DEFY Orange County (Previously CircusTrix OC)
25222 El Paseo Road, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States

Review №1

We were the first customers through the door upon their reopening. They cheered and clapped. It was a welcoming entrance and we as a family had fun. Can’t wait to go back.

Review №2

Circus Trix is better than your average trampoline park. They have silks, trapeze, and even a warped wall.

Review №3

Ive been taking my daughter here now for some time, and she absolutely loves it. They constantly wipe down and keep all area clean, staff recognise rules violations. Great place to let all her energy out. Thanks DEFY!!

Review №4

Absolutely disgusting.Cleanliness clearly doesn’t look like a concern here judging by how you can see the dust and dirt in the air. All the floors are sticky and look like they haven’t been cleaned in forever. The bathrooms especially are a problem due to the intense smell of urine and the (once again) stained/ sticky floors. It seems everything I touch here has some kind of residue on it. The top floor/ overlook area is paid the least attention to. There are cleaning supplies lying around and thick coat of dust on everything. It’s a huge health hazard to sensitive groups such as those with asthma. Despite all this, the staff is nice and the facility is kid friendly. If this place was actually clean, I’d feel it deserved a better review.

Review №5

Always great for the kids. Staff is awesome, especially Evan

Review №6

Tons of trampoline fun! Gets very busy on the weekends, so buy tickets online or come early. Our family had a blast! Come during the week to enjoy with fewer people.

Review №7

Love the new management here. This has always been a great location since circus trixs took it over but the management at Defy does a way better job of managing the kids and the facility. Still a pricier facility, for one hour with myself and one child it was about $40. I believe you still need to have their branded socks, we still had some from circus tricks so that was not a problem. But I would certainly go here again under the new management.

Review №8

I had a lot of fun, but seeing as it says you have extreme air sports and you guys didn’t have super tramps or extreme obstacles it felt like like it was better than a place like Big Air but I feel that more could of been done to make this place EXTREME air sports. The big square trampolines with maximum bounce that some other tramp parks have.Also I feel that the little ninja pit barely has any obstacles in it and it could of been used in a better way. If it is made for parkour/gymnastics then it needs more bars, mats, places to jump to etc.The staff is great and it is a fun place to go to. It was only lacking these small things which would make it a 5 star place in my opinion.

Review №9

Cashier was helpful because we were a little excited to get in there. And they explained and we were able to add half hour for the kids. (for a fee) so Im thankful they worked it out for us. Ton o fun!

Review №10

Absolutely love this place!!! My daughter got the summer pass and used it practically everyday. It was the best investment ever. Now she does the monthly pass and it works out great. It is a very safe place for the kids and I strongly recommend it to everyone!!

Review №11

I brought my wife and kids (ages 7, 5, and 3) here on a Saturday afternoon and we all had an absolute blast. The staff were all gracious while still enforcing the rules that keep everyone safe, which I appreciated with younger kids out there. We all loved the variety of obstacles and fun things to try. One of my daughters especially loved the climbing wall and I had a proud dad moment watching her conquer something that challenged her! We all came home completely worn out which is exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks to the team at Defy Gravity for the wonderful experience!

Review №12

Fun place to bring kids! Rude workers really do not care about rules. Also I lost my phone there in the foam pit they would not let me go look for it because my time was up. So they put me on list and said they would call me when they found it. That never happen I lost it on Jan 20 and it it is April 9th I have a tracker on it that says it has not been moved from the time I lost it in January. They told be the clean the foam out every 2 months then when I asked again it went to 3 months.

Review №13

I thought the place was really fun and large. Plenty of activities to do around either alone or with friends. The staff are pretty cool too. 4 stars because I came with a group of friends who were 17+, and there were lots of rules we had to follow, which slightly lessened the fun, but its understandable due to safety precautions for younger kids and overall we had fun. Perfect place for little kids and gymnast to have fun or practise stunts, but if you were like us, Id say find somewhere suited for teenagers or young adults. Still a great place if you want to have fun with buds.

Review №14

A great place for kids to have fun and get a great workout at the same time. We’ve been to many birthday parties here as well as coming as part of our new membership. Never a disappointment, great staff, clean and the kids always leave satisfied and anxious to go back again.

Review №15

We used the groupon and made the mistake of going in the birthday/group line (because an employee told us to do that) and they were nice and let us get our wristbands there instead of sending us to an insanely long line. It was very crowded but they got us in quickly and efficiently. Even gave us a free pair of socks to keep the line moving. Great customer service!

Review №16

UPDATED REVIEW: I received a reply to my review followed by a phone conversation with the owner of Defy. We discussed my concerns, and I felt that she was very receptive of my input and committed to re-educating her staff to provide the best experience and safest environment that she could. We have received complimentary tickets to return to Defy, and will take advantage of this opportunity to make our visit a more positive one.This was my first experience with Defy, and I wasn’t very impressed. I was dropping off my grandson for a birthday party and wasn’t sure what we were supposed to do. We found the check-in desk, and were asked if this was our first time there. I said it was. We then registered my grandson, and I was asked if I had filled out a waiver. I had not since it was my first time there and didn’t know I needed to. I was then directed to the waiver computers by the entrance. I was told that my grandson would be given his socks and his wristband while I was filling out the waiver. After I came back from this lengthy process, my grandson had disappeared. I asked the person at the check-in where he went. She said he went up with his group. That made me feel a little bit better. I was then told I could get a wristband and go find him. I walked up where the activities were, but after having walked around three times, I found neither him nor any attendant whom I could ask for information. I went back to the check-in desk and asked if you might be in the party room. I was told they were not, and I was also told that there were attendants up by the activities. I turned around and saw one person standing by the stairs I had just come down. He hadn’t been there when I was looking around for my grandson. I then went outside and called my daughter to let her know what was going on and find out where I might or how I might locate my grandson. She then had to call the mother of the birthday boy to locate her son. Later, when I spoke with my grandson, I found that he had not gone up with “the group“, but had found one other child attending the party and had gone up there alone looking for his friend and the group. I wasn’t impressed with this check-in process nor with the security or watchfulness of those supposedly stationed around at the activities. I saw children, young children because was an early afternoon activity on a school day, trying out different equipment and activities alone. We have been to similar facilities and held several birthday parties for our older grandson, and there had always been an introductory time with a reading of the rules and visible and plentiful in attendance. I didn’t feel safe here and I didn’t feel comfortable with the safety for my grandson or with the lack of information or concern from the check-in person who seemed unaware or unconcerned that my young grandson had been sent off by himself before I came back from filling out the waiver.When I picked him up, he was very excited and had had a wonderful time and was safe and unharmed. For all that I was happy. For the lack of organization and the apparent lack of supervision, I was not happy.

Review №17

Had a great time. Small group of oldsters playing dodgeball with a large group of youngsters. Everyone had a blast and would recommend going.

Review №18

Awesome customer service! I love the new DEFY Extreme Air Sports.Great employees. My kids ages 12, 7 an 1 had so much fun.Thanks for exerting my kids energy.

Review №19

This place is super fun.The staff working here is GREAT! We had a Kumon event and they were very accommodating and sweet to the kids.I’d highly recommend this place for birthdays. So many obstacles, so much fun!!!

Review №20

Very clean and it smells so good!

Review №21

This was one of the worst experiences and examples of customer service and disorganization that I have ever witnessed. There is no system and very many long lines with an understaffed confused group of “team members”. After purchasing tickets online for an allotted time, we were forced to wait in another long line to acquire a wrist band. After getting to the front, it was announced that they were not letting in anymore people because it was now deemed unsafe and that I had to come back in an hour. We did! We got our wrist bands (after someone announced that online tickets should wait in a separate line) and then my kids had to wait in another long line simply to get into the trampoline area. We paid almost $40 for my two kids to jump for an hour, but now had only 30 min because we had to be somewhere else. While in line the manager told them they didn’t have the right gripper socks on so again, had to get out of line and wait in another line to purchase “their” socks and then get back in line to get into the trampoline area once again. I complained to the manager, who was obviously very young and inexperienced....she simply told me not to come back if I was so dissatisfied with their service.We used to come into Circus Trix all the time....Defy has lost our business because of the insensitive, incompetent staff and disorganized system.

Review №22

Being the mom of 4 teenagers, I am still always looking for fun, physical activities to occupy my kids while having fun. Circus Trix checks all the boxes! My boys love to play dodgeball and race each other on the obstacle rock walls, while my girls love the aerial silks and tumbling runways.I love that I know they are doing something fun and healthy in a safe clean environment ...TOGETHER.I am comfortable and enjoy the music plus the piece of mind that I can view the entire facility from up in the loft.

Review №23

My son and his friend got there about 15 mins past the time their tickets were for, and my son’s waiver had expired. I had dropped them off. But, the employee had him call me, I filled out the waiver online, and they let them play 45 mins past the original ending time of the tickets. I was happy they got extra time!

Review №24

Great time! We brought our 9 year old and a whole gaggle of boys for his birthday and everyone had a great time bouncing, sweating, and generally having a good time. Party room was nice and the girl who hosted us was super helpful.

Review №25

Arrived to pick up child from BD party and was forced to “register “ including birthday, address, em, phone, just for the right to sign my life away in a release, then stand in line for a bracelet. Only then was I permitted to look for my child. Took 16 minutes to get this done and we were late for our next activity. Staff did not care and were not accommodating in any way. Like robots. Update: venue was very apologetic. Said they would have paged my child. Sent free passes to try them again.

Review №26

Great place. Lots of fun. Go early to avoid crowds. Small children should stick to kids jump because they could get run over during free jump.

Review №27

Had a blast for my daughters 9th Birthday, staff was great, equipment was awesome! We all had a lot of fun, toddlers included!

Review №28

They change the name but its still the same great place. The way its designed you can keep an eye on your kids at all times. And my kids always enjoy themselves

Review №29

My son always has a blast. The staff is very nice and friendly. They take safety seriously and seem fun.

Review №30

Fyi to Parents of young children, designated jump times for under 6 Are not in effect on holidays and school vacation, its not posted anywhere on their website. Its dangerous when adults and older kids are mixed in with under 6.I understand this is a business and money needs to be made. I hope defy can post this clearly on your website so we know or keep designated times for small children.

Review №31

Sundays are under stuffed. Every Sunday, with birthday parties snd great amount of people, the lines are long, employees at the counter are stressed, that makes them be even rude; the control on the ground id minimal, kids are running every where, double or triple jumping in trampolines happens often. Its one of the busiest days and there is need for more stuff.

Review №32

My kids have been bugging me to go. Unfortunately we had to go on a holiday. It is run by a bunch if teenage kids, too crowded, big kids running over littler ones. Knowing it was a holiday they should have had more staff on the floor enforcing the rules and keeping kids safe. Parents with their faces glued to their cell phones not watching their kids. A serious injury waiting to happen!

Review №33

Trampoline heaven everywhere, supervised dodgeball arena, jumping pits, zip line into foam cubes, basketball with a ramp to slam dunk, climbing mazes, bouldering wall above foam cubes, swings into foam cube pits.Restricted number of jumpers so it doesnt get overcrowded, special Defy socks required, adult can accompany child free, can pay for 1/1.5/ or 2 hr times for, online purchases are given priority, lockers to leave food and beverages (not allowed in trampoline area), birthday party table and parent lounge upstairs.The vibe is positive and high energy with kids of all ages having great physical fun: enjoy!

Review №34

Extremely fun and cool staff

Review №35

Great place for your kiddos to burn some energy! I took my son here with his friend for his birthday and they absolutely enjoyed it! Great customer service, facility is very clean for the amount of people that are in there.

Review №36

They have a cute art display in back parking lot. I took these pics at night I wonder if they change it?

Review №37

I think that it was an amazing experience. The obstacles were fun and my granddaughters were having a blast. But my grandson was whining that he had to go. It was so much fun even for me. I recommend that you go it was amazing.

Review №38

At first I found it surprisingly small, but then also pleasantly surprised that there is lots to do. Prices are about what you expect for these establishments. My boys had a lot of fun and thats what matters.

Review №39

I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old, both boys. We have been to many trampoline places is this us by far there favorite one! My 3 year old is able to do everything and has a blast. The most important thing is it is never to crowded, it feels really clean, and the staff is really friendly. Great family day!

Review №40

So much fun! Great workout too. My toddler and I both had our bests naps ever after jumping here :)

Review №41

Our kids spent 1.5 hours here and they had a great time. It’s a great place for active kids!

Review №42

Awesome place to have fun. We have inconvenienced problem ..for the first 10 mnts we were inside having fun my daughter has feelings bad and we running to the hospital ..but it is a nice place to go there.. excellent workers they do nice job.

Review №43

Everything went very smoothly with professional, friendly staff. Ryan, our party coordinator, was awesome and took care of everything so I could relax and enjoy my kids’ party too,

Review №44

My 8yo son and I went there yesterday and Overall he had a great time. But me not so much. I brought my computer and hopes to get some work done without the super loud music. I knew from reviews that there was an upstairs area with table away from the chaos for parents. I was happy and started to work, then abruptly at 5.45 they say the upstairs is closing for the night and that all parents had to sit downstairs in couches in the middle of the chaos and loud music — not conducive to working on my laptop.The place doesn’t close until 9pm — why on earth do they have to close the parents area at 6?!! A few of us argued and all of us were upset but they could care less.Very poor customer service. The cleaning they claimed they had to do there took less than 30 min and then the area sat dark and lonely for 2.5 hours more, as all of us parents had to stand around in the loud, chaotic kids area. We were all miserable and bored.And Why? Because they clearly don’t care. And that was the impression I got from management as well. I unfortunately got duped into the Flyer Club monthly fee so I may go back, and my son had fun, but the way they treat parents is not cool. I’ll be actively avoiding this place as much as possible.

Review №45

Everything went so smoothly and was so perfectly taken care of! Even on a holiday at probably one of the busiest times of day, the staff was so on top of things and provided the best service.

Review №46

Place is fun... BUT... Their check in process is horrible. Even with the express pass I have to wait and wait just to check in. Time to cancel this thing and hit up the free playground instead.

Review №47

Lots of fun for the kids.. They had a blast and killed some energy

Review №48

My kids absolutely love this place! So many different things to do they can legitimately play for hours and not get bored!!! Totally worth the summer pass purchase!

Review №49

My kids and I love CircusTrix and it’s unique trampoline and play areas, however, today it seemed a bit overcrowded with at least more than one large group or summer camp. I also told the desk team about a messy spill in the locker area when we checked in, and an hour and a half later, it was still there (melted ice cream on the floor). I’m not sure if they limit how many people are on the floor at once but it was pretty crowded today.

Review №50

The employees were really nice and helpful! We had a blast and I loved the rock climbing wall

Review №51

The workers were really nice! My friend and I went the guy that checked us in was willing to take our picture :) super fun and a really large space !

Review №52

The space is good and the kids really enjoyed it. It has a great variety or jumps and course. However I was annoyed by the check in process, I purchased tickets ahead of time but still had to go on line after getting my print out only to be told I had to go back and fill in another waiver! Why the computer didn’t flag this I don’t know ?!? Then back to check in desks and once we all checked in we went to get into our socks to head to the play area only to be told we couldn’t wear our perfectly good trampoline grip socks and had to purchase new circus trix one’s....why they could tell me this not once but twice at the check in desk ?! If it’s mandatory why not work this into the pricing price ? Very confusing

Review №53

Great place to take a bunch of kids to get their energy out, Groupon is great deal.

Review №54

I had fun here, I would give it 5 stars if the prices were lower. Set me back $114 for me and my 2 boys. More options than Big Air. Dunk basketballs, dodgeball, gladiator stuff, zip lines, wall climbing, and a lot more. I would go back and my boys are asking when are we going back.

Review №55

Kids loved the birthday party! Its our third party there, everything always runs smoothly!

Review №56

Our family with 6 kids from ages 8-19 had a blast tonight at Circus Trix! So many different activities to try. We will definitely come back again!

Review №57

Rad place where both kids and grownups can be adventurous acrobats and have a blast together.

Review №58

It can be a fun place for 8 yr and older. I didnt feel comfortable with my 4yr old, i had to chase him down to everywhere so hes safe. Children were jumping up and down all over the place. And my little one actually got hurt by a 10 yr old because he didnt pay attention and he came out of nowhere and jumped on my sons trampoline. Ive been to many other places this kind and they used to have sections for proper ages. Here is a kind of mess.

Review №59

Way cooler than I was expecting. I felt because of the age, I would get bored after 10 minutes, but the place had so much attraction I didnt feel like leaving.

Review №60

Well managed. Employees were very helpful when I asked them a couple of different questions about how it works.

Review №61

My kids love this place. Very big and clean facility. Working staff is very professional and friendly. Membership price is so worth it.

Review №62

Clean, very impressed with staff. Not over crowded. Most importantly my kids had fun :)

Review №63

Kids love it, lots of different areas for various interests and energy levels. Only complaint: the music is way too loud, 65-70 decibels. I asked if they could turn it down and was told that corporate doesnt allow them to.

Review №64

Great place for kids to jump around and have fun! They have someone supervising the kids, a lot of different areas to choose to jump/climb on.Staff seemed as if you knew the place, would’ve been nice if they were more helpful with the information from the beginning instead of asking a million questions, but what can you expect they are teenagers running the place.Other than that there weren’t too many kids in the area at a time so plenty of space! The staff just need some improvement on the friendliness and helpfulness area; it honestly probably would’ve been better to go to the self-service kiosk in the first place...Overall: I would recommend this place for kids, just don’t expect too much from the staff working there (you aren’t even greeted to begin with)...

Review №65

Awesome! It was really fun and huge. There were rock walls, foam pits, trampolines, jousting and alot more. I came with my best friend and it was cool.

Review №66

My five year old son and I had an ok time on our first time here. An hour was plenty of time and my son was ready to leave. There were some areas that I thought were very unsafe (elevated areas where you could easily fall off with no padding below).

Review №67

Great fun. Often the lines are too long to check in and pay. They have a lot of workers, but too many customers come in all at once and overwhelm them. They need a better system, but in the end, the fun is worth the wait.

Review №68

Cool place, my kids love it, my daughter lost her cell jumping yesterday, she couldnt find it, hopefully waiting for someone to turn it inn,

Review №69

Always a great place to take the kids. Clean, lots of space and great for parties.

Review №70

We have so much fun every time! My two year old loves it and we like going from 9-10 when it’s 6 and under. I can jump with him or just kind of sit and watch while he wears himself out for nap time. Under 3 year olds are free!

Review №71

I bought the unlimited summer pass and brought my kids here often this summer. They love it.

Review №72

My daughter enjoys her time at Circus Trix, and when I can jump, its a GREAT workout for me as well. The Summer Pass is the BEST deal you can get and totally worth it!

Review №73

My only complaint is the price. Other trampoline parks we have been to are about half the price Also when it’s crowded it tends to get very loud so that you can’t even hear the loud speaker. The staff had been nice and helpful

Review №74

It was a nice place, staff was INSANE & rude I couldn’t hold my daughters hand without a whistle in my ear saying ONE PERSON PER PANEL they just made my daughter nervous, wasn’t fun having to walk on eggshells

Review №75

Great place to bring the kids to extend a great deal of energy.... Unfortunately, or not, there are time limits (60,90,120 mins).

Review №76

Super fun for the kids. 2 hours flew by. Clean. Well run outfit. Well go back.

Review №77

Great place for kids and adults! My siblings and I had a blast.

Review №78

Our kids love this place. Friendly staff and great with our kids when they ask them questions

Review №79

My 3 year old had a blast! Glad we found a place that allowed all ages so she could have fun with her cousins.

Review №80

This was my first time attending and it was so much fun! Highly recommend!

Review №81

Super awesome place! Had a blast

Review №82

My girls did the summer camp here and they loved it! All the counselors were energetic, friendly, polite and just wonderful with the kids.

Review №83

Very helpful and courteous staff. Kids are exhausted after an hour. Great place!

Review №84

This is such a fun place to come even if youre older. My girlfriend and I went with her little niece and nephew, and we had a great time.You get to jump around, do obstacle courses, zipline, and a bunch of other things.You-ll get quite the workout in your legs from jumping around, and in your arms from swinging and hanging.Thanks CircusTrix!

Review №85

So much fun even the adults get reeled in to jumping and climbing. Staff are professional and efficient.

Review №86

My son (13) and our friend (29) were so happy spending 2 hours in CircusTrix. Worth the money.

Review №87

Love love love this place. The staff here are so friendly Especially Vanessa . I have 4 boys and 1 of which is autistic and the staff are so patient and kind with him. Its his favorite place. Check it out you wont regret it

Review №88

Arrived with plenty of time to get settled and jump. Upon giving our names to verify the waivers they were not found in the system even though we did them two nights before. All our guests had the same problem. That process took 20 minutes which cut into our jump time. Once all kids/jumpers were in I was given my wristband to get in. I was detained at the entrance because I was told I didn’t have the proper color wristband. I had a two year old in my arms who was antsy and wanted to jump. The employee didn’t know how to handle the situation so he stood there. That took three minutes to get resolved and finally I was just let in. If it weren’t for the fun jumping and different activities I would have rated this a one star.

Review №89

My daughter loves this place. They have lots of different activities to keep you busy. We usually do 1 hour and have a blast. Price is fair.I would give 5 stars if the staff did a better job monitoring rude kids. Each time we encounter multiple kids that jump dangerously on the trampoline my daughter is using. I realize kids are kids, but the staff should do a better job of enforcing the rules.

Review №90

Lots of fun. My 6 year old enjoyed all of the obstacles and we had a great time.

Review №91

Very fun but I recommend 2 hours cause it’s just too fun

Review №92

My baby loved the place, we shall go back

Review №93

Friendly and really clean place. I will really recommend this place.

Review №94

My tween daughter and friend had a wonderful time! Lots of places to jump on. They were able to tap their inner acrobats! The upstairs waiting area was clean. The excitement level of the children having a good time might be a bit too much for those that arent expecting kids to have FUN! Great times were had!

Review №95

CircusTrix OC is a very clean, fun, and creative jumping park. My daughter loves going there (she is almost 12 and she still loves this place) and I recommend taking your kids there as well!

Review №96

Its very loud, the music is over bearing. The staff is attentive. The restrooms were dirty. The rest of the place was clean. I recommend getting the upstairs balcony where you look down but get away from the noise.

Review №97

Great time with the grandkids here. Fun for all ages and abilities.

Review №98

LOVE this place! The is so much to do here. Obstacle course area, rock climbing wall, spinny swings, bouncy basketball, joust, swings, bouncy dodgeball, trampolines, foam pits galore...endless fun. Parents are allowed to follow their children around to the different areas. Really great place. Love that the bathrooms are in an area where shoes are allowed. Staff members are very friendly.

Review №99

Circus trix is a fun place for every age.My 2&5 year old have a blast here- and my husband and I do as well.

Review №100

My son had fun. A bit over priced and staff there is a little rude, more interested in talking with each other than helping out. They need to give better service to customers

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  • Address:25222 El Paseo Road, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 949-445-1340
  • Amusement center
  • Sports complex
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–9pm
  • Tuesday:9am–9pm
  • Wednesday:9am–9pm
  • Thursday:9am–9pm
  • Friday:9am–11pm
  • Saturday:9am–11pm
  • Sunday:9am–9pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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