Regal Edwards Kaleidoscope
27741 Crown Valley Pkwy Unit 301, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States

Review №1

Absolutely amazing. I love the customer service and everything. A lot of things are expensive but i mean it is a movie theatre

Review №2

Clean, nice theatre. The popcorn me me ill the entire evening. The sound system was awesome and the seats recline and are comfortable.

Review №3

Mobile tickets work, great seats. Empty on Wednesday

Review №4

The seats are comfortable, and I never have a problem smuggling in my own food. I dont recommend doing that, but the alternative is paying high prices at the concession stand. The bright side: the food is pretty good, restrooms are always clean, and the screening quality is splendid.

Review №5

Love this place great comfy soft seats! Great people! Nice and clean, great price with the luxury setting. Thanks so much for making something so nice that we can all afford. I cant afford the luxury cinnopolis but I think this is way better, by far! Great place !! We come here first almost every weekend or every other weekend !!

Review №6

Fantastic movie theater.. upgraded reclining seats, clean, and kept up. Im a regal club card member so I see tons of movies every month and we always look for showings at this theater. Its like the VIP section at the Spectrum but doesnt cost extra.

Review №7

I went during off-peak hours. The building is very clean and the staff is accommodating. Seating is extremely comfortable and they recline. As with most places with can get pricey so either eat before you go or prepare to!

Review №8

I LOVE this theater! The seats are wonderful, the screen and sound are great and the staff are amazing. However not sure why they keep running out of things in the concession stand, how does this keep happening? I go here a few times a month and the butter machine always has something going wrong with it but tonight it was broken and they ran out of the butter they were offering on the side. What is a movie without popcorn and butter.Next they are switching from Coke to Pepsi in March .

Review №9

They upgraded me to some huge 1 bedroom suite but I made a note to myself if I am ever back always request a room in the main building. I did not need that huge place when I had to walk to it for25 minutes dragging my carry-on through one courtyard to another and another and ask 3 different people how to find my room. This property is huge and It was all the way on the back.

Review №10

We just saw the new Star Wars movie, better than the last few Star Wars movies. I love Kaleidoscope, they have the best seats, full recliners very comfortable. This is my favorite movie theater.

Review №11

Enjoy going to the Regal Edwards Kaleidoscope theater. Location is good and theater is clean. Love the electric reclining seats too, very cushy.

Review №12

My families favorite threatre, by far! All the seats are full recliners, so you can fully enjoy the experience. Just make sure you book in advance as the seats fill up quickly.

Review №13

Love this theater. Been going there for 20 years. And its still got that feeling, yet theyve updated the chairs and menus to keep up. My only issue is the standard movie screens are too dark, especially when its a dark movie. Other than that, great theater in a great location.

Review №14

I come here atleast once a month. Their recliners are so comfy. Half of the time they put me to sleep lol

Review №15

I like that you can pick your seats online. Plus they are the leather reclining ones that are really comfy. The bathrooms are clean and the staff are friendly.

Review №16

Nice seats but one of the most expensive theatres I have ever been to, concession prices were crazy ... will never be back ... Cinemark at Bella Terra is just as nice and have way lower prices ....

Review №17

Ive been coming here with my friends since I was in high school. I am very displeased to see that the kaleidoscope isnt the kaleidoscope. You only have one colored light. You dont have it changing colors anymore. I really think itd be cool if the lights changed colors like it was before

Review №18

So nice to be able to choose your seats ahead of time and not overpay for it. The theater is always clean (no sticky floors).

Review №19

Theater is comfortable. People forgot that you shouldnt talk during a movie. Its totally annoying.

Review №20

Nice, clean and comfortable place to go see a movie. Easy location with lots of parking.

Review №21

I recently took the grandkids here to see Toy Story 4, we had such a good time! As usual the theater snacks are expensive, but their popcorn was so good, this was one of the only times we actually ate all the popcorn and got a refill halfway through the movie!The chairs are comfortable, and the theater is clean, I love taking the kids here for movie days!I prefer going here over the spectrum and recommend Kaleidoscope to all my family and friends!- Ethel Done

Review №22

Great seats, good choice of 1st run movies, plenty of parking, CLEAN theaters & restrooms. Join REGAL pass. So much better than defunct Movie Pass.

Review №23

We love this theater. Reclining seats and reserved seating. It is like going to Cineopolis but without the waiters, I hate the waiters and the expensive stuff and the tip. I prefer Kaleidoscope all day long.

Review №24

Nice cinema. Love the reclining chairs at no additional cost.

Review №25

A bit run down amenities. good price, small needs a serious overall and better eating options to compete with surrounding locations.

Review №26

I prefer this theater if Im paying to see a movie. All the theater seats have been replaced with nice powered recliners, which makes for a more pleasant viewing experience. As with most movie theaters now, you choose an assigned seat when you purchase your ticket... frustrating if you need more than 4 seats together and you dont arrive early enough. In addition, I would give 5 stars, but I feel the overall cleanliness has room for improvement.

Review №27

Only issue is location, very busy intersection beside I5 hwy . Nice Theater less crowded because of the location.

Review №28

My favorite spot for movies. Clean, comfortable seating, great sound and picture quality. I love the reserved seating, no more arriving early to scramble for seats!

Review №29

Seats are so comfortable! The movie was good. The reasons I dont give a 5 star is the outrageous cost of snacks and I am not a big fan of assigned seating. Other than that it was a good time.

Review №30

This is perhaps the perfect movie theater. The lines are not too crazy and they have recliner seats. It can get expensive on weekends and evenings so we usually go to the matinee shows. They have lots of food and it never gets ridiculously busy unless you go during prime hours.

Review №31

Love the Kaleidescope theater. Amazing seats for reasonable prices. I go so often some of the employees even remember us by name! Awesome place to go on date night or family movie night.

Review №32

Ive been going here for 20 years and it is always the least crowded theater thats why I love it! Plus theyve upgraded the seats in most of their theaters to recliners. If youre looking for a nice little theater thats modest this is the place to go.

Review №33

One of my favorite movie theatres, super comfy seats, very spacious. If you go on a weekday, you can possibly avoid the annoying loud high schoolers

Review №34

Wonderful movie theater. I go during the day when the theaters are almost empty which makes for a great movie going experience. The staff are always friendly, the bathrooms are clean, the theaters have reclining seats, and parking is abundant.

Review №35

Love the new seats! I’ve never been more comfortable in a theater.

Review №36

The kaleidoscope is a nice theater but Im not impressed with how high the matinee tickets are, like $11-12 during the day before 5pm. Thats is extremely high and some theaters in the area charge that for non-matinee tickets! Until then ill try to go to my theater in Anaheim hills that charges $7. and $5 on certain days.

Review №37

Great chairs to watch movie, food & drinks are really expensive, but show is great

Review №38

Very nice place.. The chairs are very comfortable. The service is very friendly and the theaters are pretty clean. They have good selection of tasty food. They also have enough shows; it was never crowded at any of the shows we attended. The only thing I don’t like, which is not really the theater’s fault, is the parking garage; it is always crowded except on Sundays and the exit is very tight and could be dangerous if you drive fast around the corner.

Review №39

Love this movie theater. Its clean and the seats are huge. The seats are leather recliners and wide. I complained about the air conditioner inside the theater and got fixed within minutes. We end up wearing sweaters . I love that they have happy hours. From 3 to 5 the prices are cheaper or 50% less. Not sure but definitely a deal. The theaters are never full so its nice to have space in between seats. I definitely recommend this place especially for kids movies during happy hours.

Review №40

Great service, clean.. although wish people should check the tickets before seating. We are assigned seat #s.

Review №41

I had to leave 5 stars for the staff. They have been very nice on my visits, but today was over the top. I got home and realized my wallet was missing. Called the theater and let the manager know where I was sitting. Within what felt like mere seconds, he found it and saved me from a heart attack.The food is as good as any other theater, but you’ll like the ticket price for the area and the comfortable recliner seats. Tons of other real food options right outside. My family now drives to this one instead of Foothill Ranch. Ten stars if I could.

Review №42

Great experience and clean cinema. So relaxing and good place for the whole family.

Review №43

I love this theater! Amazing chairs and amazing sound! Also really good projectors in use for a great experience all around!

Review №44

Great revamped theater. I love sitting in reclinable seats even if it is a little more $$. The theater doesnt seem to mind that you buy some food from the local vendors even though they have a policy against bringing in food. Just dont flaunt the food bag in their faces as you go by the ticket taker.

Review №45

Always a nice place to go. The reclining seats are a plus as well.

Review №46

Good theater with reserved reclined seating at a very reasonable price.

Review №47

Great lil shopping center that offers plenty of entertainment.

Review №48

Fun place to go to a movie. The theatre has recliner seating. Several fun restaurants inside the Union Market. A new taco place next to Rocco’s pizza is pretty good too. Parking gets busy but people are always coming and going.

Review №49

Austin was very helpful as well as all the staff. He is very wise. He took care of me with my broken leg and was all positive energy. Good job Austin.

Review №50

Great theatre and seats since the upgrade. Small seating space best bet for more than two is to use Fandango ahead of time, but worth it for the comfort and ease to slip in 2 min before the movie starts.

Review №51

Elevator is really confusing and the construction doesnt make things at all easier. People are nice and the customer service at the theater was great at the ticket window.

Review №52

Greek theater with plenty of parking. there are lots of things around where you can eat, like at the Union market. its definitely on the pricier side, but they have the updated chairs where you can recline, its a much nicer theater than standard.

Review №53

Love this place. The seats are so comfy. How can I go back to regular seats after they set such a high standard for a great price.

Review №54

Reclining seats, super clean and friendly staff.

Review №55

Great value for recliner seats and new release movies!

Review №56

Clean and had reclining seats in some theaters

Review №57

Very nice facility. Well kept and very clean.

Review №58

It is a kaleidoscope of wonder to the eye to meet, people!

Review №59

Always fun...the theater is always clean and so are the restrooms...

Review №60

Amazing value for the ticket price, powered reclining reserved seats too! Very clean and lots to do in the area for food and shopping.

Review №61

Saw a movie. It was long but pretty good.Could they maybe have just a few healthy options of food at a theater? I like going to the movies but all the food is poo. I can’t eat it that often without running 10 miles... I hate to run so I don’t go often.Just a thought.

Review №62

Nice and clean. Comfy chairs. The sound was way too loud. Ask them to turn it down, they said they would, but we did not notice a difference.

Review №63

Best prices for reclining seats. Always good service and friendly staff.

Review №64

Great value for money for recliner seats..

Review №65

We love the seats here and the theater is not freezing.

Review №66

Comfy and not too busy during the day time. Stadium seating and each seat reclines.

Review №67

Easy a plentiful parking, comfortable recliner seating, and many food selections near by.

Review №68

This location is very clean and laid back. The chairs are very comfortable and, of course, the sound quality is great.

Review №69

Good popcorn and nice reclining seats. Boy its getting expensive though

Review №70

There were maybe 12 ADA seats t in our theater 3 of which were being used by handicapped people myself who is handicapped and my little brother who is blind in one eye and only partial vission in the other requested Ada seating but they said they were all taken. When we got to the theater the rest were taken by teen aged kids. I complained to the management and they told me sorry nothing we can do! The news and as many news stations that will listen will be notified and hear about this tomorrow

Review №71

Always have all the new movies playing nice staff. clean facilities. I enjoy coming to this location

Review №72

Great theater. Nice reclining chairs at regular price

Review №73

Love this theatre! Big comfortable seats and not crowded! I will be coming back.

Review №74

Great seating. Every seat is a recliner and the view is amazing

Review №75

Smaller theaters but great staff and very caring staff. Free parking was nice.

Review №76

Pick your seats at the ticket office. Seats are the super comfy automated recliner seats. My kids love that they can lay down to watch a movie. It looked like Edwards has lots of different food options, but we did not get anything from the snack bar.

Review №77

This shopping mall is awesome! There are plenty of places for a great lunch or dinner. I have been to the LA fitness, the movie theater, and buffalo wild wings. Me and my wife cannot wait to visit the other resturaunts.

Review №78

So much better now with bigger seats!

Review №79

Great place to come and watch new movies that just came out. we had a blast. loved it

Review №80

Super comfy reclining leather chairs, clean theatres, fresh, delicious popcorn! Great/helpful staff. (And they found my lost wallet!!!!)

Review №81

Movie theater not bad. Good for a quick movie

Review №82

The movie theater is awsome i allways go ther it is the best way yo end the week end.

Review №83

My new best place to watch movies. All recliner seats and much more comfy than other theaters

Review №84

Its closet theatre near our home and is not always crowded. Sometimes you may have tough time finding parking but still very rare. Like their recliner seats for much cheaper price than other Regal (Irvine) with less choice of recliner seating screens.

Review №85

I like the reclining seats.

Review №86

Loved the kids $1.00 movies and special events the Kaleidoscope hosted this summer! Thank you for making summer break so much fun!

Review №87

This place has some of the most comfortable seats around. I always check Kaliedescope theatres first when going to see a movie.

Review №88

Clean place, slow (motion) elevator, comfortable movie theater with recliners, cool hangout benches with gas fire feature top level. not bad and lots of eateries, from pizza to frozen yogurt.

Review №89

Comfortable reclining chairs.

Review №90

Comfy seating, convenient available parking.

Review №91

Always enjoy movies at Kalidescope. The price is fair and they have those wonderful reclining seats! They have added more food, altho we usually just get popcorn. Advise to buy tickets ahead online to pick your seats before the good ones sell out.

Review №92

Our favorite movie theatre :)

Review №93

Great movie theater with seat selection and fully reclining large seats. Great for the money. Friendly as well.

Review №94

Great cushion seats. Get to pick place to seat while buying tickets. Recliners

Review №95

Park on 2nd level on up in parking garage to access elevator which goes directly to theater level. But from the first level you have to take an elevator to 2 floor then either an escalator or second elevator.

Review №96

Comfy seats, Web ticket purchase and seat selection, good audio & visual

Review №97

Ive had some most awesome memories developed here! And on top of it... The seats got better lol! Yep, they recline now! Come n see ;)

Review №98

I loved the seating. Very comfortable.

Review №99

Nice place! We go here ALL the time. Clean, friendly, fun. Enjoy!

Review №100

Pretty good theatre! Definitely has the best reclining seats.

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  • Address:27741 Crown Valley Pkwy Unit 301, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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