Showtime Cinemas LLC
1420 NY-300, Newburgh, NY 12550, United States

Review №1

This is temporarily turned into an outdoor drive-in movie theater. Delightful! You have access to the bathrooms and the concession stand is open. (Bring your masks) we took beach chairs and could hear just fine with the large outdoor speakers, so you dont have to stay inside your car, tho you can if you wish...getting sound off car radio.

Review №2

Theatre is clean, Christopher is very helpful and knowledable with online orders. Matinee price is awesome, seating is ok

Review №3

Awesome place to sew a movie!! I think it is fantastic that they are taking this awful opportunity to do drive in movies!

Review №4

Clean, comfortable new seating, updated concession with new counters etc. Currently utilizing a drive in movie lot!

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Review №6

I went here recently with my kids and nephew. Theatre and bathrooms were really clean. Prices were great. Movie started on time. The refreshments were fresh and tasted great and were reasonably priced. Great experience, will definitely be coming back.

Review №7

Awesome drive in experience!!! Will be back soon!

Review №8

It a great theater. In a world where going to the movies can feel like the cost of getting a new car. The prices at this theater are still great. The popcorn is fresh, so is all the other food. Staff is nice and they recently renovated so the seating is new. Also, it never feels super crowded.

Review №9

I love going to this theater. Its always clean for the most part and the staff is really nice. The only reason we dont go there often is the distance from our house. I highly recommend going here.

Review №10

Its a place to watch movies. Popcorn is good. Re did the seats so they are more comfortable

Review №11

Love the family atmosphere at Showtime. Friendly staff and management. Concession prices are reasonable and seating has recently been upgraded.

Review №12

First of all we werent sure the place was even open. They dont post whats playing, only some phone numbers. We had to park the car and walk up to the front window to read what was showing. Come on people really? We didnt get anything from the snack bar. Yes its handicap friendly, and theres plenty of free parking. We had very comfortable seating, and we were the only ones in the whole was clean and new looking. Very good

Review №13

Recently remodeled new seats, lots of leg room. And better price.

Review №14

Theater was actually clean for once. Employees are not very friendly, probably because theyre all children and are annoyed they have to work. Although the one guy at the concession stand was absolutely wonderful. He allowed us to switch out the kids fountain drink for a bottle of water, which Im sure youre probably not suppose to do, but he did. He truly made the entire experience a pleasure.

Review №15

Clean theaters. Good selection of snacks and some good hot foods as well.

Review №16

This was a joy. Ticket prices are great. Theaters are clean. Concession bar has a lot of great choices, besides just popcorn. Will return again.

Review №17

At night (because thats when I went) it was very quite and my friends and I were able to get in, and get our tickets for $10.50 and seats very quickly. Like any movie theatre the food is expensive, and there are still some arcade games to play. Thats the gist of it.

Review №18

Good theater. Food is a little pricey but good. Tickets are moderately priced. Nice place for friendly gatherings, or just to relax with family.

Review №19

Very comfortable seating. Reasonably priced. Only complaint is the picture was to dark. The brightness needs to be turned up a bit. Overall very pleasant experience

Review №20

I am so happy with this movie theater. Great people work there. My brother is hard of hearing and anytime we go they never forget him. They have the head set waiting for him. Best experience ever.

Review №21

Good prices on movie tickets, clean facility and leather padded seats.

Review №22

I liked the snack combos and the restrooms were really clean and the temperature in theater 10 was comfortable

Review №23

Love it here, the people are very friendly, great popcorn and prices!

Review №24

Is was amazing, love it!

Review №25

Im here 4 times a month movies are my thing, this is one of the best Theaters ive have ever been to

Review №26

Laid back Tuesday discount day. Great if you have kids

Review №27

Great sound quality. Comfortable seats. And great service

Review №28

The new chairs are extremely comfortable and extra spacious. Cannot wait to go back!

Review №29

Always a great experience.Doing Drive-In movies because of COVID. Prices too high for drive in, outdated moviesAlways rated 5 stars, now 3

Review №30

Been going to this theater since I was a teen & still a nice place to catch a flick,...clean & great sound!!!

Review №31

Ok place prices have gone up a little more but I dont really see why

Review №32

Love it better because they improved a lot

Review №33

I always have a good time here

Review №34

Went on Saturday afternoon November 2 2019. Was absolutely freezing. Could not relax and watch the movie.

Review №35

I love this cinema its cheap and clean and the staff is very friendly. And they let you put your own butter on your popcorn. The cinema in poughkeepsie is very expensive and they are cheap with the popcorn butter cause I like extremely alot of butter on my popcorn cause it takes away the salty taste. I will will tell all my friends about this cinema.

Review №36

Very clean theater, staff are friendly and prices are reasonable. Love taking my boys there.

Review №37

I love it the lion King was amazing i recommend to come there if you want to hang out with your friends

Review №38

The screens cant compete with IMAX or AMC, but it more than makes up for it with its insanely low prices

Review №39

For the price, you cant complain. Its the best-cheapest theatre. Staff is friendly. Popcorns good.

Review №40

Watched Dora the explorer and ate some popcorn great place for the family.

Review №41

Nice place to go out.

Review №42

This theater goes back like 35 years. I remember when it was built. Been my home movie theater since being a child. Seen hundreds and hundreds of movies here. The owners really care about its customers. They are always updating each theater and they have great prices. Truly a great movie experience and a staple theater in the Hudson Valley.

Review №43

Always love going here, the prices are great, the staff is friendly, and the seats are stadium with very comfortable cushions. Still a affordable family option!

Review №44

Bait & switch policy with their movie passes. I recently received 2 movie passes that are not valid for some movies. Although it does not state it on the passes. So when we arrived we were told that the passes were not valid & we would need to purchase additional tickets. Thats bait & switch

Review №45

Great seats and great staff

Review №46

I gave only 2 stars because I was disappointed that they dont have the pretzel bites any longer. They have the big soft pretzels and still charging the same price. Im not paying over $4 for one pretzel thats crazy. But the cost for admission is cheap so what do you really expect.

Review №47

Very nice staff great prices aswell!!!!

Review №48

Great place to chill and staff is amazing as well as the food

Review №49

Ticket giver was very rude and told us to get out and that we couldn’t “hang out.” Although that makes no sense when there are games and things to do while waiting for a movie. Screamed at my group and practically pushed us out the door.

Review №50

The movie theater was pretty clean and it was an absolute bargain at only $7 a ticket! Kids had a great time at the Lego movie.

Review №51

Clean, nice snack bar, small arcade. Theaters are on the smaller side but have comfy seats and stadium type seating. Good sound system. They are currently upgrading and renovating the theaters.

Review №52

This is a friendly family run establishment. No frills but very clean and affordable. I go here often

Review №53

New & improved movie house!

Review №54

Nice theater. Seats were comfortable. Especially for a 3 hour movie.

Review №55

As soon as I walked in the girl at the desk offered me her help. Very courteous and friendly. It is a very nice and clean place. The sitting in the theater was comfortable. Spacious seats. They have a butter dispenser. And arcade games for the kids while the movie starts.

Review №56

Great prices on movies and snacks, Recently renovated seating...Love this theater.

Review №57

Very good theater. Great prices on admission and snacks!

Review №58

Showtime Cinemas has great matinee prices. The theaters are clean and the snack bar has the same prices as other theaters. We enjoy going to this theater and go quite a lot. I bring our nieces and nephews here too because it feels safe.

Review №59

Such an awesome and convenient theater right outside of Newburgh. Clean with comfortable seats and great sound.

Review №60

Great prices, great popcorn and decent seats

Review №61

Very comfortable seats,great sound system...we really enjoyed it..we saw captain marvel there..

Review №62

Nice theater. Nothing over the top but good stadium style seating, little arcade area up front, nice service, and kept clean.

Review №63

It is good and the staff is nice but it is dirty

Review №64

This is my go to theater even though I have to drive from Chester to Newburgh. It’s so worth it. The staff is friendly the popcorn great seats are comfortable enough, and I’m grateful.

Review №65

Ordered my tickets online to get through to the movie faster in case I was running late. Online it clearly states 1 of the following is needed for proof. Driver license, credit card used to pay and printed confirmation. I get their and the teller asks for both then rights down driver license # and 3 digit # on the back of my credit card. I ask why they only ask for 1 of proof. Now theres a long line and he decides to get very very loud. Because people come in here and commit fraud. Very rude and disrespectful then people are laughing. I cant say if I will continue to patronize this theater. However, I will never order tickets online for this place again. Better customer service is definitely needed. Bastard!

Review №66

Love the new seats. Arm rests fold up. Great prices with great popcorn deal!!

Review №67

I moved from MI in 1987 to manage this movie theater when it was owned by United Artists. So nice to see it is still operating and reviews are so positive. Many fond and happy memories of the welcoming and friendly people of Newburgh. Keep up the good work!

Review №68

Nice comfortable seats in a clean theater

Review №69

Excellent theatre! Good parking, good prices and 10 screens!

Review №70

Its a little small but the movies are pretty cheap

Review №71

Nice theater. Reasonable prices. Convenient parking and plenty of it.

Review №72

Wonderful theater! Clean, reasonable prices and friendly staff!

Review №73

Cute little family feel theater. I had a great time good popcorn and comfortable spacious theater. Staff was friendly personable and nice.

Review №74

Everyone is always nice. Loved going on a Thursday, it was pretty much empty and we had the theater to ourselves.

Review №75

You can cheat in peace. Popcorn is good too.

Review №76

Good place to watch a movie with a friend

Review №77

Well I had low expectations of this theater, I was pleasantly surprised. Exceptionally clean and comfortable! And I dont have to drive a half an hour and fight traffic at a mall to see a good movie.

Review №78

Tried to attend a new show there a few weeks after they first opened a few years ago. We were told to go home did nothing wrong not allowed to buy tickets threatened by manager. Open racisim not good

Review №79

The last three shows (2016) I saw there were fine. No problems with filthy floors or any smells. I usually go in the early afternoons. The staff is courteous and seemingly friendly. Im ready for the Magnificent 7.

Review №80

Its a good theater. Theres plenty of parking space, a nice working staff with tasty popcorn, and other snacks. The seats and aisles in the theaters themselves are always clean. Along with good prices especially during the day.

Review №81

Popcorn is solid, seats are comfortable, priced right

Review №82

I always go to show time cinema in Newburgh for any movies I watch in theater. Its a decent theater, Im sure better exist but for me its just convenient that I live a 5-10 minute drive away and if Im in a hurry to eat dinner or something quick before a movie there are also restaurants and fast food joints of all types within a very short distance of the theater.

Review №83

Good, comfortable seats, fair prices (much better than Regal in Poughkeepsie). Recommended

Review №84

Never crowded love hot buttery popcorn!

Review №85

Nice cinemas. Not as fancy as the the big chains. Comfortable seats and extremely helpful staff!

Review №86

I was the smallest nonattractive theater I ever been to. They need to invest in a remodel to bring it up to date.

Review №87

Our fave movie theater. Love the new seats!

Review №88

Always clean & no drama. Im content with their prices and i enjoy their popcorn.

Review №89

Great temperature, clean environs/bathrooms, friendly clerks, and comfortable seats make up for the costly concessions :)

Review №90

Pretty good theater. Matinee price is still $7, where some others are $9+. Seating is still good, sound and video are good. I still go when I dont want to travel farther for a different theater.

Review №91

Nice neighborhood movie theater but it really needs updating before 5 is a discount fresh popcorn is a plus but chairs really need to be updated

Review №92

Great movie theater! Easy to get to, easy to grab tickets - even online - easy to find the right screen (they have about 10) and the most comfy seats too!

Review №93

Oddly closed ad 7:15pm today at Newburgh ny location. Very disappointing

Review №94

Its ok the employees look at u with a look and thats just ride I go there to watch movies and Im stared down no one, but 2s and its like did do something no but it was the same girl its like Im sorry sometimes in movie they have a little stuff and the ending. And when it ended she was staring me and my mother down like so rude. But its cheap

Review №95

GREAT discounts for the seniors that gives them something to do with their time.

Review №96

I love this place. Its small but it’s really cute and they have a lot of variety when it comes to shows and show times.

Review №97

For a small town is nice staff very feiendly

Review №98

This was a cute little theater for New York. It sure doesnt have texas size servings, those are extra. Nice environment. Small theater but very busy. Make sure you check the listings daily, we found out the hard way that they change daily lol, that was so weird.

Review №99

Nice new seats. Prices at popcorn stand went up, but still lower than anywhere else.

Review №100

A no frills old school little movie theater thats trapped in the 90s as far as decor. But I grew up with a movie theater just and I just love it.

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  • Address:1420 NY-300, Newburgh, NY 12550, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 845-566-8800
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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