Fallen Timbers 14 and XD
2300 Village Dr. West, Suite 1700, Maumee, OH 43537, United States

Review №1

Finally! We get to go to a movie! Welcome back prices were great. Large popcorn, box of candy and 3 large sodas for under $20. Movie... Sunday matinee was only $5. Very nice and clean. Cant wait for Bond to come out!

Review №2

Knives out was a great movie!

Review №3

I love Cinemark at Fallen Timbers. First trip back since the quarantine; seating restricted and ongoing cleaning, I felt safe and cared for.

Review №4

Nice clean theater. Great prices and Covid compliant. Felt really safe here.

Review №5

Small theater. One channel was out on the left side of our theaters sound system. This was in the XD setup they have. The pizza is awful even after having it reheated by the staff behind concessions just for it to be of temp. I love the area but this theater is a real disappointment.

Review №6

Awesome sound and seats are super comfy. Snacks are good price too

Review №7

Fallen Timbers is a great place to shop, and grab something to eat as well!

Review №8

Very comfortable seats. Friendly staff.

Review №9

Movie theater was clean and had nice staff. However, the volume of the movie was horrifically loud.

Review №10

The movie we watched had sound but no video for the previews and adds. I think the XD picture added a bit of resolution but the movie was really dark. The sound however was spectacular. Overall NOT really worth the $2 extra for the invisible man. The ticket taker was really polite.

Review №11

Kids typically love the place. But they love any movie theater I guess. Clean but nothing put this theater over any others. Its just ok.

Review №12

I love coming to the Rave Cinema to watch movies with friends. I never buy anything from the stand because of prices, but I always enjoy the available movies on screen and do a bit of shopping or looking around afterward. Theres a lot of great places around to look through things!

Review №13

Everyone was nice and we had a good time

Review №14

Politeness of the staff was remarkably amazing. Appreciate being greeted & thanked. The small things goes along way!

Review №15

Decent theater close to home. Obviously prices are outrageous for everything but thats at every movie theater. Staff was friendly. Appeared to be clean on the surface. No complaints other than going broke to see a movie for two people.

Review №16

Of several movie theaters in the area this is my preferred theater. All seating is reserved which is nice in my opinion, so you can look in advance to see if a movie time is sold out or if you can get seats next to your friends or family. Seating is comfortable and the theater is clean from what I can tell. The consesions is what you would expect from any movie theater.

Review №17

Nice theater. Got to see bad boys for life. Good movie clean atmosphere. Been going there for years and wont stop

Review №18

If I could rate this less than one star I would

Review №19

Clean but be careful when they are busy. We were overcharged by $10 when we ordered the popcorn and pop deal.

Review №20

I do not go to the movies very often, but when I do go in the future I will make the extra attempt to go to this particular location. Why? Well let me tell you this: A MANAGER THERE, “MIKE”I called and reported a specific problem with the food service. It really doesn’t matter exactly what the problem involved, but I eventually realized that I was wrong because this particular problem occurred at the Franklin Park location in Toledo.I called both locations with the same problem, and the difference in how each manager handled the same problem is like night and day! MIKE at Fallen Timbers listened to the problem and addressed my concerns in a caring and extremely professional way. The “MANAGER” at the Franklin Park location was rude, and I could tell that SHE just did not care whatsoever! (I just hung up the phone with her).Since the Fallen Timbers location has a TOP-NOTCH manager, LIKE MIKE, I’m sure EVERYTHING IS BETTER THERE! ( I’m sure everything is worse at Franklin Park, but we won’t discuss that now, will we?)THANKS TO MANAGER MIKE FOR BEING REALLY, REALLY NICE (GOOD!) AND FOR “MANAGING” SUCH A GREAT LOCATION, AS YOU DO!!!

Review №21

Nice and clean. Im 65 tall and the new seats are to low and to short to people my size and thus cause a problem. The trailers sound volume is to high and gives me a headache. I wont be going back!!!!!

Review №22

Good experience food was ridiculous priced but what movie theater isnt. Good audio system and they are efficent in ticket sales. Good location

Review №23

Nice movie theater, purchased tickets with ATOM and was able to get right in without any hassle. Plenty of people working the desks so any lines move quickly.

Review №24

Great theatre and good snacks. The seats could be a little more comfy and less noisy but other than that it was great.

Review №25

I took my Wife out for dinner & a movie on this Day of Valentines. Fallen Timbers is always a good place to shop, eat, and enjoy a movie.

Review №26

My first visit to movie theater in 40 yrs. Absolutely wonderful. Reason l cant sit long due to spinal problem. No problem this time . We will definitely be going more often.

Review №27

Theyve made a few changes. A seating chart at a movie theater in this day and time may not be a bad idea! They have Pizza Hut too!

Review №28

Always great place for the kids to enjoy a movie. We seen Sonic this time.

Review №29

We had a great experience here for our first time. We will definitely give it another try next time were in the area.

Review №30

Person sitting in front of me might was well be sitting in my lap. Seats have no cushion, felt like I was sitting in my grandparents antique chair. Need to upgrade the actual theaters, I suggest taking some pointers from AMC, they have nice roomy recliners.

Review №31

Stadium style seating with arm rests that fold up and great seats what more do you need. Oh yeah, big screens and great sound. They have it all.

Review №32

Felt great to go to the movies again!

Review №33

Nice facility but do not get the “XD Experience “ it’s no different than the regular movie showing. Also was hot as all get out, I was drenched after the movie with sweat. Otherwise everyone was friendly.

Review №34

Id put a 5 star if they had a discount for senior citizens all day. It is a beautiful theater though.

Review №35

Big screens, great audio, and amazing popcorn. The only thing theyre missing are the La-Z-Boy seats that are at Phoenix Theaters at the Mall of Monroe. Other than that, this is a great Cinemark theater. Would definitely go here again.

Review №36

Very well kept theatre, if you let them know you spilt something, as soon as your show is over they are right their ready and willing to clean it up. They keep the temperature a little chili, but other than that they are a very nice place to watch a movie.

Review №37

My dad went out for a pack of seals and never came back. Anyway, great theater.

Review №38

Granite City Sunday brunch has lots ofchoices, good food! Theatre closeby!

Review №39

My favorite theater. Mostly because the mall area is so nice. Definitely worth going a bit out of the way and skipping the Franklin park mall theater

Review №40

This is my go-to local movie theater. In North West Ohio, I would say this theater has the best seats, as well as having the large XD theater.

Review №41

Management should be ashamed of themselves for evicting a child from a kids movie because one snobby stuck up woman leaves due to multiple kids getting excited at a kids movie. You should have taken the hint when more than one parent left with their kids after you kicked out a young (non verbal ) girl in a wheelchair because she let out a squeal of excitement at the beginning of opening credits. Neither I nor any of my family will ever set foot in there again. Absolutely disgusting!

Review №42

Ive been here plenty of times and this facility is always very clean and organized. During a rush the snack counter can be slow but not a big deal in that regard. Movies are always fun with h family and friends and the snacks are always great

Review №43

This place is a joke. They assign seats because were all children and apparently incapable of just sitting down as we come in anymore. Thats a joke, absolutely nonsense. Your creating animosity among these people, Because you get the people that dont care sit where ever ( because thats how its always been) then theres the people that sit somewhere else because someones in there seat and well Its a seat so who cares just go find another. Then you got the power trippers who demand their seat be handed over because its their. So then you got the whole theater playing musical chairs because you know where 5 year old kids that cant just sit in an open seat. Not to mention the confession stand people dont know whats going on and sell things to people and then dont even have the product. Then you gotta wait back in line to get refunded because they cant just substitute something real quick. Never again, 5 people spending $100 to see a movie and its ran by a circus. Never again!

Review №44

I like the venue Fallen Timbers very much but I hate that a movie that is listed as starting at 745 doesnt actually start until 810. There were 15 minutes of commercials before the previews. I always liked previews but now even the previews have commercials in between. It is ridiculous!! No wonder people are staying home and watching Netflix. This has to change!!

Review №45

Excellent movie selection. Nice fresh snack menu but overpriced. Ice cream and fresh baked cookies. Yum

Review №46

Great theater. Love the team working there too.

Review №47

Very nice Cinemark theater. Comfortable seats and clean. Prices are the same as others in the area.

Review №48

Clean and they have nice employees.Good place to go if you go out by yourself.Prices of movies are a fair price. The food is over priced but isnt the cashiers fault so please dont take it out on them. They have a special price for senior pop and popcorn

Review №49

Went twice in the last two week and it was amazing. Pricing is fair if your a student, served in army, or is a veteran you get a discount. I believe $8 for a child $9 for discounted student.

Review №50

Nice theater. Comfortable seats. Like the reserved seating also.

Review №51

Nice theater. They keep it clean, and its usually not too busy on the weekends during the day. Last time we were there they told us to pick our seats when we bought our tickets (just basic tickets, not 3D or anything special). Wasnt too fond of that, but once we got into the theater no one was sitting in their assigned seats anyway so it didnt really matter.

Review №52

The seats hurt skinny peoples butts. The floors were covered in trash by the refreshment areas. I took my daughter for a father daughter date and it was a madhouse. Not to mention the prices on food and snacks were 30 bucks for a couple things. I am so disgusted with this place and how its being run and maintained. Not a good experience at all.

Review №53

I like the theaters. I like the sound system. The prices are good too. My only complaint is that they never have pretzel bites ready for the first show. Ive had this happen 3 times now. Other than that, its a good place to go for movies.

Review №54

Over priced big time.Seats are VERY narrow. Unless your small your going to be uncomfortable.Im 61 220lbs. My shoulders where touching the person on both sides of me. Both where smaller than me. This not a problem I usually have at movie theaters.Seats are not well made and have poor support. And very tall backs. You shorter people are not going to like the seats either.Projectors are older and not as clear as other less expensive theaters.Screen was narrower than it should be and the seating is not elevated much so your looking up at the screen the whole time no mater where you sit.Sound was weak. Very poor low end. This sucks in an action movie.Over all for the ticket price and massively over priced concessions I would skip this place. (Over $18 for 2 drinks a popcorn!!)I have been to much nicer theaters with better pricing.I do not plan to go back here again.

Review №55

I love the Cinemark club. If you go see movies a lot its a no brainier.

Review №56

Great theater staff was nice and they offer so many options at the food court. Seats are comfortable and must try out the XD theater.

Review №57

Asked them twice to register for the reward program and didnt do it. They told us the wrong theater and then got to the theater and its hot in here. There is a 10 degree difference between the hallway and the theater. And no there isnt a lot of people in here. Like 6 people. Went back up to say something and nobody at the front desk.

Review №58

Loved loved loved the movie.Matt Damom...outstanding!Chtistian Bale also.

Review №59

Clean and well organized. Snack line was a bit of a wait, but ok.

Review №60

Not a lot of leg room and the air conditioner is weak if it works at all. Couple dollars less and you can get better quality at Levis Commons. Workers are nice and the lines are short(that should tell you something)

Review №61

Best place to see a movie in the Toledo area. Tuesdays you can take your significant other to a movie for 11 bucks for the both of you.

Review №62

The manager kicked out a DD person for being too loud during a childs movie! As a sister to someone who is DD Im appalled by this! And you mean to tell me that during frozen 2 there werent a million 3 to 8 year old little girls in there singing every word to every song

Review №63

Close to alot of shopping cheaper on tuesdays

Review №64

Everything Id expect in a modern theater. Clean, and comfortable, with a friendly, yet professional staff.

Review №65

This theater and the Monroe, Michigan theater are my favorites. Comfort.

Review №66

We had a fun time the theater was clean and comfortable, the staff was friendly

Review №67

High price but good choice for eclectic like anime

Review №68

Loved the theater, staff was amazing and the movie Playing with Fire was the best!

Review №69

My preferred choice for my movie experience. Usually clean, quiet, and it helps that restaurants are across the street.

Review №70

Love it when I can go to the movies and watch it in peace!

Review №71

Havent been to a movie in a long time. What I didnt like is now you have to pick your seats when buying the ticket. I find it very annoying. I like walking in the theater and be able to pick any seat I want. I like to sit away from people and now you have no choice. The seats are so crammed together, which is why I try not to sit next to anyone unless its who I go to the movie with. Wont be back.

Review №72

Gotta hit the matinee for the $6 price. Paying more is a bit above my budget. They like to get u at the food counter tho... Oweee

Review №73

Nice theater. Will go there again.

Review №74

Went to watch Angel has fallen with my wife and what a great movie, great popcorn and drinks. Nice day for a movie definitely will be back again!!

Review №75

Great theater experience. However, the new assigned seating requirement for all movies is inconvenient.

Review №76

Needs some upgrading but decent theater.

Review №77

I had so much fun the movie was 1917

Review №78

The movie theater is always very clean, the staff are very nice. Also the bathrooms are very well kept up and clean! Love going here

Review №79

No complaints. The girl working the register was very helpful. Will definitely be back.

Review №80

Normally have a great experience here....not so much this time as the movie hopping teens bust into the theater 30min into the movie and talk and laugh through the whole thing. Kinda ruins a horror movie.

Review №81

Great stores

Review №82

Nice theatres and clean. Seats are very comfortable. Sound was great. Also Lots of food and snack choices.

Review №83

People helpful. Nice layout

Review №84

Went to go see Endgame, and got there over 30 minutes early to get good seats. Ended up towards the top since we had 5 people in the group. A man and his 5 yr old daughter ended up behind us and she kicked my seat and talked through the first half of the move. The rows are too tight anymore and you cant even cross your legs without kicking the person in front of you. I had said something to the man but did me no good. Ill be going to the emagine theater from now on.

Review №85

Best movie theater ever. The most professional employee is Malachi and he is very knowledgeable

Review №86

Great theatre. Clean. Comfy seats.

Review №87

Movie was great. Bathrooms smell terribly like urine.

Review №88

Very please, took our family here to see frozen 2. Not ridiculously packed.

Review №89

All the best movies without the crowds! Clean, accessible, and just great.

Review №90

Nice movie theater. Place is clean & staff has always been polite and friendly. Concession stand can be a little slow but thats more because people dont seem to read the menu options before reaching the register.

Review №91

Closest theater to home and as such weve seen lots of movies there. Never had a problem, always clean, employees are considerate and helpful. Sound systems in all theaters are clear and loud... prerequisite for action movies.

Review №92

Super nice staff. Nice facility. Go at the right times and the prices are great.

Review №93

Took my daughter and son to see Avengers Infinity War today 05-27-18. Enjoyed the movie, employees were helpful and friendly. However, it was a 90 degree day outside. Inside the theater itself (#14) was nowhere near cool enough temperature wise. During the 2 hour and 40 minute movie I felt the air conditioning come on only twice. This is not okay. Outside the theater in the lobby it was so much nicer (cooler). They need much improvement when it comes to the temperature inside the theaters. It was truly uncomfortable. I would have rated our visit today at 5 stars if it wasnt for this one issue.

Review №94

So worth the drive. Good place to catch a film

Review №95

Its a movie complex. Clean. People are nice. Nothing special.

Review №96

Took the family to see star wars rise of skywalker,great experience but bring the wallet, expensive for a large family.

Review №97

Great theater and we had great seats. Love being able to order tickets online.

Review №98

Very clean & nice theater with quick concessions. They had leather seats in the theaters that could lounge & seats are reserved, so you can choose your seats before you even get there. They also had clean bathrooms & plenty of stalls, so there wasnt even a wait in the womens room! Only negative was that the arm rests didnt come up & they were a little uncomfortable.

Review №99

I dont go to theaters often but this one was clean and had a lot of food/snack options. VERY comfortable seating too!

Review №100

Best theater in Toledo, but that’s not saying much. Could benefit from the AMC recliner treatment

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  • Address:2300 Village Dr. West, Suite 1700, Maumee, OH 43537, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 419-878-3898
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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