City Lights Palestine (Dogwood 6)
545 E Palestine Ave, Palestine, TX 75801, United States

Review №1

I went to see a movie last Friday. I thought that Friday was considered a weekday. That is what I have been taught ever since I was in kindergarten. I was expecting to pay for the weekday price. Instead, I paid for The Weekend price. I was told by the cashier that most people consider Friday as a weekend. So, I guess they consider themselves as most people because they charged The Weekend price on a weekday. I guess I will have to start back waiting on movies to come out on DVD instead of going the city lights. Ill go broke faster going there instead of buying the DVD.

Review №2

Love their staff, and I love small town theaters like this one.

Review №3

Great experience. Fantastic Popcorn!

Review №4

Well movie was good but the roof is leaking(REALLY) in need of theater upgrade place is falling apart..(why no upgrade to theater)???? If to costly then shut it down before it does cost somebody to get hurt from ceiling cause its leaking..OH ever think it may fall cause of water!!! Come on people..

Review №5

I asked about the hot dogs and was told they only have them on week end. I would try to get one on weekend and they sold what was cooked and they were not making anymore. I still have not got a hot dog yet.

Review №6

Awesome little theatre, immaculately clean and well-maintained. Definitely recommend!

Review №7

Great movie theaters. They need to open the Ritz up again

Review №8

Nice clean theatre.

Review №9

This is a good place to see a movie.But sure wish they would upgrade. This is all there is to do in Palestine. We go see movies in Tyler ALOT, if they would upgrade to reclining seats....have more food and drink options....ect.... we would stay in town to see our movies more.

Review №10

Great prices and a good concession stand. Limited screens and that old nostalgia in the theaters reminds me of going to movies as a kid. FDefinitely worth the price!

Review №11

Focuses on providing a great family environment and experience.

Review №12

I loved the unlimited refills on the large popcorn and the theater was nice, but the section with that arcade games was kinda sad. Overall I liked it.

Review №13

This place was okay i guess. the theater room smelt like bad body sweat as the other review said, which i totally agree with. the seats were like sandpaper and if you moved it would rock another chair. also noticed duck tape. way too many ads and a few repeating ones. the popcorn was okay, although some of the pieces tasted like buttery cheese, which really isn’t pleasant.but the good thing is that it was enjoyable despite all of my complaints and it was pretty cheap.i would have given this cinema a 5 star if it weren’t for the things i didn’t enjoy.

Review №14

Small town movie theater. So many ads about local businesses before movie. Kind of put a damper on movie experience. Also the movie started about 20 minutes after scheduled time due to ads which were not movie previews. One local restaurants ad was repeated about twice in 10 minutes before the movie started. Also the lights were on for two long before the movie started...

Review №15

Loved Terminator and Maleficent. Almost always go on the weekend buy 2 tickets and a large coke and popcorn then have a double feature day.

Review №16

Nice didnt get to watch what I wanted but its all good

Review №17

Staff is always so pleasant even though we are showing up with AT LEAST 5 kiddos in tow....and their Tuesday family nights for summer make it affordable for us to do so.

Review №18

Only complaint they the air too low it makes it cold have to wear a covering to enjoy the movie to be comfortable

Review №19

Always a good place to hang with the family. Needs better lighting in the bathroom.

Review №20

I love this location. They have plenty of new movies to choose from, the bathrooms are always clean, and there is plenty of parking. I thought it was a little chilly in the theater we were seated in, but then again, it was quite a cold week for us in East Texas. I would recommend this theater and will be back again. Oh, and they accept credit card payment for tickets and concession stand all-in-one.

Review №21

Staff very courteous building was clean so was the theater seats were very comfortable the screen was huge we enjoyed ourselves very much and go back again oh yeah and the popcorn was great

Review №22

Good comfortable seat, good atmosphere, great afternoon 5 dollar price, great popcorn with all the butter to add you want, black pepper would be an added benefit. Clean restroom. Picture was very good and worth the journey, saw Bumblebee, good acting, and memerable performances, great special effects.

Review №23

Was told i can only get refills if i order a large. ordered a large and the manager refuse to give me and others a refill they were closed 10:45pm on a saturday . For now on ill watch movies out of town, this place is so rundown and cheap looking for what they are charging. Lame. Never again. (:

Review №24

Its a nice place to take the family.

Review №25

Different flavors for popcorn. Friendly staff.

Review №26

Not bad for a small town theater

Review №27

I like it the place was nice the people was nice and the price wasnt that bad besinds where else you going to see good movies in Palestine

Review №28

Nice venue for a small town. Facilities could use some updating, arcade is pretty lame. Prices are decent, even if snacks are overpriced everywhere in this industry.

Review №29

The staff lies! Purchased a cup that was supposed to be able to receive free refills, and due to new cups with out free refills they refused to honor the deal! Horrible service and the old seats are usually mildewed and dirty!

Review №30

Went to see Lion King and it was nice.....friendly staff and not to crowded

Review №31

Great place to go watch movies in palistine! Go now! Great popcorn, fountain drinks, candy, etc. And the movie seating is amazing and the service is great too! Go to see the latest movies there now!

Review №32

Honestly my favorite thing about this place is the popcorn the seats arent particularly comfortable, the tickets are cheap enough I guess, concessions are OK I suppose. Its honestly the only family friendly thing to do in this town aside from going to the park.

Review №33

Place seems empty at certain times but its mear

Review №34

Cheap tickets. Theater is nice for the price. Bathrooms were actually really clean and smelled nice. Food and drinks werent outrageous. Staff was friendly. Its a small town theater, so its not massive, not super fancy. Just a regular theater.

Review №35

Always love going to the movies

Review №36

Awesome. Loved it. Fast service and friendly people. Real clean.

Review №37

Really enjoyed the theater, and there updated rocket seats. I wish the had a wider food choice with a place to put orders inside the theater. Not sure if Palestine is ready for it or not. I would eat lunch while I watched a movie.

Review №38

Considering that its local I have always enjoyed my experience with Schulman Theater. Its cheaper price than going out of town. The popcorn is good and the staff is friendly. Like any business upgrades are necessary from time to time but I am grateful to have a theater in Palestine.

Review №39

The movie was great... But there were children everywhere screaming and crying the whole time. It really kinda ruined my date night with my wife. Please make some rules for this. Im not coming back

Review №40

The only thing that suffered from my movie going experience was people coming in after my movie had started, other than that I loved it.

Review №41

Very dated movie theater. Hopefully your either a lottery winner or drug dealer to be able to afford the drinks and popcorn. Prices on food and drinks is highway robbery.

Review №42

Liking It more since they take credit cards/debit. Nachos are really good, get the cheese on top, not on the side. Get a combo, save money

Review №43

Needs tremendous upgrade... They need better projectors and screen size is small and the seating is oitdated.... Its no studio movie grill... But if you dont feel like going to Tyler just go here thats why I rated three stars

Review №44

Lion King was very good 3D movie Really expensive for two kids and one adult

Review №45

A few years ago, I reviewed the Dogwood 6 quite poorly(I said that the theater blew :/). . .And Ive been meaning to change that for nearly a year now.The theater has been under new management for a year or so and is now in VERY capable hands. WHAT A CHANGE!!! The atmosphere is different, the employees are great and the theater is clean!Very pleased with the theater now! They are deserving of your business!Good job, guys! ;]

Review №46

Pretty place and has alot of sitting

Review №47

It could be better if Corporate would actually care about the upkeep of the theater. It works if you cant make it to Tyler.

Review №48

Friendly customer service, clean restrooms, theater clean.. very cold in theater .. popcorn hot and fresh. Great deals on combos. P

Review №49

We watched 2 movies today and enjoyed both of them. Shared some popcorn and a drink. Wonderful ending to a great day.

Review №50

Always have fun here it not a fancy but it shows the movie with good sound

Review №51

They have definitely improved over the past few years. I still think they have the best popcorn Ive ever tasted. The prices are very reasonable.

Review №52

Great ticket prices and concessions. The seats are worn pretty bad. Staff was friendly on my visit

Review №53

Cute and Small theater ! Quick and helpful service!

Review №54

Decent movie theater Ive visited all my life, but has some flaws. One of which being the arcade games, some of which are really faulty and stick easily. Theaters sometimes arent clean.

Review №55

Great movie theater, seen every movie Ive ever seen in this theater. Kinda old however

Review №56

Decent movie theater. I was visiting from out of town and dont know how it compares to local stuff.

Review №57

Dang good for a small town movie theatre!

Review №58

One of the nicer theaters Ive been to. Great ticket prices and great service. The popcorn is always fresh and hot. Ill be there when I watch a movie!!

Review №59

DONT LOSE YOUR WALLET THEY WONT GIVE IT BACK!! Lady cleaned right after we left the movie that we were watching ended at 1am.. we realized my bf left his wallet when we were half way home and went back and manager said we havent found one when theres NO way it wasnt in there...

Review №60

I attended the evening mantee and Im a senior citizen so I was able to get a cheap price. This can be important to individuals on a fixed income.

Review №61

Not very friendly and would be nice if they had an ATM on location instead of sending us across the road if they dont accept a certain credit card. a sign of the ones you dont accept! Very inconvenient. Ill be going to Corsicana from now on. Much nicer place and friendlier staff and theyre smart enough to have an ATM on site.

Review №62

Nice but very pricey. Just my grandson and myself a ticket, 1 large bag of popcorn and 2 large sodas. It cost $34

Review №63

I love this little theater. I have been too many small town theaters and i like this place. First time my wife and i went, we were the only ones there. They still played the movie.

Review №64

It’s very nice, super roomy, popcorn is pretty good, so glad we decided to try it out rather than driving to Tyler again

Review №65

Perfect place for a night out with family

Review №66

Very pleased to have our local theater showing 3 excellent movies: I Can Only Imagine, The Apostle Paul & Gods Not Dead III ... THANK YOU owners of Schulman Theater of Palestine!!!

Review №67

Good ticket prices, reasonably comfortable seats, expensive consecions(but not any more overpriced than most). Very annoying to have to wait in long concession line just to buy movie tickets though.

Review №68

Expensive but worth it. They are very clean and very nice

Review №69

Great place to get snacks awesome variety of a choice of movie

Review №70

Enjoyed the greatest showman. The popcorn is great! People are helpful.

Review №71

Great place the whole family enjoyed it.

Review №72

Great prices and good selection of movies

Review №73

Always clean always have the latest movies playing

Review №74

Nice-ish theaters

Review №75

So cool, neat inside an friendly people.

Review №76

It was an okay theater. Nothing special to report. It was pretty packed when we went, so Im guessing it is pretty popular.

Review №77

No crowded during the day

Review №78

Clean inside and good picture quality

Review №79

Just saw Black Panther and it was awesome. Will definitely be coming back.

Review №80

Its a decent size theater! I never had a problem with any service or the staff!

Review №81

This place was boring for 3 kids ages 12, 7 and 2. Not enough to do for them. The track was closed on the day we were there.

Review №82

Fantastic place

Review №83

They only really show blockbusters here and the sound system isnt the greatest but alright most of the time. However, the staff is friendly, the theaters are roomy, and the price is great.

Review №84

Had to wait 20 mins to get popcorn that was already popped kid working the register was to busy talking on his cell phone called and talked to a manager the next day he acted like he didnt even care will be going to another theater even if I have to drive 50 miles guess they dont care beacouse they are the only movie theater in town

Review №85

Theater seats were very comfortable but theather was very hot!

Review №86

Movie started a little slow but a great pkace

Review №87

To hot / AC was turned down. The film started late the attendant had to be reminded to start film.overall a bad expirienccle had to leave before film was over. It has been good in the past.

Review №88

Lots of parking, comfortable seating, nice and cool, decent sound system but could use a little more sound proofing between theaters.

Review №89

Always a nice place for a movie. Free refills on large popcorn and drinks.

Review №90

Very good movie The same kind of different as me. Saw it at Dogwood 6 theater in Palestine, Tx

Review №91

The seats are not comfortable and sometimes it stinks depending on witch movie theater room you go in. Its also is very expensive, but its either go to Schulman theatre or drive 45 mins to tyler. It needs an upgrade, but its the only theater around that you could get to if you just spontaneously want to go to the movies in under a 10min of a drive.

Review №92

This place has the worst staff ... They stood laughing at guest as they entered. Its not clean and smells bad!

Review №93

Decent theater with comfortable seating. Lines can get pretty long at the concessions counter.

Review №94

The movie wasnt really loud and you could hear allot of loud static in the speaker coming from behind the movie screen. The place smelt like bad body sweat and noticed duck tape on the seats. The walls had stains as well and Im not happy with this theater because of this matter.

Review №95

Nice theatre for the most part. Some of the seats were broken though

Review №96

Our theatre had no air conditioning, when I brought it to the attention of the manager on duty. They apologized but said hopefully it would be fixed soon. I would have preferred a discounted tickets or comped drink since it was hotter and more humid inside than outside.

Review №97

The price for the drinks and popcorn and bags of candy is very very over priced Everytime I take my two grandchildren which is 9 and 7 years and myself get popcorn for the two boys the 5.00 box which is not enough for two grown boys and extra popcorn two extra drinks 49.00 total you can take you whole family out to eat some places with 49.00 which the floors are always dirty the seats are nasty the whole thing needs a redo the building is a real embarrassement.

Review №98

Great show selections and a friendly staff. Theatre is always clean and popcorn is fresh!!

Review №99

Really like the ticket prices here, lines are usually fast in concession line

Review №100

Sprite was flat, a.c. was broken, out of popcorn the only good part was the movie itself. Definately not the theater itself

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  • Address:545 E Palestine Ave, Palestine, TX 75801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 903-729-7291
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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