Exit Escape Room Adventures
1501 Coffee Rd ste g, Modesto, CA 95355, United States

Review №1

We had a great time! The room was just the right level of difficulty for novice players like ourselves. Reasonably priced as well. The staff was very friendly and also recommend other rooms that we plan to visit sometime soon.

Review №2

It was awesome, we loved it. My 12 year old wants to do it again, great family fun

Review №3

This place was amazing!!! This was my first ever escape room and it was super fun. The people there were super helpful and fun. Also just all around amazing people. The room we did was really cool and i cant wait to go back and try the other one. 100% recommend for everyone.

Review №4

This establishment was absolutely amazing! The staff was super kind and accommodating. While the rooms were so elaborate and fun! I would highly recommend these escape rooms and have nothing but positive things to say about this awesome trip.

Review №5

So much fun. Well worth it. Perfect for family night. The girls are so nice and helpful

Review №6

My fiance and I booked our escape room last minute and were so happy we got a chance to experience this place! We did the Cursed Kingdom of Exitia and our Game Masters were perfect in guiding us throughout our adventure. The place is family friendly and the staff was great! We already booked the next one for tomorrow.They have another location in Danville that we plan to check out!

Review №7

Amazing staff, themes were amazing and the puzzles made sense. Beat 2 rooms and looking forward to more.

Review №8

This place really makes you feel like a detective! My whole group had a blast here. The staff is super nice and helpful. Definitely worth it to come here

Review №9

This was my 3rd different escape room and this location was the best by far. They have a physical room that opens up different rooms and chambers which was great. They also have a mental room which is more brain power and less movement. Highly recommend.

Review №10

Had an awesome time. Its an excellent way to spend time with the family, & for my family, its always fun to challenge our brains, & this was an exciting way to do that. Thank you so much. Cant wait til our next adventure.

Review №11

Super fun! It was challenging enough to where it wasnt easy, but not difficult enough to make us give up. Great for the whole family! Highly recommended!

Review №12

It was great fun! A great thing to do with the family! The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely go here again!

Review №13

We can’t wait for ya’ll to open up again! We did the Cursed Kingdom of Exita a couple months ago and it was awesome! When you open again we’d like to be the first ones in the doors. Any

Review №14

This was an awesome experience and a memory that will last a life time. It was a great way to meet people interact with people and work together. I would love to do more rooms with our new escape buddies. We had 12 seconds on the clock and made it out..... Whoo hoo. Very fun and well worth the cost and time

Review №15

It was so fun and actually super detailed! The whole time I felt like I had gone into a different world with my best buds. This was a great way to spend a birthday with great friends and awesome staff. The staff was super friendly and had clear helpful instructions.

Review №16

Awesome experiences for date night..

Review №17

Amazing! The room was so fun (Declaration of Independence) and the owner was so kind. We have done over 10 escape rooms in 3 different states and this was one of the best experiences we have had!

Review №18

This place was great! Susan and her family design the rooms themselves and did a wonderful job. Ive done around 10 escape rooms and this was one of the best. We had three people new to escape rooms in our group and they had an absolute blast!

Review №19

Came for my sisters birthday and had an amazing time! We will definitely be back soon.

Review №20

Great time staff is friendly and explain rules very clearly it was an all around great time

Review №21

Went here for my birthday with my friends. Fun, challenging puzzles that have a lot of unique components. Best escape room in the county.

Review №22

Had a great time pretending to be in my own National Treasure movie with their Declaration of Independence escape room!

Review №23

We loved it, and cant wait to try theyre new room coming

Review №24

Had a great time with adults and two children (6 and 12).

Review №25

Lots of fun! Makes you think to solve puzzles and find keys.

Review №26

Our Leadership Team had a BLAST!!! So much fun, great staff, awesome rooms. Best escape room weve done yet! Highly highly recommend for all beginners to expert. Planning our next visit ♡

Review №27

Susan was very helpful when us ladies were getting frustrated. It was such a fun, clean adventure. Trust me, it IS an adventure!!! Haha! But, you need to get to be a little agressive to help your fellow adventurers.

Review №28

Super great place crazy fun for first time players

Review №29

Susan was wonderful. The room is full of details that make the experience amazing. The puzzles are very well thought of and placed throughout the room. Our group of 8 had an amazing time will be going back to try the other room!!!!

Review №30

I’ve done about 3 escape rooms and this one by far was the BEST! so much fun, she was super helpful. I will definitely be going back to try out the other room. such a fun way to spend a saturday night!!!

Review №31

My husband and I took our 2 kids (ages 9 & 12) to the Kingdom of Exitia room. We solved it in 54 minutes and were the first to do so with no clues!! It was SO much fun and we cant wait to go back and try the other room!! Absolutely love it and 100% recommend it to anyone!!

Review №32

Really fun themed escape room. Weve never done a room before and had a blast. The store is not a franchise - family owned - and the family seems like really great people. After we finished our room and had a good time, I accidentally left my car keys in the locker. I didnt realize until much later in the evening. I woke up at 5:30 am and messaged them on Facebook - and they replied right away. The keys ended up being there, and even though they were closed, they had someone come by and open up for me so I could get my keys. That sort of above and beyond service deserves more customers!

Review №33

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!Exit Escape is hands down the best escape room I have ever been too!!!(and I’ve been too quite a few…) It was challenging, exciting, unpredictable, mysterious, and well put together . I felt like I was transported to another time and place. It was a magical experience! The owner Susan and her son were so genuine, approachable and accommodating. You can really tell that they love what they do, and it shows in how amazing their escape rooms are. We had a very large group and they were willing to work with us to include everyone. The artifacts and the themes were so unique, and you really felt the adrenaline rush to find clues and make the escape. It was difficult, yet at the same time, it’s so well put together that with some creative thought and thinking outside the box, you might just escape. I have been to other escape rooms in Modesto, California, however, these escape rooms exceed ALL others in EVERY single way. It is by far the best escape room in this state. It surpassed every expectation we had. We have now done both of their rooms and are anxiously awaiting doing another. I would most definately recommend this place above any other!

Review №34

This was a blast. Had fun and will do it again.

Review №35

I contacted this place by email for a birthday party for my 10 year old and her friends and they were really accommodating. The room is designed for 8 people, but they let us bring in a few extras, since they were just kids :) I appreciated that. They also gave us a bunch of extra hints and tips which was cool. The kids had a great time trying to figure out the clues and solve the puzzles.... We ended up failing, but we got kinda close I think. And after the event the hostess walked us through to the end of the puzzles so the kids could still finish up. It was awesome. I plan to return and try their other room w/ some adult friends pretty soon :)

Review №36

Great times and a great business... family run and best escape rooms in the area

Review №37

My hubby and I went to check out and review Exit Escape Room. We took on the Professors Study and... well a few more minutes could have done the two of us some good It was a truly fun way to challenge the brain pan and spend an hour with the spouse. How often can you honestly say that??!! As a former business owner I see the value of the activity for team building, as a grandmother I see the family fun side. But truth be told I love puzzles and games and dammit Im going back for a rematch with that Professor cause he may have sent all the clues to Obie May but im TAKING THE TREASURE!!

Review №38

Awesome. Perfect for a first time. So much fun

Review №39

So much fun!! I havent had this much fun in awhile!! Definitely would recommend this place!!!

Review №40

Really cool experience.

Review №41

Loved Exit Escapes!!! Super friendly owner and Im definitely going back. Our whole group was extremely pleased.

Review №42

Fun room, more puzzles and story than you normally get, but not impossibly hard.

Review №43

Challenging and very fun! Staff was helpful and friendly

Review №44

We chose the National Treasure room for our family group of 8 first-timers, 18 to 41 years old. Susan greeted us at the door and was friendly throughout our time there. She answered our (sometimes silly) questions with a smile and without giving away any secrets to the room.The room itself was clean, with many decorations and highly detailed. We found the puzzles engaging enough to keep everyone interested and on their toes. We completed the room with a few hints, which were not straight answers but a good push in the right direction, showing Susans expertise at running the room. It took us 59/60 mins, so be prepared for the time commitment.Every single one of us is excited to return for Cursed Kingdom of Exitia!

Review №45

Had a blast with my kids and nephews. Saloon was challenging and engaging. We escaped (after 2 hints) with 3 min to spare! This was their first escape room and now they’re hooked! I have done 3 other escape rooms but this was my favorite place.

Review №46

Went with a group of 3 and did the saloon room. Had so much fun we came back the next day and did the national treasure room with one more person. Its super fun and challenging! Really makes you think hard and work together. The owners are very nice aswell!

Review №47

Great experience, phenomenon service! Must try

Review №48

The Staff was very kind and the room is very outstanding I would give it a 10/10 any day

Review №49

Awesome staff and very interesting room!Hoping to be back soon.

Review №50

Great, unique fun for a group that wants to try something different. Warning, check your ego at the door or youve got no chance winning.

Review №51

Excellent service, leader was incredible. She made it a super fun environment

Review №52

We did the multi room escape. It was a blast solving riddles to move from room to room.

Review №53

Super fun experience! Staff was awesome! Recommend to all my friends!!

Review №54

Absolutely love this place. The puzzles and prices are very reasonable. Me and my family had an amazing time and will definitely come back. :)

Review №55

Very friendly service, great themes, creative puzzles. Overall an excellently run escape room. Highly recommend.

Review №56

Friendly staff and creative, put-together rooms.

Review №57

By far the best experience Ive had Well worth it highly creative Its family ran and the lady is super awesome

Review №58

So much fun!! Best escape room in Modesto!! Can’t wait for the new room to open up!

Review №59

EXIT Escape room was amazing! I visited this escape room with a group of 8 people and we beat EXIT Saloon with about 10 minutes to spare! Great room with a great backstory! Check this place out!Planning on returning to try out the National Treasure room as well!!! :)

Review №60

Had a great time! Owners were friendly and helpful. Unexpected fun and brain teaser. Was not close to escaping but excellent fun for couples.

Review №61

Creative, immersive rooms. Friendly staff who was very accommodating to our needs. Thanks again guys!

Review №62

Customer service is great and room was awesome

Review №63

A group of us went for my wifes birthday and we had a great time!! The set up was cool...the owners were very nice...would definitely recommend this place.

Review №64

This was great! My boyfriend and I did this with just the two of us and we were SO CLOSE to escaping! I highly recommend!

Review №65

It was a blast would definitely go again with friends that never been there

Review №66

I love this place the staff is so friendly

Review №67

More fun than I have had in years! Well thought out and super challenging! Would highly recommend for an hour of fun with friends family or a workplace teambuild! A+++++

Review №68

Wow! Cant wait to do the other room!

Review №69

Fun for the whole family!

Review №70

What a great time I had. Cannot wait to go back...the owners are so nice too!!

Review №71

Loved it was so much fun cant wait to do it again.

Review №72

Just go for it!

Review №73

Great idea

Review №74

Awesome place for team bulding or a fun night out

Review №75

It was a great time for the kids and adults

Review №76

Great time it was fun

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Review №78

Not fun at all will not go again

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What a blast!!!!

Review №82

I never played this escaperoom

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