Parkway Cinema 6
1011 Keyser Ave, Natchitoches, LA 71457, United States

Review №1

Krystal was the best!! I definitely recommend this place!!

Review №2

Great sound, reclining seats, very clean, & hospitable

Review №3

Good movie theater. The concessions are very cheap compared to other theaters. Only downside is they dont have the reclining seats like Tinseltown is Shreveport does. Thats the only complaint I have

Review №4

Great place to go watch a movie with your family! Popcorn tastes great! Nachos taste great! I drive up here sometimes even when Ive watched all the movies and just get the popcorn and nachos They have the best!

Review №5

Its an older movie theater, people were nice and the prices was great!!! Tuesday is a special price so check that out for sure. Popcorn could have been a little fresher.

Review №6

Very comfortable seats and great food. Clean theater also

Review №7

Its a small-town theater, but there are lots of offerings and always the latest shows (including at least one 3D offering). They do a good job at keeping prices low in comparison to larger neighboring cities, which is significant since theyre the only theater within 80 miles. Its clean enough, has fresh popcorn, and offers a $1 student discount. They also are good about letting you know if you should arrive early for a busy showtime. Oh, and $5 movies all day Tuesday! Not much more you should expect from a small-town theater and not much more you really need.

Review №8

I am very disappointed with my experience at the Cinema yesterday. We called about the start time for the movie Crawl and showed up around 4pm becuz it was scheduled to show at 4:20pm. We arrived at the cinema only to be told by the manager that the movie time had changed to 7pm. Several other people stated that 4:20 pm was the time listed online. The manager stated the movie was changed at the last minute. He didnt try to offer anything to his customers for the Cinemas mix up or change. No free drink, discount on next movie, he didnt even apologized for the change, NOTHING. He displayed poor management skills and left a bad lasting impression for several paying customers. He needs to be re-trained IMMEDIATELY!! Management should NEVER let their paying customers leave without offering something esp when they were coming to spend their money and they had no idea of the change until they arrived at the door.

Review №9

Good service for a small town theater, nothing wrong the past several dozen times Ive been there.

Review №10

This a small town cinema that caters to movies that locals find appealing. That restricts many other big movies the rest of the nation is enjoying. Overall its a good theater but I sure would be thrilled if an Alamo type theater would come to town with their swanky food service and fringe movie genre

Review №11

AC was down in wanted viewing. Had to wait for next showing with young children. No recourse was offered. Movie projector or slide switch was messed up so both previews and movie ran late and isolated. Lights never dimmed. Also we were pointed to our theatre while post credit scene was showing. Spoiler alert. We werent even that early. No recourse was offered except a personal apology from ticket checker kid. Poor experience which is unfortunate because look and comfort of this theater is beyond reproach. Also affordable tickets and concessions.

Review №12

Its pretty good but they could fix the holes in the ceiling other than that service is good Everytime I come here

Review №13

Had a great experience here tonight. Plenty of room in the theater and tonight(Saturday night) it wasnt busy at all and everyone paid kids price. Candy also wasnt expensive which was great. Saw the movie glass

Review №14

Of course the movie was great but the temperature (too warm) and cleanliness left a lot too be desired

Review №15

Great theater. Small but great equipment. Sound level is just right, picture quality and screens are really good.

Review №16

Love the remodeling they did up deont staff always cool as usual and ofcourse Officer Young dont remember her new married name still holding it down only thing they need to do is remodel the bathrooms and sell a burger a good burger #handmade

Review №17

Friendly staff. Older theater that could use some modern updates. But still a good place to go catch a movie.

Review №18

It is the only theater in town but it is still pretty nice. Not too expensive and it all depends on your perspective. It was dead as a door nail on Wednesday night but maybe people dont go to the movies anymore. Still it is a good theater, easy to find and reasonably priced.

Review №19

Good prices on movies and snacks.

Review №20

Popcorn is only buttery at the top. High prices for a large but free refills if you get a large drink or popcorn but only once. Some seats lean back but wouldnt let you sit back because it will lean. Can hear and still watch the movie even if youre with some friends with loud mouths. Some employees are just rude and knosey.

Review №21

Came here for the first time. Never again. The popcorn was stale. Cramped seating. And this group behind us talked the entire movie. Even our 6 yr old said she didnt want to go back there again.

Review №22

Friendly and well maintained. Not too pricey.

Review №23

We had a great time at the movies..#ToyStories

Review №24

Cute place. Great concession stand.

Review №25

The 3-D theaters are great, with comfortable, reclining seats and good sound. Overall. Its a clean, modern movie-house with great staff and current films.

Review №26

Its an ok place to see a movie

Review №27

Its kool

Review №28

Good family enternment, staff nice, security on premises, bathroom and seating area clean. Wet floor sign left on floor below seating caused some stumbling otherwise All good

Review №29

Nice, small theater. Popcorn, nachos, and candy are the available snacks. Very pleasant employees. Seats are pretty comfortable.

Review №30

The entire time youre there, everything is nice and quaint. Very rarely will you be overcrowded here. Its a nice location with many food places near it. They have a wonderful staff that is very courteous to their guests. The theater rooms are great. Everything from comfortable seats to perfect temperature. Overall this is a cinema I can always go to if Im looking to have a great time!

Review №31

Not too big, not too small! Just right!

Review №32

The atmosphere is so plesant

Review №33

Good place for movies

Review №34

Nice big size theater

Review №35

Screen is decent, smelly and dingy

Review №36

So happy that Natchitoches has a movie theatre. It has new movies regularly to enjoy.

Review №37

Great customer service, speedy ticket sales.

Review №38

Nice smaller movie theater. Better prices on tickets and concessions than theaters in larger areas.

Review №39

Nice place to take family

Review №40

I was attending a movie and a bunch of teens (under18) was in the movie and was very immature! This resulted in people getting kicked out and my friend and I were in the top row, the manager kicked the whole row out! The manager (Ty Freeman) was very rude, crude, and socially unacceptable! I wanted a refund but the manager said get out in two minutes or you will be arrested! Its unfair that I had to pay $8.50 for a movie I didnt even get to see but maybe 20 minutes of. The manager should have handled the situation better and find the real problem instead of kicking out the innocent people! Not everyone in the theater was guilty! I promise this will be the last time I go to a movie at the theater! The Grand in Alexandria will be getting my money its a better place and butter and nicer people to deal with! I highly suggest if you are reading this review to take you money somewhere else! Its not worth your $8.50 to just get kicked out due to immature teenagers!-Ian Sarpy

Review №41

I love going here to watch a movie! I really recommend it to others!

Review №42

Only theater in Natchitoches and I love it. The people are very nice, service is fast, seats are comfortable, and moviegoers are respectful of one another.

Review №43

The seats are soft, the popcorn is amazing, the sound is impeccable, the staff is friendly

Review №44

Only because of $5 Tuesday...

Review №45

Always excellent service and if you are like me and a regular always order the same thing they will remember

Review №46

Great show but people need to stay home if they want to talk during the movie.

Review №47

After the renovations its actually a pretty decent movie theater.

Review №48

Fantastic..but they could go down a bit on the snacks and movies

Review №49

Movie wont start. Its having problems. It shouldve started twenty minutes ago. Its acting like a scratched cd. Really kind staff though. Gave us our money back

Review №50

Movie started 20 minutes late. No explanation as to why it was late.

Review №51

Excellent, always raise my legs high

Review №52

The credit card machine was down so it was cash only. Thankfully we had cash, but a lot of folks had to go to the ATM. Luckily there is one in the parking lot of the theater but its still a bit of hassle when this happens. It happened to us once before & we didnt have cash so having to go get cash and back in line put us late for our movie. On a good note though the all day $5 Tuesday for all shows is so nice. The ticket prices are already pretty good but $15 for 3 ppl is great! Also the concession stand is much more affordable than other larger cinemas, we love the Nachos and Icees Im glad they added more screens and bathrooms that are much better but they really need to update the seats and stuff in the original 4 theaters and original bathrooms as well. Ive been going to parkway cinema since I was 10 so I have a lot of memories there. Now I am making memories w/ my kids there which is nice. Just some upgrades would be cool but not if it jacks up the concession stand or ticket prices too much thanks parkway cinema!

Review №53

Great popcorn and the newest movie releases (even with 3-D). AND NO LONG DRIVE HOME AFTER!

Review №54

Clean and good quality movies!

Review №55

Saw a extremely funny movie and the price to watch it was only $5 its there Tuesday special!! For 3d its $2 more

Review №56

I took my phone out which was on slient and dem when this little boy came to me and said you have to turn your phone off. Of course I didnt my job requires me to be on call Food costly paid over $4 for medium drink.

Review №57

One of my favorite movie theaters

Review №58


Review №59

Great prices great staff and a great movie theater would highly recommend...

Review №60

Clean. Staff was friendly.

Review №61

Its small and old, but good

Review №62

The staff really make this place special. Upbeat and friendly, they always brighten my night when I visit the theater.

Review №63

Decent theater.Seating: Only 2 screens with stadium seating. The rest are at surface level with high back seats - meaning my kids cant see over the seats anywhere but in the handicap seat area on the far end. Thats a pain.Pricing is ok. They dont offer much in the way of discounts, and the food is outrageous for a small town. Id expect these prices in New Orelans at The Palace...Bathroom hand dryer hasnt worked in a year.As this is the only decent theater within 90 miles, it serves its purpose.

Review №64

Good snacks and popcorn

Review №65

Nice movie theater. It is a bit small but the staff is very good

Review №66

This theater is the only one in Natchitoches, I liked it. The service was right

Review №67

Food is way expensive but otherwise its great

Review №68

Great place !

Review №69

Very Friendly Staff.

Review №70

Summer Time Tuesday 5 dollar movies

Review №71

The worst movie experience ever they have no one to monitor people in the rooms like whos talking on their cell phones and things like that. Our entire movie was ruined by high schoolers who talked through the entire movie, and had comments all the way through. Me and my friends will never be back because of this. And not to mention a lot of the seats were broke

Review №72

Some theaters offer no stadium seating. Other screening rooms do.

Review №73

Great remodel. Down side wish they had more stadium seating.

Review №74

Great place to watch a movie and relax

Review №75

Staff are super friendly. Great prices.

Review №76

Best cinema in Natchitoches!

Review №77

Great staff

Review №78

Outstanding service and food

Review №79

It was a really good experience, and have ok prices.

Review №80

Love it. It is clean and family friendly.

Review №81

Nice local cinema

Review №82

The seats are a bit worn and the projector in our theater seemed to be a bit out of focus. Overall, a decent place to catch a movie without driving 60 miles to the next closest movie theater.

Review №83

Great prices and friendly staff. Its nice to see a movie here to relax on the weekends!

Review №84

Staff always polite and helpful.

Review №85

Small theater, clean and quiet.

Review №86

The people are friendly & its relaxing

Review №87

Our local theater I love it

Review №88

Good prices and had some of the best sound

Review №89

Very nice theater!

Review №90

Enjoyed spending time with my son there

Review №91

The management and staff are very attentive and responsive.

Review №92

Good place to watch a movie while in town

Review №93

Theater was clean, and nachos were great

Review №94

Good place to go, not enough seating!

Review №95

Had fun with Clydia class

Review №96

Really nice since they updated

Review №97

Nice staff

Review №98

The staff was disrespectful

Review №99

Loved the movie friendly staff

Review №100

Go to the matinee because the late night crowd are a bunch of oxygen thieves

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  • Address:1011 Keyser Ave, Natchitoches, LA 71457, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 318-352-5109
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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