Skate A Way South
2008 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34471, United States

Review №1

Great little place. They have decent food if you want to eat while you are there. The floors are ok and mostly waxed. The staff is decent. My only gripe is they dont rent roller blades and this old momma cant skate with 4 wheels. Ill have to get my own I suppose. The music is decent, nothing vulgar and it stays mostly upbeat. Its newer music so not my cup of tea but as long as its appropriate for kids that is what matters to me. Overall a great place to skate. The prices are reasonable and they have steady hours.

Review №2

I have been coming to this skate rink since I was a child 10-11 years old Im now old with lots of grandchildren. Its always a nice place to bring the kids .

Review №3

Intermittent brawls between kids. Faculty doesnt enforce rules. Kids often dropped off by parents and unsupervised. We dont feel safe going here and it gets worse as the night goes on. Facilities are nice so its a shame.

Review №4

I mean you cant beat the price thete staff is really nice. I brought like five people and tjey learned to skate there

Review №5

Great place! They were very hospitable & had a great time!In addition, they are community focused. We sought their assistance towards our community event & they offered their services without hesitation.

Review №6

Seems a bit overcrowded for whats going in the world today. If you have young children try not to go on a Saturday night

Review №7

We had a skating birthday party for my great grandma terrible everything went smoothly and girls had a great time even tho some fell alot did not get hurt and drinks were served not gandma great granddaughter 10years old

Review №8

We had my granddaughter birthday party here.everything was perfect. She had so much fun she wants her party here again this year.

Review №9

It is a fun place to skate I love it there it made me want to skate and have good songs and nice staff and good food

Review №10

We had a blast. You cant beat the prices for a large family

Review №11

Fun but needs better scate floor

Review №12

Yerba Buena Center offers up a lot in this big little city. Considering that there arent many full-time ice skating rinks in the city this has to be one of the best. Whether youre a figure skater, ice dancer or hockey player you can find your place here.This center is open for many hours throughout the day for the everyday athletic person. Get your skate on!

Review №13

We always have lots of fun when we visit!! The party selection could be better and the selling of expired Gatorade doesnt help.

Review №14

Nice family place!

Review №15

We like this place, staff is friendly and attentive. We always have a good tome here.

Review №16

We went last night, owners were very friendly, the snack bar lady was rude, NO inline skate rentals, rink is small with wooden floors you can feel every groove in the wood,(snack bar floor was better then the rink)steps going down into the rink, snack bar is very small very crowded because you cant take food or drink from this small area, we left by 8:30. Waste of money. I have been to the other rink 6 miles away from this one, it has a wooden floor also but much bigger and smoother, and they have a few inline skates.

Review №17

This place is nice and simple. Theres a rental stand for skates, and a rink. Its all you need. A few holes in the wall always reminding you that at least you arent as bad as the one who put them there. Because that would be me. Youll never be as bad as me. Especially if you go here to practice. Enjoy!

Review №18

I was allowed to stay for free as long as I wasnt skating. My daughter had alot of fun

Review №19

The skating rink was hot, the main lady at the rink was rude. We were there for a party, paid for 10 skaters and had 3 of our group bring own skates, they would not allow us to use all 10 paid skating tickets. Id rather skate somewhere else.

Review №20

Very friendly and helpful great day and party speed skates were fun and only one dollar more! Great time.

Review №21

Clean, entertaining and priced right.

Review №22

Dirty place with nobody on staff wearing a mask.

Review №23

This place rocks! Skate your heart out! Great place for B-Day parties! And they have an air hockey table! What!?

Review №24

Great staff super fun place! Adult skate was so much fun last night!!!

Review №25

My kids enjoy it very much

Review №26

So the one thing I liked about this place was that they have the walker-type things to help beginners learn and gain confidence. The downside is they cost $5 to rent. I’ve never been to a rink where there wasn’t an adult on the rink making sure kids got up. Kids fall- that’s expected- but then they’d just sit there on the rink, tie their skates, lay down- and nobody was there to regulate it. There was one adult with a staff shirt who was up front taking admission. When a child fell and hurt himself, an adult who was skating stopped and yelled to the person up front to help. Very unprofessional and understaffed. Kids were literally laying everywhere- on the floor by the bathrooms, in front of the “adult only” lounge door- so disorganized and dangerous. Holes in the walls, and three separate tiers to navigate while going down to the rink. I can’t say we’ll be returning.

Review №27

@just me always you boomer its so fun their thats where i got my first soda

Review №28

A bunch of my friends and I went and we had a great time. I dont remember what time we got there, but we stayed until the end at 8:30. This was my first time going here; I usually go to Skate Mania. An interesting difference that I noticed is that they hold your shoes when you borrow their skates. Definitely a good way to prevent people from stealing their skates.

Review №29

Good music selection and you cant beat the price

Review №30

My friend and I went here with our 7 kids. This place is AMAZING! They are so nice and clean and really want to teach your kids how to skate ( not just doing it because its their job). By the end of the session all the kids were confident and happy and skating. The kids had so much fun they want to come here every weekend. We live an hour away but with how great this place is Ill be making the drive. Thank you to the staff and owner for making such a wonderful and amazing place to bring your family!

Review №31

Great place to skate! It wasnt freezing cold in there.

Review №32

Best place ever to have a kids party for a large group! Rented it as a private party for my large group and it was fantastic. Was nice knowing we had the whole place to ourselves. Also was allowed to bring in purchased food and drinks. Really a great deal considering the price of the normal parties there. Staff were very friendly and helpful with everything. They even cleaned up for us afterwards! We also got our own DJ shout out to Zack for the great job. Will be booking again in the future and recommending to everyone.

Review №33

Great place for the family! We had a great time and know that you will too! And the price is right!

Review №34

Smaller than id like, but the staff are super sweet and professional. They have skate lessons for different levels and through the week they have great programs, ie: roller hockey. Also during school breaks including summers, they have good daytime hours for kids to be there all day that includes lunch as an option. They are lacking 1 program: ADULT NIGHT (Or 16 yo and up).

Review №35

Its a really fun place definitely would recommend!

Review №36

This place is so much fun. My children love it. Nice clean environment and inexpensive.

Review №37

We go for skate practice and the couch is AWESOME!!! We also go for regular skate night on an occasion and they are family friendly!

Review №38

Its got hockey in Ocala, thats all it takes for 5 stars to me.

Review №39

All my kids love this place.

Review №40

Staff was amazing and we had a great time on a Tuesday night

Review №41

Not bad, nice staff. I like the set up and how there are actually places to sit for grown ups. BUT!!!! NO WIFI!! Come on....other than that, all is well.

Review №42

Nice place. Staff was really nice. Very clean. My grandson had a good time. Skate floor was in really good condition. Music was pretty contemporary and the sound quality was good. All in alll its a nice family place.

Review №43

Absolutely love Skate Away South! Very clean environment and friendly staff. Shout out to Alex and Robbie for making it an experience like none other. I chatted with them for a good fifteen minutes. It’s good to see teenagers out working, and trying to earn a dollar!

Review №44

Great family place. Good for littles on Saturday afternoons.

Review №45

Awesome place great staff and reasonable pricing, and Tuesday is there $3 cheap skate night from 6:30pm-8:30pm I believe.

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Review №47

There was a birthday party here. A nice place. I was one of the few adults to get in the rink. They have an accessibility ramp too for those who dont take stairs.

Review №48

The staff is very very nice they have nicely cooked food. Always on time, music doesnt have to much bad language. The staff is very very nice, sweet, and caring. The areas are always cleaned and always have staff helping kids! Im so thankful this skating rink is open for my kids. They treat our kids fairly and when ones hurt, the snack bar gets ice and is helping. Thank you Mandy (Manger), Richard (Manger)! I always enjoy my stay at skate away south!

Review №49

Had a great time at Skate A Way South. It was a very nice environment and people/kid friendly. The music was great. It was also very affordable and the staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Review №50

My neice n nephew love going scating a decent size eink but Your employees need to pay attition to the kids instead of ignoring everyone with head phones on and not doing there job

Review №51

Wow, what a great place to have fun with your kids. Very clean and the staff was extremely friendly and upbeat. The skating coach was especially the icing on the cake with all the help he gave to the kids having a tough time and even gave everyone a free coupon for the Learn to Skate class.

Review №52

Great time with my kids

Review №53

Cute wood rink, clean, very well maintained but small. Owners are friendly. The only issues are poor seating options if you arent skating and they want to charge adults who dont skate. Only one adult per child is free. Seems to not be family friendly. We are grandparents taking a grandchild and I have to pay to watch when they dont even offer a real spot to sit. So I usually find an adult with two kids and tell them I will pay for one of their kids to get in...that way even though it costs me the same I dont feel so jipped. They are a 35 minute drive for me, its only 45 minutes to Gainesville so we dont visit Ocala too much anymore.

Review №54

Took my kids during spring break. $6 for 10-1 open skate session, including skates. We paid the extra for the cheater bars for my non skaters. They did really well and had a great time.

Review №55

Staff was very rude and bossy. And the young kids that were part of the staff that skate around practically ran over every little child that fell down. And I understand not allowing food or drinks away from the food court but very dangerous and asking for a law suit to not allow at least water closer to the ring, kids get dehydrated and its dangerous.

Review №56

The kids enjoyed themselves very much, the only complaint they had was there wasnt any kind of arcade....

Review №57

Very family friendly place. Both of my children love going there!

Review №58

Family friendly atmosphere. Not overly crowded. Prices are reasonable. We will be going back soon!

Review №59

This place is horribly chaotic. They do not have enough supervision for the skate floor, so kids play tag, go out without skates on, skate the opposite way, and endanger others in many other ways. One day this place will be hit with a lawsuit and be taken down.

Review №60

Kids had a blast! I wish there was a smaller rink for little kids learning how to skate but other than that its a cool place for the kids to hang out!

Review №61

There are way too many itty bitties to run over here

Review №62

Great prices good fun

Review №63

SkateAWay South is a great place to take the kids! We’ve had a blast every time we go. We also had my daughters birthday party there and the staff was amazing!

Review №64

Place to have fun with Family and friends it a Safe place for kids and adults

Review №65

Best skating place

Review №66

Fun, Laid Back Environment.

Review №67

Great for birthday parties! Plenty of space.

Review №68

Its an okay place.

Review №69

Quality of floor was excellent

Review №70

Kids had a great time an staff was kind !!

Review №71

My middle daughter requested a trip to Skate-A-Way South for her first day of Camp Mom (her two siblings are at camp this week and she is home with me). The value ($12 for she and I to skate for 3 hours skates included) was excellent. Mid way through our visit we bought a snack at the snack bar. I had a coupon for a free small soda that she had won on a previous visit so two small sodas, a pretzel, and cheese sticks was also an excellent value at $5.50 My daughter was very happy with her soda and pretzel. The snack shop was out of marinara sauce which made me less than happy with my cheese sticks. Almost all of the skaters were attending their skate camp. Our only bad experience was when one of the campers who was skating counter clockwise and ran full speed into my daughter. I spoke to the staff about it and they spoke to the boy and there were no other incidents.

Review №72

Great little place. I was there for a party, and the pizza and drinks were quite good. Frozen pizza and soda, but good frozen pizza, and not Sams Choice soda.

Review №73

Went for a birthday party (not ours) and my two younger kids had a really good time. Nice clean facility, decent birthday space off to one corner. Will go back for sure.

Review №74

We love Skate A Way! Great lessons on Saturday mornings. Coach Dan is awesome!

Review №75

Family fun spot

Review №76

I went to this place two weeks ago and There are a lots of ratchet girls but....the staff is very nice and their food is amazing

Review №77

Nice. Safe place for kids and adults.

Review №78

Ive always enjoyed taken my grand kids here but today is the worst Ive ever seen. There were kids speed skating and scaring the young kids. Very dangerous and nothing was done about it. One kid had head phones and didnt watch where he was going. One of them ran into my grand daughter and she got hurt on her hands and knees.I will have to think twice of coming back

Review №79

My kids love this place! So clean and the floor is nice and the food is great and the prices are awesome!

Review №80

Our entire group had the best experience ever ! The staff was very accommodating, especially Richard and the young lady working at the cafe. We highly recommend this place for all ages.

Review №81

Good place to hang with friends but the rink is small and the music is like listening to the radio

Review №82

This place is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This place is like my home. These people are family to me. Its clean and nice and just a all around great atmosphere.

Review №83

Kind, efficient and friendly staff! Owners are actively involved in their community and are generous with giving underprivileged youths access to their rink.

Review №84

Great place for kids to hangout. Could use a upgrade on equipment and party area. Other than that is ok.

Review №85

Music too loud, too many un-accompanied children, no comfortable place for adults to sit, rude employees.

Review №86

Called to ask about having an event there. The lady rushed me off the phone.

Review №87

Wonderful fun for all.

Review №88

Had very nice family outing

Review №89

Kitchen need an upgrade and new deco doesnt harm.

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Review №91

Young kid & parent friendly!! Had a blast! Only reason not 5 stars is because no inline to rent :(

Review №92

The Staff is great! They accomodate birthday parties, and special events. The food is good, and is cooked to order.

Review №93

Great place to bring kids. They even have classes to learn how to skate.

Review №94

Had my daughters 10th birthday party here and they were more than accommodating! All of the kids had a wonderful time and I would return again!!

Review №95

Wonderful experience. Food choice not so much.

Review №96

Family friendly and not too terribly pricey

Review №97

Kind of small compared to skate mania. The little old lady who works the front is very judgemental and rude. Its not in the best area of town, lots of drugs in the area so children arent really safe to be left alone if they cant be trusted to stay inside. Drinks and food are sold inside but are ridiculously expensive.

Review №98

Old school laminated wood floor. I loved as much as my kids.

Review №99

Nice wood floors and a fun & friendly staff . I went a couple times and always had a great experience.

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