Cinemark North Haven and XD
550 Universal Dr, North Haven, CT 06473, United States

Review №1

I had a good experience with the new safety protocols in place. Soon as you walk in they made sure you knew their cleaning procedures and Ill admit it was comforting. Big plus for the wipes available to you to wipe your own seats before seating. Naturally I focused on the high touch points on the seats (buttons, cup holder etc). So why the 3 star?? Customer service.The young lady behind the popcorn seemed bothered when I asked for help at the bar, gave a subtle attitude that I picked up quick on when I simply wanted a frozen margarita to bring to my movie. Plus she had earpods on, never understood why employers allow that, very unprofessional. Only other thing I noticed is no one is in place to verify your tickets which made me wonder if people are just walking in. Not a good practice if social distancing is important to the theater. Other than that still a good experience though. These are little things that can be fixed, Ill still go back and likely give 5 star once addressed. The frozen margarita was good by the way, go with the tequila mix not bicardi

Review №2

The lesser people in the theater is accurate. However the patrons in attendance were not wearing mask during the movie and no staff checked on this during the course of the movie. They did wear mask to get in. People were sitting in front, three seats over on both sides and behind me.

Review №3

Good price to have the theater to yourself but there were no workers around enforcing masks or that anyone went to the right theater.

Review №4

Place was clean and empty. Really enjoyed being able to rent out a theater for friends and family. Wish there had been more food options and better directions for where to go (where lines start and for what).

Review №5

Liked it. Large, organize, and clean. It isnt busy in weekdays. It has different of brands and restaurants besides coffees. It has a free train for customers.

Review №6

Comfy chairs that dont have a permanent arm rest- perfect for couples on a date night

Review №7

Enjoyed being back. Seats are clean, building is clean . Welcome back prices are great. I dont feel like Im spending a fortune. I can finally take my entire family to see a movie. The space for seating is good.

Review №8

Awesome theater. Friendly staff, clean and wonderful seating. The seatings so big and comfy that it makes it hard to return to regular theaters

Review №9

Went for a private movie showing. Good time. Clean and comfortable.

Review №10

Prices are good, I like what they did today and play halloween movies.

Review №11

Had it under control in response to covid. Make sure you know that they dont take cash right now.

Review №12

My daughter and I had great times seeing movies here

Review №13

The menu and service were above our expectations. We really liked the atmosphere of this spot. Nice restaurant to take the family out for lunch.

Review №14

Love the stadium seating. Seats are big and comfortable!!! Although the Concession stand is pricey. It’s still a great place to go watch a movie

Review №15

Very nice theater, well spaced out.

Review №16

A childhood classic movie theater. Was there when it was rave cinemas as and when it was just north haven cinemas. Sometimes can smell like feet and popcorn but it’s all for the nostalgia. Fresh popcorn, cold drinks and they even serve bar drinks.

Review №17

Great place, nice and big. Went there on a date and I was surprised how clean it was. The double love seats are a great addition. Can sit next to your date and not have that arm rest in the way. Very positive experience

Review №18

Cinemark is the best cinema hands down. Tickets are a little pricy, but you pay for what you get. I love the fact that they sell assigned seats, and you choose them when you purchase the ticket. Its easy to but from home, at the customer service counter, or even the self-service machines inside the cinema.Unlike most cinemas, there are the proper number of employees to help with all your food and drink needs. Theyre spread out at the main counters and a fee off to the side. Perfect for anyone in a rush.Large leather seats recline to your comfort level. Theater is clean and without odor. Definitely recommend to all to visit and have your own great experience.

Review №19

First time at the North Haven Cinemark. We went and saw Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in XD.Movie theater was great and I highly recommend although I havent been to any other theaters in the area to compare.Walking in everything seemed clean and organized. Being my first time the process of getting food (had bought tickets online) wasnt 100% intuitive. We walked to the first counter but that was only for drinks, you had to walk around the side to get snacks and theater good. I will say I dont think Ive been to a theater with so many food and drink options!The XD theater was great, sat in row E and the view was perfect! Sound and video quality were on point!Only complaint I have is the aisle lights splashed up onto the bottom right and left corners of the screen. On dark.scenes it washed out the corners with the bright red light.Overall a great expert and if I lived in the area I would definitely go back!

Review №20

This is my favorite movie theater you cant beat the seating

Review №21

Wonderful place. Very comfortable seat. Although the concession check out lane can be long it doesn’t seem that bad compared to some places. Plenty of parking and well lit parking lot. Police officers on duty for safety and it’s a very public place.

Review №22

Went to see an older movie so the theatre was mostly empty (fine with me!). No problem getting tickets or picking seats. Went to get refreshments and out of four people only one realized we were even there. At the checkout, the guy keeps checking his phone and talking to a co-worker. Not exactly welcoming, but he did get his job done. Overall, loved the movie!

Review №23

The theater has the most comfortable seating ever! Everyone has their own recliner! Dont think I could ever go anywhere else. Just dont fall asleep and miss the movie.

Review №24

Loved it. My go to place whenever I want to see a high quality movie. Would recommend to buy tickets online. I love the reclining chairs. Tickets are $6 on Tuesdays.

Review №25

The movie theater is clean and cozy with recliner seats. The selection of snacks and food are great. The air quality needs to be controlled. The temps were in the teens outside, and the theater was extremely cool with A/C turned up. Not ideal to watch a movie with a winter coat and gloves on.

Review №26

Love going to this cinema. Very comfortable chairs and reserved seating, great options for food and drinks, clean facilities. Never had a bad experience here!

Review №27

I love going to this theater! So comfortable and everyone is very helpful.

Review №28

No conventions or drinks and nothing clear displayed on the website so dissatisfied how the delivered the news purchased 8tickets for my family and I and even my 5 year old cousin watched the croods hungry and thirsty and highly disappointed in theatre approach

Review №29

Best theatre around, always clean! Great selection for concessions and drinks! Although it’s a bit of a drive away from where I live I’d much rather make the drive! Screens are large, very clear and sound quality is amazing! Seating has reclining option and is very comfortable! Highly recommend giving this theatre a try if you have never been!

Review №30

Lovely experience, clean, and good prices

Review №31

So happy to see movies in the theater

Review №32

Always clean. Floors are never that stereotypical sticky from soda spills or anything. Really nice with the loungers. Staff is always pleasant.

Review №33

Amazing seats and great screens, especially in the massive XD theater. Generally wide selection of candy at the typical overpriced movie theater prices. Best theater around to see movies with friends and family.

Review №34

Nothing to complain about this place. Place is fairly cleaned for a movie theatre, seats are super comfy and never had an issue with anyone. Its in a good area and afterwards you hit one of the many places to eat on universal drive in North haven.

Review №35

Great movie theater. I love the recliners they have there and the massive screen size is great as well. Side note next time you go to any movie theater pick up your trash please.

Review №36

Love this movie theater. The seats are so comfortable. You have a wide range of room in between seats and the popcorn and candy are just as good as the movies! This is my go to movie theater :)

Review №37

A wonderful theater!! I absolutely love going to this one in particular. (The love seats make for a great movie date night!)

Review №38

Awesome place to watch a movie!!!Big comfy reclining lounger type seats.Wonderful soundsystem and huge screen. Very positive experience. Recommend

Review №39

Theaters are sometimes good and sometimes garbage this one falls in the middle. The tickets are so overpriced and so is the food. Also the sound system in the theater is kind of trash. I recommend that you go to holiday cinemas 14 in walingford because it cheaper and the sound system is better. Also both have reclining seats. Also there is assigned seating which make this place trash even.

Review №40

Great place! Relatively clean, good online ticketing system, comfy seats. Food is pretty expensive, but where isnt it? Plus, the monthly movie club is a total steal if you go a lot like I do.

Review №41

My preferred theater but to be brutally honest, the staff needs to up their game. Ive yet to meet an unfriendly employee, but they often run out of Coke Zero in the soda machine, the concession area can be a total mess and I literally just left a recliner minutes ago that the head rest on was scratched beyond recognition. Add to that my wifes recliner next to it didnt work. The place is falling apart, despite being newly remodeled only a few years ago. Upkeep really needs to be taken seriously. All in all, however, its still a safe bet for an enjoyable movie going experience.

Review №42

Cinemark is personally one of my favorite movies I ever went to. It has amazing seats and the food there is the best

Review №43

Hands down my favorite place to watch movies. I have a couple theaters closer to my house, including one that I can get free passes to. I still choose to only go here. The snack line has a nice flow to it that never feels slow or crowded. The seats in the theater are so plush and they recline so far back that you might fall into the sleep realm. Luckily I get so loaded up on sugar from snacks that it never happened.

Review №44

This theatre has a full menu, reclining seats, and even sells pizza. The line was a little long but that’s to be expected, and fortunately the concessions were priced at the usual level for other theatres, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten popcorn. Good service and clean facilities! Good experience.

Review №45

Excellent place to view 3D! Decent prices, great seats, comfortable theater. Exactly what you ask for on a movie night.

Review №46

Latest movies. Very clean facility. Great buttered popcorn! Adult beverages are available. Reclining comfortable seat. Helpful staff. Vast parking.

Review №47

We are cinemark club members, so everything is nice and streamlined. Scan out phone at checkout for discount. And once more for tickets...seating is pretty comfortable. XD is definitely a great addition to their screens. The quality is great.

Review №48

This place its actually pretty nice very clean and much to offer. I went to see the Joker I dont go to the movies often but there are some improvements that should be made thats why the three stars first I would say if you have movies playing and there are customers there someone should be able to buy a drink for popcorn we caught the latest showing forgot what time but shortly after the movie it again I wanted something from there high-priced Refreshments stand and it was all closed up.And second the assigned seating is a little ridiculous I can understand something like that for new blockbuster movies that are typically sold out in the beginning.this was not the case I saw it in what was the second to last week, the theater wasnt even half way full but we had to sit in our assigned seats, felt like I was back in grammer school.

Review №49

So so comfortable! Good movie selection. 20 minutes of commercials after supposed show time start though.

Review №50

Theaters are always well kept. The workers at the ticket counter and the concession station were friendly and courteous.

Review №51

The set up now is not great.

Review №52

Well, it may be just me but my attempt at signing up to order tickets through Cinemark was a waste of time. I was asked, at different points in the process, for the exact same information. At the end, finally, I was refused. Since I have a meticulous credit record the only reason I can think of is that I gave my business telephone number rather than my home number, associated with the card. But their data base, if it saves all inputted information, now has all my information. So, we plan to go to another theater rather than go through the registration process again.Am I the only one who had trouble with this?

Review №53

The food prices are truly way to high... But the building is very clean and the staff is great

Review №54

Comfortable seating. Arm rest between seats move so you can sit close to who you are with. Beer and wine bar too

Review №55

It was a good place but, when I went to buy the tickets that person was really rude I couldnt see his name cause he didnt have a name tag on it.

Review №56

I really like this location. The young guy with the moustache at the popcorn station is so nice.

Review №57

Clean, well-kept cinema with very comfortable stadium seating, and good variety of current movies as well as showtimes. Discount Tuesdays are fantastic as well.

Review №58

Great place. The chairs are very comfortable, positive costumer service. Easy access from the highway off I-91. The parking lot is huge, you will never have to worry about finding sp ace to park. The bathrooms are clean and is always paper. I highly recommend this place.

Review №59

Amazing place and friendly service.. but an absolute mess house that night. Machines were broken, and the floor in the lobby had a huge mess of popcorn, spilt soda, and more. Even gum.

Review №60

My favorite theater. I live in New Haven, but I always prefer to drive out here for the much higher quality screens and seats. If youre a college student you get a nice discount any day of the week, AND theres a Chic-Fil-a right outside the theater.

Review №61

I love being able to preorder my seat and all seats are loungers. Great variety of movie treats and they are very good at keeping the venue clean.

Review №62

I go here all the time. To see a movie. Ill love it. Is relaxing and u get to sit were ever u feel like. And were is Comfortable

Review №63

I enjoy movies a lot. And here, in this theater, I really get to enjoy them.

Review №64

It was great. Very comfortable. Enjoyed the movie

Review №65

Had a power outage yesterday and all the movies were cancelled. Went today and the manager was extremely accommodating. Exchanged our tickets and then some. Comfortable seating, great staff. Its my go to movie theater.

Review №66

Our seats were wonderful. The people working were very nice and helpful

Review №67

I he seats are very comfortable.

Review №68

Living room comfort with friends and family of many different household! I love this theater!

Review №69

Kettle corn was burnt and full of almost cracked a filling......walked to our reserved seats for the 7 pm show and found the seat dirty and full of used napkins and buttered popcorn.....I have been there many times and it is always excellent. So maybe an off night?

Review №70

Always a great haircut....and their always super friendly. Been going every week for almost 3 yrs

Review №71

Amazing moment we spend here

Review №72

Got sick couldnt finish the movie didnt want to get anyone sick. But theater was huge. Awesome seating. Will be back.

Review №73

Went to see few shows with my friends, nice sitting and atmosphere to watch movie. We visit soon.

Review №74

Environment pleasant. Sound not too loud, temperature comfortable, staff pleasant. Nice that they sell coffee there. 20 minutes of previews is too long.

Review №75

Really comfortable

Review №76

Its like all movie theaters. Nothing special about it. It is clean, which is nice but there is a lack of security in the building with few workers visible. After the first showing, the theater needs to be better cleaned. Bathrooms need to be cleaned more often.

Review №77

Great movie theater, clean quiet the food selection is great as well as the drink choices.

Review №78

Nice and clean, snack bar is excellent. Move club helps with the snack pricing. I havent done it but nice to see a bar. Also love that you can get ice cream. Location is great for dinner and a movie. Everyone is very friendly.

Review №79

Much better option than the movie theater at the post road mall. Its cleaner and less crowded.

Review №80

If youre going to have a bag policy (which is perfectly ok) train your staff to enforce it properly so I dont get refused service on my third visit in a week after I have taken the same bag in twice already.I was looking forward to some time to catch a movie on my own. Thanks for ruining my day.

Review №81

I always enjoy coming to this theater, the seats are compfy and the selection at concessions is fantastic! Ive never had any cleanliness problems with the theaters, seats, or even bathrooms. The only negative feedback I have is that the temperature in the theaters is always on the warmer side (in winter and summer) so I do find myself a little uncomfortable during long movies, or if I am coming directly from work with a dress shirt and slacks.

Review №82

It was great fun taking my nice ans nephew to see Frozen 2

Review №83

Always clean, punctual movie showiGood sound quality and comfortable seating.

Review №84

Staff was friendly. Im a rewards member. Everything was good until we reached the bathroom. I know a lot of people come through, but please do better.

Review №85

Movie was awesome..always enjoy this theater

Review №86

Moive theater is great except for the bathrooms. When we went today they were absolutely disgusting. The stalls were gross, urine and soda all of the floor and the sinks looked like they havent been cleaned in months.

Review №87

My favorite movie theater ! Reclining seats and awesome food selection. Pizza hut, slurpies, candy and popcorn!

Review №88

So so. Seats are nice but we went to a Fandango event showing a classic film with discussion about film facts and points of interest at the beginning and end. This is one of the main reasons that film aficionados attend these events that they could otherwise see at home on a streaming service. Last night some of the beginning discussion was missed due to audio issues - a couple of people had to go out and find someone to let them know - and then the ending discussion was cut off partway through - the end. Literally mid- word. Extremely disappointing. Also, the audio was not tracked precisely against the video through much of it which is annoying to watch. I would suggest they maintain/test their projection systems more thoroughly.

Review №89

My favorite place to getaway from the real world for a couple of hours

Review №90

Comfiest seats, leather recliners with cup holders. I found a cell phone plug in the lower level. They had a arcade it was really cool. Lots of food selection and candy.

Review №91

Good to see your favorite movie and take your love one

Review №92

Seats in XD theater are quite worn, but sound was great, and screen is well sized for auditorium.

Review №93

I like this place only because they show the Met Operas in HD. Ive never watched a movie here. The concession stand is clean and well stocked, I think I paid $5+ for a hot dog which being the Angus Beef dog was decent. And I once had a great big bag of popcorn which was also very good. They also sell ice cream treats. Like all these places though the food is not cheap.Now on to the interior. Being a small person (52) those much vaunted, big plush adjustable seats they advertise so heavily, are extremely uncomfortable for me. No matter how I sit in them. Last time I rolled up my winter jacket and put it behind the small of my back so I was able to sit through a five and a half hour performance without ending up with leg cramps, an aching back and aching joints. So if you too are a small person Id advise you to bring a firm pillow for your back so you dont need the headrest which sits right on top of your head if youre not careful. However, if you are a large person, Im sure those seats could be very comfortable.

Review №94

Just saw zombieland and it was hilarious!!!!The theater was clean and cozy as usual. I absolutely love the staff! Thanks Linda for always being wonderful everytime we come in!!

Review №95

The seats are the nicest part if the place but dont go unless you ordered tickets ahead of time because chances are if you dont you will be right under the screen or they will be sold out.

Review №96

Love this place.. could be a lot faster in the check out lines. Ive waited upwards of 10 minutes to pay for popcorn.

Review №97

I love this movie theater. All the theaters are nice and they all have seat recliners. Then I would suggest watching a movie in XD which is like IMAX. They also have a variety of concessions.

Review №98

Cant argue with the leather recliner they have for seats, very comfy

Review №99

Only 1 register open at the concessions, popcorn and soda covered the floor and counters.Seats were filthy had to be wiped down before we could sit. Theater was filthy, floor was dirty. Obviously not getting cleaned between movies. My first and last visit to this theater. Avoid this place unless its that last movie theater on the planet

Review №100

Great place! The fair are super comfy and they have a large assortment of food. A great place to bring the family especially when the have their discount days.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:550 Universal Dr, North Haven, CT 06473, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 203-234-8100
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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