Merrick Cinemas 5
15 Fisher Ave, Merrick, NY 11566, United States

Review №1

I absolutely love this theater. The staff is so super courteous and helpful. They make an extra effort to help. It seems like they like their job. And they are updating the seats and maintaining affordability.

Review №2

OMG this place is AMAZING!!! GREAT SEATS AND PRICES!!! New movie theater I will be going to from now on. This is a clean theater!! I am very impressed!

Review №3

Nice relaxing reclining chairs. Fair prices on tickets. Need more selection on menu but for what it’s worth can’t complain. It’s a nice convenient place to catch a flick with the fam or sweetheart

Review №4

First time at this theater. As a senior it was 8 for a matinee. Very small theaters but good site lines. Only problem was parking. As it was in front of a Train station.

Review №5

Its a small location but cute and clean. I didnt know about this location. It was a hidden jem to me. Not too many people

Review №6

Not bad. Seats werent the best, however they didnt kill you with the price. Nice little theater and all the staff were very pleasant. Would definitely go back.

Review №7

This is an awesome theatre. Though small, this cinema is a good vibes kind of place. Im a big supporter of local mom/pop shops..something so authentic about it, for me personally. Its even easier to support when they give you every reason to. I love coming here with the family. Its always clean when we visit and the staff is always helpful, in general. Definitely a hidden treasure.

Review №8

Smaller size theatres but all with very comfortable new seats. Concession prices before noon. Easy parking, close to LIRR, lots of restaurants nearby

Review №9

Wow went to see a movie n its release day and the place was empty.. great time and comfortable.. not alot of noisy kids

Review №10

This theater is a small town cozy place. Its easy to find parking, comfortable, great specials for admission and they make great popcorn. The staff is very polite and they keep the place nice and clean. What else could you want. It doesnt cost an an arm and a leg to take the family out.

Review №11

Im not sure if this was due to being at a private showing, but the seats were unable to recline. This on its own would not be a problem but the normal, upright, unreclined position was very uncomfortable to try and watch the movie from.

Review №12

Seats are kind of tight, but an overall nice experience. The staff is very courteous.

Review №13

Very clean and cozy lots of parking have senior pricing

Review №14

Prices are the best around. Such a great cute little neighborhood theater. Staff is friendly, its always clean. My first choice always. I prefer the homieness of it.

Review №15

I love this theater. Perfect with my two little ones. Parking is right across the street due to LIRR station. Theater is always clean and smells nice. Some of the roof tiles need to be replaced. Bathrooms are also neat and clean. Very friendly staff. I recommend this place to all my friends.

Review №16

Dont even get me started I this theater my son and I go there whenever we can. Its quite easy to get into the staff is very helpful. P.s my handicap son loves riding the train to get there.

Review №17

Much better experience now that theyve updated their SEATS!!! YAYYYYY!!! LOLThe staff is freindly, welcoming and courteous. Im glad we still have a local theatre in our town to call our own.... COME AND SUPPORT IT PEOPLE!!!

Review №18

Nice size, nice comfortable seats, great ticket prices

Review №19

Nice clean theater. Comfortable seats

Review №20

Filthy location. No heat. They say they will do better but dont deliver.

Review №21

Small Mom & Pop type theater, but very clean and staff was very pleasant and courteous.

Review №22

My children and I came upon this mom and pop theater by accident. It seems to be run by a single family. Nice theater and not expensive. On Wednesdays its about $6 to see movies ALL day! They call it Wacky Wednesday! They also have a senior citizen day as well. They also offer specials such a a medium popcorn and a medium drink for just $10 add a box of candy and you only pay $14!!

Review №23

Teeny tiny and no bells and whistles, but points for location and convenience. Its right next to the Merrick train station and within walking distance of the downtown area. Stop at Savoy for dinner and walk to the movie theatre.I found the theatre to be very clean and maintained, but you arent going to find it on par with the larger theaters. No reserved seating or reclining seats if that matters a lot to you.

Review №24

Very convenient comfortable establishment that serves wine and brew

Review №25

We rented out the theater for my childs Birthday and it was an amazing time. We have since done that 2 more times.

Review №26

Some reviews say that it’s “kid friendly” but I went there with my friends and the workers were being really rude. We were watching Halloween and there was nobody else but we were still quiet and respectful. They threatened to kick us out and call the police even thought we never did anything. We walked out of the theater quietly and whispering and a young teenage girl yelled at us to shut up. Also, during the previews, the manager sent an employee to sit near us to be sure we weren’t disturbing other people in the theater and we didn’t even talk.

Review №27

Small quiet place good on date night

Review №28

Movies always great!! Theaters are sometimes not cleaned alit but altogether it’s awesome:)

Review №29

Great little cinema with plenty of parking. Very affordable tickets and never have any trouble getting a seat for the big movies. Seats could use an upgrade though

Review №30

Went to a private event held there. The staff was so accommodating and friendly. I highly recommend them...

Review №31

Most adorable theater every. Newly redone looks great always clean. Staff is supper friendly. Definitely coming here again.

Review №32

Have gone to this theater since i was young, they now sell alchohol! Perfect and great prices!

Review №33

I was invited to a birthday party from my kid’s classmate. I arrived on time for the movie. The staff were extremely rude. I went to the right theatre but I was directed into the wrong theatre. Within under a minute I was told that I am in the wrong theatre and I had to leave. I never attended the party due to incompetence of the staff. I took my kid and left the theatre. I would not recommend the movie theatre to anybody and I would never go there! Incompetent and rude staff and manager.

Review №34

A clean theatre. The popcorn was fresh, and it played current movies. This theatre is smaller than most, so no reserved seating, and no recliners. The seats were still comfortable though.

Review №35

A good hidden movie theater if you want to see a movie and avoid the bigger crowds. They usually have all the big movies that come out. They dont have the reclining seats and often at times, the place smells like old spilled soda.

Review №36

Love It and They Serve Wine

Review №37

Thank you. And good for the kids.

Review №38

Needs upgrading, stinks. Family owned I guess. Has potential to be nicer. Staff is friendly. Good place if you dont like crowds, like me.

Review №39

Its a good theater not as nice as some of the bigger ones but the staff was super friendly and helpfull.

Review №40

Convenient to get to. Staff are friendly and great you right away.Could be updated though. Seats are not comfortable. Otherwise its a nice place to go watch movies.

Review №41

Merrick Cinema is cheap and convenient but onetime my sister and I got bit up by bedbugs in their nasty cloth seats. I had to go home and throw all my clothes in the dryer ASAP. Smh

Review №42

Great theatre always clean customer svc is great

Review №43

Great place to catch a movie specially on a Saturday mornings where the room is all for yourself :). Great price and very clean.

Review №44

Clean, reasonably priced concessions, easy parking, nearby restaurants. Theaters are small but comfortable. One of my favorite theaters

Review №45

Great local cinema. Never experienced a wait and always has tickets. Keep in mind you cannot purchase tickets online and must physically buy the tickets in house. Typically has new movies the day before their official release date.Update: Recently under new management and now offer online ticket purchasing.

Review №46

Nice movie theater with great staff

Review №47

The smallest movie theater Ive ever been to but after seeing the photos and then reading the reviews I was just curious how a Mom & Pop theater can still be in business on long Island, on top of that have such high rating. Well all the reviews are ture! The customer service is like nothing Ive ever experienced. The staff is unbelievably friendly and accommodating. Though the seats are small and a bit old school, it just has that nostalgic feeling of theater from the 90s.....if youre looking for an old school theater experience i highly recommend it!

Review №48

Seats are so low to the ground you may as well sit on the floor. In fact that would be more comfortable, as these seats which force you knees into your face they are so low have absolutely no leg room to boot, and cant lean back because they slam into the floor for the row behind them.Only saving graces are the far cheaper ticket prices than other theatres in the area, and the much shorter preview times.

Review №49

Small theater....great for parties and dates. Has a private theater feel.

Review №50

Honestly love this place. cute little theaters, not overly crowded, and i honestly like their retro seats and look. personally im not a fan of reclining seats in movies they always put me right to sleep lol. i wouldnt change a thing they do a great job always

Review №51

I can not believe the horrendous customer service experience I had tonight.Myself and 5 others (4 of which were kids) went to the Merrick Cinemas to see the 7pm showing of Angry Birds.We were at the theater by 640pm, purchased our tickets and snacks and proceeded to go into the theater.When we walked into a pitch dark theater at 645pm  which was playing Lion King I thought we had walked into the wrong room. I told the young kid behind the counter and it turned out they had the wrong movie cued up. No big deal. Mistakes happen, right?  He said that he would get it taken care of.After 10minutes of continuing to watch the wrong movie I walk back out to the main office to ask what was happening and was told Sorry, we are getting the correct movie it will start a few minutes after 7pm.Now lights are still off... no movie on the screen,  Im using the flashlight on my cell so that the kids could see around them. Again, I say mistakes happen.  A few minutes of inconvenience is  not a problem. Right?...Wrong!Fast forward to 735pm when the kids go back out to say when is the movie starting and why are there still no lights on that they are met with oh shit let me check. REALLY?!At that point I was going to go pack everyone up and leave (did I mention that there were 8 people in that theater, 6 if whom were with me?) but the movie trailers began to play. It was now 737pm.That was 47minutes after I brought the problem to managements attention and 37mins after the scheduled start time. No one ever came in to apologize, to update us on what was happening,  nothing.After the movie I asked to speak to the manager. I wasnt rude, or angry. I was expecting to get an explanation, an apology and also some sort of compensation for the inconvience and obvious screw up on their part.Instead the manager, a grown man who should know how to treat a customer says to me,  while jeering Well you watched the movie didnt you? (Snickers) Did you come tell us right away? I dont know what youre looking for, (proceeds to toss 2 tickets into my hand) here figure it out between you guys and walks away.If I did not have young children standing right by me he would have gotten much more than just being told I will never give Merrick Cinemas any business again. Maybe I should have gone to him 40 minutes earlier yelling and screaming about how the movie wasnt playing and dremnded a refund!How rude! How absolutely disrespectful.Everyone always says to support local businesses, support local family-run establishments and help your community but when they treat their customers rudely and with disrespect that local business no longer deserves your patronage!

Review №52

Great theather and always clean

Review №53

Cute and small theater which is charming in itself. Screens arent very big. Seats arent updated either.

Review №54

Nice movie theaters. Enjoy the show.

Review №55

Nice little theatre serves beer great prices

Review №56

Small theatre, clean, friendly staff and ample parking. I go on Mondays usually for the senior discount.

Review №57

Great place to have a birthday party. Wish they had newer seats though.

Review №58

I love this theater! Friendly environment. Always clean and the staff treat you like family. Other guests respect the scene so no blinding cell phone lights.

Review №59

Great for a kid party experience. Easy parking.

Review №60

Staff there is awesome! Barry the manager is the reason we go there.

Review №61

This was my first experience at this theater. Not sure if my experience was less than positive because I went to go see a kids movie or if this is what I should expect from the theater. Again this was a kids movie and it didnt seem to be incredibly popular because they put us in a really small theater. I mean small like seats less than 50 people small. The screen was scratched and pixelated and took away from the movie. Between the small theater and a screen that needs to be replaced my experience was not all that positive. Maybe it was just a movie I went to go see.

Review №62

Excellent service,a place super cool,I love it

Review №63

It’s nice to have this local theater. They do a great job at sound and getting decent movies. The place is always clean.

Review №64

Very clean movie theater with ample parking.

Review №65

Cozy movie great Senior prices

Review №66

I visited this place yesterday and believe me you won’t have a pleasant experience. Seats are not comfortable and if you have corner seats, mosquitos are sure to bite you. It’s better to pay extra $5 bucks and go for a Multiplex.

Review №67

Theater is clean however the previews and commercials were ear deafening!!WAY TO LOUD!!

Review №68

This is a somewhat low budget movie theater. It is okay as long as you are not looking for a very fancy place. You will pay a little bit less to see movies that are a little out of date.

Review №69

An old neighbor theater that had not upgraded. Clean and friendly staff. However, regular movie price is same as newer or upgraded places. They do host events.

Review №70

Great movie theatre and very affordable

Review №71

The best theater in my immediate area. Very friendly staff, unlike the Bellmore theater where the staff has no peaple skills.

Review №72

Smaller than most theaters but I like it. Convenient location and the seats are comfy!

Review №73

My class went here for a trip, the places is very nice and it was a good experience.

Review №74

Way too small and crowded. The seats are very congested and the people that come have no etiquette of a theater. Too noisy and the seats arent inclined so when someone sits in front you, you cant see ahead of you. I had to move my head back and forth to see the screen.

Review №75

In the middle of First Man the movie shut down and went to commercials. This itch theater is so poorly staffed that no one knew about it. Found this out after sitting for 10 minutes assuming the issue was being worked on. It wasn’t. I finally got up and found a guy to report breakdown.Will never return to this crappy disgusting “theater” again!

Review №76

The previous pictures listed are old. Looks like they upgraded.Nice staff. Was not crowded. Clean. Only thing I can complain about are the seats; they aren’t as comfortable.

Review №77

Its a nice and cozy theatre. The workers were warm and friendly. We will patronize the Merrick Cinemas more in the future.

Review №78

It was very clean,good service,prompt and on schedule

Review №79

Great theater. Perfect size and always clean. Great bargain days and there is always seating available for first run movies.

Review №80

If you want to spend less on tickets and dont care much about having comfortable chairs and good quality picture and sound, well, this is your place. Small show rooms almost make it feel like youre in your own living room.

Review №81

3.5* local theater. Some outdated seats N got bit by couple of mosquitos. It was clean, staff was friendly, good screen/sound when watching Equalizer 2.

Review №82

Its a small theater but theres something I really like about the atmosphere of the place. My only complaints is that last time I was there, they didnt dim the lights completely during the movie, which was a little distracting. This has only happened once so not a huge deal really.

Review №83

Not like the big theaters but clean and inexpensive.

Review №84

Nice, quiet place to go catch a movie . From what Ive head its a new owner with big plans but isnt going to change the prices. Sounds good to me .

Review №85

Very clean. Nice comfy seats but dont recline

Review №86

Nice small theater. Friendly and helpful staff

Review №87

The old owners were amazing and kept this place immaculate. Since the new ownership, there has been some downgrades, but I still love the original look.

Review №88

Quaint old school cinema with about 5 screens. They host birthday party screenings too which I think is a great idea!

Review №89

Nice quite family place

Review №90

FYITheater was not closed for renovations. Theater was closed because prior owner went out of business. Theater is being renovated while open. Renovations have just begun.

Review №91

Nice theater. Reasonably priced tickets and concession.

Review №92

Been there countless times for many movies. Great experiences everytime. Only 2 large theaters for the most popular movies and the prices are a bit high, but thats to be expected with any movie theater

Review №93

This is a very nice theater, good seats, clean, not overly crowded, and friendly staff.

Review №94

Awesome conventional theatre. Come in on wacky Wednesdays (half off on most movies, and great combos on weds)

Review №95

This is a small theater with older style seats and small screens. But the prices are cheap, the staff friendly and the theater kept clean.

Review №96

Amazing theater! Always clean and friendly staff.

Review №97

Umm.. Im sitting here waiting for my movie to start. Theater is clean! But my bedroom is larger than this room showing the movie, how small? 5 rows of 7 seats. So super small...... Seats are uncomfortable, cupholders dont move so no cuddling possible, seats low to the ground spring down allow you to stay reclined -.-

Review №98

Friendly, clean, comfortable. Great sound system

Review №99

Fortunately they take MoviePass, unfortunately they have horrible seating unlike most renovated places.

Review №100

Dont really like the environment so much and some staff are a little over strict on many of highschool college students

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  • Address:15 Fisher Ave, Merrick, NY 11566, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 516-868-1601
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
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