AMC CLASSIC North Platte 6
1000 S Dewey St, North Platte, NE 69101, United States

Review №1

Staff was great and very friendly! Bought my tickets online and redeemed the code there at the theater. I was able to renew my stubs premiere membership there at the counter too! The ticket prices arent bad, its the concessions that kill you but thats everywhere now. We went to go see the new Avengers Endgame movie and the staff was well prepared! Lines moved fast and things were all up and running. My kids wanted hot dogs and there was only one left and I needed 2. So the manager gave us the one they had left for free and apologized for not having more. I thought it was very nice and professional. We got 2 pizzas and they were actually very good! We will continue to come here as things are on point here and we havent had any problems!

Review №2

Friendly atmosphere great customer service and also great staff. For a small town theater it provides a great opportunity for you to enjoy your time. Clean simple and if course easy to get around in, for both old and young, and the disabled. Wide clean hallways with easy to access theaters...

Review №3

It was a good cinema house. The staff were very cool and the cinema was clean. The only thing I felt very uncomfortable with was the cinema screen. I just recently watched The Avengers: Endgame and I felt the screen was too small for the movie. I noticed when texts were shown on screen, it did not fit. Like a letter was missing from the whole word. It made me feel like I was watching something very incomplete, thus the uncomfortable feeling.

Review №4

Awesome staff and customer service! Its a decent theater with updated concessions. The refillable popcorn bucket and Alist make it very affordable for one person. AMC needs a family type stubs option. Its pricey for a family of 4 to have a movie outing. The theater seats could definitely use an upgrade. If you get cold easily, bring a jacket as the theaters are usually on the chilly side.

Review №5

The theatre is pretty clean with close parking access. The only problem I have with it, outside of ridiculous concession prices, is the difficulty in acquiring an admission ticket. They make you stand in line behind all the kids and others who are waiting for their popcorn, etc. just to purchase a ticket. They have a separate ticket booth on the other side of the lobby but for some strange reason (probably corporate greed), they no longer use it. Next time I go, I think I may try to just go straight to the the viewing theatre as I didnt notice a ticket taker either. Just the concession stand. Ill post my result then as a pertinent suggestion.

Review №6

Traveling through Nebraska and we decided to stop and see a movie. This theater was clean and well run. Staff was exceptionally friendly.

Review №7

Overall a usually pretty good theater. I have two gripes from two occasions. About a year ago, I was 17 and they wouldnt let me into an R rated film. This is despite what their signage in store AND what the manager said. Another example is tonight. My popcorn bucked was half filled. So was the people in front and after us. Okay guys.

Review №8

It was ok. Line was pretty long, but it was clean. 3 adults, 3 kids pop corn bucket refill, m&ms and skittles on a matinee slot equaled $86 dollars. Thats ridiculous.

Review №9

Good selection of movies but annoying that they arent staffed at ticket counter. You have to pay admission at concession counter which takes longer if you just want ticket without concessions. Seats are not as nice as most modern theatres, but are okay.

Review №10

An AMC theatre in western Nebraska is definitely a plus. And the theatre has a nice selection of movies. One drawback for me is the ticket sales are made at the concession stands. So the wait times are longer, especially if you are not interested in concessions. Plus, the lines for new releases are only partially enforced. My family went to one movie, where we stood in line around the corner. Upon time for entrance into the theater, people who had just purchased tickets were allowed to enter before people waiting for some times.

Review №11

Its nothing amazing by the standards of larger cities, but for North Platte its a great little theater. Some of the same flaws youll find at every theater, like overpriced concessions. But they keep it fairly clean and the two times I went it wasnt too busy and no screaming children. Some employees care about movies a little more than others (one employee told me he didnt even know what the movie I was coming to see was about, while anothers favorite movie is Birdman--an excellent choice), but they are all very welcoming and friendly.

Review №12

Very clean, good seating and sound. Soda was good too despite it coming out of one of those futuristic pick your own flavor machines. My one huge gripe; I was there to a suspense/horror movie and people behind us were very loud and rude. When I asked someone (I assume she was a manager, since she was the only one in red) to come and take care of it, she sighed and grudgingly got up to go to the theater, like she didnt want to do her job. She was there for maybe 5 minutes and did nothing to assuage the situation. Other locations would have a staff in there monitoring the situation from then on (this location only has 6 screens, come on). My movie was almost completely ruined, I cant wait to see it again at a better location.

Review №13

We enjoy and appreciate our local movie theater.

Review №14

I was refused admittance to an R rated movie which two staff members confirmed I had to be over the age of 21 to watch it. I’m 18 and ended up going to my second choice movie. Regardless, I checked it out later and in the state of Nebraska, one needs to be 17 to watch an R Rated movie, not 21. I thought this was ridiculous. Also, it is very overpriced. I could watch 4 movies in other locations for the price of one here. Not satisfied.

Review №15

Sucks $15 for a large drink and popcorn (you save less than a dollar from buying them bought separately). No matinee prices. Seats are ok, plenty of leg room. Overall if I didnt really want to see this movie wouldve waited till it came out on DVD. Would not recommend.

Review №16

Its clean and comfortable. Its never been overcrowded when Ive come. Not a lot of frills, but a fine place to watch a movie.

Review №17

Pricey, but is a first-class entertainment venue.

Review №18

Decent service...kind and formal but nothing was over the top. Good movie seats with cupholders and plenty of open seating options. Pop machines have everything from tea to specialty flavors but were out of lemonade unfortunately. Good experience; would suggest.

Review №19

Thirty minutes of trailers is ridiculous! If you advertise the movie to start at 2:00 pm start the movie at 2:00 pm!

Review №20

We always have a good time! The popcorn is good and the staff is friendly. I like the new self-serve slushie and soda machine with add-a-flavor. Thank you!

Review №21

It’s as good as we have...but living in big cities it is a shock visiting the theatre. As you miss the reclining chairs were they welcome blankets and pillows, with bigger screens better sound, and cheaper prices. You can tell you are in western NE. But it Is what you find here in this town...the popcorn bar consist of butter and some salts. And the pop is only updated to what every restaurants currently have, so they are tempting to try to keep up with the decade. The prices of admission when will you get at least the average movie cinema chairs?? I am disappointed that the movies that are brought in seem to be very bias. But not shocking to western NE. I would think a movie theatre would pick movies on what your clients request and not based on the owners personal opinions or politics.

Review №22

Some staff are rather rude. Had a ticket on Fandango and guy acted like it was an imposition to have to look up my ticket number to print it out. Clean for the most part, but floors where sticky. Also prices are astronomical for small city theater without most modern multiplex amenities. Back in Ohio I could go to a XD showing of a later evening movie with concessions for around the same out the door price as a matinee at AMC NP with just a drink and popcorn. Typical lack of competition in rural America kind of showing.

Review №23

Great theaters and friendly staff. Prices are pretty high, though.

Review №24

They give a Veterans discount, and thank me for carrying.

Review №25

Close, reasonable, good movie.Nice night out.

Review №26

Wonderful time with my granddaughter! Staff was very friendly, movie wasnt too loud, and the seats were comfortable.

Review №27

I always enjoy going to the movies.

Review №28

Got a large popcorn with no refill, paid over $9 for that. It was way too salty I. BUT I returned it to the counter and the staff made a new batch. They brought it right to our seat and even gave us extra popcorn. Decent service so far.

Review №29

I love the place. Its always clean and the staff is quite friendly. The only issue is that the past few times I had gone, there seemed to be a problem with the projection. Whether it be the projection being only a portion of the entire screen, lack of audio, etc. Apart from that issue, it is quite a good theater.

Review №30

Was a little disappointed in the fact that movies werent posted on the theaters. Had to ask what number the movie was showing in.

Review №31

They gave us some cinnamon and sugar covered pretzels. Not my favorite, but not bad.

Review №32

Its got some automated systems in it that are good like butter on your popcorn and what kind of drink you want and what flavor

Review №33

Still a bit high prices for this area, but staff was friendly and courteous. The theater was very clean.

Review №34

Extremely overpriced concessions, a small screen, seating that probably saw the 1990s. So very small-town sad.

Review №35

Not a bad place to watch a movie, seats could be a little better tho..

Review №36

Four four kids and one adult plus one large popcorn and two large pop it was fourtyeight dollars it was affordable as far as I think of a great movie. The people that work there are wonderful. The place is clean.

Review №37

They were amazing! Giving back to the community!?

Review №38

Its nice and fun to do

Review №39

Clean theatre with decent prices and 6 screens. I dig the stand where you can butter your own popcorn along and the drinks area as well

Review №40

My wife and love this place we go see movies often its a great place to go on dates and see movies you love.

Review №41

Friendly and helpful staff great service .

Review №42

Went to see The Greatest Showman tonight. Short on employees, one person was working. They had to take money and fill concession orders. Waited for 20 minutes in line and when I finally got up to buy tickets, was told the projector was not working and the movie was not able to be seen. I guess there is no way to let people know via social media or even while waiting in line. Poor customer service!

Review №43

The chairs are really uncomfortable, its always really cold in there, and theyre ridiculously expensive. But they usually have good movies and theyre the only theater around, so.

Review №44

Took family, three generations, to the movie and it was a great experience. The counter staff were excellent

Review №45

Facility is not bad, ticket prices are ok, but concessions are outrageous. And the armrests between the seats dont raise up. Not exactly ideal for date night.

Review №46

Had a blast, nice and clean, very friendly stsff

Review №47

Great place to layover for 34 hours because of a blizzard in Cheyenne as they have an AMC theater in North Platte stop saw Captain Marvel 2 * because I liked it so much stop comfortable reclining chairs all in all not a bad place thank you staff is of course professional courteous in kite to your needs

Review №48

Nice place to go see a movie, not a lot of people to crowd you!

Review №49

Very good place to watch a current movie. Soda is too large, who can drink all that, though.

Review №50

Nice theater, great staff. Enjoyed the new drink selection

Review №51

Good timing on new movies but previews too long.

Review №52

Good service too high of prices

Review №53

Why I am watching 30 fricking minutes of commercials when the movie was supposed to start 5 minutes ago?Update: Its now 20 minutes after the movie was supposed to start and the movie still has not started.

Review №54

Great show, great job getting set down. The guy who did own tickets was curious, an nice to us old girsers.

Review №55

Nothing spectacular, good customer service.

Review №56

Great service clean professional staff

Review №57

Great place especially on Tuesdays

Review №58

Its dark when you enter the theatres - should have running lights at least. It smells. The carpets are filthy. The hand rails and arm rests probably have never been cleaned. The lobby is generally clean. The soda machines and butter dispenser could have been better placed. Concesdion prices are ridiculous for small town. Movie tickets are o.k. but they did away with senior discount. :(

Review №59

I ♡ AMC! I go there a minimum of twice a week to fill up my popcorn bucket! The staff is always kind and helpful!

Review №60

Have very good experiences here but my only problem is the pricing.. its way high. Wasnt the idea of getting this new theater to make it cheaper and attract more attention with new and more movies? I do not like having to spend $50 on to watch a movie and the pricing for popcorn and drinks personally is high but I go because my kids love it, even if the prices keep going UP everytime I go..

Review №61

Always friendly staff, convient, clean, safe environment & awesome Tuesday specials. Great Theatre to to a break and enjoy some time off. Has that small town charm of days gone by. Tasty popcorn!!!

Review №62

Great movie How to train. Dragon

Review №63

Outrageously expensive. $10 to see a movie when its like 15 or so to simply buy the movie. The only reason this got three stars is because I absolutely love the experience of watching a movie in the theater. Unless youre specifically looking for it The Theatre Experience, this is a no-go

Review №64

I purchased my tickets online, however they just gave me a confirmation code, so I had still had to wait in line at the theater. So there was really no point.

Review №65

Good clean place, friendly staff will talk to you if they have time.

Review №66

Good little movie theater.

Review №67

Way too expensive! You could buy a car for what they charge for tickets & food!

Review №68

Wonderful manager. Clean nice and welcoming employees

Review №69

Went & saw a great movie here. As usual the popcorn and refreshments were great and the employees working here or friendly and funny :-) I always like it when people can joke with me

Review №70

Love seeing shows here always friendly staff and clean. At night for late show tickets can be pricey but thats to be expected. We drive a hr to see a show at least 1 to 2 times a month

Review №71

Comfortable seats and great refreshments, senior friendly!

Review №72

Very clean movie theater with good staff. The food and drinks are a little pricey but doesnt take away from the experience.

Review №73

Ive realized that they dont show some movies and thats not cool

Review №74

Im currently visiting my Dad for the summer. I really enjoy movies so it was my first time coming to this place and what can I say? Friendly staff,clean bathrooms and the seats were comfy! I never been a huge fan of Carmike but, this is one of the best movie theaters so far♡!

Review №75

Clean place, shows current movies & does some deals to save $$$$. The only complaint is you HAVE to stand in the consessions line to buy your movie ticket. Expect 20-25 min of movie trailers at the start.

Review №76

Nice place but the movie I watched wasnt worth it

Review №77

Small but nice

Review №78

Management is friendly and finally reasonable prices

Review №79

Way to expensive for the area, $70 for 3 to see movie and each a drink w/ popcorn to share. Can see movies in neighboring towns for a lot less.

Review №80

Nice people. Loved the slurpees.

Review №81

The employees were very nice especially Greg restrooms are very cleanIt would be nice if you could get butter in the middle of your popcornPleasant atmosphere

Review №82

Always a good experience when we go. Great staffND clean bathrooms. Prices are high but its 2015 whats new :).

Review №83

I loved it and the membership is great friendly people

Review №84

Previews last forever. Love coming in on Tuesdays. Huge savings.

Review №85

Great, nice, relaxing, enjoyable place to go to get a good relaxing night out!! Plus they have the most great & friendly employers that makes you feel comfortable!!!

Review №86

Great movie theater for a small town and their Manager Greg is always so pleasant with great customer service!

Review №87

Going to the Movies costs money, but I could get a far better experience at a theater in Denver for the same price. People in North Platte like it cuz its the only one here. The sound is always disconnected, I have had to remind them to turn it on on two occasions to then hear the loud cracking and popping as it plugs in or whatever. They always seem inconvenienced when I let them know its out. One time during a 3d movie half way through they realized it wasnt 3d and restarted from the previews to show the entire movie in 3d. Its awefull, and I hate going but like I said, its the only one here.

Review №88

Good service, little on the pricey side.

Review №89

Been going here since I can remember. :)

Review №90

Too loud!

Review №91

Got in line at tickets to two employees standing there on their cell phones. They told me to go to the concessions line. I get in line and the cashier walks away. She seemed to be a supervisor and went to the other side and told them to go help concessions. Nobody came back to that register, walked right past me. People who came inside five minutes after me were being helped while I stood there. Bad customer service and no organization. I left without seeing a movie because they wont get my money.

Review №92

They always have the newest movies!

Review №93

Wonderful staff, good popcorn, friendly experience

Review №94

Friendly staff,. Reasonable prices

Review №95

I was going to a movie but it didnt work but im going back today but i think they are alright

Review №96

Movie was great, but theater was freezing, $11 a movie ticket, $12 for a $2 bag of popcorn and a $2 coke is a complete rip off!!! This is what will be the DEATH of the movie theater as we know it! GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY! This is why we will NEVER return to an AMC theater again.

Review №97

Prices extremely high. Two people 32 to 38 dollars. Includes popcorn and soda.

Review №98

The prices were a little high but the experience was good.

Review №99


Review №100

I stopped by at 7:30, about 20 minutes after the last movie had started to grab a popcorn bucket refill but the doors were locked. The manager opened it and said they were closed. My 7 year old son asked to use the restroom and he directed told him the mall was open for that. Needless to say I didnt buy the popcorn. Rude.

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  • Address:1000 S Dewey St, North Platte, NE 69101, United States
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  • Phone:+1 308-532-4261
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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