Regal Georgian
232 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan, GA 30265, United States

Review №1

Where do I begin! Have been a regular Regal Georgian movie goer for 15 years and this cinema has gone downhill. Management does not care or listen to its customers. First - what happen to Coke Cola. It now serves Pepsi. Do they not know we are 25 miles from the headquarters of Coke!Second - they have done away with free refills for large popcorn and drinks. Of course, blame it on Covid...Even local buffets have figured out how to reopen. Third, spacing seats between same purchasing guests. Thats good if someone is dating your daughter and you dont like their date. I suggest you watch your movie at the NCG Cinema for a much better movie experience!

Review №2

Went here while I was visiting my Cousin in Fairburn, GA and was 20 Minutes away from this movie theater. Been here a couple of times and the service is fantastic!! And reclining seats are even better, I feel like Im at home, just away from home with the reclining seats.. I live in Acworth, GA(Cobb County) and there arent really very many movie theaters with reclining seats in my immediate area...

Review №3

It is sweltering hot in the 6:00 show...the air conditioning is obviously not working. To add insult to injury, they would not allow a refill of our $7 drink So that we could at least suffer through the rest of the movie.

Review №4

Feels kind of dirty inside. Not super visibly. But just not the most pleasant vibe too.

Review №5

Horrible experience. Horrible workflow design. They had 2 staff working the concessions AND tickets. Stood in this line over an hour and missed almost half of my movie while the manager stood at the front entrance waiting to scan electronic tickets even if people weren’t walking in.If you’re going to keep staffing so close, at least change the concessions so people can fill their own drinks or scan their own tickets.

Review №6

Excellent cinema! Very comfortable. A bit far away from home. We went to see Bombshell because it was not offered locally.

Review №7

I went for one of the special events, and for the first 10 minutes of the actual movie reel there was no video. They realized it after a while, possibly because of the few people that got up to say something, and started it back at the beginning. Im not sure what ball got dropped but man my small bladder did not enjoy the extra time I had to hold it hahaAside from that I have absolutely no complaints. I love the lounge chairs and I dont mind the assigned seating.

Review №8

We enjoy the reserved seats and the recline settings. Could be a lot cleaner. Lack of staff to fully clean. And kind of weird how the front window is never staffed. Not sure when/where/and to who you are supposed to show ticket or reservations to since only employees are at concessions window and you have to wait foe everyone to get their concessions on front of you just to show tickets.

Review №9

When we started going to this theater in June, we were pleased with the chairs and atmosphere. Something has happened lately. As many others have stated, the lines for concessions are far too long, and it takes at least 20 minutes to get anything. Often, the bathrooms lack toilet paper, and the individual trash containers outside the theaters are overflowing. When we went to see a recent movie, we purchased tickets at the ticket office, but the available seats did not match what was available inside the theater. I dont know whats going on, but something really needs to change. In the meantime, were going to try a different theater.

Review №10

Went to go see a movie at 12:30 and there was a line at the concession stand. Box office wasnt open. After standing in line for 15 minutes, decided not to go. They really need to have the box office open to purchase tickets. I dont know when it became common practice for theaters to do this, but it needs to stop.

Review №11

Comfortable seating. Sound not loud enough when talking. To many good seats no available on line

Review №12

This theater is awesome. Its clean, comfortable and never crowded. I had to deduct a point because it was cold in the theater and my friend lost his wallet. His fault, not the theater, but hey ....... One question that I have is why do you have to buy movie tickets at the concession stand?

Review №13

Love the reclining seats. Nice and roomy. The concession service was very slow but otherwise a nice experience.

Review №14

Order tickets on advance for seating and then have to wait 35 to 45 minutes to get popcorn and a drink. Only 3 people behind the counter trying to fulfill patrons for 10 cinemas. This is the most ridiculous operation ever and you are making an enjoyable experience cumbersome and trying. For the prices charged for movies and snacks your patrons deserve better. Im leaving you for NCG and will never look back.

Review №15

Love this movie theater! Friendly staff. Wonderful food and candy options! I have never had a bad experience here!

Review №16

Great selection of movies. Love the stadium seats. Dont sell movie tickets at the concession counter. It holds up the line.

Review №17

Great facilities but plan at least 30 minutes extra just to get popcorn. Lines are longer than I’ve ever seen in any theater. It took me 26 minutes in line.

Review №18

Consistently have only 1 or 2 people working concessions. Line was around 10 people long. No idea why a movie theater wouldnt have more registers open considering that they make most of their money from food...

Review №19

Mixed review for an average of 4 stars... we love the roomy, reclining seats and the ability to RSVP online or the app... that is 5 stars...But, there was no one for check-in, the concessions line and tickets/check-inline were one in the same, making it an extremely long wait for check-in and popcorn and drinks... that gets 3 stars for that setup during a holiday week that kids are out of school and there is a new Disney movie release!!!

Review №20

This was the first theater I had been to since 1994. My how things have changed. Large comfy seats that recline and not too crowded

Review №21

Nice theater seating. Concessions were subpar and customer service was not great at all. Very overpriced for cold popcorn and full menu offering was not available.

Review №22

The last two times we went Regal had the manager working on tickets only and two People working on concession and tickets. The first time we went it took 40+ minutes to get concessions and we ended up buying tickets online while standing in line for a later show because we missed the show we wanted to see. The second time we went it took about 20+ minutes for concessions. We fortunately did not miss our show. The seats are all that great. They are too soft for individuals with back problems and our family often finds that they bump the buttons of the seat adjustment. They are also too talk for kids. When our son was shorter, we would have to be sure to sit on the level above disabled seating so he could see the screen fully. In the end, we prefer AMC. Its less expensive for decent movies, the seating is fine, and concessions move quickly. Regal in Newnan is simply overpriced for the subpar experience.

Review №23

Love this movie theater and its reclining seats. Its worth the money. Very nice staff and very clean place.

Review №24

Always a huge line at concessions not only do you have to arrive early to get concessions they won’t make you anything on the menu because of the long lines and how under staffed they are, they would make more money if the actually sold stuff on the menu. It’s dirty and the only thing this theatre has going for it is the reclining seats. Almost always disappointed, needs more staff and new management.

Review №25

Forced to wait more than 20 minutes in snackbar line for our tickets even though we did not want drinks or snacks. Dec 2019.

Review №26

The movie was great. That was expected. What wasnt expected was the temperature inside the cinema. It was 30 degrees outside, and that was the exact same temperature inside it felt like. That made the entire movie experience uncomfortable and almost unbearable. Other than that, the service was great and the food was awesome.

Review №27

If you can only buy tickets at the concession stand then they need to post what time they open on the door. A staff member did come to door but changed the opening time 3 times. All I wanted to do was buy tickets for tonight. Hoping for a better experience tonight but from the reviews I have my doubts.

Review №28

I really do not know how the place has a 4 1/2 star rating. We have the unlimited pass and we go see a movie 2-3 times a week. There is never anyone to check our tickets in and the concession lines are so long. The managers there should help with the long lines and not just stand around doing nothing. People can just walk in to any movie and no one would care.This place needs more staff and better management. This could be a very nice place and experience for movie goers with the right people in charge.

Review №29

We like to see movies at the Regal Georgian Cinema. The staff is friendly, the seats are comfortable and it is fairly easy to access in the Newnan business area.

Review №30

So tragically understaffed that if you’d like popcorn you need to arrive 45 minutes in advance of a movie showing for weeks already. Disregard entirely if it’s a new release. The manger will refund your ticket but not so much as an apology or offer to encourage your return.

Review №31

Love the seating! Price is comparable to other local cinemas without reclining seats. Matinees are typically very low staff, leaving the place feeling almost like a ghost town at times. Havent attended a late night showing because the minimal crowd during the day is more up my alley

Review №32

A family came in and forced my family to move because she said we were sold same seats. The family was very loud,rude and kids doing what they wanted and being disrespectful to other people. We couldnt even watch the movie and they refused to move even to let my son go to restroom

Review №33

I love this theater! I love being able to select my seats, which is a big plus. It’s in a nice area and close to lots of eating and shopping in case you want to do more before or after a movie. Great place!

Review №34

Seating options are great. Customer service always lacks. Especially since they decided to move everything to the concession. Paying a lot of money for tickets to wait in extremely long lines with food that is sub par and employees that dont even acknowledge you. And then when the credits start, the staff come in and all but boot you out of the auditorium.

Review №35

Love this theater. Usually clean with a friendly staff and the seats are amazing leather recliners that go all the way back. Be careful though, I dont fall asleep in movies, but I did here simply because the seats are so comfortable.

Review №36

Not happy. You had to buy your tickets at concession stand which only had two employees and very long lines. Or get on a long line at the machine to buy tickets. Thats what my husband did and the machine picked out his seats not him. Other people just walked out. If you wanted to, you could just walk into to movie theater and not even show your tickets. In other words, see a movie for free. We tried twice to buy something at the concession stand but the line was too long. In essence, the movie theater could be losing money.

Review №37

I am generally pleased, when I come here but today, I was disappointed because I reserved my seats online & paid. The last thing I would like to do is stand, in the long concession line, to find out which theater, my movie is playing. I just took a chance and went left. My show was the first room, on the left.

Review №38

Worst movie theater ever. On a Sunday waited over 20 minutes in the concession line to purchase my movie tickets and they only had 2 registers open and ended up missing 15 minutes of the move and not only that sold me tickets for a different time then what I requested and figured this out after I went to go get my sit and someone was sitting there and they also purchased the same sits as me so now I ended up missing 30 minutes of the movie and was never given an apology. I will not be returning to this movie theater.

Review №39

So now you have to purchase your tickets when you buy your food..its all jacked up. Be prepared to get there 30mins earlier than you normally would. Whomever had this bright idea should be fired immediately.

Review №40

I usually go to the movies for 3D experience... Saw Gemini man today and there was definitely something wrong with the 3D projection. Thought it could have been glasses but new ones didnt correct the issue. Sad because the theater itself is great and movie was good too and for once the sound was good too... Been going to this theater for a while now and there is usually something wrong with quality of projection or sound. Hopefully it will be fixed!

Review №41

There has been a steady decline in Good customer service. I dont understand why I have to wait in the concession line to have my QR code scanned for the movie I am there to see. Especially when you only have 2 people working at the concession stand. We have advanced purchased the tickets to see the last two Ghibli-Fest movies. Hopefully things will have improved when they are shown.

Review №42

The past 4 times I’ve come to this theatre I’ve been disappointed. The volume of the movies is so loud that I had to leave after 45 minutes of a 2 and a half hour movie. This has happened multiple times. Not to mention the place was a pigstye, and I understand some of that can’t be helped but it was just really bad. Won’t be coming back to this theatre

Review №43

Funny story about this theatre, my parents created me in the back of theatre 1, so many years ago. So now this theatre is like my church. I plan to get married here and who knows---maybe make a child of my own here.

Review №44

Went to go see a 2 PM movie today and had to wait over 45 minutes for concessions. Granted the seating is immaculate but a lady scanning the tickets announced that they were understaffed. Unacceptable!

Review №45

I personally just love movie theaters I love how they have the separation walls and recliner seats

Review №46

I dont go to any other cinema. I love this place. From family outings to date night. Its great

Review №47

I wish I could rate it 5 stars. The theater itself is great and I love the seating. Concessions let me down each and every time. Its managed poorly and there are always very slow moving lines. I recently missed the start of a movie, after arriving 20 minutes early, because it took so long to move through a line of 6 people. They really need to focus on improving that experience.

Review №48

Very nice place. The left rear speaker needs to be replaced, other than that it was great.

Review №49

We live next door and have unlimited passes so we like to come to the movies a lot. Every single time we come to this theater they do not have the front box office being used so the lines inside are ridiculously long. If you want to get anything at concession or purchase your ticket inside it takes FOREVER. Even on the weekends. There never seems to be enough people working. I am aware you can purchase tickets on the app or online but obviously this system does not work. I have never seen a theater ran like this one. It’s ridiculous.

Review №50

I love the seating here! Big comfy reclining chairs. I saw my first 3D movie in a few years here recently and was very impressed by the clarity. This is definitely my favorite theater in the area.

Review №51

Best thing was reclining seats. Nice building. Young man that sold us our seats was rude and unhelpful. Girl inside that sold us popcorn and drink, was slow, very rude, very unfriendly, and the popcorn was old and stale. I am not being rude, just factual. The owner of this establishment should clean house and hire someone that appreciates a job. Fix the popcorn and employee problem and I would give a 5 star rating.

Review №52

The chairs are so comfortable! My family and I go here often.

Review №53

Great view are nice ... Chairs awesome n comfortable.....5 Star...

Review №54

The guy at the concession stand seemed high and didn’t understand how to work his computer taking so long that we ended up missing the beginning of our movie but other than that the employees were very nice and helpful the seats are very comfortable and recline almost to laying down so it is a great movie watching experience

Review №55

I love this theater. Great seats at a competitive price (especially with the Regal subscription service).

Review №56

This is the 2nd time we have missed 1/8 of our movie because we have to wait in line for 60 minutes! Yes an hour to wait in line to order popcorn and a drink. Do the math... you arrive 15 minutes early before the scheduled start time and you walk into the movie 45 minutes AFTER the start time.The manager states 2 employees “called in”. It’s sounds like you need 2 employee replacements. The two workers who are here move at the speed of molasses. These two guys have NO sense of urgency at all.I will gladly remove or change the review once the issue is resolved. Otherwise this WAS our favorite theater in Newnan.

Review №57

Sitting in the theater waiting for 10pm Star Wars over Christmas break. Theater is very dirty and hasnt been cleaned. Trash cans leading into the theater are fully overflowing. Projector is flickering and we cannot see the picture at all. Asked the employee if anyone was coming to clean the theater, and they looked at me like an alien. Is anyone here?

Review №58

Usually clean, no riff raff hanging around. Love the new seats. Bathrooms usually clean...and well stocked. We usually only do drinks, popcorn, and maybe candy. We cant vouch for the hotdogs or nachos.

Review №59

Spent 30 minutes in line trying to buy movie tickets. Their computers kept shutting down so we had to move three times. In the end we didnt even get to see the movie because it took so long just to attempt to buy tickets. They need more staff so you can buy tickets in the front where youre supposed too. We wont be back to see if they do though. Waste of time.

Review №60

Great theater! Its always clean, the bathrooms are huge, the reclining seats are great, and everytime we visit my SO likes to win little rubber duckies for me from the claw machine game!

Review №61

This place just keeps getting worse. Opening weekend of a star wars film theres no popcorn and they refuse to sell my a collector cup because I have to purchase a popcorn combo (which they cant sell because there is no popcorn) the establishment is less clean on each of my last 5 or so visits. If this wasnt the only theater with reserved seats it would be easy to never come here again.

Review №62

Best movie experience ever with the reclining seats. Im spoiled now and dont want to go anywhere else!

Review №63

Went in to see an afternoon movie. No one at ticket booth and only one man behind concession counter. Left after standing 15 monies.

Review №64

This is one of the best Movie theaters Ive ever been to..

Review №65

Clean, comfortable and cheetos popcorn. Hobbs and Shaw was a great movie and the reclining seats made me feel like I was watching at home. The staff was very friendly too.

Review №66

Stood in line for 30 minutes to get tickets and concessions. Had to go inside for tickets. The line hardly moved. No way we were going to make the start of movie on time. Get your act together!!!

Review №67

Staff friendly and movie theater was clean. Spacious seats with legroom

Review №68

Usually my family and I have a great movie going experience at this theater, but our last experience was horrible because of the customer service We received when getting refreshments before our movie began and response of the manager or at least from the person who pretended to be the manager working that day. The young lady taking my order had a very bad attitude and when I asked the young lady at the register next to the one I was at to get a supervisor or Manager so I could speak with them, that young lady stated “I am the manager what do you need!”. I then begin to explain what my issue was and the young lady just interrupted me while I’m explaining and says I’ll talk to her very with a very nasty tone. I told her not to worry about it because I knew nothing would come of it. This has never happened before. I understand that they may have been overwhelmed with the crowd of people wanting to get refreshments but there is no need for a nasty attitude like that. Other than that one experience this is a great place to watch movies.

Review №69

Awesome movie theater experience in Newnan, GA USA. There is plenty of free and handicap parking. The theater has alot of handicap seating as well for people with and without wheelchair. The employees are helpful and very courteous. The drinks and popcorn are always fresh. The theater is in excellent condition. I enjoyed watching my movie in the real 3d experience. Awesomeness in Movie viewing experience.

Review №70

I hadnt been to this particular theater in probably 8 years or so, and they have done a lot of upgrading since then! Seats are very comfortable and can recline, and their hot Cheetos popcorn is so good!

Review №71

Had not had any trouble before but today, was not happy with their service. For one thing, the they made us wait on ticket counter even though there were people who could have sold us tickets. Then when we finally purchased the tickets, it was bought on a different movie. They wanted us to wait in the counter until they figure out to switch the movie tickets . We asked if we can wait in the movie since it has already started, and yet they still want us to wait until they get it done. This could have been easily fixed by not letting us wait while the show has started. Quite disappointed that they cant find a better way to serve customers.

Review №72

Would recommend seeing Mr. Rogers to anyone. Nice theater

Review №73

Nice theater, clean with very comfortable seats. the only thing is make sure you bring a blanket the theater is very cold!

Review №74

The theatre was clean and the We received great and friendly service. Wonderful environment and atmosphere.

Review №75

Great theatre with very comfortable leather chairs that lie back. One of the best theatres around.

Review №76

Really clean, nice theater. The recliners in the cinemas are to die for! Staff is friendly and courteous, and snacks are more reasonably priced than other theaters, equal and lesser caliber. Only issue (and this is small.. but reviews are meant to be honest, right?) is that the cinematic quality of the picture (film) doesnt seem to be tippy top notch, although its very nice.Ive been here before and will definitely return!

Review №77

Best movie experience possible. Prices will reflect that.

Review №78

Second movie in two weeks and both times we had to stand in a line with only two people working the counter.First time - We arrived twenty mins before the movie started and waited till thirty minutes later for our chance to get popcorn. Ridiculous.Today we just had the same experience! Bought tickets to see Elf at 1 and we sat down for the movie at 145!! Ridiculous. Again there were only two people working.Both times the manager had plenty of time to help out and she did not. Instead when she had nothing to do, it’s unfortunate that she chose to stand in the back and smile.Management should of lended a hand! New management needed.

Review №79

Love the recliners. Best place in Newnan to see a movie.

Review №80

Hard to beat with those recliners in the whole theater.

Review №81

Great place yo see a movie best sets too

Review №82

Decent movie theater. It seems a bit worn down and old. Either because it is old or because of the presumably thousands of people that have passed through it.The concession area is by far the worse. It definitely needs a facelift to brighten up the area.Also, while I appreciate the convenience of choosing where to sit, when a group of 4 or 6 people take more than 20 minutes to choose their seats, the staff should be trained to sideline them so that the customers behind them dont have to wait while idiots who all share a single braicell decide where to sit.

Review №83

It was very nice, comfortable, and clean. The reclining leather chairs were roomy. The only thing that is a disappointing is the price of the concessions.

Review №84

Reserved seating and clean auditorium. The popcorn almost always is cold tastes stale.

Review №85

I took my family here to see the new Spider-man and I was very impressed with the friendly and efficient customer service. Everyone greeted you with a smile and made you feel comfortable to be there. Speaking of comfortability, this theater has recliner chairs! Aw man, the chairs are so nice and they recline all the way back. A few of us fell asleep and woke up near the end of the movie. One of the best midday naps in a long time. I will be coming back just for that! Lol All in all, the theater was clean and the service was top notch. Perfect for a family outing or date night.

Review №86

Love coming here. However, a few times I went the seats were dirty and gross.

Review №87

Love, love the recliner seats. This location is clean, nice and relaxing. And offers a great selection of snacks!

Review №88

Clean. Friendly and unlike douglasville regal the seats are great and comfy!! Not cramped and awful. So much better than Douglasville!!

Review №89

My family went to the 10pm Star Wars on Christmas and theater 7 was disgusting. Trash cans were overflowing onto the floor and clearly had not been emptied all day. The theater floors were covered with popcorn and trash and there were drinks and trash in most of the cupholders. I told an employee behind the concessions counter but no one showed up to clean the theater before our movie started.

Review №90

This is the only theater I go to in the area because it is so nice! Joined the Regal Crown Club and you can buy your tickets before to skip the box office line and get the seats you want. Then you just scan on your phone and go, so easy. Plus you get credits for anything you buy which goes towards getting things for free. The theater is clean and has big comfy recliners. The only thing they could do to improve is concessions. It always seem to have a line. So if you want some snacks better to come early.

Review №91

Horrible experience. Waited in line for concessions for 37 minutes. Totally unacceptable. Fifty bucks to see the movie and then wait in line for 37 minutes to spend 15.00 for a small drink and small popcorn. Pathetic management only full of excuses. They dont have the slightest idea of what customer service is. Ill take my sofa and Netflix next time

Review №92

Customer service great. Good and movie great? I took a star off for no hi c punch and only bathroom nakins.

Review №93

Concession stand was terrible. Only two workers and the lines were crazy long. Popcorn was cold and the hotdogs were not ready. The theater was nice and clean.

Review №94

Love it here very clean love how the seats go all the way back so comfy great place to go watch a movie

Review №95

This is a really nice theater love the seats they recline check it out.

Review №96

The reserved lounge seats make this one of the best venues to enjoy a movie without the hassle of a overly crowded theater. Great place to go if you want to see a new movie on opening night.Im giving four out of five stars for the simple fact that while snack prices are expected to be high, I paid $5.50 for a 20 oz. bottle of water.

Review №97

A good theater closer to my neighborhood where I can take my family to watch latest movies. My 6 months daughter also enjoy over there. Its a nice and clean theater in Ashley park. A good place even to spend the whole day.

Review №98

We arrived on a Friday night and there were NO lines for just tickets. Two lanes is all they had and they were both to the concession station where we had to wait for tickets (even though we were not interested in food or drinks).Plus the other lane was being handled by two people and then eventually two cashiers. Our cashier had to do it all even refilling the large popcorn bin. Lame staffing both in numbers and configuration. There is some basic queue management strategies that management needs to incorporate including being present. Sure the theater had a ticket kiosk but that would have not helped us since we had giftcards and wanted to use our military discount. Ill think twice about going back there.

Review №99

The chairs are the best. Popcorn sucks! Like they pre make it.

Review №100

I really enjoy going to this movie theater. It is my choice movie theater to visit in Newnan. Parking is extremely ample and the theaters are nice spacious and clean. Reclining seats are always a plus. Also there are many other things to do around this theater and many places to eat before or after your movie. Highly recommended.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:232 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan, GA 30265, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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