NCG Palm Bay Cinema
160 Malabar Rd #120, Palm Bay, FL 32907, United States

Review №1

I love this little theater! They redid it so now it has extremely comfortable automatic reclining chairs.The leg room is greater than any movie theater Ive ever been to in my life. There is tons of room.This theater is great for tall and big people since it has all the extra room. I wish more movie theaters and other establishments had this much leg room.Overall, its a great theater and worth going to.

Review №2

Second time coming here. Bathrooms are always clean, very comfortable seats, the employees and food are great!

Review №3

Love the seating, you can recline just like at home.. sound level was perfect.. they have processes in place for cleaning and social distancing..

Review №4

Never knew this gem was hiding over there. Reclining over-sized leather chairs!!! Very reasonable concession-stand pricing and offerings, plus alcohol service. Professional staff and clean venue. Just make sure youre early if you have a group youd like to sit together with as theater suites run on the smaller side.

Review №5

Awesome clean theaters. Super comfortable reclining leather chairs and best of all cheap movie prices!

Review №6

The prices here are extremely reasonable and they have really comfortable recliners. The staff is very polite and the place is clean. My only complaint, no public wifi. Besides that, a really good cinema.

Review №7

My first time visiting was when my daughter and her family came to visit. I took my daughter and granddaughter to see Frozen 2. Such a nice place!! The chairs were so comfy and everything was clean, bathrooms too. The staff was nice and we had a really good experience.

Review №8

Really good place for the hole families and friends.

Review №9

Great theater for larger families or date night. Cost friendly and small but still with a grand theater feel. Tastefully decorated with a modern feel. The reward program is even better at scoring free food and movies.

Review №10

The employee we dealt with was really friendly and helpful. We were pleased to see the very comfortable reclining seats. Everything was nice and clean. Will definitely go back.

Review №11

Service is slow and chairs werent working. It felt good to see a movie though.

Review №12

Popcorn was old and terrible plus the prices on everything doubled. Such a terrible experience

Review №13

It was discombobulated inside. Was not sure where to go next, where do I pay? Theatre was very nice! Not crowded. Recliners!! Room for my wheelchair, and I sat in very comfortable recliner!

Review №14

Much better than I expected. Plenty of leg room and reclining chairs. Great movie watching experience. Very friendly staff.

Review №15

Loved this! First time visit for me and hubby. What an awesome recliner comfy! Great experience. Will be returning for sure!!

Review №16

Great seats, wonderful seats, great temperature . I finally found a great theater in this area. This is my place now for movies, and I am a movie connoisseur. YEAH. Great service also, friendly staff . Great Seats.

Review №17

I luv this theater. The seats are wonderful and the theater its always nice and clean. The bathrooms are always clean and the staff is extremely pleasant.

Review №18

Nice and clean. People working behind the counter were pleasant and the popcorn nice and hot with butter. Enjoyed seeing the movie with my family.

Review №19

I really like this theater! Comfy seats- low crowds- nice staff and good prices!

Review №20

Wow, what a great theater! Super comfy seats, great sound system, a wonderful screen, clean and well maintained. Even asked if they are considering expanding to where we live. Wed go to films more often if they had a local location.

Review №21

This is the BEST theater I have been too! I love love love the reclining seats (my favorite part) employees are very friendly and pricing isnt that bad. This is definitely going to be my go to movie theater.

Review №22

Theater itself is awesome! Very comfortable seats. Plenty of space between Other people. Only gave 4 stars because the food is not the best. Many other theaters In the area have much better food.

Review №23

Like everything but the seats. Theyre good, but not great. They tilt rather than recline. Well be back for the great value.

Review №24

Renovated theater. Prices are typical. They have recline seats with plenty of leg room. Staff is always very friendly. Only drawback for me was theaters have a musty smell. They show first rate movies, a few years ago this was a dollar movie theater I believe.

Review №25

What a great theater. Prices are great for the quality theater. Popcorn was fresh and tasty. They have butter stations so you can add extra butter. They have flavor seasonings too. They also have coca-cola freestyle machines for your drinks! The seats are power reclining and stadium style so you can see over the seat in front of you. Great sound quality. We will definitely be back.

Review №26

Very nice...good attendance!

Review №27

Love our theater! Staff is very friendly and the theater is very clean!

Review №28

Love the theater and the awesome recliner seating. Very comfortable with lots of leg room

Review №29

First time st this theater and must say I enjoy the movie, the clean and friendly atmosphere. Thanks I will definitely go back to see more movies.

Review №30

Very comfy seats with tons of space between rows. Prices are competitive. Screen quality and sound were very good. Theatre is very clean with modern decor. Free refills are a slight plus (I dont see myself leaving a movie).

Review №31

NCG Palm Bay looks great, has comfortable seating that reclines with plenty of leg space. They dont turn the lights all the way down even though they have path lights to guide the way. I didnt think it detracted from the film but some might. Smaller screens, smaller theaters, with a luxury feel and a low price. I will definitely return here.

Review №32

NCG is and awesome movie theater with super comfortable seats. Its clean, well air conditioned, has an awesome staff, and the sound is great! It is not the biggest in the area, but in my opinion its the best place to watch a movie!

Review №33

I love this place. Clean new look. Tuesday is $5 all day. Customer service is great. Love the chairs an that they recline. Wish the arms would left. But thats fine. Picture quality an sound are good. Convenient location for me.

Review №34

Wish it was a little cheaper, $30 to take the kids to a movie is a bit steep. But they love this theater specifically for the frozen drinks and free refills.

Review №35

My favorite movie theater in town! Staff is great, down to earth and friendly. Love the refill policy. Seating is nice. Quality of picture and sound are good.

Review №36

They have remodel the theater just beautifully. The seats are leather recliners, so comfortable!!! The temp was set just right. The only thing they could improve is the popcorn was a bit to cold. I like hot popcorn. Otherwise Ill go again!!!

Review №37

Love this theater! Comfortable seating and reasonable prices. The employees are also very nice and helpful.

Review №38

Best theater around! Tonight was my first time going and ncg definitely has a permanent costumer!

Review №39

Absolutely the best and most comfortable theater in our area. We actually have passed on a movie we wanted to see because it wasnt at NCG!!!

Review №40

It is clean and cozy. The recliner chairs are out of this world!! Everyone is super friendly, free refills on popcorn and drinks. Call ahead to be sure what is playing.

Review №41

Its comfortable and roomy! The ticket prices are nice and low They have really nice Big recliners that lay almost flat,so you can kick back and enjoy your Movie!

Review №42

We saw Just Mercy. It was a great movie and the theater staff were great too.

Review №43

Went early morning with my daughter to see Frozen 2, first time in the theater since the remodel to the new one. Nice and clean with large comfortable seats! Will be back

Review №44

My son had mentioned this movie theater and how his experience was so great. Understood why when I visited. By far the best movie theater I have visited the last 3 decades!!!

Review №45

These theaters have reclining seats that leaves less room. I would guess about only 50 chairs. A good thing. On the negative side I just wish there was a bigger menu.

Review №46

It was a very good theater. Seats were very comfortable and the theater was clean, so where the restrooms. The employees were very friendly and very helpful. Will definitely go back !!!

Review №47

Large comfortable adjustable sofa-style seats. Theatres are long and not too wide, screen visibility is optimal.

Review №48

Great in general. Staff is very friendly. Very clean. Only downside is EVERY SINGLE TIME I visit the theaters seem to be a bit warm. Crank up the ac!

Review №49

We love NCG! The recliner chairs are so comfy! People can easily walk down the aisle even when you are fully reclined. The prices are decent plus free refills of popcorn and soda! The theater has always been clean as well as the bathrooms.

Review №50

Glad to see this place looking good after years of other businesses owning it.

Review №51

Reclining seats, choosing your seats before you even sit down, awesome theater.

Review №52

Modern, up to date and comfortable seating! A trifecta! Winner!

Review №53

Love this place, the service is always amazing and its not expensive at all. Popcorn and drinks have refills, for the popcorn you can add more butter or different flavors like kettle corn, white cheddar and others, I always get kettle corn! The place is always clean and the bathroom are always nice. The sits lean back a little bit and the feet come up a little bit. Dont order the nachos w/ cheese because theyre absolutely horrible.

Review №54

I love this theater. Reclining seats, good ticket prices, great selection of snacks.

Review №55

It was good. Clean and quiet area. Polite staff.

Review №56

Great theater. Could be cleaned a bit better between showings.

Review №57

Nice crew, nice seating, and not overcrowded. Very enjoyable movie and theater.

Review №58

Love the movie theater. The ticket prices are wonderful, unlimited popcorn and drinks. Reclining seats, clean, and the staff is amazing. We drive 45 minutes just to go to this theater. Tuesdays are perfect, $5 movie tickets, $5 large popcorn, and $5 large drinks.

Review №59

Nice seating but no candy. Ill still go back

Review №60

Best movie theater Ive ever been to! Its $6.50 per person. Free refills on any size popcorn and drink. Very very clean... Their seats are automatic reclining seats like a lazy boy recliners. If your kid is 3 and under they have enough room if they get bored to play and dance around..... Hands down best around...great for date night! Love this place!!!

Review №61

Comfortable seating with no need to get up if people want to pass. Smaller theaters meaning less people in them per movie.

Review №62

My boyfriend and I come here at least every other month for the fair pricing, comfortable seating, and decent to friendly staff.

Review №63

I just recently found this place and its a jewel! I wish i would have known about it earlier. The staff is nice and they all have smiles. They actually care and they happily accommodate you with whatever you need. This is the cleanest movie theatre Ive ever been too. The seats recline! And they are so clean that i feel alot more comfortable while watching my movie. They arent fabric so they dont soak in any nasty stuff. They happily put butter in every layer of popcorn in the bucket. The prices are the cheapest Ive ever seen in a theatre. Super cheap for a huge bucket of popcorn and a huge soda with free refills on both! You dont get ripped off here like other places. After being here ive really realized how horrible the other theatres are that Ive visited. Check it out!

Review №64

Really nice place to see a movie. The recliners made it so comfortable.

Review №65

Gaven did an exceptional job with taking care of me and was very friendly and helpful!

Review №66

Had a good time the place was clean and staff very friendly loved the reclining seats.

Review №67

Excellent! There is a four-tap butter station, clean, well-maintained bathrooms, the freshest pretzels I have ever tasted, friendly staff and great prices!The entire building has been gutted and BEAUTIFULLY rebuilt with that new smell--all new state-of-the-art equipment.And now for the theaters...rows between seats spacious enough to drive a Smart Car through!Get ready!! ELECTRIC, FULLY RECLINING LEATHER LOUNGERS--FOR EVERY SEAT!!! (theater 6 at least)This is our new go-to theater!! ...and clean!

Review №68

This place is great! The reclining chairs are amazing! I dont think I could go back to sitting at a regular theater! Did prices are a little steep but consistent with other theaters. I like that they have a rewards program though, very smart. The soda fountains are great to do you dont have to wait for an employee of you just need a refill.

Review №69

Great customer service! Very clean and great experience.

Review №70

This is really a nice theater. Extremely comfortable reclining seats and wide aisles. Very clean and reasonably priced.

Review №71

Very comfy seats. Very clean. Just need more people to show up

Review №72

Small theaters. I was pleasantly surprised to have such nice reclining seats.

Review №73

This is the best movie theater. Palm Bay really needed this movie theater. All you can eat popcorn comfortable seats and never overcrowded

Review №74

I love the reclining seats and when we went no one else was in the theater so it was pretty nice

Review №75

A hidden Gem, just saw Midway here. Saw Terminator in IMAX over the weekend and I cant say it was THAT much better. Great prices, Huge Recliner seats, Im gonna be a repeat customer.

Review №76

Wow. What an experience. I can remember as far back as when this location was Nova. It was the place to hang out when I was 16. $10 covered my McDonalds in the parking lot and then the movie ticket. It really wasnt an amazing theater but it was still our spot. It is pretty cool that NCG took over the other theaters that tried to operate here and didnt do well.After renovating the inside, this place remains small but easily my favorite theater. The concessions stand is simplified and they offer free refills on everything. That alone could make it worthwhile but I do wonder if they will eventually shut down because of that. Concessions is the main money makers of movie theaters after all. So the screens are great quality and the seats could be the sole reason for my 5-stars. Ive been to theaters with different things to help them stand out of the crowd but never have I ever been to one that had electronically operated reclining seats. Way too cool. Last thing was that the bathrooms got a makeover. They were spotless and almost too nice, if that makes any sense to you.

Review №77

Nice, neighborhood movie theater. The staff is friendly and the reclining seats are wonderful. But, the theater does not have stadium seating and theres still a moldy smell there, need some Febreze in the carpet. Otherwise I would have given a five star rating. Overall its good, if you dont want to drive too far.

Review №78

5 stars need I say more..oh and most comfortable seats in town by far

Review №79

Very comfortable recliners and plenty of space between rows. Bathrooms were immaculate.

Review №80

I love the fact that this facility has free refills of popcorn and drinks!

Review №81

Running late for an impromptu catch of Aladdin this afternoon, and happily enjoyed all aspects of the movie experience! Discovered parking was easy access and reasonably available, tickets were quick and easy, concessions were a bit different....received an empty popcorn bucket and moved on to the popcorn station to fill, drinks were farther on, free refills of fountain drinks. The bottled water was $3 for the regular 16 oz. And cold! No lines as the patrons moved through at a good pace, the staff was friendly and engaged with each patron. Theater 7 was smaller than other theaters weve gone to in the history in our personal theater going, and the room per patron was quite spacious, (yay!). The seats were actually recliners, very comfortable and no airplane experience of having the guy in front of you slam his seatback into your lap. One of the best things was the extra fun gift of a staff member dancing to the closing credits, really dancing, and then sharing the limelight with a young patron who joined in the dance. A feel good movie punctuated with a feel good community experience, made us even more glad to have come out and chosen this cinema today. Well done! Happy, happy.

Review №82

My neighborhood theater brand new I love it, if we all can just keep it clean. There are so many nasty people leaving their mess, wasting drinks and damaging our nice recliners. Still very nice for now.

Review №83

Had no idea this theater was there but I found it. Going to the movies this is the way to do it. Great prices on movie snacks free refills you can get your own butter for your popcorn and fix your own drink so ice, no ice or less ice love it. And its clean with great reclining seats.

Review №84

Very comfortable recliners, reasonably priced, nice staff. Would like to be able to have a glass of wine, though.

Review №85

Comfortable seats speakers are blown so they crackle

Review №86

Great service awesome seating fair prices

Review №87

The comfy seats are awesome. Movie was great, sound great. My only complaint is that it was 13 minutes after the posted time that the PREVIEWS started. Many repetitive ads while you are captive just sitting there waiting.

Review №88

Hands down, the best theater I have ever been to.

Review №89

I love this place I go on a regular basis with family and friends friendly staff and great prices and a variety of good movies to choose to watch

Review №90

Very clean, very courteous staff. Only issue I see is its not very wheelchair friendly between the ramp to get out is right where the line is for the concession and the two 90° turns to get into the restrooms.

Review №91

Poifect place to go to. Its comfortable and affordable

Review №92

This theater is amazing! It is clean crisp and new very modern setting in the entrance but the great part is the theater itself. Big big roomy chairs that actually recline! You feel like your in your house I even took my shoes off and settled in. I have been there when it has been under other names DONT let that stop you from trying it out there is not a trace of the old place. I will be going to movies only there from now on and price is same you would pay at cinema world.

Review №93

Great place to watch movies! Staff are so friendly and the seats are so comfy!

Review №94

Managers have no clue about anything then when you ask for higher up numbers they say there isnt any. I work and know there is always higher up. Will never return there again.

Review №95

They brought back to life a tiny theater in palm bay. Added recliners. Free refills on drinks. Its a smart concept. If the keep it clean and prices just right they will do well

Review №96

NCG Cinema is the best theater place ever, well, next to Cinema World. Ive been there twice now and it was so amazing.

Review №97

Beautiful reclining chairs. Plenty of leg room. Feels like your personal space is very large $5 Tuesday movie all day..

Review №98

Very small theater. When people exit and enter the movie the light from the lobby shines on the movie. The exit sign also shines on the screen. The screen wasnt that big which might makes watching a movie on your own T.V. a better option. That said the seats are reclining and comfortable and the tickets are cheaper but not so much so that you might decide to forgo to another theater. From what I can tell this theater has been remodeled and it does look nice.

Review №99

One of the best theaters in the area! Most comfortable wearing!

Review №100

This place is wonderful, always clean, very comfortable seats and my kids love it too! The only reason I neglected to give it 5 stars is because of their policy not allowing kids water cups. The policy is no outside food or drink which I understand due to sales of their own products. Being a parent of 3 young girls and not choosing to buy them sugary sodas or icees, Id like to beable to bring in their own reusable water bottles so they may enjoy the other snacks we pay for ( like popcorn or candy) without having to purchase a drink option they cannot have. I will return to this theater but I do wish theyd allow some wiggle room on the drinks policy!

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4.7 Rating
  • Address:160 Malabar Rd #120, Palm Bay, FL 32907, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 321-265-4700
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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