Regal South Beach ScreenX, IMAX & VIP
1120 Lincoln Rd Mall, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Review №1

Great movie theatre especially if you get the chance to watch a movie in the dome. Only bad thing is the prices. They charge way more than any other theatre around but it is much cleaner and has a better structure. Definitely would recommend this place if youre the type of person that goes out for a movie once or twice a month or two.

Review №2

This Regal is in a crowded part of Miami Beach. Although the theater for viewing my movie itself was nice, the concession stand and ticket booth area seemed cramped. One thing that annoyed me here and at other theaters (not just this Regal) was the powered seats. I dont like hearing the motors running when people adjust their seat position. There is a VIP Lounge and Im not sure who can access it.... The VIP looked nice from what I saw with lounges for small groups to gather around and a bar. The staff were friendly at the concession stand. I give it a 3 stars in comparison to other Regal theaters that dont seem crammed compared to other Regal Cinemas and although I was in a theater less than a 1/4 filled I could hear seat adjustment motor. Please give thumbs up if my review and or photos are helpful

Review №3

I had the best night together with my boyfriend here in this movie house. The seats are comfortable and we had a delicious dinner all while watching a movie. Our experience there from walking into the watching movie was great. They were also great because the movie house is kept clean, organized and the staff is friendly. Highly recommended!

Review №4

Love the VIP area. Must be 21+ years old to enter. That means libations at a full bar are available for consumption. There is also a full menu available and the prices arent terrible, as one would expect at movie theatres. The leather, reclining seats are very comfortable. If at all possible, I would go VIP every time.

Review №5

Excellent cinema, with well-arranged and comfortable rooms. Easy access and parking right next door. Clean and spacious bathrooms. A beautiful and pleasant place to watch a movie or participate in an event.

Review №6

That Soundsystem and picture quality is great I just hope Hollywood can get themselves together and get on the matrix twins level of quality screenwriting so people start going again. Price is fair when compared to other means of local entertainment. Staffs always cool as well. Could use a videogame tournement and film festival during comicon.

Review №7

Regal Cinemas, formerly known as Regal Entertainment Group, is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee.[3] Regal operates the second-largest theater circuit in the United States, with over 7,307 screens in 564 theaters as of June 2016.[4] The three main theatre brands operated by Regal Entertainment Group are Regal Cinemas, Edwards Theatres, and United Artists Theatres.These chains retain their exterior signage, but most indoor branding (popcorn bags, policy trailers) uses the Regal Entertainment Group name and logo. Where applicable, the REG logo is used alongside the three individual brands. Most new cinema construction uses the Regal Cinemas name, although Regal has built new Edwards locations in California and Idaho.[5] Regal has acquired several smaller chains since this merger; these, however, have been rebranded as Regal Cinemas.On December 5, 2017, it was officially announced that the UK theater chain Cineworld would acquire Regal for $3.6 billion. On February 27, 2018, the acquisition of Regal by Cineworld was completed, making it the second largest global cinema exhibitor behind AMC

Review №8

Great theater with 3 floors on Lincoln Road. Manager was super nice and helpful. Venue will host private events.

Review №9

Very nice experience here. Seats are very comfortable. Not to crowded. Friendly service. Clean and they have a VIP zone great!

Review №10

Good luck with trying to find a parking space in the garage. We paid $37 to see Bad Boys on the X screen. Which was a waste of money. I decided I wanted a hot dog which I ordered and the young man that was assisting me said they were out for the weekend. Im looking shocked so I ask for a manager and I was told theyll go get him from the back. How bout the employee never came back to the front where I was. So I said forget it. No good customer service whatsoever.

Review №11

Very modern, safe clean theaters.

Review №12

Great Cineplex right in the heart of everything. Catch a little rain in South Beach duck into the movies catch a show. Sun will be out by the time you leave! Very modern and well maintain with all the amenities.

Review №13

I’ve been coming to this place for over 10 years and I am still having a good experience here at all times.They have also a VIP Lounge which is amazing for the price the service and staff is great.You can enjoy the lounge, patio seating area is available with great views of Lincoln road mall.Their selection of beer and food was great and you can enjoy the movie on a very comfortable reclining seat.Clean, good atmosphere and parking available next to the place makes your experience a good experience.

Review №14

Moviepass users heads up for the newer recliner seats they charge $1.76 extra so you will have to go to the box office to buy your tickets because using the kiosk will give you a error code. You can also pick your seat. So if you are having issues trying to buy tickets using Moviepass at the kiosk thats probably the issue. Other than that this is the best Regal movie theater that I been too. Nice art pictures throughout the theater and they have a VIP section with a full bar and a couple seats outside on the balcony.

Review №15

If I wasn’t convinced before I am now ; the lack of customer service is incredibly intolerable. I asked a question and the young attendant attending me shrugged his shoulders.It’s obvious business is so good the need to hire pleasant, educated and courteous people is not priority.Went back to theater almost a month later . Things are getting better. It was busy yet a bit more organized. Snack bar workers still need a little speed

Review №16

I had a few hours before my flight and was looking for something to do. It was raining so my choices were limited. This theater was close by. The location is awesome. There are a lot of shops to browse. The theater itself is updated and has a lot of cool art to look at while going up the escalators. My son loved the art work displayed. Everything was very clean and there are a lot of screens. I would definitely visit this theater again if Im in the area.

Review №17

Pretty cinema inside and outside. No numbered seats for the film Blue (very good documentary a must watch) I went to watch. If you want to secure a special seating place, arrive early. You may park in the parking garage located in the same building of the Cinemas and after your movie before leaving in the floor #2 maie sure to give your parking ticket to the person in charge and you will pay a preferred rate for the parking. (Cheaper than street parking and many of the parking lots nearby. There is one or 2 parking lots east from the cinema that have the same rates as that preferred rate.

Review №18

Huge Regal cinema which shows all the current Hollywood blockbusters on standard, 3D, and now VIP screens.The food, even in the VIP section, is a little on the greasy/fried side. Not much in the way of healthy. Be warned too, they won’t let you bring food in.As a cinema, it’s modern with comfortable seating. Lots of screenings of popular movies. If you want world cinema then you’re better off elsewhere but for blockbusters this is good value at $12-$14 a ticket.

Review №19

Built in the 1990s, this movie theater is well kept + still feels like it just opened. Located on Lincoln Road, makes it easy to find things to do or simply hang out before/after movie.

Review №20

Great location, with minimal parking. Somewhat clean. Waited 20 minutes in line at concessions to be told they aren’t taking credit cards...on a Friday night. Ridiculous. Spacious seats and great quality for IMAX screens.

Review №21

Dinner and a movie with my best friend our anniversary.

Review №22

Average movie theater. Found weekday prices good. Concessions were very slow. Seats were comfy. Would return

Review №23

Great place to enjoy a movie. Atmosphere is wonderful. Theaters are always clean, staff is friendly. Always a pleasure.

Review №24

Beautiful theater in great location. Escalators werent working on our visit. Friendly staff, clean seating area, very comfortable chairs.

Review №25

By far the best place near me to use regal unlimited. Overall good experience with them, but quality varies a lot based on which screen you see. I saw Frozen II on a standard screen so dim it looked like I was watching it through aquarium glass. I saw Ford vs. Ferrari in ScreenX and the quality was outstanding. I generally choose the 21+ VIP screens. For a mere two dollars more, the screen is undeniably nicer, and the chairs recline with little tables you can rotate over your seat to place your food on. Saw Star Wars in IMAX with a great crowd. The IMAX screen is not true IMAX dimensions in the purist sense. You have to go to Ft Lauderdale for that around here. However, its still probably the nicest screen at this Regal. If you want to see a Blockbuster in the best quality you can at this location, the sound and picture will be very good. But for most films, VIP is the way to go.

Review №26

I just love this theatre! Great climate and service i especially love the VIP service upstairs with open bar and food order and reclining chairs! Better than being at home and the price of tickets are responsible!

Review №27

Comfort chairs and clean. Bathrooms were also well maintained. Liked it

Review №28

Came to Miami for my birthday weekend. Decided to watch a movie. First time I must say what a disappointment. Their was only one register open with at least 7 people behind me and 5 people in front of me. Ridiculous, it was about 10pm I would say. The movie theater was also very hot. I was not happy; very miserable.

Review №29

Regal is doing it! I just signed up for unlimited movies and look forward to enjoying for years to come. Environment is always clean and service is friendly (though slow sometimes when crowds are large).

Review №30

Theater was very clean, the staff was very helpful and friendly. Movie screen quality was great for the 3D movie experience....

Review №31

Love this theatre. Always clean, comfy seats. Take a tour of the art decor, you wont be dissatisfied. This place is spilling with pop culture.

Review №32

Blown away! I had no idea that its basically a luxury movie theater at regular price. Leather automatic recliner chairs, pull out table, wide aisles, and a great looking movie theater. This will now be my go to movie spot.

Review №33

Check out the dope art work inside. There are some pretty amazing pieces there. They also have a bar which is super convenient if youre a drinker and want more than fountain soda. The theater has assigned seats which is nice as well.

Review №34

My favorite theatre...the seat recline..and theatre is the right size for perfect amount of people not over crowded. The VIP section is great.

Review №35

It you’re a detail oriented film viewer do. not. Go here. Color is waaaAAAAAY OFF. Super purple. You’ll see if you go here.

Review №36

Great cinema with plenty of rooms, last movies, in a perfect location just on Lincoln Road.

Review №37

Attended Anna showing at 9:55 pm Saturday night. Couple took a stroller inside the theater, parked it by disabled seats, and had the baby entertain itself with iPhone, light on/music on. I have never seen anything like this before. I asked ushers (outside) if they could kindly ask people to turn the phone / sound off and they said they would. They never did. They looked pretty busy chatting and hanging outside by the desk/concession area - not sure why they get paid? I don’t think I will be paying 75$ for two movie tickets, popcorn and soda to have my movie experience be ruined like this. Movie theatre is decent size, quality, and layout; 5 blocks from my condo; but they have to work on the culture: no cell phones strictly enforced. Otherwise we will take our business elsewhere.

Review №38

Great atmosphere, bar and lounge area are beautiful and welcoming. This place also has a mini arcade, which is awesome. It was a great movie theater for my first time at this theater!

Review №39

30 minutes of commercials/previews/advertisments before the show, for a 90 minute Pixar film. Childrens films are 90 minutes for a reason. Showtime was at 12:30, movie didnt start until after 1:00. Unbelievable, never going to this chain again.

Review №40

Almost perfect but you need the unicorn product I mean there is nothing special in the snakbar.

Review №41

The brightness of the lights doesnt allow the screen to be clear. Way to bright in the theater.

Review №42

Love coming to this place, great sound, great seat a great for a night out

Review №43

18 Aud.. 5 of which are located in the VIP SECTION 21+ and allowed to drink alcohol in. Must have ID no exceptions. Very stricted about it. They also have a hot food menu at the bar which offeres a completely different selection the main floor consession stand.

Review №44

Great movie theater.The place is clean, modern and beautiful.VIP rooms are so comfy. ITS AN ICONIC place in SOBE.I do have to say the tickets are very well priced but popcorn combos are high in the roof compare to the competion or all VIP movie theaters.Besides that i do recommend this place

Review №45

You get what you pay for, very comfortable theater. They have virtually everything you could want food, drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

Review №46

Great place. The nerd in you comes out. A bar with fantastic art on the walls.

Review №47

Nice theatre, but IMAX screen not the biggest. Overall enjoyed the theatre. Concession stand only open on 1st floor. You can have adult drinks and food in the bar adult area. Drinks not allowed outside that area.

Review №48

My favorite cinema in Miami.

Review №49

Theater was very clean, the staff was very helpful and friendly. Movie screen quality was great for the 3D movie experience.

Review №50

Theater is great but DO NOT purhase the food in the VIP area. Its just awful. Bought Nachos and Chimichurri tacos, could not it neither of them. They are disgusting

Review №51

Good place to catch a movie

Review №52

This is our preferred theater due to cheaper prices than other theaters in the area. They let minors into the 21+ screenings if theyre with an adult, which kind of defeats the purpose. They will card adults to get into the 21+ films, which is pretty annoying, especially considering that there are kiddos running around who are definitely under- makes for a very unpleasant experience arguing with them if you forget your ID.There is a covered parking lot next door (make sure you get validated), but its usually cheaper to park on the street or in one of the open lot parking lots behind the theater.

Review №53

Pretty good seats but there are just way too many ads, like 40 minutes of ads then the movie starts. Otherwise pretty good

Review №54

Great big-chain theather. If you’re over 21 and can enjoy the bar/lounge, it’s even better. The other people in the movie ruin it by talking but that’s not Regal’s fault, lol.

Review №55

Good movie theater. This is my go-to when good and exciting movies come out (like the Avengers). Great place for date night as well.

Review №56

I love coming to this movie theater because I know that when I visit, the experience will always be phenomenal. The rooms have comfy seating, way better than any other theater Miami has to offer, their staff is also very helpful and professional. The ticket prices are a bit pricey which may discourage some, but its definitely worth the extra few bucks in my honest opinion.

Review №57

Amazing Theater!!! You pay for a regular ticket and enjoy a luxury place.

Review №58

Should have a parking structure just for the theater with validation for the price. Definitely for the tourists, locals only when you happen to be on the beach and decide to stay longer!

Review №59

This is my go-to theater in Miami. I love the VIP seating options for my favorite showings. Its always clean and air conditioned, which is critical on the beach. They support film festivals plus they are part of the program that shows the operas from The Met in New York City, which is a major plus. They use the latest tech, so you can be on Lincoln Road and decide you want to catch a movie last minute, pull up your phone, pick your showing, select your seat(s), purchase and have the tickets delivered right to your phone. All you have to do next is show the ticket taker and find your seat(s). Make sure to stop for an adult beverage on your way. The joys of VIP never end.

Review №60

Love this movie theater always clean. great comfortable seats and the stuff is always nice.

Review №61

The seats are very comfortable. The staff is very helpful. Its the best theater in Miami.

Review №62

Great place to watch IMAX movies. Reserved seating is available through Fandangos app. Comfortable chairs and of course amazing sound system. The only complain I have is the air conditioning. I noticed lately the temperature is not cool enough. Please fix that Regal Cinemas South Beach.

Review №63

Go here almost every weekend to watch new movies with my friends. Lots of food and snacks and different places to choose from. For example, there is Screen X where the entire screen goes around you and its really entertaining, no matter what movie you are seeing. There is of course standard and IMAX, and one of my favorites is the VIP sections, which I believe you need someone older than 21 to go in side with you. Love this theater follow my insta @kennedy_hagen

Review №64

Love this place i come here since i go to beach high love it the smell of fresh popcorn everything in clean people are friendly also is good for my kids

Review №65

Saw Avengers here n really loved it.Awesome seats.I love this place, 3000.

Review №66

Its a theater. They have plenty of previews - so much so that you can be 20 minutes late and not have a time problem. Dont forget to get your parking garageticket discount from the second floor desk, theres usually not anyone there that discount code pieces of paper just sitting on the desk

Review №67

Love this place! Great atmosphere, and they always have the latest movies playing in very comfortable theaters. I usually go for the vip area for the chairs! The location makes it easy to plan dinner and a movie while enjoying the fresh sights and sounds of South Beach.

Review №68

Good movie theater had to wait a long time for popcorn but there was only one person behind the counter

Review №69

VIP is pretty cool, very comfortable and nice. Prices are a bit too high, but then again Regal is always a bit more expensive. Would recommend nevertheless.

Review №70

Clean and great location. Perfect for dinner and a movie night. Do yourself a favor and watch in the VIP...just a little bit more, but seats recline and there are drinks! Only downside...there are few movie times in comparison to regular theaters not on the beach.

Review №71

Havent been to a Regal in ages. Pleasantly surprised how clean the place was. We were happy with our experience and would come back if even in Miami Beach again.

Review №72

An awesome three story theater! With a great location.

Review №73

Very nice environment, love the set up. My grand daughter and I watched little. We loved it. Food is reasonable for the movie theater. More reasonable than others. My son and grandson watched Shazam! Well be returning April 25, 2019 to see the new Marvel movie.

Review №74

As always, the theater was very clean and orderly. The ticket takers were awesome!!! We love the VIP option, the seats are great.

Review №75

Just had a beer and changed our minds about a movie. If ever I am here again I hope to see a movie

Review №76

Awesome place to see a movie and the cinema quality is the best. The VIP seating is so comfortable! Great food and drink selection!

Review №77

I love this theater. This is the first movie theater I ever went to in my life and I’ve traveled around a lot and can say it’s a fun spot. There are arcade games to play while you wait for the movie and other cute entertaining things like photo booths and cool art pieces to look at. This was the one safe spot my parents allowed to me be at alone with my friends as a kid in Miami. The location is nice because of Lincoln road. The service is ok but we’re in Miami so I guess I’m getting use to people not wanting to help me out when I need customer assistance.

Review №78

Spectacular place

Review №79

Great movie theater. I was in Miami getting some R&R and decided to take the kids to see a movie. Worked out great. Clean and comfortable. Grab your candy if you like to snack, from any of the pharmacies in the area...Much cheaper.

Review №80

Love this place.

Review №81

No reason to leave the beach. This Theatre is worth it. Ive been coming here for seventeen years and they keep it updated and fresh

Review №82

Excellent location but the prices are a little high.

Review №83

Never would have paid $45 for two tickets knowing we didn’t get to pick our own seats! Can’t wait to get this migraine and sore neck.

Review №84

It was Super Bowl weekend everything was nice what else could be expected

Review №85

I love what Regal South Beach has done with the theater its made it very clean very cozy! The movies are all the same no matter which theater you go to in Miami unless you go to one of those small boutique theaters that carry foreign films! However, I think that they need to do at least one day a week a matinee with discount prices because quite frankly there a little bit steep I think anytime youre paying $12 to $15 to see a movie thats too much! There should be one day a week whether its Tuesday or Thursday or Monday. Whatever day is the worst day at the box office you might want to have discounted matinee prices to attract larger crowds. I think also you need to have some specials on your food because honestly a popcorn and a coke should never be $12 come on now I know the rent is expensive on South Beach for businesses but this is outrageous even for South Beach!

Review №86

Me and wife enjoyed our time there. While we were on vacation in south beach. It wasnt to far from ocean drive. We took a cab over there, the theater was clean and it had very decent atmosphere. The prices were pretty reasonable, the food and snacks were pretty good, you can also order a glass of wine, in there nice right. Overall a great theater, I would definitely go back while in south beach

Review №87

Had a few rainy days in Miami so caught a couple shows here. Very nice theatre with super comfortable seats. Not a bad spot in the theatre. Concession prices are what you would expect - ridiculous. But if you are on Lincoln and need to kill a couple of hours, nice place to do it.

Review №88

Good Cinema, clean facilities.

Review №89

Seats are a little uncomfortable but has a great screen and audio

Review №90

Overall a nice place to watch a premiere. Very comfortable sits

Review №91

The vip serve drinks and food y guess price is high but if youd like to watch a good movie and enjoy a scotch at the same time in a confortable chair this might be an option.

Review №92

Helpful Staff. After working a double and then promising my long lost brother a movie I forgot to drink water and so was cramping. The young man asked me for my tickets but I tried to politely dismiss him. He did not take it personal but waited patiently. After purchasing water and other concessions I showed him the regal app. I appreciate how he waited patiently.

Review №93

Great young Staff on the tickets and concessions

Review №94

This movie theater has really interesting art pieces. The theater has been around for a while and I like the atmosphere. When you buy the tickets to a movie, you must select the seats you would like. I like reserved seating because I always get the best seats. Overall, the theater was clean, employees were pleasant I enjoy the chill atmosphere.

Review №95

The experience was good,I asked a few questions at ticket sales,and girl told me that there were no concession sale deals,no a later show(for the movie we wanted). We came up from Key West, there they answer question &are friendly! Was disappointed

Review №96

Lots of parking options, plenty to do around the theater before or after, clean and efficient. Definitely one of the better theaters in the area (also pretty much the only one).

Review №97

Great location. There are there levels of theatres. Staff is curtious and give senior discounts.

Review №98

My favorite! Most (if not all) of the theaters have been updated with comfortable, luxurious seats. VIP seating is even better with the recliner chairs and its a reasonable ticket price. Never had any issues.

Review №99

Very good movie theater in Lincoln Road Mall. Clean, well maintained.

Review №100

The staff is friendly and helpful especially the manager Rey. I have the movie pass its worth the 21 dollars. You get to see as many movies as you want for one prices

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  • Address:1120 Lincoln Rd Mall, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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