Baffled Escape Rooms
1600 N Riverside Ave, Medford, OR 97501, United States

Review №1

We took 4 teens, had a blast, very fun. Super friendly staff. Good team building event.

Review №2

I took a group of young men to the Kidnapped room, ages 12-15. We had a great time, we needed a couple of hints along the but just missed completing the escape by the skin of our teeth! Amber was a great host and we will return again!

Review №3

We did two games in a row because it was too good of an experience. Planning to come back and finish up all of their games :)

Review №4

Awesome and fun! Younger kids may have a challenge completing, as some of the challenges are quite difficult! Very entertaining and fun though

Review №5

We all had a lot of fun

Review №6

This was one of the most fun and challenging things i have ever done. The puzzles are hard but not impossible, and the staff is super friendly. If you get stuck, the staff will nudge you in the right direction just enough to keep you going. Loved it, would highly recommend you do this for couples or team building exercises in the work place.

Review №7

On Sunday, 3/1/2020, I took myself, my daughter and her two friends. It cost $112. The puzzles were challenging, much different than escape rooms on your phone. However, we were having a good time and were making progress. Once we made it to the second room, we got a clue and found ourselves stuck. We searched the second room for a few minutes, returned to the first room thinking we missed something, nothing. Used the walkie-talkie to ask for help. The employee asked if wed found a certain item in the first room and told us where to find it. However, the first time we looked, that item was definitely not in its spot. The employee oh ok, and quickly came into the room and gave us that item we needed to progress. However at that point, wed already wasted some time not being able to progress because the item needed was not in the room at all. We didnt make it through to the end. I asked if we could have more time since they made a mistake but they said they couldnt because there was a group booked right after us. Pretty bummed as it was really expensive and they made a mistake that made us unable to progress at all. They didnt offer a coupon, or anything. We still had fun but itll make me question going to this specific location ever again.

Review №8

This was my first experience in an escape room, and my girlfriend and I had an amazing time. The staff was extremely friendly and Preston explained the scenario and guidelines to us very clearly which helped our understanding for a successful escape. We are looking forward to coming back and challenging ourselves in another room

Review №9

Management is so amazing! Such a fun place! I’m definitely going to come back with more family.

Review №10

It’s been a long time since something has driven me to write a review, and I’m upset that this place was so disappointing.My fiancé and I love escape rooms, today was the third time we have been to baffled escape rooms, and the second time we have left sorely disappointed. Today we tried “jailbreak”. Staff was initially friendly and put together. We soon realized that the staff was not watching us through the cameras at all. Their clue system is now run on I-pads and we were not told that we only get three clues before the clue system freezes you out. We were requested not to use the radios unless we were very stuck. At least two of their magnet based puzzles did not work leaving us stranded and wasting clues. At one point we asked for further direction through the radio and was met with NO RESPONSE from staff for over FIFTEEN minutes. When we asked for help from staff (and finally got a response) on the radios they had no idea where we were in our escape room which also wasted a lot of our time. When we finally completed the room we were met with an open door and no staff to greet us as we walked the hallway back to the main entrance. The guy behind the desk was on his cell phone playing a game and was too busy to respond to any of our concerns with anything other than a half-hearted “I’ll pass it to the owner”. He didn’t even offer to do any pictures or talk about the room (which we felt was a little odd). Not once did he put his phone away and engage us as people.This is not the experience I have had at other escape rooms, that will respond immediately, watch the live video, inquire if we need help, and see/understand when a clue or lock is not working properly so they can guide us or come fix it. The one time we have been to this room and had a good experience, the staff met us at the door, chatted with us, offered to take pictures with those dumb signs etc, but all that customer service seems to have gone away.Overall I am very disappointed. I have no interest in paying $60 to feel frustrated and ignored. I pay $60 to have fun and use my head, and ultimately have “ohhhh I feel dumb” moments when I need to use a clue and the answer is obvious. I hope the owner and his wife, who genuinely seem to care about their escape rooms, can find better employees that will match their enthusiasm.

Review №11

James did a bamboosily great joob, he fancied all of my requests and made me feel like I was truly kid napped. With love *heart*

Review №12

This place was Awesome! It was mulyigeneragional fun!!!!

Review №13

Decided to randomly go with family from the moment we got there staff was super friendly we did the Willy Wonka one was a absolute blast and management was awesome!!!!!! Definitely my favorite family activity in Medford!!!!!!

Review №14

So much fun! And the artwork in their new Golden Ticket room is AMAZING! Cant wait for their new rooms to open!

Review №15

We did Kidnapped, and it was all cabinets and boxes with locks. Waaay too many numbers! The guys running it were great, or Id give it two stars.

Review №16

My friend paid over $50 to stand in a quiet non-scary room It was ridiculous

Review №17

It was a great experience! Challenging and fun! Managers were incredibly helpful and friendly. Will definitely be back with friends!!

Review №18

If cost was closer to $7 per person, it would be ok. Staff, quality of props and overall experience was blah.

Review №19

Fun rooms and really thought out well.

Review №20

Baffled why they thought I went here. Just walked by while at the mall. Looks like a fun place though if you are into this kind of entertainment!

Review №21

Brought the whole family and their friends and 11 of us had an incredible time. we made it out of the dollhouse but it was pretty dang hard.

Review №22

I have never been so offended as a customer with the way that I was treated with this company it his left me baffled. The staff in customer service including the boss was so beyond rude saying i feel like i took crazy pills, oh now i see what she ws dealing with ( referring to the wicked person i had spoken to first. Wendy when you read this cusomer service can be hard but no excurse for how you handled and treated me. Unexceptional!!! A refund wasnt a big deal to process and in your process of doing so acting so frazzled and hanging up on me. I dont beed to tll you how unprofessional it was, you already know and judging by the comments im not the only one. Because of the offensive comments, worst customer service in the world i would be surprised if you are here another year. I sure wont be contributing nor will my crew of escape room goers. Thank you to the boss that did complete a full refund. Im happy you didnt get a penny.

Review №23

Loved the staff, and the puzzles were fun! Would and will do again!

Review №24

We went in kidnaped and dollhouse it is so fun but kidnaped is too easy

Review №25

Set a reservation many weeks in advance for the White City escapee rooms. When we arrive they are shut down and we are told they had been for 3 weeks despite getting an email the day before confirming our reservation. As of now we were given store credit when we asked for a refund. Would not recommend.

Review №26

Edgar was a terrific room monitor. We had a blast. Thank you for such a fun experience.

Review №27

Loved it

Review №28

Staff is super helpful and always in a great mood when I go in. I would recommend it to anybody. Its super fun and something different to try with friends, family, or even coworkers.

Review №29

This place is absolutely amazing and the people who work there are very cool and friendly as well. we definitely need more escape rooms like this one!

Review №30

This place is truly amazing. I would recommend an escape room for anyone!

Review №31

The quality of the Wonderland escape room leaves much to be desired. Staff seemed a bit preoccupied and did not have much enthusiasm for the part they play in escape room scenarios.The room is set up in such a way that each clue leads to the next, so you have a team of people working on one clue at a time. There is no breaking apart to search for other clues, just one to the next to the next.When we got to the second room the door to the third was already open and the countdown clock was broken. Some of the boxes for clues were broken or not operating correctly. One of the clues was placed on the floor because its box was not working. Since they have the room set up to go from clue to clue it was not clear how this one fit into the puzzle. The walkie-talkies they used were not functional, so many buttons its easy to push the wrong one. Apparently they could see the light flashing on ours and knew they could not hear us but did not bother to let us know. We mimed to the camera for about 10 minutes trying to get hints to no avail - even though they KNEW we needed help they did not communicate to us.My suggestion is to get rid of the magnetic locks with the remote push button key pad and invest in some good old fashioned locks with numbers or keys, get intercoms set up and get rid of the walkie-talkies. Those basic items would make the room more operational but ultimately you need to get a much better story and puzzle set up, this was not engaging or fun for a team of people.

Review №32

We did the Doll House and after having done many escape rooms, this one has some issues. From the start we where told to not touch, what felt like much of the room. There where many red herrings costing a great deal of time on clues that led nowhere. One item in the room is incredibly difficult to find even after trying multiple times. And lastly the room simply needs some maintenance, things that where once glued are not, flashlights needed batteries, and some locks didnt work well, even needed help from staff to open after having the correct code.The one saving grace was the staff. They where great, friendly and helpful. Didnt have any trouble getting hints when we needed them and they even gave us a few extra minutes to finish.

Review №33

The experience was OK, but the hostess kept giving us unsolicited directions (not hints, but directions) from the start (like, spoilers before we began), so it got frustrating and took a lot away from it. She also tried to have us quit early, even though the timer we had still had 7 mins on it. Some of the clues were pretty ambiguous, too... wed be on the right track but something would be so hard to see or youd be expected to figure out to open stuff that doesnt usually open, it was a little silly at times. IDK, I enjoyed the one in WC a more, even though the ambiance itself was less impressive there (which, it wasnt great at this one, either).

Review №34

Way too spendy for what it is.

Review №35

We had an amazing time!! Taya was very helpful n didnt help us unless we asked for it which was ALOT hahaha thank you we will def do it again!!

Review №36

Awesome fun!

Review №37

Amber was very helpful with our group of 12 older people

Review №38

Great time we have gone twice

Review №39

Wonderland was great my daughter loved it some boxes got stuck and couldnt open correctly but all in all it was fun

Review №40

We tried kidnapped and surprisingly it was difficult, we got blown up and didnt make it out of the room. We had a really good time.

Review №41

Poor service, staff is rude and grumpy. Not very clean and room was rather lame.

Review №42

Had a blast! Edgar was fantastic and very helpful!!

Review №43

Great experience, lots of fun, better when taking a group!

Review №44

Ok Im not rating the game, I hear its awesome.... but come on people who work the front desk!. . . . They made it seem like I was inconvenience. . . And they where expression-less

Review №45

It was awesome

Review №46

Completed every room. Please make more!

Review №47

So. Much. Fun.

Review №48

Had so much fun! We liked how they switched to tablets for the hints!!

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