Regal Opry Mills ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX & RPX
570 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, United States

Review №1

Mall is open to full capacity with restrooms maybe 1/3 capacity usable due to covet 19 also lots and lots of people shopping with very little social distancing

Review №2

Came to this cinema to watch Endgame, and was not disappointed. The seats were very comfortable, the building was clean, and the movie itself was great! Would definitely recommend if in the area.

Review №3

Imax is amazing here. Seating comfy. Popcorn was great. Bathrooms are really really clean. No complaints. This place is huge.

Review №4

Great theater. Very clean. Was very quiet with just us 3 there.

Review №5

This is the second time I have been to this theater and it is a really good place except the concession stand during big movie opening. They open and close lines for the concession stand through out the day. Constantly keeping lines with 10-15 people in each I missed 55 minutes of avengers so my family could have drinks and popcorn. We got to the theater 30 minutes early and had to leave the line just to catch the beginning of the movie and we was still 10 people away from ordering. Then I came back alone and waited 40 minutes and the third time to get refills another 30 minutes.but even with that the place is nice the seats kinda lean back and the movie experience is top notch.

Review №6

At least I got to try 4DX before they Close the theater down ! It was fun. Cost a bit more, but it was worth it. And I didnt spill my popcorn !

Review №7

Had a great time with the kids. Saw a older minnions movie. Cheap tickets. And of course a ten dollar bucket for some of the best popcorn. Lol

Review №8

Their Covid safe policy is a joke. Maskless customers everywhere, staff with masks half on (noses uncovered), tons of kids hopping theaters (unmasked) and sitting wherever they please (ignoring Covid seating) and NO employees to be seen anywhere enforcing anything. Do not go unless you aren’t worried about getting Covid!

Review №9

One of the best places to see a movie in Nashville. IMAX and the 4DX are amazing. Best way to watch a movie!!!!

Review №10

Love that they care so much about their patrons. Masks and Social distancing policies are in place to ensure safety.

Review №11

The dole whip machine is always broken. I asked an employee and he told me he doesn’t remember the last time it worked. I got my regal unlimited card so I could watch Disney movies as many times as I want and eat dole whip because it’s the only place you can get it outside of Disney parks. I know this may sound minor but this theatre is letting a lot of Disney fans (and there are many of us) down. I know fellow Disney fans who have abandoned going to this theatre all together. Not to mention it is an important non-dairy concession option. I don’t want a watered down cherry coke for an extra 25 dollars. Also the water costs $6 for a bottle which is just rude. Water should be accessible to us all. On a more positive note the manager(s) are awesome and quickly helped me with a ticket issue. They are friendly and helpful. The concession staff is lacking but the theaters are mostly clean.

Review №12

Very clean and safe theater taking all the precautions they should be during COVID-19.

Review №13

Great staffing well maintained clean environment for employees and us as consumers/customers.

Review №14

My son and I watched Interstellar last night, one of the $5 offerings, and an all time favorite of ours.

Review №15

The only detriment to the already convenient location of a theater of this size is that it has adopted a claim your seat number as you buy tickets.They do not have the same luxuries as some of the other theaters that do this. No lounge chair type seats, no heat application to your back. Just traditional seating.They have the traditional snacks plus a bar inside the lobby. Restrooms are plentiful and well kept.

Review №16

It was cool. We saw a movie there and really enjoyed it. It was my first time ever seeing a movie in that type of theater and it was a really enjoyable and unique experience.

Review №17

This is a review of the theaters response to my earlier review. If you would like our customer service team to reach out to you, please... Really? Your idea of client service after a poor experience is to ask the client to do more on your behalf?? If I want you to reach out? DO YOU NOT WANT TO REACH OUT?? I think this paints a fairly clear picture of how little they care about their customers experience. Eh.. ok, we read your review, you werent thrilled... so what. If you want any further response, contact us again in another way because we are not going to take any steps to make sure you are happy...frankly, we dont give a damn. (see how I worked in a movie reference there!) Given the price of tickets and concessions (easily spent $150 on family of five), and the declining patronage, you would think proactive action would be warranted. Then again, you would have to care about protecting your brand through your customers experience.

Review №18

First theatre I attended after moving to Nashville. Whats not to love? Primo screens, sound system, concessions, & comfortable seats. Downside- located in a huge shopping mall, which also shares the Grand Old Opry parking lot. Be prepared to walk alot. Reminds me of Disneyworld parking lot for some reason- oh yeah, traffic is a nightmare. I switched to Regal 27 on Thompson Lane right away. Opry Mills Regal works great if youre already in the mall shopping and want to grab a movie. I havent gone back because of the parking.

Review №19

Great food great place to watch movies with the family or just with a special someone.

Review №20

This was my first time at this theater. So my experience is based in comparison to other movie theaters. First of all, we had to park so far away. That may be an issue with movie theaters, but this one took the cake. Its probably because of the other businesses around it. Another thing was the seats. Although theyre comfortable, they felt old. For the $20 ticket I expected leather seats with reclining capabilities. Overall, not too bad, but it could be a little better.

Review №21

Ive always loved this theater. The standard theaters are just that, and I cant speak to the RPX experience as the sound seemed to be off the one time I went, but the IMAX is unbeatable. Its a true size IMAX as opposed to the other theaters around town which bear the name IMAX (which really just comparable to RPX). I believe the only other true IMAX within quite a distance is in Chattanooga.The new 4DX theater is also a wild ride. I definitely only do that rarely (twice since it was opened to see Endgame and The Matrix), but its been a solid experience both times.

Review №22

The facilities are very nice and clean, the seating is comfortable, and the screen is huge. It is in a convenient location attached to the mall. It has great quality, but they make sure you pay for it. Not only are the tickets expensive, but prepare to pay even more for your drink and candy. The concessions are unreasonably priced, such as $6 for a bottle of water. There is a water fountain to drink from, but that doesnt help when youre watching a 3 hour movie and youre parched at the climax.

Review №23

Clean theater comfortable seats good price on tickets

Review №24

For the love of god, dont ever subscribe to their crown club that they keep advertising every time you go there. Its a 12 month commitment at $20 a month and you cannot cancel unless you move to an area 50 miles from any regal cinema. Its a total trap. Go to AMC where you wont get ripped off.

Review №25

I ordered popcorn and my bag of popcorn had hair in it. It was awful. Everything else was okay.

Review №26

Dont go on a Saturday night. It was an annoying horrible experience. People getting up and talking. Cant even enjoy a movie. They have security at night. If you dont wanna watch a movie stay home its rude to others. I give a 1 star for the night.In the day its amazing no one is there, people respect each other. In the day I give it 5 cause I can enjoy.

Review №27

PLEASE READ. My husband and I our daughter and grandkids there and as we were waiting for popcorn the man behind us only needed a refill so I told him go ahead. The kid dumped his ice and pop in the tray then used his cup to scoop ice from the machine. I had a fit. Told the manager. That was a waste of time. He was more worried about me complaining and it coming back on him. I made him show me the video of him disinfecting the machine. If you want the virus you can go there.

Review №28

I have always a great experience coming to their Theaters

Review №29

The first word that comes to mind is “Filthy”. The theater looks fine from the outside. I expected to have a great experience with my family at the movies. This was my first, and last visit. The theater itself was small, and dingy. Employees did not appear happy. Why would they be? They come to work every day to a dirty, and depressing environment. Did we see the movie ? Yes.

Review №30

Regal does a great job letting you know about the movie. This theater has the same information on their page and app. You never know if you are getting recliner seats until you walk in. I think they need to let us know before we buy the tickets. All of the other regal theater in the area do.

Review №31

This theater was great. Very clean and the staff was very nice. Im dropping them a star because we went to see Frozen 2 and the actual movie started 27 minutes after the posted time. 27 minutes of commercials and previews!! This is getting completely out of control.

Review №32

Went to see Avengers: Endgame here. It was a very nice theatre. When we went to buy tickets at the window, they assign you seats. It was good because they wanted to let you know if people were sitting behind you or in front of you. If there was anything I would suggest to them, it is that when the movie starts the volume needed to be turned up. They also had a full bar at the theater entrance, which was pretty cool. It was only about $12 to get in, but for the extra large screen it was not too bad.

Review №33

Took my grandson to see toy story. Very clean theater. A little pricey. However not a bad seat anywhere. He loved the movie.

Review №34

4D Star Wars was fun. Curious to see others in this format now. Im not sure it would be a good idea for children younger than 8. The chairs move around very vigorously at times.

Review №35

When I visit Nashville, my friend and I have decided to hit up the movie theater in the mall. The seats are reserved which is fine. For the price I pay for my ticket you’d think the seat would recline or be heated. They are standard and very close together with little privacy. If it’s 41 degrees outside there is no need for the movie theater to be just as cold. I don’t know whether the air was on or they just didn’t want to turn the heat on. It makes it very uncomfortable to enjoy my over priced movie.

Review №36

The 4D experience was pretty fun. I would only choose it for action/adventure/thriller movies.Everything was really clean.

Review №37

We havent been in a while but I was pleased to see a small bar in the theater. The seating is assigned, which is nice, and the chairs are comfortable enough for me to fall asleep. What can I say, Im a tired momma. The line was short and is thankful to discover they offer a military discount.

Review №38

The IMAX theater is very clean and was a good experience. Definitely recommend buying tickets online as the lines can get long. The concession counter is nice, but also very slow moving, so give yourself enough time.

Review №39

The reason for the 3 stars really has to do with poor management. You see everyone working there was very friendly and helpful, but management failed to schedule adequately considering that it was a major movie premiere that night. They were clearly under staffed and it took 30-45 mins to get through the concessions which made it hard to find seating because the movie had already started by the time we got through the line. By the way it was every line was backed up to the entrance.

Review №40

The theater surprised me. To be a mall theater, its well kept. Very clean and nice leather recliner seats

Review №41

We were in theatre 14 and it stuffy and very warm in the room. It was probably 5 minutes into the movie before they shut the lights off. I doubt we will go back.

Review №42

Comfy seats...good location easy to find and plenty to do to kill time while u wait for ur movie to start.. I highly recommend the unlimited pass!!

Review №43

Worst movie experience of my life! Just went to see the new Star Wars movie and had to leave in the middle because the picture was so ear splittingly loud (even in the quiet scenes) that I had to watch the whole time with my ears plugged. Even tried moving to multiple different seats to no avail and simply had to leave before the end. Thanks a lot for ruining a $40 experience with my favorite movie franchise I will NEVER be back!!!

Review №44

Clean comfortable movie theater. Great sound and picture. Only disappointment was no kitchen food (hotdogs, pizza, burgers) available for the 9:45pm movie, only popcorn.

Review №45

I dont like the new 4Dx surround screen, it gave me motion sickness. Also, they could use a few more people on staff. The wait is ridiculous. Otherwise, very nice theater. Very clean.

Review №46

Great facility, clean and well lit. Staff was very unassuming. Extremely long concession lines. Missed the beginning of my movie due to 30 minutes in line. Theaters clean and sound was excellent. Bathrooms were clean and obviously serviced often.

Review №47

They will not sell movie tickets after the movie has already started. My daughter wanted to see a movie tonight, and we got to the theater a few minutes late. She was very disappointed. Ive been going to movie theaters for four decades. I have NEVER had this issue. I WILL NOT BE BACK!!! I know the theater doesnt care. I will go to AMC from now on.

Review №48

Pretty basic Theater, I would say slightly below average watching experience, seats kinda sucked. Forgive me but in 2020 Im kind of spoiled by reclining or heated seats.

Review №49

I love Imax Movies!

Review №50

Been going to movies here for over a decade. Seats are comfy. They have a surprising selection of food for a theater. Theyve always hired great staff. They have an iMax if youre down for that. I remember watching Avatar and the re-release of Alien on this.Really there are only three downsides I can think of. Its gotten pricey, at just over $10 for a regular matinee price. Food is also pricey but its a theater so what did you expect? Traffic can be an issue, since its located right at the mall, though you could also say this location is convent especially if you are one for the dinner & a movie thing. Finally, I think their popcorn is too salty, but that is obviously a very subjective opinion.

Review №51

This is one of my favorite locations to go and watch a movie. Its located inside Oprymills Mall which has so much to offer. I would recommend this location to a friend.

Review №52

Theater is clean and modern. Its in a giant mall. Good option if you want reserved seating for new blockbusters. Bad option if you want to avoid malls.

Review №53

Third best theater in town behind belcourt and Green hills. The place to go for normal theater viewing. Now serving drinks, which is an added bonus.

Review №54

This was a 3 star visit. Lines were way too long. For purchasing tickets and snacks

Review №55

Definitely the nicest IMAX Ive ever been to. Great picture quality and comfort of the theater.

Review №56

Unreliable, terrible customer service. bought tickets the day they opened sales for a one night only one showing only movie, this regal being the only place in mid tn it is showing. today me and my friends received very vague refund emails. on trying to contact customer service for an explanation it rang straight through, one friend got them to pick up only for them to instantly end the call. we had to do a lot of digging to even figure out they cancelled it. don’t waste your time or money. as a huge fan of gorillaz they ruined my only opportunity to see the movie as well as worsening the experience with terrible service.

Review №57

Went to see Bad boys for life..Awesome movie great comfortable seats.

Review №58

We went to the movie, saw Overcomer. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ you will enjoy. We ate at Johnny rockets The original hamburger. We had a great time. We were with our Sunday school class.

Review №59

Friendly staff. Enjoyed the movie in 3D. Sound was a little off before the movie started.

Review №60

Can ve cleaner but love going here anx the unlimited pass is awesome

Review №61

I really wish I could give this zero stars. I waited in line literally 30 minutes to get concessions. On a Saturday there was two people working there. That’s ridiculous in itself. Furthermore the popcorn was stale and when I asked if we could get fresh popcorn the guy working the counter said sure in ten minutes we can gladly sell you another container. This experience has ensured I’ll never return here despite living right across the street from the mall. I’ve never left a review anywhere but clearly this deserved it.

Review №62

The chairs in the standard movie theaters are tight, uncomfortable, and do not recline. They do have IMAX and 4dx that I havent tried yet. The theater seats need updated!

Review №63

Would have been a 5star if seating in the movie theater are recliners as there is big free parking with lots of fun food shopping and what not, clean place but still using old school seating style got neck pain...

Review №64

These 4DX seats were a thrill. Really enjoyed such an enhanced experience watching The Bad Boys

Review №65

Movie was great. Saw Abominable. Really funny movie. Theatre was not crowded and was clean. The seats were comfortable.

Review №66

Went to this place and I was greeted by a spider coming from the ceiling and a nice roach running across my arm

Review №67

Will not be returning to this racist driven place ever again. The manager Mark is very unprofessional and has poor customer service skills. I will be contacting HR

Review №68

4DX was pretty fun. Ill probably try it again in the future despite the high price of admittance.

Review №69

I bought tickets online so I didnt deal with any of the staff. They might be great. However, the theater was too warm and smelled musty. The seats were okay. They rocked, which was cool. However, they did not recline and there was little leg room. Time for renovations?

Review №70

Regal 27 will remain my favorite theater but this one will always be a close second! THE 4DX MOVIES ARE INCREEEEDIBLE.

Review №71

I go there regularly except during quarantine lol but they are always nice and very clean I have seen some rude people but if you ask me its not the employees fault cause all they are doing is trying their best its impatient people Ive noticed and if anything there should be a policy if you cant be respectful towards the employees then those who are rude should be denied and deal with it cause there are other people who are patient just stating my opinion

Review №72

Please bring back the Waffle Fries for the Loaded Fries me and my girlfriend loved them

Review №73

It was clean. Workers friendly and saw a great movie.

Review №74

Always clean and we get through the lines quickly! Great that they have a bar and comfy seats!

Review №75

A huge theater with actual food and a bar. Comfortable seats.

Review №76

Big and very nice lil too high on its prices but over all very nice place bad side needs better siting and more siting run

Review №77

I havent been to a movie in so so long so I didnt know that you get assigned seats now! Cool. But I went to see Little in Opry Mills Mall with my Daughter. Had a great time, large screens, nice seats, customer service was good at the ticket window and the greeters too, food and drinks also good. Only negative was the food court line was very, very, very long with just a few Cashiers! But we will still return there next week to see Shazam in 3D.

Review №78

The worst experience I have ever had in any theater. The staff and security could not control the patrons that were out of hand. Majority of the patrons were under 18 and would have had to be at least 13 based on the movie rating, but I doubt it. Yelling, screaming, running up and down the rows along with hitting the seats as they move through them bumping people. Throwing popcorn and drinks at people were a big problem. The non stop talking and phone use was ridiculous. Taking pictures and using the light distected from the movie as well. Security suggesting that we should not have picked a movie at that time and should have known that a lot of kids would be there pushed my button a tad bit. So much disrespect from the establishment and the patrons. I would not ever recommend OPRY MILLS MALL REGAL THEATERS TO ANYONE ever. The theater has gone to the wayside and the mall is following. A once good mall and theater to attend. At this pace I could see it being shut down in the future because of safety concerns for the people who want to attend peacefully. I would suggest going outside of the Nashville area to hopefully find a theater that has not been overrun by young children and young adults that cause such problems.

Review №79

If you can watch a flick in IMAX, do it. Its worth every penny. Therell be a lot of them though.

Review №80

A great theater! Its pretty modern and has great seating. They have newer equipment than some other local theaters so the video and audio quality is superb. The concession stand can have a long, slow line so make sure you arrive early enough to get popcorn and drinks if you want. They also serve beer and some other alcoholic drinks like sangria. Parking at Opry Mills can be an enormous pain on weekend nights, so be prepared for that as well. Overall, I love this theater and recommend it!

Review №81

I love the fact I can have a glass of Moscato while watching a movie with popcorn .

Review №82

In sa great movie and it was awesome thank you so much had a great tone luxure 4K

Review №83

Great place to go watch a movie! I love that I got to keep my IT wine glasses from the bar!

Review №84

Smallest IMAX screen Ive been to. Theater is very outdated, better suited for a dollar screen movie than an experience IMAX experience.

Review №85

Pricey, as are most theaters. Clean, nice staff, fresh popcorn.

Review №86

Awesome movie theater go check it out and see what they have to offer

Review №87

I love this Regal Cinema. It has an IMAX at this location and all the latest technology. It is always clean and well-maintained. The food bar has a great selection, everything from Candy for the kids, to beer for the parents. A little on the pricey side, but youre paying for the experience. The only downside is the heavy crowd of tourists that you will have at peak times.

Review №88

Good theater, with a good location. Id expect a bit more in making the place look great, but Im not there to look at the theater, in there to watch a movie.Mediocre popcorn.

Review №89

Extremely entertaining Regal location! This location offers comfortable stadium seating in both the RPX and IMAX theatres! Worth a visit for sure!You can also find this Bitcoin ATM located just outside the IMAX theatre!

Review №90

Very comfortable seats, friendly greeting from the staff. I recommend if you are in Nashville Tenn check it out

Review №91

Nice theater. Good sound

Review №92

Had the best experience seeing Lion King in the 4DX I love how the seats moved throughout the movie and how interactive it is. Please bring a jacket as you will get wet a little and it gets cold. Definitely worth the money

Review №93

Very nice theater. Pricey but worth it for blockbuster movies.

Review №94

A beautiful theater located in the mall. Prices were reasonable if not a little high. The IMAX is well maintained and buying assigned seats makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable when you are going to see a new movie that will sell out. The concessions were definitely on the high side of the price spectrum but not unexpected. The theater as a whole was kept reasonably clean and neat. I would definitely come back.

Review №95

Wouldve been nice to see the end of the extras from the three from hell movie. Feel like they just wanted to clean so cut lights on n cut it off.

Review №96

Love the movie options!

Review №97

Absolutely amazing experience!! It was our first IMAX movie. The picture and sound was perfect!! Getting to experience Godzilla king of the monsters like that, 5 stars isnt enough!!!

Review №98

My brother and I, at this movie theater every weekend and we love it.I wish they would bring the popcorn to your seat just like AMC theater does.

Review №99

Really good movie theater. The seats are the recliner types but that does mean you have to pre-choose a seat. Clean theater with nice bathrooms. They always have a great movie selection. The only reason theyre not 5 stars is that the concession stand lines are absurdly slow and long even when 4 or 5 are open. So, come with enough time to wait in line if youre going to buy snacks or a drink. They do have a great selection on food, though.

Review №100

Clean polite stuff tasty pizza yummy hot dogs

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  • Address:570 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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