Lighthouse 4
525 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States

Review №1

Cool movie theatre. I have been going here for years, and it definitely has a small town feel compared to a cinemark. Definitely recommend.

Review №2

This theater is located behind my house and I seem to end up here once a week but it never gets old and the service is good. Im thrilled this place is not only open but its managed well.

Review №3

Right up my matinee alley! And they don’t blast the speakers. A very nice place to see a movie.

Review №4

Good theater; four screens. Relatively new building. Large parking lot in rear. Friendly & competent staff.

Review №5

Cool small town theatre...nice place to see a movie.

Review №6

Yes, it is small. It is outdated. However, these qualities are exactly what keeps away the nuisance people who go to the mall and decide to see a random movie just because theyre bored. The same people who somehow STILL remain bored during the movie and feel the need to text or loudly talk amongst themselves. The lighthouse 4 is quaint, quiet, cozy, and easy on your wallet. I recommend attending a couple days after the initial release of big blockbusters (marvel movies for example). Youll basically have the entire room to yourself and maybe a few others. There is also a large off street parking lot. My only complaint is that the seating is not levelled. Rather, it slants forward with the viewing floor and causes various pains depending on how youre sitting. That being said, I still vastly prefer it over the more modern theaters in the area.

Review №7

Was rudely turned away by the staff when trying to purchase tickets for my teenager to see The Joker. Assistant Management was very unhappy, rude and clearly wanted to ruin our experience. Disappointing because I was a long time customer of this hometown theater. Spend the extra $1 and go to the Century theater. Better experience all the way around.

Review №8

Friendly staff, good seats, convenient location and super reasonable price. What’s not to like???

Review №9

So cute! Nice little theatre. I dont want to give it a lot of stars because I am afraid folks will go and it will get crowded. ;-) Seriously nice place, comfy seats, friendly staff.

Review №10

Friendly and they processed the line to get in quickly.

Review №11

My mom visits this theater pretty often. Its an older theater but nice and usually quiet during weekday matinees. The staff and manager are always very friendly and welcoming.

Review №12

Love this place!!! Like going back in history...staff is so friendly and not overly stressed like big theaters. So cozy. To those people saying it is run is old and maybe not up to date but that is also part of the charm and the reason it is cheaper. Just leave these seats to us who appreciate the Lighthouse Ciema and you head over to the more “up to date” expensive theaters.

Review №13

Ok. For a small movie theater in a small town. But they should show more movie choices.

Review №14

They dont get caught up in the snuff of Pacific Grove. Its a classic theater with a classic setup, and employees that arent mules or acting fake. Best seats in any theater fact. And normally you dont wanna sit in the front rows, but the view there is excellent at this place.

Review №15

Great movie theater. Never overcrowded as the mall can be. Friendly, helpful staff. Up to date with their movies and can sometimes find some undies there as well.

Review №16

A hole in the wall theater that is the perfect way to experience Pacific Grove in the evening

Review №17

What a great old style movie theater! If you want recliners, alcohol, or loud state of the art sound this is not for you. We had a wonderful time. This theater sent us back in time to when I was a kid. The nostalgia is real and worth a visit. Popcorn is delicious and the staff is friendly.

Review №18

Awesome small town theater. Excellent customer service.

Review №19

A quiet and more intimate movie theater

Review №20

Locals prefer this theater to others in the area. Popcorn is fresh, staff is courteous. Seats are comfortable, but not the reclining type with the tray, if thats what you are into. I used to come here when I was a kid. Saw Willow, which is one of my all time favorites. Good nostalgia factor to be had at this theater when everything around it is being renovated.

Review №21

They are the cutest movie theater! They always have the newest movies. Great deals on popcorn time to even get a free popcorn! Also there isnt tons of people so usually get the movie theater all to yourself. Its a little Hidden Gem in my opinion. Love bringing my son here to watch movies.

Review №22

Great space, nice folks, good clean technology

Review №23

Saw a movie there with my girlfriend while the guys spent the day at the US Open at Pebble Beach. As far as I am concerned we got the good end of the deal :)

Review №24

Its so cold they dont have the heater on. Bring a blanket

Review №25

A pleasant but completely unimpressive movie experience. If you see a movie that is in any auditorium other than their main one, its a cramped experience with a very small screen. The staff are nice and do a decent enough job running the place and keeping it moderately clean. Overall, this theater is the best you can find in this overpriced area. Everything else is either indie movies only or completely disgusting. If they would invest some money into upgrading the projectors and modernizing the ancient seating arrangements it would probably actually be something to look forward to.

Review №26

Great place to avoid people! And good prices.

Review №27

Small town theatre with rustic charm. Seats are equivalent to average theatre.

Review №28

OK theater, old...seats not super comfy. Generally not super crowded. Prices about par with other theaters maybe a tad cheaper on the popcorn & snacks.

Review №29

I would give them five stars but, I watchedSolo at Del Monte theater. It was great! Watched again at Lighthouse theater. The quality was so noticable I didnt finish watching the movie. So if your watching a movie with lots of visual effects go to Del Monte theater. All other movies are great at Lighthouse theater.

Review №30

Currently the Top Shelf for comfort, seating, ambience, film selection and friendly staff when it comes to local movie theaters. Free parking and a snack bar thats drool-worthy!

Review №31

So fun to see movies there

Review №32

I love this hometown theater. Its lacking luxury, but its easy to get in and out, no fighting crowds, and they have a great rewards program. The concessions are good and I love going to the movies here!

Review №33

There are a lot of theaters on the Monterey Peninsula, but none are as welcoming as this one. Its never crowded, the screens are great, all of the employees are friendly, its just the best. Ive passed up watching movies at larger theaters just for the convenience and comfort of seeing them here many times.

Review №34

Nice little cozy movie theater. Prices are good compared to most big theaters

Review №35

It was a nice and surprisingly small theater with accommodating staff. Despite its small size, I was still able to have a pleasant movie-going experience. I highly recommend it.

Review №36

Food is very bad, I would be more inclined to go if the had any interesting snacks or served beer or wine. Some how it always seems stickey also. It is nice that no one else goes because nothing is ever sold out and isnt hard to find a seat. Desperately needs a refreshing.

Review №37

I love this mellow theater. Considering I was the only person in the room to go see a fairly large-grossing movie in its first week, it gives you an idea of the atmosphere.

Review №38

Nice small cinema with a vintage touch

Review №39

Very nice theater and cool lobby! Great staff!

Review №40

In great need of updating. The seats are comfy and the movie experience itself is pretty good. Bathrooms are in pretty bad shape though. Overall, Ill definitely be back, but there is definitely stuff to be desired.

Review №41

This is a cute little movie theater, and I love it! Its so nice to walk around in the quaint PG area to get to the theater. Their prices are a bit cheaper than the other movie theaters in the area. The chairs are comfy, but dont recline back at all.

Review №42

Great place to see a show. Easy to get to. Nice staff. No need to go to the mall to see the best shows.

Review №43

The lighthouse is really run down . Needs new paint and carpeting etc. Today out of sodas . I think they get popcorn from big bags...very stale. Time to put some money into it. The bathrooms are really bad.

Review №44

Best small town theatre! There will never be a line or sold out show for an opening film. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. Sign up for the free loyalty card, freebies quickly accumulate.

Review №45

Comfy seats. Average prices. Nice employees.

Review №46

I like the small living room feel you get in this tiny theater but seats are straight upright and awfully uncomfortable!

Review №47

Small cinema with only two movie rooms located in a wooden building, matching its surroundings perfectly. They had the newest release, there was no line, snack shop in the middle. Staff was very friendly, seats are not the best but are not uncomfortable either, they do recline a bit. Sound quality was perfect, and not deafening like others. If I have the opportunity will go back without any doubt,

Review №48

One of my favorite places to watch a movie. It is always very clean and there is never a big crowd to deal with. The facilities are state of the art and they always seem to have the best new releases. If you have never been here, you are missing out.

Review №49

For how often we go see movies here, I have never once seen a full theater. This isnt because of low quality of facilities or anything either! They do have a smaller selection of movie that they show every week but most of the big movies youd want to see do make it to their showing list, you just have to check each week to make sure you dont miss it! They have a good military discount and match the prices of most major movie theaters, plus youll usually have a half-full theater at most, especially if you go during the week. Worth the money.

Review №50

Nice little old theater. Newer seats that are comfortable and lots of leg room. Didnt like the lack of elevation on the seating. Old movie theater but still just as expensive as a new one.

Review №51

Wonderful smaller cinema, adds a hometown feel to an evening out at the movies.

Review №52

Small cute theater with amazing customer service.. popcorn okay, seats are old school cloth, uncomfortable rocking chairs. Not sure i would go to this particular theatre again for any reason.

Review №53

Small theatre, cheap prices. Cant go wrong with this place.

Review №54

This theater is small, but very nice. The staff are very friendly and the popcorn is always great! They only have 4 screens, but they usually get all the big movies and a few independent films here and there. The best thing about this theater is that it is rarely crowded. You can go to almost any movie at any time and will find great seats. If you happen to go on a weeknight there is a good chance you will have the theater to total.On Mondays they offer free popcorn, and they have discounts on Tuesdays. All around it is a great theater.

Review №55

Very friendly staff and the theatre is beautiful, comfortable and clean. Their sound system is awesome. We live in Salinas and we love going to the movies all the time here.

Review №56

Great location and friendly staff. Really I think the only thing they can work on is the popcorn.

Review №57

If your on time your good to go, but don’t show up 10 min late for the last show, even if the register is open, the door is open and there’s someone ther to assist youTHEY WONT. Even offered to pay double the movie price but no go, customer service is an Alien term here. And it starts with the manager of the theater.

Review №58

Slightly dated theater with very comfortable seating screens are good size and the sound system is current; the movie selection is first run. The downside to the theater is the concession, overpriced and the quality is lacking. If you want to work out your jaw little bit, try the Red Vines; the popcorn is probably Safeway brand and tastes like its been around a few showings. I guess the Saving Grace is if youre hanging around in PG you dont have to go very far to catch a good movie.

Review №59

Good spot to check out a flick. Stereo sound and probably no 3D, but its a great little theater and theres probably no boogers in the popcorn.

Review №60

The movie experience is great. The only flaw is the price of food. Its way too expensive.

Review №61

The seat I sat in was a bit older, but ok.tast3d better than some. Concessions good choices. Pop corn. Overall Great job!

Review №62

Great prices - old school feel. We love our local theater.

Review №63

This place is in dire need of a huge breath of fresh air. Doesn’t seem like much effort is put forth here. Seats are uncomfortable.

Review №64

Hey have a mini Fair you can see a lot of cool cars the great place for the whole family.

Review №65

Nice old school theater, but that comes with the smaller screen and standard seating.

Review №66

Tiny, Classic-style Movie TheaterThere is not much to this Movie Theater. Its four smallish theaters with a central hub for tickets and snacks. The walls are not too thick as it is quite easy to hear movie sound through them.Snacks are VERY pricey. We paid $8 each for two adult matinee tickets, but two large soda pops and one large popcorn (although stated as a deal) were $19.75.We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. It was a great movie, I hope to see it again before its out of the theater.

Review №67

Nice and friendly staff and the theatre has that small town appeal plus the tickets are cheaper than other places. I love that the sound doesnt blast me out of the door! All around a nice place to stop in, see a movie and then head out downtown by foot for a nice dinner nearby.

Review №68

Nice theater

Review №69

Just the most Beautiful people work at this place!

Review №70

It is a nice place to see a movie. Also its very close and the parking around back is great.

Review №71

Pretty good for a Small Town Theater. The sound could have been a lot louder though.

Review №72

This is the theater closest to home. Not the busiest theater. I believe they have 4 screens and they seem to bring in the movies most anticipated which has been really convenient. Its within walking distance for me from my home or my job. Its located off of fountain ave. And lighthouse ave. (In Pacific grove). They are run by sreg or (santa rosa entertainment group) which does have its own mobile app and membership card for free popcorn after so many tickets purchased etcetera. Just wish they were tied in with FANDANGO or atom tickets so I could purchase my tickets in advance. But they dont seem to be tied into those technologies. A bummer to me as I prefer to pay electronically through my samsung pay rather than pull cards outta my wallet to get things done.

Review №73

It is a friendly and comfortable cinema.

Review №74

Nice local theater. Pleasant environment and a bit less expensive than the others

Review №75

Great movies without the hassle of the mega mall.

Review №76

Great local theater, nice staff

Review №77

Group of small theaters, in quiet PG

Review №78

Easily a 5-Star rating! The staff are great, theatre is clean, seating is posh,and the cost is a bit lower than anywhere else on the Peninsula.

Review №79

Easy to get to, plenty of parking

Review №80

Very Cold temperature nice staff warm popcorn

Review №81

Great local theater, comfortable seats, hosted great film screening for KAZU donors.

Review №82

I love this movie theatre but they need to soundproof their doors! Too much noise can be heard from concessions stand area.

Review №83

This sleepy Cinema harkens back to a time before the megaliths took over. Prices are the same as anywhere else, but you dont see huge audiences trying to cram in for a new release. Seats are standard, a tall person sitting in front of you could obstruct the screen, but thankfully theres plenty of seating. Theres parking up and down the adjacent streets and a few good options for dinner before or after your flick.

Review №84

Cloudy day in Monterey so I decided to go watch a movie. We watched The edge of tomorrow the Saturday after the premiere (i.e. the next day) at 11.30 am.No lines, the place was half empty, sound at a perfect volume (for those that want not to lose their hearing), clean restrooms...Absolutely not what I expected from a small theater in a small town. If youre in the area and the weather isnt on your side, definitely consider this place to spend a few hours.

Review №85

Smaller but big bonus for not many kids

Review №86

Excellent local theater, friendly staff...

Review №87

Theater is fine

Review №88

Love LIGHT HOUSE movie theater! Dont have to worry about large rowdy groups.comfy chairs and a nice crew.

Review №89

Visited recently from Wolverhampton, UK where we have our own Lighthouse. You have an excellent friendly cinema, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience

Review №90

Seats are incredibly comfortable with the recline feature, but being a small theater you wont always get all the movies playing.

Review №91

Great place to watch movies with large crowds

Review №92

Seats were very comfortable movie was great!

Review №93

So cute! Employees are friendly. Love this place

Review №94

Local theater with a local feel. Love this place.

Review №95

Great little theatre. Tickets and food are cheap. Only drawback is the screens are comparatively small.

Review №96

Adorable and quaint, but so are the screens. Floors look like someone just poured cement on a hill.

Review №97

What a nice little theater.

Review №98

Great small theater- No waits, excellent staff, and great prices

Review №99

Great little theater!

Review №100

Love the convenience of this theater, but seats are are old and sticky and you can hear the movie next to you. But, I still go.

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