Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park
1 Galleria Dr, Middletown, NY 10941, United States

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I took my 11 year old and a bunch of his friends to the Middletown NY location this past weekend. I could not have been more impressed. I’m almost always disappointed at places like this because of the cleanliness and customer service ( mostly a bunch of teenagers who look absolutely miserable to be there!) But not here! The place was super clean, they disinfected all the attractions after each group of kids got done. All the employees were really nice and helpful! Great job Urban Air!!!

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Really cool place with a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do. it is definitely a little on the pricey side, and you cannot buy the memberships in the store. They can only be purchased online.

Review №3

My four kids ages 13-6 enjoyed it immensely. Especially enjoyed go carts, sky ride and vr, although my 10-year-old was too short for the sky ride and was only told after waiting in line. Staff was extraordinarily friendly and accommodating and it made all the difference. Special thanks to manager AJ for the extra care in ensuring a most wonderful experience. Would recommend for all ages. Was expensive, but money well spent!

Review №4

This place is totally AWESOME!!!! Kids couldn’t stop running from one activity to the next!!! Everyone in family loves every second. And parents can chill while kids have a blast! Workers are extremely kind and helpful! Would totally come back!

Review №5

Urban Air is more like trampoline bel air. Its got it all for your friends and family to enjoy: bonkers bumper cars, all-star VR, dope dodgeball, mad-machine trampolines, warrior courses and much oh so much more in store. Activate your awesome here. Be the hero you were always meant to be. Step up to the challenge. Unleash your inner power. Become who you were always meant to be. This is your opportunity for glory; get it high if you dare through the unreal experience in Urban Air.

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Urban Air Trampoline is a really fun place to go with the entire family just make sure to be wearing socks if you dont want to buy and closed toes shoes if you want to ride the speeding cars.

Review №7

Great place. Staff VERY helpful. SUPER clean. Definitely the way to go with kids during this chaotic pandemic

Review №8

Great place for the kids to release some energy and enjoy themselves. Plenty for them to do in a safe and fun environment.

Review №9

Family friendly, open environment, and well litt area with alot of activities of adults or children.

Review №10

Its a little pricey especially since you dont have access to everything because of covid but it was an absolute blast I enjoyed the VR and go carts the most. I will definitely suggest for birthdays or just a place for you and the kids to enjoy since weve been on lockdown for months

Review №11

Great place, lots of fun, the kids had a blast.Great staff and customer service.

Review №12

Very nice experience! Lots of things to do. The kids had fun as did the adults.

Review №13

Constant cleaning, nice management,

Review №14

We just had my daughters birthday party here and overall had a great experience. Our hostess Lexi was on top of everything and the kids had so much fun with her. The attractions are all great! I do wish the entrance was a bit more organized for guests of parties. It took a long time for my guests to print out their waivers and we lost 20 minutes of party time due to it. Perhaps telling guests to arrive 20 minutes or more before the party time could help alleviate that.

Review №15

Really good

Review №16

Our 6-8 slot was cut abrupt. They sent my son to go twiddle his thumbs since they start closing sections from 7PM.The Covid19 precautions are out of the roof. Most things are closed & overload of social distancing drama. Pain of an outing for the poor 2020 youngsters.

Review №17

Ever nice good customer service I will take my kids here again

Review №18

Tons of options for the whole family. The place was santized often and all around clean environment.

Review №19

We had a great time! Went on a weekday to stay away from the crowds and it wasawesome! The staff were all friendly and having a good time with me, my husband and all 3 of the kids who are 12, 9 and 7. The place is a little pricey, think they could come down a few bucks on the packages but overall a great experience!

Review №20

Very fun for the whole family. The prices were a little high but worth all the things that you could do. My one complaint would be the workers all seemed very irritated and visibly not happy. My whole time there only 2 workers were genuinely nice and seemed happy. Other than that great place to go to spend a day.

Review №21

The owner is abrasive and needs to learn some manners and respect for personal space... This was the second time we came here because it was so packed last time the boys literally waited half hour to do just about everything. The staff is polite but the be owner ought to come up with a better system then man handling you at the front. Were definitely not coming back

Review №22

75% less fun during COVID-19, same hefty price. They should disclose that before taking reservations.

Review №23

Went a month ago, what a great place. Very clean, staff is friendly. We had a great time, cant wait to come back!!!

Review №24

I was completely turned off I tried to call to learn about the parties I was hung up on by an employee over 30 times! I understand it was very busy was the first two weeks it was open and they probably had a lot of kinks to work out but that was no way to treat customers I feel that they need to hire more mature employees! I actually booked her party now somewhere else just because I don’t wanna have service like that!

Review №25

Very fun, friendly staff. Parent passes with kids are awesome! Week days may be less busy, packed on a Sunday.

Review №26

For the price that I paid for me and my son, this was a terribly expensive experience. Although there are employees everywhere, nobody can help you. I waited for 40 minutes for a locker even though I saw that multiple people left and told me they were leaving. When I told the workers no one seemed to care, I even told the manager and he brushed it off. When I took my son to the trampolines there was no one employee or parent watching what the kids do I had to tell other children multiple times to please stop knocking into my child. Multiple people were served before me, even though they had the same orders if not more for then I ordered, I had also paid before them.I went to buy food and it took em 40 minutes to make waffle fries and nachos with cheese. They had the door open for about an hour and it froze the eating section. I spent close to 100 dollars here today, and it was the worst waste of money in my life. When I talked to the manager he had nothing nice to say.

Review №27

It is a nice place, but the time allowed to play is not enough for the number of people that go to the park which causes frustrations on the kids that need to wait 30 minutes to participate on a activity. My kids got frustrated and told me that they wanted to leave.There are only 4 tables for adults to sit and relax.

Review №28

Staff nasty to the kids. They cant possibly have kids if their own. Highly disappointing

Review №29

Took my kids to Urban Air recently and the experience was disappointing. Although the set up at Urban Air has a lot of potential for children to enjoy themselves, the staff & management seemed deficient in training & experience. I would not recommend any parent to drop off their child at Urban Air while relying on staff to keep their children safe. I observed many children getting hurt in the play areas and bullied as staff remained unaware of what was going on! The number of children in a play area isnt controlled and I had to call a staff member to assist a child that had climbed up and found herself frozen in fear to climb down. (The child was 2 feet in front of him!) Smh.

Review №30

It was ok. Not bad. Good location. Cost a little more than other trampoline parks. vm looked cool. Ninja coarse was nice

Review №31

Kids really enjoyed it.

Review №32

Its fun for kids 6 and up..I dont think is for smaller kids even though they said its for all ages

Review №33

Great place for kids!,

Review №34

There are a lot of fun activities but the staff workers are disrespectful and rude. The wait is terribly long and they make no excuses for special ed kids

Review №35

To the young lady that open the gate today Feb 13 at 4pm thank you for all your help very helpful and maybe your boss should put you as the party coordinator planner..bc Courtney that is the party coordinator has an attitude issue, does not show workship, how can you roll your eyes to your coworkers in front of the customers. We were there from the moment the gates open after waiting 25 mins for Courtney she decided that another party should be attended first after the nice lady told her we were next. My husband try to explain we next and she gave him attitude not a way to treat customers. Management should rethink her placement with the company!!!

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This place is a HUGE disappointment. The employees are extremely rude and it is expensive. The experience was so bad i spent a total of maybe 10 minutes in there and then left. Complete waste of money.

Review №37

Kids had a blast!

Review №38

Weekends its very pack but fun for kids and adults lol there are packages you can buy

Review №39

Had no idea how it was, wow, so much to do. And great people working there

Review №40

Extremely helpful and friendly staff.

Review №41

Pretty cool my son enjoyed it. Wish there track for the cars were longer

Review №42

It was nice and fun however I am very disappointed at how expensive this facility is operating. I am also disappointed that your packages you pay for dont include everything unlimited and your timed. This facility also refused to honor a voucher (Groupon promotion to use at Urban Air locations) we PURCHASED (paid for) to use at UrbanAir in galleria mall. So we had to pay even more money just to go in. Theres different packages. The lines for the amusements are 15 to 30 minutes long(very busy and crowded and low staff) cutting into the total time your allowed to play there. I find it to be like going to an amusement park only you could stay ALLL DAY at an amusement park for the money we paid here and had to leave exactly when they announce your color wrist ban time is up. They need to fix a lot of things. Hire more staff too and lower the prices or provide more time or unlimited time to play with packages. They should also honor vouchers paid for to use at Urban Air and not tell someone its only for one location which is out of state. I never complain but I will be honest and say how it is. This place has so much potential but there needs to be adjustments.

Review №43

My kids were disappointed they said I that it wasnt properly set up signs where not visible. For what I paid they did not have fun they complained that the smaller kids should have there own section since they couldnt have as much fun because of the little kids I get they deserve to have fun to but they shouldnt be with bigger kids

Review №44

Reasonably Priced.. Alot of fun.

Review №45

Awesome Kourtney was a delight

Review №46

Not enough staff to monitor the attractions. Not very organized. Too expensive.

Review №47

They only get 4 stars, because they only allow for two hour time blocks for a private room and with all of the activities, you need much more

Review №48

Its ghetto..not enough kid waited on line while the other kid rock wall climbed 4x because noone was there watching to take off harnesses. Kids cutting lines..Not well organized!

Review №49

Overpriced. Long Lines. Staff is made up of irresponsible children.

Review №50

I went inside to look around just to see if this was a place I could bring my son and nephew while I was at the mall and the nasty owner said I can’t look around I’m a liability and said I had to leave. She had no credentials on her so I asked her do you work here she said I’m the owner. Very nasty and very rude and I wouldn’t bring my kid there. Place looked hectic and poorly ran.

Review №51

Rlly enjoyable and good for all ages!!

Review №52

Awesome son had a lot of fun

Review №53

If I could give it a 0 rating I would do it because I was taking my kids and I was wearing mesh shirt and I already had paid and then they kicked me out

Review №54

Bad attitude

Review №55

Tons of indoor activity fun for the kids

Review №56

Great for small children, not for adults

Review №57

Not enough staff! Needs more lockers for your personal belongings. Not well organized!

Review №58

It is Dangerous and has many design flaws

Review №59

Great place!

Review №60

Kid fun!

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  • Address:1 Galleria Dr, Middletown, NY 10941, United States
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  • Phone:+1 518-723-5210
  • Amusement center
  • Adventure sports center
  • Amusement park
  • Children's amusement center
  • Children's party service
  • Indoor playground
  • Recreation center
Working hours
  • Monday:4–8pm
  • Tuesday:4–8pm
  • Wednesday:4–8pm
  • Thursday:4–8pm
  • Friday:12–9pm
  • Saturday:11am–9pm
  • Sunday:11am–7pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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