb theartre, nice seats & cup holders. Wish theyd install snack trays. Flashback cinema is awesome! Bar is an added bonus! However, they need real bartenders! Not trained well, nor efficient, be prepared to wait and be early... if you order a signature cocktail? Beware.. Youll wait, bartenders get annoyed, and the drink was terrible. Do yourself a favor and just order a beer! Typical Over-pricing. Parking is ample, but be prepared to walk.

Review №47

Worst experience of my life. I was raised in an era where we were brought up and stood by the golden rule that if you couldn’t say anything nice than you shouldn’t say anything at all, but times apparently have changed. My family has frequented this theater for seven years. Tonight, this trend ended. We will NEVER attend anything hosted here again. Discrimination and bias is prevalent among the staff and upper management of the opposite sex and race. They have no interest in getting involved, even when they are 100% certain that what is actually happening is wrong because they are afraid of losing their jobs. Not somewhere I want to be as an adult or want to expose my children to.

Review №48

Large modern multi-screen cineplex with plenty of parking. In walking distance of several restaurants. Great spot for dinner & a movie.

Review №49

14 bucks for nachos and fountain soda and this is nachos bag of fake tostidos.. lol man I got robbed. And cheese was like 7eleven free hotdogs cheese

Review №50

This place used to be great. Now, not so much. The theatres smell bad, they need to get rid of the carpet big time. Popcorn is salty, even though its made fresh, it tastes stale. Its still better than city place so we continue to go, but its difficult to enjoy a movie in a gross smelling theater. The bathroom used to be clean and well kept, now theyre always gross and filthy. Honestly managment should get this place back up to standards. I rarely visit here anymore due to how gross this establishment is now.

Review №51

Very nice theater. Comfortable leather seats. It was my 1st time there. Saw a great movie Overccomer.

Review №52

Its close and convenient. There should be signage for handicapped entrance. If there is, I missed it. The theaters are old and musty smelling. Again, close and convenient.

Review №53

This place is great bc they have $5.00 Tuesdays all day. The seating is very nice and it is usually a more mature audience there.

Review №54

Seriously what happened to this theater. Total trash, horrible management, rude employees, dirty, dirty dirty. Honestly Ive never seen such poor management. The tall bald manager on duty Saturday night should probably go back to fast food service. What a joke this place is. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Drive 30 more will thank me. COBB you have to do better.

Review №55

The only issue I have are the seats. They are very uncomfortable and they do not recline like the ones on Cinepolis or Regal.

Review №56

Love everything about this place, bar is great and to my surprise Tuesdays all tickets are only 5$

Review №57

Movie theater is decent, but big points off for the concession stand. I asked for a small portion of popcorn in a medium-sized bag so that I could shake up the butter... A bit of an odd request, I know, but this has never been an issue at other movie theaters. The concession manager was rude with me and told me Id have to pay full price for the medium sized bag, which I thought was unreasonable. Concession cleanliness is questionable and the popcorn butter machine was out both times I have visited. Next time I will avoid concession.

Review №58

Theater is fine but Staffs who work at the snack section have no hospitality in them. Lack basic manners and courtesy. Very disappointing.

Review №59

Great movie Just Mercy. A little cold in the theater.

Review №60

Have a great visit Tuesdays are five bucks its a really clean and nice theater.

Review №61

Good place to see movies. Prices are standard throughout the industry. Concessions are good and lines always manageable. Only wish would be to have reclining seats like most Regal theaters have.

Review №62

The seats are not the most comfortable but dont let that deter you! The employees were all smiles and polite, everything including the restrooms were very clean (no sticky floor!) As always bring a few extra dollars for snacks but other than that I would definitely go back and dont forget they do classic movie showings weekly too!

Review №63

Great movie theater, loved it. Very clean.

Review №64

I found this movie theatre to be accommodating and space for everyone. We went as a group and we fell comfortable.

Review №65

Great popcorn comfortable seats. The technology needs to be upgraded. But still I fine place to see a movie

Review №66

Amazing audio. The seats dont recline but are very soft and comfy.

Review №67

The only theater we go too. Friendly employees, clean but some of the theaters are too small. If your looking for a large theater to enjoy your movies experience this place only has 3 showings and the rest are much smaller..bummer. plus they have handicap buttons to enter each showing but none of them work?! Concession stand serves small hard salty popcorn most days.

Review №68

Fantastic place to watch flicks.. Hey They serve beer!.

Review №69

I have been coming here for years, but aside from the bar not much has changed here. Large theater rooms but it has become the teenagers hangout spot. If you want a quiet movie experience go during the day

Review №70

Although it is not that busy on week days. It is calm and peaceful to go the movies

Review №71

Good place to go to the movies. I always come here to see movies over anywhere else because the seats are comfy and the food is great.

Review №72

Big, clean and overall nice movie theather. The seats are big and quite comfy. The only downside when I was there is that I didnt get a serviceminded feeling from the staff.

Review №73

Love this place, been going here since I was a kid.

Review №74

Cleab theater they show the movies about every 30 minutes so it is easy to catch what youre trying to watch.

Review №75

Nice theater but it has a funny smell and concessions are very expensive, 3 drinks, 2 popcorns, and a candy were $45... But good location near our home.

Review №76

The staff is great. Theyre fully staffed and very professional. The concession lines cam get a bit long because the menu is a little difficult to read for first timers but the cashiers are great at assisting

Review №77

Positive=Convenient location!! Negatives= the workers are lacking in customer service and the ladies room is never clean and always has an unpleasant smell!

Review №78

I dont know what the fuss is about (Steves review). You cant just give a rating based on the customers, it should be the theater itself. They gave you a refund and a pass, so yes, they have good costumer service although sometimes, it could be better.I feel like the environment could also be better. Sometimes as you enter the Cobb, you can see trash and when you enter your own movie as well. Not all the time, so its pretty decent.I give 4 stars because in terms of the tickets price, great cushioned sitting chairs, and overall quality and cleanliness, they are pretty decent. The foods are super expensive though. I feel like they would make more profit if they actually lower their pricing to where it reaches higher demand.

Review №79

Great popcorn and wonderful seats

Review №80

Nice move theater, comfortable seating and reasonable prices.

Review №81

Sucks that they dont have a game room tbh. But other than that Ive never had a problem whether it be with the worker or the food. Its pretty great.

Review №82

Comfy seats. Would have been five stars if they reclined but they do rock.

Review №83

We were pleased with theater..clean, people very helpful..we set down front.. the speakers were very loud..will take ear plugs next time..

Review №84

Google you are literally the reason I didnt give Cobb 5 stars. You gave me the wrong time fir childs play so now Im mad. The movie was good tho

Review №85

They have kept us theater up to date. Always a pleasure to come here to see a movie.

Review №86

Really nice theater. Clean and professional. Didnt have recliners, in our movie (The Meg) but the might in other theaters.They serve alcohol. No arcade but there are plenty of things nearby to kill time outside the theater such as ice cream places, shopping, and restaurants/bars.

Review №87

Great picture and sound, clean auditoriums, tickets a little pricey.

Review №88

Nice theater to watch a movie, very comfortable seat, friendly atmosphere, great customer service. I love this place

Review №89

Would be better Id the escalators werent broke to get there

Review №90

If l could bring home their chairs, l would. Best place for date night

Review №91

Great place to go free movies for kids good places to eat or ice cream

Review №92

Nice Theatres with free parking, I hadnt been here in awhile. They now have you look at a chart at the box office to assign you a seat. Its kind of ridulous if the theatre is empty.

Review №93

Nice seating. Plenty of room in the seats. Clean theater. Great experience for a movie.

Review №94

Comfortable seats and you pick where you want to sit. Restrooms are clean and the mall area is nice also.

Review №95

The Cobb 16 in Palm Beach Gardens is a pretty good theater. I like it much better than the AMC in Cityplace since the theater is kept cooler and cleaner.The $5 Tuesday special is a really nice promotion that my brother and I take advantage of in the summer months. Moviegoers Club is a great rewards program that everyone who goes to Cobb on a normal basis should sign up for.Its not perfect, as it is a typical movie theater, the concession prices are absolutely ridiculous. The seats, while they did recently get better because of competition from CinePolis, just dont compare to the CMX Paragon in Wellington.

Review №96

Went to see the new movie THE FSREWELL @Cobb Theater Really enjoyed it.

Review №97

Easy parking in the free garage. Seats are comfy, but dont recline. While the theaters are clean the bathrooms need some work.

Review №98

I love the Cobb Downtown Gardens, but when I recently went they had gnats flying all around while i was placing an order for food.

Review №99

Many theaters. Clean. Efficient. Pick your own seats. Its in South Florida, nuff said.

Review №100

I love the reserved seating, so I never get stuck with a bad seat. Seats are large and extreamly comfortable. With sixteen screens there is always something good to see. No reason to go anywhere else.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave Suite 1201, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 561-253-1444
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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