Inhale Bliss
124 13th Ave S, Nampa, ID 83651, United States

Review №1

Great customer service, great prices, and a beautiful selection that has something for everyone! Definitely the best shop to go to in Idaho, and it is easy parking in downtown Nampa!Don’t waste your time with the other cheap shops with expensive prices!

Review №2

Just wanna say this place is awesome and after all the hellos all you have to do is look they have so many random things from movie character to cartoon psssh even game but thats not everything they also so have a great line of electronics that are cheap price for a great product or spend a little more and get an outstanding product which will have you out and not standing you know what I mean and now for the guys that help us make are days better they both are awesome dudes but most of my time in there was with Brett lets just say I like to ask ? and he helped me with all of them thanks man all in all amazing place to go for just about anything and I mean just about anything

Review №3

These guys love their glass and know everything I swear. Owner is a top class salesman so if you go in here you will be buying something! Amazing selection of all prices. Very very satisfied with my experience!!

Review №4

The employee who helped me today did an amazing job! He sold me a really nice attachment for my glass piece. Kindness goes a lot way with me, and this man was very nice. Not only that, but I was in and out of there within 7 minutes. He was also very knowledgeable of all of the products they sell, which is always great.

Review №5

Very impressed by the artistic work put into this piece.

Review №6

Inhale bliss is, elegant, eye candy, and hands down my favorite glass shop to purchase anything I could ever imagine. Their selection is one of a kind from bubblers for $50-$3,000, as well as rigs for those of you who enjoy your essential oils in the same price range. Having a verity of products and all different price points is such a blessing. Not only does he offer more then your eyes could ever grasp, everyday he will do “deal of the day” or some kind of discount to help you get the glass of your dreams. The staff are always chipper and express the qualities of a genuine person. I spend 20-30 min normally at the shop, but that’s because I’m able to feel comfortable and have conversations with staff and costumers. Before finding inhale bliss... glass shopping was filled with anxiety and confusion of quality products. Most the shop is American made glass... Inhale bliss doesn’t mess around when it come to quality. I have never been dissatisfied with Inhale bliss or any of there staff :). Hope this helps you make the best choice like I did! Choose inhale!

Review №7

The owner is extremely awesome and easy to get a long with. Always positive, same for the employees. They are always down to show you product and give their professional opinion while not always trying to sell sell sell. Honesty always works and they show that. Also the inventory always seems to be stocked and have a good rotation. Social media for the business is awesome as well.

Review №8

Extremely helpful! This man owns the valley with exclusive brands and can ship anything. Masterful bubble wrapper. Not a single piece of glass was broken in a massive shipment. Keeps a positive community vibe going and deep discounts to keep his customers coming. This review was left out of love for this company.

Review №9

Really good friendly place. Had very good basic conversations but were able to answer all questions and help me find what we were looking for.The vibe is so smooth.

Review №10

One of the best shops amazing and friendly staff and good service

Review №11

Great owner. Great atmosphere. Very knowledgeable and super friendly.

Review №12

Always knowledgeable and kind. This place will always have my business. I’m new to idaho and this was one of my first searches. And this company is so involved with its customers I wouldn’t imagine going anywhere else for my needs. Keep on keeping on ️

Review №13

Best glass shop i’ve been to. customer service was top notch. walked in and was greeted with a welcoming smile, very good vibes and amazing prices. highly recommend.

Review №14

Best place in town! Wife recommended it when I first moved to nampa and it’s been my go to ever since one and only! 10 outta 10 highly recommend.

Review №15

Place is fiyaaa, honestly only Heady Shop in the valley...anything your looking for they got & if they dont they will steer you to the direct source NO CAP

Review №16

BEST place ever, I could shop for hours and talk for hours with the owner! Everyone is super down to earth as well, that’s what keeps us coming back:)

Review №17

Avoid Ontario stores and head here instead. Things are priced right and they dont seem to overcharge like they do in Oregon.

Review №18

Inhale bliss is a great store!! ordered a bottle of resgel and bliss sent it quick!!! the same day got tracking info and the next day it was off! thank you guys so much got it in 3 days! from FL

Review №19

Great upbeat positive environment. One of my favorite Snapchat stories to watch because of their positivity and outgoing advice

Review №20

Great selection, always helpful and happy to do it. Always great customer service best shop around for sure.

Review №21

Great service and selection of glass and other products. The owner is very knowledgable and made us feel welcome. Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Review №22

Great customer service always honest. Can go in having a terrible day and come out happy great people service and vibes

Review №23

Best glass shop in the valley. Great employees and by far the greatest snap chatter ever.

Review №24

Employees are super nice and very helpful. Great products and good prices.

Review №25

Every time I go in there I have great customer service! In and out really fast :))

Review №26

Worst glass shop in the the Treasure Valley, Idaho and northwest. I have been to multiple glass shops in many states. Idaho has wayyyyy better shops and people that work in the shops. I highly suggest No Gravity off of vista and overland and Durity off of ovarland.

Review №27

As a business owner myself, I could not believe these people offered me a discount to leave them a five star review. I’ve earned every five star For my business through great customer service and hard work not fake reviews. Talk about false advertisement.

Review №28

Customer service is top knotch, they definitely help you find exactly what you need. Prices are really great too. Might as well go in and get points instead of buying online.

Review №29

Usually when I go Kayla is there and she’s great, I love her! She’s super helpful and always has really great suggestions. She’s very knowledgeable about her products and I always feel really good about purchases!Update: Today I went and purchased resölution gel because my pieces were starting to look a little gross, and personally I decided that rubbing alcohol and salt was also a little gross to clean them with, so I was super excited when I saw this on the store snapchat story! This gel worked so well!! I haven’t seen any of my pieces this clean since I bought them. It got all of the gunk out, even the stuff I thought for sure I would have to take a cleaning brush to. And there’s no weird smells on my pieces from the cleaner, so that’s a plus! I’ll definitely be back for more!

Review №30

One of the best glass shops in the valley.!!! The owner is hella cool and very helpful every time I’ve been there. He’s also really active on social media which is really cool. I HIGHLY recommend!

Review №31

HANDS DOWN! Best glass shop i have ever been to! Jeremy and his crew make sure they have all the best stuff from local and out of town! He is always making sure he has the newest and best and always doing killer giveaways and raffles!

Review №32

This is definitely the spot you want to go Too if your looking for quality American made glass and legit prices 100% they got it, always get good vibes coming into the shop and the manger Jeremy is always Super chill and welcoming along with the staff, wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Review №33

Inhale bliss is always on top of it, they have strong glass. Sweet deals and awesome rigs and pieces. I ALWAYS go to inhale bliss. Cant beat anything better.

Review №34

This used to be our favorite spot, but they have gone downhill. It’s a shame that all their old staff is no longer with them, they made all of our trips in awesome! If you read through this places reviews you can see what I mean, basically every review contains past employee names. My most recent trip in will in fact be my last one, the new girl they have working in there has no decent knowledge of glass what so ever. You can clearly tell she hasn’t been in the industry long, there are other shops with more knowledge and better pricing. I like to feel welcomed when I go into glass shops, not greeted by someone who is poorly dressed and stuck up.

Review №35

Hands down the best store Jeremy The owner is one badass dude along with his crew. Once you walk through the doors you are not a customer but a friend and they will definitely take care of your needs. I walked Into the store the other day thinking I was getting a nice deal of the day, started talking with Jeremy and told him what I wanted and sure enough he flip flopped some things together and I still got a HUGE deal on a even better piece that fits my needs a little better. I drive up from twin to Nampa for this store and Will continue to do so.

Review №36

Such a great place. Its honestly one of my favorite places in idaho there high quality glass has lasted me years and provided me and my friends with so many great memories!

Review №37

Very friendly environment. Awesome shop

Review №38

Was in there the other day. Customer service was poor selection was ok but over priced for what I was looking for. So I went elsewhere to find what i needed. For this i give you one star. I would recommend making a customer feel welcome and comfortable. Maybe work on some of the pricing. I understand your local but not the only shop out there.

Review №39

Best place to get anything for your needs

Review №40

Had the best experience here! The owner was very kind and accommodating! Great customer service!! I was getting an ash catcher and I had a weird piece so the 45 degree catcher that should have worked ended up not working and sat on my piece weird. So I messaged the owner and he was very quick to reply and very professional. I was able to swap out the 45 for a 90 and all was well!

Review №41

All these 5 stars are because they asked for them and offered discounts And then you got Jeremy selling weed out the back. Real professional see how long it stays open :)

Review №42

This is a great place to get your new glass so far nothing I bought has broken at all great quality glass I love the local Inhale bliss

Review №43

Best glass in the NW. Awesome customer service always have highend glass and help me with what i need

Review №44

I really like this store & I hope to get more stuff in he future.

Review №45

Love coming here to stock up on puffco items

Review №46

Super Friendly and helpful staff.Amazing Affordable Pieces!

Review №47

Incredibly friendly staff that is very knowledgeable/helpful.

Review №48

Awesome people, awesome prices and awesome pieces! All love

Review №49

Excellent Customer Service, doesn’t give you the reach around and Jeremy is a straight up G. Come here for all your Tobacco needs.

Review №50

Great costumer service and best headies in Idaho no cap

Review №51

The owner is a great dude! Always an awesome environment!

Review №52

Jeremy is the man, much love for this local shop, stop in if you are looking for honest prices, american made headies, great deals, all in a small but spacious store

Review №53

Guy at the store was awsone theres such a great atmosphere there theyve also got a great selection of glass from American to china thats AFFORDABLE!! Overall great place to go would recommend this store

Review №54

Really great customer service and great selection of glass

Review №55

Great store, great products, and great people

Review №56

I believe the two helping me were Johnny and Ema/Emily. Both were super knowledgeable and helpful. I was impressed by the selection of quality glass. Everything from inexpensive scientific glass all the way up to collectible grade heady pieces. Its also one of the only places Ive seen in the area to stock the Dr. Dabber Switch and the Puffco Peak. I purchased the latter and am SUPER satisfied with it. Will most definitely be back to this place! Keep up the great work team!

Review №57

Was stoked with the professionalism for the shop! Had my issue resolved and am left a happy customer. 10/10 on the friendly staff also! Was helpful and knowledgeable with any questions.

Review №58

Best glass shop in the northwest! Great deals!

Review №59

Im so impressed by the customer service. The staff so genuinely wants to make your smoking experience better. I love this shop so much.

Review №60

The staff was very knowledgeable and was able to help me find the peice I was looking for, all in all it was a great experience

Review №61

Carson is the man! Always so willing to go above and beyond to meet whatever needs I may have. Whether its a quick stop or being absolutely indecisive, he is always professional and friendly. Cant say enough good things about the man.

Review №62

Carson was so great! He was patient and showed me everything I wanted to look at and was well informed. A great learning experience and I love what I bought!

Review №63

Stop by the other day. Picked up some nice glass, If you need need any recommendations, The dude Carson will take care of you. RESPECT n Bless Up

Review №64

Amazing!!!! Hellla nice and helpful!!

Review №65

Will never go anywhere else. Tori was amazing and answered all my questions. Thank you!

Review №66

Inhale bliss have never let me down, with amazing and extremely knowledgeable staff and an awards program that always works for me. Went in just to look around and Carson was extremely helpful and took his time explaining and answering my questions, I will definitely be back and I don’t see a reason to go to any other glass shop.

Review №67

Had such a wonderful time at inhale bliss today, great vibes always comin! They’re super educated on all their products love the lil lessons coming in! & the beautiful piece of art that I got to take home ! Cant wait to try out the cbd lotion as well!! The owner is so kind & not pushy will help you find exactly what you want. An honest store, I will definitely be coming back! #TEAMinhalebliss

Review №68

There the best they actually help you

Review №69

They sold me a defective product and the owner refused to exchange me for a new product nor refund . They sell cheap glass, would try happy hippie down Road.

Review №70

Honestly this place has a better selection of top quality products than most places Ive been to, even out of state. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Awesome place!

Review №71

Best smokeshop in da valley

Review №72

Went in and Jeremy was helping me. I did not like him whatsoever. He was rude and felt like he kept talking down to me

Review №73

Perfect service from Carson. Helped me find something awesome below my price range. Awesome quality stuff too.

Review №74

Very nice and educated when it comes to their business and products. Ive never walked out empty handed. Beautiful artwork, not the best prices. Still willing to spend my money here, just not as much as other shops.

Review №75

Everyone here is very knowledgeable. They are very helpful. I receive the text coupons that are awesome. Highly recommend.

Review №76

GO TO HAPPY HIPPYThis place has pretty decent stuff but is WAY to overpriced (like glass filters starting at $4 for example)Youd be better off going down the street!The price gouging would make sense of they didnt have market competitors, but they DO

Review №77

This place has to be the best glass shops Ive ever been to. I love how everyone is super knowledgeable about the products. Also there was a worker there who was off work but she still helped find a new piece. Then she blew my mind since I barely described what I wanted and she picked the perfect piece for me! My overall experience was as smooth as the glass piece I just bought!

Review №78

Dope and friendly customer service very nice pieces for good prices, would definitely recommend!

Review №79

Love this place!!! Literally has everything you will ever need. Very friendly staff who actually try and give you their honest opinions on the product and dont try to just sell it. Always got deals going on and even when they dont they got some of the best prices in the state. 10/10 recommend to anyone.

Review №80

Service is unbeatable. Tori answered all of my questions quickly and her knowledge of peices and accessories is far better than any other glassware shop. There prices are high but you pay for what you get. Pipes are from $15 to $100+ depending on quality and uniqueness. Youll find a couple $60 water pipes but if you want a water pipe plan on spending $100+. If you want something thats going to break the first time you set it down a little to hard go on wish or to happy hippy. If you want quality USA blown glass peices inhale bliss is the best you can get in Idaho

Review №81

Great store excellent selection of quality glass. I purchased the new dr dabber switch. Easy going professional staff very pleased with my purchase and experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for quality glass.

Review №82

Had a great experience when I went in. They take damn good care of their veterans and cant thank them enough. I will forever be shopping their and I personaly thank the owner of the shop. Thank you!

Review №83

Carson was awesome and very respectful and I’ve always loved inhale bliss by far the best glass shop I’ve been in!!!! Everyone there is super respectful and laid back!!!

Review №84

Carson was an amazing sales men, answered every single question I had and dealt with me being one of pickiest customer out there, ended up walking with a peice I absolutely love. Thank you Carson!:)

Review №85

This place has some of the finest glass, there are sooo many things to pick and look at. All the employees Ive met (Im a loyal shopper) are amazing!! And incredibly smart. I have many times come out with recommendations that Im so glad I didnt have to live without. They are super helpful and they are a genuinely a fantastic place to shop at.

Review №86

Great pieces and great people. They have a wonderful selection and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Love how they also carry pieces from local artists! I highly recommend.

Review №87

Some very nice people! Very knowledgeable in their products, also VERY good prices! This is a Great place for all your needs! Awesome Service!!Thanks guys!! Definitely coming back soon!

Review №88

Carson and Emily was very knowledgeable. Great service by both. It was my first time here. I will be back.

Review №89

Very good experience, has everything you need and very friendly.

Review №90

Best service I have ever received from the nicest person. All products are gorgeous, and well made. He will help you find just the right item for your price range. I came in today with 40$ and left with a gorgeous piece. Beautiful prices for beautiful work, and amazing People. (It smells amazing in there too :) ) worth the drive, time and money.

Review №91

Went and got a bowl for our bong from their store and when I got home it was broken. So I messaged the store owner and he was super quick to respond and told us to go back in and swap it out. When I got to the store they had it all ready and were so apologetic about it. I don’t blame them becausr it was just Black Friday so stuff happens. Will definitely do more business with them! Thanks again.

Review №92

The employees are awesome, they really know what theyre talking about and can answer any questions you have about their glass. I recommend anyone who is interested in glass and wants to know more

Review №93

This is a really cool shop with lots of neat devices and gadgets. I recommend visiting Inhale Bliss for their large selection of glass pipes and bongs. I got a very nice color-changing pipe for 30 dollars. I was very pleased with the selection and prices. They also had some large ornate glass pieces that were very cool. The gentleman who helped me was very knowledgeable and exceptionally friendly. I will absolutely return if I ever need anything like this again. Its worth the drive if you live in certain other cities in that area.

Review №94

Darn wonderful! They helped me out with a wonderful rig that was inexpensive and gave me a variety of options with GREAT information to help me choose the perfect rig for me. If i wouldve had more money I wouldve gotten the set that they recommended. Unfortunatley my job doesnt pay enough for the great quality that inhale bliss can give. But they hit great products that still fit my budget. Forever their customer.

Review №95

Carson hooked me up with the best smoking accessories! Quick and easy very friendly place for all stoners alike with fair prices on great glass

Review №96

Just picked up a gorgeous new baby! So many options, and so many other awesome things to check out. Great service and bomb prices. Definitely my new go to!

Review №97

This place was chill and great atmosphere. I dont really shop locally but I will definitely stop by again. And the owner was really cool great guy with a cool gamer chair thats super comfortable. Take it easy man and drive safe.

Review №98

Awesome customer service and items

Review №99

Alex and Carson were super friendly and knowledgeable! Awesome merchandise and good sercice!

Review №100

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. We are very pleased with our new pieces. Overall great experience.

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