Lovers Lane
10420 S Cicero Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453, United States

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Out of all the times Ive been here Ive never felt so uncomfortable by the staff following me around in an adult store. Im also a member online. My wife and I come in the store to shop regularly and I had a handful of coupons walking in that I purchased from the store and Im being followed around and treated like as if Im attempting to shoplift!!! A sales associate, Christina bounced back and forth from my wife to me asking if we need any help several times I was in the store from 1:50 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. and I thought about making a purchase but I decided not to because I felt harassed. I hope this is not your policy racially profiling black people who spend their money at your store.I will hope someone change this and you choose your employees wisely because looking at these comments this is not the first time this has happened

Review №2

Terrible experience! Racial profiling is at it high better going to Orland location!

Review №3

Great place to shop for you and your partner, employees very helpful, highly recommend it.

Review №4

I mean im black and its treated as such in this location. My wife was in the dressing room changing and needed help i went to go help and was told by staff that i need to keep the door cracked while i help. Also this is not a store to browse cause you get followed like you are about to steal. Im very a knowledgeable of the difference between customer service and racial profiling!!

Review №5

Shopping in privacy is not an option here. You get watched like a hawk. So uncomfortable. I was suprised that they do not carry dancer garters

Review №6

If you’ve never been to an adult store this particular location is great for you with a super friendly staff willing to give their advice and answers to all your questions.

Review №7

Very helpful to shy people, very professional.

Review №8

Love their 50% annual sale, manager is super duper helpful and knows what one is looking for. Does not make one feel uncomfortable. The store is clean, well organized and have a lot of crazy good stuff even for plus size people

Review №9

Corporate customer service sucks. Shop Adam & Eve

Review №10

Sad to say..but everything about this store is horrible. First thoughts I got from outside is, this looks abandoned, secondly, as soon as I got in, it was filthy, and the workers were all corned up chit chatting, (obviously didnt even greet their costumer) and when one of the girls did she literally looked back at which to find the other girls standing for some type of approval. Which just completely comfirmed the judge mental racist vibe. I left, didnt buy anything and went to the Lovers lane in Orland park. Which is COMPLETELY opposite. Ill always be returning there for my needs now.

Review №11

Had a great experience at this Lovers Lane location. They had a wide selection of products and something to fit everyones needs. The staff was really helpful, but not pushy. I really like this store and will be coming back!

Review №12

The quality of customer service in this store has really went down. I use to love going in here the girls use to be very friendly and give you full demos of the products and toys (as much as legally possible lol) now they just seem really Blahhhh and unknowlegable about the toys. I purchased a $200 toy which Ill admit I should have done my research on first but didnt really get a chance to. The young lady seemed to know nothing about the toy except how to power it on. The instructions although obviously not her fault were plain horrible I called the next day to ask another young lady how to work the functions took her about 10 min to find the answer and even then it was just like more of an irritated than customer friendly response.

Review №13

Love my new toy!!!!

Review №14

I always get great service and advice

Review №15

I am really not impressed with these stores. Overpriced

Review №16

The customer service here sucks. Workers are rude

Review №17

I like to come here and get new toys for me and my wife to try out.

Review №18

Alex is a terrible manager

Review №19

Kind of expensive compared to Southwest book store

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:10420 S Cicero Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 708-229-2429
  • Adult entertainment store
  • Lingerie store
  • Costume store
  • Gift shop
  • Massage supply store
  • Novelty store
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–8pm
  • Tuesday:11am–8pm
  • Wednesday:11am–8pm
  • Thursday:11am–8pm
  • Friday:11am–9pm
  • Saturday:11am–9pm
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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