Connecticut Post 14 and IMAX
1201 Boston Post Rd Suite 3000, Milford, CT 06460, United States

Review №1

Was really up set with this place. Got the party room for 20. For one it is only $99.00 if you pick a old movie. If it is a new movie it $165.00. You also cant have popcorn, soda or snack because you will get a fine. They told me when I got there. They dont tell you on the website when you book the party. Ok fine I just understand it the covid-19. But dont tell us we cant bring in stuff when the people that was in line you let them bring stuff in and didnt say anything to them. When I go to the room to watch the he movie all you see is food everywhere under the chairs. You want to talk about health h code it was dirty. I try to contact them to let them know its not right you dont let people know before they book the ticket.

Review №2

No contact service. No concessions. Rented out theater to ourselves. Sound was a little louder than I remembered, but thats likely because this is the first time in 9 months Ive been to a movie. I felt like they did a good job with cleanliness and air changes per hour was high enough for me to feel safe.

Review №3

Very nice and clean. Really empty and hardly saw more than 3 other movie goers but most of the theater seemed empty. However, the whole staff were following proper regulations and the theater felt safe and clean. Great prices on concessions too and didnt feel like I was breaking the bank. Did a private watch party and its a good option for a group to watch a movie and have a screen all to their own. Would do it again!

Review №4

Unfortunately they cant serve refreshments but it was still great. Clean & got a whole theater for the family. Kids had a blast

Review №5

Drove here from NYC with 2 friends to rent a $150 private screen to watch Tenet on a Sunday afternoon. Great experience overall with incredibly friendly/helpful staff. The closed captioning device didn’t work with the private screening, not sure if it would have for the normal showing. Can’t speak to their COVID protections overall since the place was empty but I felt comfortable throughout.

Review №6

My kids did a watch party for my birthday, it was so much fun. We had the whole theater to ourselves. The staff was great. Definitely will do this again.

Review №7

Recently upgraded and always clean, this theater is a great choice for those out looking for a night at the movies. The luxury recliners in most theaters are very comfortable, and while the IMAX theater has newly renovated chairs that are comfortable, they do NOT recline, and thats a bit of a negative for IMAX viewings, but necessary to accommodate large audiences. The popcorn is always fresh and they almost never run out of the good concessions. They have great food selection and, yes, as usual its very expensive (do not read: overpriced. Theaters pay their staff mostly from concession purchases, studios take the lion share of movie ticket prices. Without concessions, theaters would go out of business. Consider this the next time you want to sneak in food.) Burgers, fried chicken, ice cream, giant cookies and even a bar area in the lobby, youd be hard pressed to find something you wouldnt like. I enjoy this theater very much.

Review №8

Couldnt tell you much about the movie if I wanted to, but I sat in front of Tenet on 09/06/20 for the 12 noon showing. Ive seen dozens of IMAX features, and the volume is always rather high because thats part of the immersive experience of IMAX, but the volume of this movie was so ridiculously loud that the actors voices sounded muffled and distorted and I couldnt understand about a third of what was said, which ruined the entire experience of a movie Ive been waiting patiently to see for months. Do you monitor or calibrate your audio system or do you just let some kid operate it like its their bumping car stereo? My Apple Watch was registering 120 decibels. Also, I dont see the point of social distancing seat reservations when some people will just buy any available seat and then go contaminate mine because its front and center and they got there a minute earlier, in person.

Review №9

A mostly 2 floor mall with a Cinemark + IMAX theater on the 3rd floor. It has over 6 theatre rooms to watch movies in. I suggest going a bit before your movie as the lines are usually long. If you have not purchased a ticket there is a machine in the front to do so. Overall a great theater and bathrooms are quite small

Review №10

I havent been to the movies in years. It was very impressive people kept their distance and seating was awesome . Lol I sat in a recliner at the movie theater

Review №11

Great place to enjoy a movie. Chairs are very comfortable, sometimes you will need the extra cover because it can be a little chilly. Great costumer service.

Review №12

They dont deserve no star, this was horrible this what we found when we where walking up the stairs to sit to watch the movie THE TENENT yesterday smh, this is at Milford CT

Review №13

Easily one of my favorite theaters to go to in Connecticut. Let me drop a top 5 list as to why. Check it out.1. Parking - its located at Milford Mall where there is always ample parking.2. Food- food court is located steps away from the doors of the parking garage. Its a massive area filled with whatever your liking is. Many also hand out free samples, so you can get really picky if you have the time.3. Drinks - you can actually have an alcoholic beverage inside the upstairs area that is themed after a movie currently on the big screen.4. Prices - theyre great. Baseline along with the rest of CT who isnt trying to rip you off. Ive been to a few of them.5. Clean - Ive been there dozens of times of the years and everything from the bathrooms to the theaters itself is well kept.If you havent been there yet then go check it out. Make a day of it and cruise the mall afterwards.

Review №14

Very clean no issues was happy to get back to the theater.

Review №15

Good theater, comfortable seats, etc. Ticket prices seemed in line with what Ive paid at other theaters. That said, even for a movie theater, the concession prices seem high here. A bottle of water cost me $4.36. Otherwise, I have no complaints about the place.

Review №16

Great fun place to shop and go to the movies.

Review №17

The popcorn got me a horrible headache and tummy problems I think I have to go to the emergency room it 1:04 am. Im literally want to vomit.

Review №18

Seats were comfortable and my viewing was excellent. Got tickets through atom app, choose my seats using the app. I like this experience. Bonus no crying babies or loud talkers during the movie. Win win.

Review №19

Pretty decent theater. Careful of the rules regarding bags here, theyre strict about it regardless of whether or not your excuse is valid. Snacks and drinks are, as expected, overpriced. Seats and view are great though. Not my go to, but a solid backup.

Review №20

Always fully stocked in the food department unlike the other Cinemark in the area. Popcorn has always been fresh and the theater rooms are more than likely clean per each showing. Sometimes Im a fan of the individual reserved seats instead of the love seats, sometimes Im not. But its nice to have that option. All in all, a dependable theater although one less star as the concessions stands usually take longer than Id like, but what can ya do?

Review №21

The seats are awesome. Customer service is great. Only complaint, there wasnt much food available for our 12:30 movie.

Review №22

There are several things I like about this movie theater, such as the convenient free parking, the comfortable seats, clean bathrooms, but there are a few things that bother me. 1) Why has the digital display over the ticket counter been out of operation for months? Its customary in most theaters to show whats playing and when without having to ask. 2) The time it takes the one cashier to process a ticket is abysmally slow. 3) Maybe thats why the movie you want to see actually begins 30 minutes after the posted time. Non-functioning equipment and low staffing levels seem to indicate this theater is in financial straits.

Review №23

Went to see The last Star Wars movie ever nostalgic but Awesome end to the saga very surprise with the new I-MAX setting but other than that the concession staff on point a n.v d very helpful... My favorite movie theater... Cant wait for Bad Boys Top Gun & 007 movies to come in IMAX is the only way to see movies

Review №24

Me and my went to see the nightmare before Christmas we went old schools today

Review №25

Excellent theater, quality theater rooms, and in house bar is awesome! The ability to bring mixed drinks in with my show is definitely a plus. Staff is great, and provide great service!

Review №26

Really amazing place. Very large, very clean cinemas

Review №27

Great movies to watch good popcorn drinks and food to help you enjoy the movie much better oh yes so relaxing

Review №28

Theater is nice. Expensive but clean. Like the reclining seats however not really enough room to walk by when people are reclined. Also didnt like that the chairs touch one another.

Review №29

This is a very modern, comfortable cinema in the Milford mall. Lots of staff, and a large selection of food and drinks. The seats are big & comfortable, with reclining backs, and footrests as well as trays for your drinks and snacks. The screens are large, and the sound is loud, in a good way. I will definitely come again. Tuesdays are all day discount admission too.

Review №30

Its a great place to watch movies!, I love the seats and the staff are great at helping you out with questions.

Review №31

Nice recliners, spacious. You can pick your seats ahead. Trays and cup holders. Booze. Good show

Review №32

My favorite movie theater and they have super comfortable reclining chairs and also you can get beer

Review №33

I love that your able to choose your seats (leather recliner- comfortable). Clean restrooms. The only negative was the concession being incredibly slow.

Review №34

A great movie theater with an awesome IMAX screen. The only downside is the pre-ordered seats, which can make seeing new films a bit tough.

Review №35

Great is how I would describe the mall and the movie theater. The seats at the theater recline, and are very comfortable. The stores are having sales with good discounts.

Review №36

Nice place clean. Able to sit back and relax while watching a movie

Review №37

Comfortable, spacious reclining seats. Purchased tickets online so no wait-in-line time. Veg snack options would be nice. Otherwise, great theater

Review №38

Nice place to see a movie. Seats arent as big as others, but are stil big enough and comfortable

Review №39

Nee IMAX laser is very nice. Great, sharp pictures but that sound system, woah! Gave 5 since chairs are updated but dont recline.

Review №40

You cannot bring backpack to this world first class cinema. they do not provide any place to store! if you are a nearby university student, just dont go. the staff are super rude and unreasonable

Review №41

Too DAMN EXPENSIVE!! Guess I dont go to movies much. Comfortable though. Only thing I can afford is Tuesday special. Had small popcorn and small soda $11.00!! Good service

Review №42

Big and nice! And popcorn was amazing. I was already full but finished the whole popcorn. Be careful when you are on a diet.

Review №43

I love this place because whenever I go it is always an easy process to get in and see the movie I want with no hassle. Also I live the way the theater was done over.

Review №44

Nice and well-maintained cinema, offering comfortable and spacious reclining seats. All of your typical concession stand items are available, as well as giant cookies and small pizzas. Joining their movie club gives tickets and discounts and you have the ability to select your seats when you buy your ticket.

Review №45

In the Milford mall. Great option for movies, especially if you want to see a hit release the day it comes out. Recliner seating, and seat reservations. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №46

Saw Ford vs Ferrari, very good movie. Screen was big and clear..BUT, VOLUME OF MOVIE WAS WAY OVER THE TOP! I plugged my ears with tissue. HALF the volume would have been plenty.Spoiled the presentation for me, and others complained as well. IMAX knows this,but for some reason fails to adjust.Last Imax movie for me.JG

Review №47

Nice clean and great seats for the movies

Review №48

The theater is clean with a huge screen, rocking sound but the seats dont recline but are very comfortable. Bathrooms are across from the entrance.

Review №49

I liked this theater! Good place, clean

Review №50

The best place by far to see a movie. All the seats are comfortable lounge chairs with reclining features. There is plenty of refreshments and there is even a bar for those who choose. Parking is close by and free as it is part of the mall. The only negative is the prices, which are market driven. There is a North Haven location with slightly different start times which is also a great facility.

Review №51

Staff is awesome! Theatres are comfy and clean

Review №52

I love the recliners good service great please to have a good time watching a movie

Review №53

Very comfortable reclining seats. Food tasted good.

Review №54

Very clean and concessions were moderately priced. Good sound and video quality too!

Review №55

Seats are way too small for bigger people. Very uncomfortable. If you’re a plus size person, Goto the movies in north haven. Probably never come here again unless Invited by a friend.

Review №56

Just saw Terminator Dark Fate. Was pretty good

Review №57

GREAT Theater experience. The seats are fantastic, the sound is amazing. The food and snack variety is excellent. I went early, so the price wasnt outrageous.

Review №58

Theater seats arent nearly as nice as some places and even though you can put up the arm rests between chairs you cant actually snuggle with the person next to you because there is a piece of metal that will go up your rear and so Im not sure why the armrest goes up! That being said the staff was nice and the place was clean.

Review №59

Love the lounge chairs and big screen. Clean atmosphere.

Review №60

Its the best and most comfortable theater Ive been in

Review №61

It was beautiful go and see for yourself you will love it.

Review №62

The place it great and there nice service Great prices in comfortable chairs love this place️️️️

Review №63

Came to watch a movie not just listen to audio, already 20 minutes late and now has to be restarted.

Review №64

Great movie. We saw Upside. Very funny and great reclining seats. And dont forget the price, only $12.70 for 2 person. I highly recommend

Review №65

Amazing theater and food options great staff

Review №66

Its a cinemark it allways overpriced you have to chose where you sit ahead of time if you want to here more check out my review of north haven cinemark

Review №67

I wish I could give a zero star.Never inform the audience you are not allowed to carry a backpack when you buy the online ticket.No storage service provided in the whole theatre and shopping mall as well.The cinema manager just show you a mean face that we dont care, if you cant go in, we will just refund you. We dont care your feeling.

Review №68

The seats was very comfortable and it had the table that went with the reclining seats. But I noticed that the prices were very higher then the one in North Haven. Then when I sat down with my buffalo wings and noticed it didnt even come with fries for almost $10. The lid on the soda was not placed on tight so when I went to sit down and try to drink it spilled all over me in the seats. Will not be going back

Review №69

Always clean and I love having a beer with a Hot Dog watching a movie.

Review №70

Great experience, comfortable seating, great customer service!

Review №71

Love the new chairs! Love going to the movies!!

Review №72

Had to throw my backpack away because they dont allow them inside. Id be ok with that if they at least had a place for us to store our bags. I didnt drive so it was either good the bag in the garbage or leave it in the open to get stolen. Lucky it was there after the movie.

Review №73

Saw Ford v Ferarri in IMAX. Seats comfortable and clean env. Good experience

Review №74

Please fix the horrible light bleed on the IMAX screen! The red aisle lights from the entryway paths bleed a full 1/3 of the way up the screen from the corners, making dark scenes a blurry red mess. For a specialty format like IMAX, and charging $18 a ticket, this is totally unacceptable. Its like the people in charge have never actually watched a movie in there. Heck, even just putting cardboard across the railings near the entrance would help a lot! But ideally this would be addressed in the design of the theater in the first place, or the lights dimmed more, etc...

Review №75

Their seats are very comfortable and I love the fact thats its reserved sitting.

Review №76

Theater is always clean. Cinemark Milford has always been our top choice when we go to the movies, naturally its even better since they got the loungers! Confession stand varies, but its usually decent time in line considering the mass of people thats usually there when we go.

Review №77

Easy location, early bird movies, inside a Post mall, warm.

Review №78

This mall is slowly dying it is much more enjoyable since under 18 has been banned but with that its hard to hide the truth here as the mall slowly closes shops 1 by 1

Review №79

Its always very busy, so be sure to get your tickets far in advance. The seating is very comfortable, with every theater Ive been in having full recliners.

Review №80

Great movie experience, even for the cheaper tickets. The seats were very comfortable. The food is decent, drinks are cold, and they have a bar. Nuff said.

Review №81

We enjoy this movie theater a lot the chairs are comfortable as well as the screens are big. We feel the chairs well have to be updated soon because theyre starting to get Worn in.

Review №82

I saw the joker, it was Beautiful.

Review №83

Neat and clean and having a lot of shops and restaurants here to buy and eat

Review №84

Jurassic world was a hit. New power reclining chairs are awesome! A/c could have been set a little lower, was a bit warm for my taste. Great theater! Would def yo again!

Review №85

Theater does not have recliner seats even in IMAX. But tickets are still expensive. Experience was ok but also signage on parking lots needs serious updating. You have to know your way around to make it to the right spot. Doesnt make sense for such a large mall.

Review №86

Great experience for a first time visitor. Spacious lounge chairs and good service over all. Would recommend!

Review №87

Absolutely amazing as usual very nice cashiers that we purchased the tickets from popcorn girl wasnt friendly at all no smile nothing. But overall always clean as so very comfortable

Review №88

Really nice new chairs and very clean, much nicer than north haven.

Review №89

Good theater!!! Love the big relaxing seats and the theaters are clean. Movie club is awesome!!

Review №90

Great movie theater! Nice location in the mall.plenty of free parking.

Review №91

I always enjoy going to the cinema mark in North Haven i always have a great experience there and the seats are very comfortable

Review №92

Bad seats good service overpriced..

Review №93

The manager had his feet up on the box office counter when we came in and there was no one at the food counter across from the concession stand and I really wanted a milkshake, but the film we saw was really good in the theater was super clean

Review №94

Seats are so comfortable. Morgan and I seen Adams Family.

Review №95

The comfortable seating is great, they recline with lots of leg room and a small table for each chair. Movie wasnt too loud and adequate screen size. Would recommend as a movie theatre.

Review №96

Wonderful time with my sons!

Review №97

They have great movies show you ought to check it out you might like it i took my sons to the cinemark at Westfield ct post mall to see Godzilla king of the monsters 2019 film and they really liked it

Review №98

Very nice theater! Each seat is adjustable. It is usually very clean.

Review №99

I love the seats in the theater. The price for food and drink is a bit much thou

Review №100

If I could give them 10 stars I would! They are still in the process of upgrading their theater seats to leather recliners but ones that are done provide for a totally reclined position for watching movies. There is a small retractable table for popcorn and drinks. Fantastic. With my new MoviePass, I will be there often.

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  • Address:1201 Boston Post Rd Suite 3000, Milford, CT 06460, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 203-878-8037
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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