HunkOMania Male Strippers & Male Revue Show
115 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201, United States

Review №1

These male strippers were hot and had all the right moves. My favorite part was the American Tribute where all the guys came out and did a tribute to the brave men and women defending our country. As the daughter of a former marine, this truly touched me. The rest of the male strip show was very fun to watch...with lots of good laughs and fun surprises. Its clean, good, wholesome fun and I would definitely come back again. I would definitely recommend getting a VIP table since its much closer to the stage and you see....ahem...more....for your money :)

Review №2

Phenomenal time at this male strip club in Nashville. If you’re looking to hang out with the hottest male strippers in Nashville then this is the strip club you want to purchase tickets to. Male stripper heaven!

Review №3

Don’t come to Nashville without getting the ultimate Nashville male stripper experience! This Hunk-O-Mania show literally made our weekend! Hot male strippers putting on an amazing show, alcohol and my girls, what more did we need!

Review №4

Outstanding time at this male strip show! The strippers here were so nice, sexy and fun! I would definitely love to come back again! Hope i can hire one of the Hunks to be the stripper for my next party!

Review №5

I normally wouldn’t review an adult even but this one was so great I felt I had to. They helped me pull off the best night for my girlfriends birthday. Getting the vip tickets was super easy and smooth. The guys were even hotter and more fun than expected. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out.

Review №6

I must say, these hot male strippers new exactly what they were doing. They put on an excellent performance in their male strip club and the male strip show itself was wonderfully choreographed. The atmosphere was very sexy, the music was perfect and the drinks were strong. Everything about this place just left me wanting more. Overall it was one of my best experiences with half naked men :)

Review №7

Wow. Hunk o mania is the ultimate fantasy. The guys are as hot as you can imagine. They have Incredible moves. Flips hand stands all while pleasing the lucky lady in the hot seat.

Review №8

I cant wait to go back! I went for my sister in laws birthday and we had an epic night. I dont want to tell you how much I spent on the many lap dances but lets just say I was fully satisfied with my experience.

Review №9

I male strippers were unbelievably fun to watch and were so cool. I couldnt believe all the stunts I saw. Plus there were special effects to make everything look amazing. The abs on the guys were to die for. They were all so delicious and good looking. There were alot of different types of guys - hunky, athletic, boy next door type. Perfect for a Friday or Saturday night girls night out.

Review №10

This place was really cool and fun. first time at a male strip club and couldnt believe how yummy these male strippers were!! i found this place on google and saw all the reviews and asked a few of my friends. a friend of a friend told me it was fun so i booked some tickets and it turned out to be a great friday night.

Review №11

Absolutely the ultimate male strip show experience in Nashville. If you’re looking to celebrate a bachelor party in Asheville and you don’t visit this male strip club you’re crazy. The male strippers at work you were absolutely phenomenal, Sexy Stripper’s and amazing dancers

Review №12

We were in Saturday to celebrate My sisters birthday. Shed never been to a male revue show and we had to take her to the best one around. We had a blast!

Review №13

Had a great time with the hot men of hunk o mania. The mc got the crowd pumped and we were so ready to see the strippers. The show was unbelievably good.

Review №14

Went here for a bachelorette party and had an amazing time. The show was so much fun, everyone in our group had a great time. Big thanks to Dino he was very professional and deliver everything he promise for our group. They gave us champagnes bottles during the show and then also included an after party at a club close by in walking distance, there we had appetizers, hookah and a bottle of vodka.

Review №15

Wow what a great male strip show! All of the male strippers were so cute and charming. Plus they could really dance. I was very impressed by the stunts they did on stage. They had bachelorettes and birthday girls up there and they really put them into the show and made them all feel special. My bachelorette had such a great time, it made me really happy. Im glad I went with these guys!

Review №16

This was really a great show. I was expecting something cheesy and dirty but the male strippers were all very classy and professional. They danced really well too. Everything was choregraphed and the guys all knew what they were doing. Ive seen male strippers before and these guys really took it to another level. I found myself screaming and laughing so hard during the show. I couldnt believe some of the things they were doing. If youve never been I would highly recommend you go. Its a once in a lifetime experience!!

Review №17

This was such a great experience! The girls and I had a blast at this male strip club in Nashville! We came to Nashville for a girls weekend away and so happy we found the Hunkomania male strippers because the guys were not only fun but, they were really entertaining a and have to thanks them fo showing us such a good time! Highly recommend this Nashville male strip club!

Review №18

Perfect place for bachelorette parties and male strippers…an amazing male revue  I really had a lot of fun here. Didnt expect to have so much fun and to laugh so hard. The guys really made the difference in the show. I always thought male strippers were cheesy greasy guys but all of these guys were tall and ripped. Really hot and very sexy. They had great personalities and ndidnt just dance for us by came by and joked around and really knew how to treat a lady. 2 thumbs up guys!!!

Review №19

Came here last night for my good friends bachelorette party and we had an amazing time from beginning to endWe all bought general tickets but the minute we walked in, got upgraded to the one VIP section - perfect balcony view of the stage, complimentary bottle of pink champagne - was perfect !And all the men were super sexy - every single one of them

Review №20

A great male strip show and male strip club. I had a great time here with my girls. We came here for a girls night out ... and the male strippers here were sooo hot!!! The male strip club was beautiful with its decorations. The show was soo much fun... there were all these crazy effects lol.... I was laughing so hard the whole time.I really recommend getting VIP tickets or a table. We upgraded from general admission to VIP to get better seats and to skip the line. It was a great night!

Review №21

Of all the male strip clubs and male strip shows in Nashville, my girlfriends took me here for my bachelorette party. I was getting married in two weeks and I was already a nervous wreck for the wedding. I had no idea what the bachelorette party was going to be like. My maid of honor decided to take me to Hunkomania after she heard from her coworkers what a great time this place was and how the male strippers were all great dancers and fun to watch. Ill give it five stars but you will have to go see yourself :)

Review №22

I usually dont go to too many male strip clubs, ive been to a few female strip clubs and those are always fun. i thought it was going to be the same thing, guys dancing on poles, etc. but i was wrong, there was actually a show kinda like a broadway show (not as elaborate of course). there were alot of different guys and lots of different acts. each guy had their own personality so it was fun to watch how different their dancing was from each other. i recommend you try this place out if youve never been.

Review №23

I had an absolute blast here!! All of the male strippers were so classy and so much fun. They really know how to treat a lady. I would definitely come back, its definitely an experience if youve never been. Suggestion: Go with alot of dollar bills! Ihad an amazing time... it is the perfect place for bachelorette parties, birthday parties or just girls night out. my favorite of the host, he was so cute and so funny. i wish i wouldve gotten his number lol

Review №24

I literally lost my voice the next day after screaming and laughing all night at this amazing male strip club and male strip show. So many fine male strippers. The moves some of the guys did on stage were ridiculous.. and I mean that in a good way. One guy was spinning on his head, another was doing backflips. I must say, they were very athletic. Ive been to one other male strip club in California and this one is waaay better. Its very clean and the guys were all in good shape. They werent hulk huge but rather Abercrombie cute. Me and my girls finished our bottle of champagne 20 minutes into the show and had to order another. The drinks were really strong and on more than one occassion we got some free drinks (I think some of the strippers liked us lol). Definitely recommend bringing dollar bills, you dont want to miss the show to go to the bar to get change.

Review №25

Me and my girls were bored and didnt know what to do for the weekend. We were tired of going to the same clubs and parties... plus there were no good movies out that weekend. So I decided to drag them here after hearing what fun my sister had for her bachelorette party.I must say this is gonna be my new fav spot for friday nights. the male strippers were soooo hot and were soo much fun to dance with. $20 got us general admission tickets which I guess wasnt bad... I havent been to too many other strip shows so I couldnt compare. But it was well worth it

Review №26

I was dragged here for my friends birthday party. i had never been to a male strip club before but i was pleasantly surprised. we didnt have to wait in line for too long and one of my girls paid for my 2 drinks. the club itself was very nice and clean. we sat up near the front of the stage. the guys were all really in shape, they werent like the big bodybuilder types you see at the gym, more like fitness model types. i really liked the mix of the guys - they had white, black, hispanic and asian. since our birthday girl was asian we got her a lapdance from the asian guy. he was really hot i must say, you dont see that too often. id recommend this to my friends in the future if theyre looking for something different to do.

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