Regal Massillon
175 Cherry Rd NW, Massillon, OH 44646, United States

Review №1

I drove an hour to go to this theater with my wife and it was great. I ordered a medium pop and it was like an extra large and they have reclining chairs. When I say you get more than you pay for. You really do!

Review №2

We went and saw Avengers Endgame here, I loved the reclining seats. The day we went the power went out because of a big storm, but it went back on very quickly and got the projector back up and running within like 5 minutes (it was a perfect time to go to the bathroom during the three hour movie).

Review №3

Reasonable prices (for a theatre). They sell beer and cocktails. The seats are very roomy and recline. Great experience.

Review №4

Regal is my favorite theater. We drive an hour to get here for date night or family night! Deffinitly worth it the seats are comfy and the popcorn is delicious. They also do a great job of keeping the theater clean!

Review №5

Love the pretzels here.

Review №6

I love the seats here, they are leather and recline and have lots of space. They have lots of snack options too. Theaters are nice and big and accommodate a lot of people. I like going here for good new releases. Only downside is that it does cost more than your regular average movie place.

Review №7

Usually very clean theater and bathrooms. Reclining seats are nice. They have a kitchen so they do serve some food. They also have a decent wine selection. This is the only theater we ever think about going to in the area.

Review №8

Love the reclining seats! Always have the newest movie showing. Prices on there popcorn, candy, and drinks could be more reasonable. All and all I will keep going back.

Review №9

A nice clean theater with modern reclining seats. They offer food and drink options beyond typical soda and popcorn. My only issue is with their projectors. They are early digital units that show their age. They are dim and often pixelated. Bring in laser.

Review №10

I love this place especially the seating, feels like home. Thx, oh and the popcorn is fabulous!!!

Review №11

The seats were great. It was a full house the night we went so we had front row but it was still an awesome movie. Clean bathrooms and friendly workers. Definitely will go back.

Review №12

For the price and the amount of people that go there it is great. Clean, fresh look though I find the prices for their concessions a bit high. Guess they need to make a profit somewhere.

Review №13

Really??? Having to stand in the concessions line behind all the kids home from school today just to buy tickets!!! 15 minutes! And then to find out the next 2 shows are full. Oh yes I could have paid the “convenience fee” to use the kiosk to by pass the concession line to buy tickets! All to save the theater a few bucks in labor!

Review №14

We love going here.. love the big king recliner seats and that you pick your seats online when purchasing tickets.. and if they switch to Pepsi products thats a plus for us.

Review №15

This place is awesome great seating

Review №16

Great customer service, always clean, modern seating with up to date audio and visual. Theatres are smaller than big city ones but thats not a bad thing. Seats are spacious and with not as many people per theatre it feels less crowded, which is a great thing for those with anxiety in large crowds.

Review №17

Weve only been there a couple of times, bit each time we go they are friendly. It also is clean and comfortable. They have the reclining seats.

Review №18

Seats are comfortable compared to most theaters, being able to recline almost all the way back. Staff is very friendly. Only complaint about this place is they dont seem to keep movies very long and if they do, theyre shown at odd times in the day.

Review №19

Not crowded and comfortable seats

Review №20

The lumens produced by their projectors (how bright they are) are far too low. If you see a 3D movie the experience is even worse - its worse than wearing dark sunglasses to a regular movie. When a movie has a darkly lit scene you can see almost nothing. This is my 3rd viewing experience there where this has been a serious issue. It will be the last movie I see there. I have no other issues with the theater - but if you cant see whats going on on the screen, whats the point in going?

Review №21

Its got the reclining seats. Super comfy. Smaller theater so there isnt really a bad seat in the house

Review №22

Love the reclining chairs and the cupholders! My favorite cinema hands down! Popcorn is always fresh and the staff is friendly.

Review №23

Very comfy seats, seen in the ticket price. Expect to pay a little more and the cosession stand is pricey. All in all a great spot to see a flick.

Review №24

Great environment. Nice little arcade. The seating in this theatre is awesome. Great food and customer service.

Review №25

Great mid-sized theater tucked in between Wooster and Canton. The stadium, reserved seating with the recliner chairs are the only way to go. Its a clean theater. Above average concessions. The Regal Rewards program is a great way to earn points that you can use on free popcorn, drinks, or even tickets. They can add up fast, especially when youre buying concession food.

Review №26

Just had our fist experience at this theater, people were nice, place was clean and absolutely loved the recliners!

Review №27

Very nice for family and friends to gather. Many movies to choose from; prices for popcorn and other items are as we know outrageous.

Review №28

Neat and clean. Big reclining seats. Great place e to watch a movie

Review №29

The seats are comfortable, and the way they were installed means no one will be blocking your view. The air is kept less chilly than most theaters, which I think is awesome. Restrooms were tidy and didnt smell. And it isnt too busy on weekdays, so autistic, or introverted people can pick a seat and usually not have to sit next to someone. A great theater for people who enjoy going to movies alone.

Review №30

Love it. Just wish theyd update their game room so it accepts cards.

Review №31

Long wait in the ticket line. Not enough workers. Seating very comfortable.

Review №32

Great place, reclining seats, great for viewing even in front row. Viewing rooms are small so if there are more than two of you buy seats ahead of time.

Review №33

Relaxing chairs. Can buy my tickets and seats beforehand so no looking in the dark. No paper ticket you get it scanned on the phone. Drinks are outrageous bit free refills...for 7 bucks I hope so. Never forget the I have a purse or jacket of candy so I will pay for the drink but not 4.50 for some box of snocaps I can buy for a dollar at walmart

Review №34

Small theatres with recliners... much more comfortable than the typical theatre setting.

Review №35

Went and saw Knives Out over the holiday weekend. Great theater! Love the reclining seats.

Review №36

My family got here 15 min b4 the movie started and the guy checking tickets was playing on his phone. When he scanned our tickets for the new dr. Dolittle movie he informed us the theater was not clean yet and to hold on while he went and cleaned it. We waited in the lobby for about 5 min for him to come back out and tell us he was done cleaning it. When me my husband and my children sit in our seats it is most definitely NOT clean. Trash all in the cup holders along with bobby pins. Its not like its busy. Its a monday at 2p.m

Review №37

Nice movie theater with modern reclining seating and a bit more reasonably priced than some theaters.

Review №38

Love the recliners! Real nice clean theater.

Review №39

Spacious, very comfortable chairs! Friendly staff. Great experience!

Review №40

Awesome service. The ticket person was quick to help us find seats to the movie that we wanted to see.

Review №41

Great theater. Wonderful reclining seats. Friendly staff. I find it a bit chilly so I always take a blanket.

Review №42

Seats were very comfortable and sound system was great! Well be back!

Review №43

Great place to have DATE NIGHT WITH MY QUEEN

Review №44

Great theater, comfy reclining seats, clean, polite helpful staff. Pricey....

Review №45

I went here for the first time yesterday and although the theater is decent the customer service is pretty bad. My friend got help right away and my other friend and me stood there waiting while the employees talked to one another. Once they realized we were there like 10 minutes later they helped my friend and then walked away from me. Not sure why these kids work upfront. Welcome to 2019

Review №46

Im unhappy they closed

Review №47

The best movie theater Ive ever been to.

Review №48

Two words: reclining seats! Very nice clean theater too!

Review №49

I decided to check out this theater after hearing so many good things about it. I bought my tickets online, I chose seats that were very close to the screen since I mistakenly read the seating map backwards. The manager was very kind to switch my seats to some available further back without hesitation. I’ll be coming here from now on!

Review №50

One of my favorite movie theaters in Massillon/Canton Area! Stadium seating and good prices. They also have a family restroom that is a must for a person with disabilities ️ Thank you Regal!!!!

Review №51

Great Seats. Great popcorn. Friendly staff.

Review №52

Tried to call this place it was the most dumbest recording ever, Im from out of town and it wants you to put in your own zip code, screw it Im going to Cinemark

Review №53

My favorite movie theater! Clean and staff is friendly. More personable than Tinseltown.

Review №54

The theaters are very nice, very clean, concession stands are great but they dont know how to turn the heat on in the theaters. Every time we go there during the winter we freeze.Were done until they fix the problem.

Review №55

I love this old-tine feel theater

Review №56

Nice theater. I like the rewards program here more than Cinemark. They are trying out serving actual food. Like restaurant food... I havent tried it. Too expensive when Im already paying for a movie. They keep the theater really cold usually. Need a blanket quite often. The chairs recline. The arms do not fold back like other places Ive visited.

Review №57

Best place to watch movies in northeast Ohio.

Review №58

This was the most relaxing movie experience I have ever had.

Review №59

Everytime I go here, it storms and I get a ticket to see a movie, of my choice, for free. You do still have to pay for concessions.

Review №60

Probably the most comfortable theater weve ever been to.

Review №61

Love having a theatre with comfortable seating so close! Me and family have been going regularly. The early bird ticket option is one of my favorites. Concessions are typical to any large chain Cineplex, but have no complaints about the amount of butter & salt I get on the delicious popcorn.Lobby usually gets the big displays that kids (and myself occasionally) like to get our pictures with.

Review №62

Very Nice!Huge reclining seats,Plenty of room and legroom.They have different types of food and you can even get beer and wine there including Imports.All of the staff there was very nice!Got right in & picked our seats.

Review №63

There are tons of reviews that talk about the stadium seating, comfy chairs, etc.... and these are all spot-on. I live somewhat central to several theaters in the area and Regal Massillon is always our first choice.That said, Id like to bring some attention to the staff and management in Massillion. The staff is always very friendly, helpful and courteous. And on the very RARE occasion there is an issue, the staff is quick to go above and beyond to resolve the problem thoroughly.We went to see Spiderman Far From Home at 3:45p today and ordered pretzels and cheese. We didnt notice until we were seated that they were cold. After returning them to the concession, the manager made sure the order was fixed, brought to our seats in the theater, and went above and beyond in making sure we were satisfied.Regal Massillon is now even further cemented as out top choice. Thanks for running such a great theater!

Review №64

Awesome theater, love the seating with the comfortable reclining seats. The original regular seating in a stadium setup is great too. Overall a great place to see movies. Staff and service is good. And they even sell alcohol variety such as beer and wine. Great for kids and adults. Or adults who act like kids lol. Check it out, youre sure to have a good time

Review №65

Great place to see a movie and VERY clean restrooms.

Review №66

Good movies and great seating, is very clean and well kept. Lots of different snacks but a little high priced if you take several kids eat first. Movie was kind of loud but at least heard it and not others

Review №67

Awesome theatre. Service charge for buying online was more expensive than a ticket!

Review №68

Great theater nice seats, popcorn is a little pricey

Review №69

We love this regal location! The seats are recliners, seating is spacious and no matter where you sit its comfort with a good view. We decided to see more movies this year as family and using the regal app to buy tickets ahead of time has been helpful.

Review №70

Love going here! Always a great time!

Review №71

Had an amazing time the theater was nice the seat recline like it is a bed. No heads walking past in your way of the big screen.Prices are steep. For popcorn and drinks. Never spent 50 at a theater. But hey had a good time.

Review №72

A group if us went to view a Christian movie . We could not find the theater where we were to go into. They had a different title on the marquis. After going into many wrong theaters we finally went back up front again and the guy said oh the marquis is broken it wont light up.. But it was lit up with a different movie title. We were uncomfortable with the whole thing.. almost like they did not want to have the Christian movie OVERCOMER title lit up in their theater and possibly not thrilled to show the movie. By the way, a great one!!A good thing was that the chairs were very comfortable. We all felt the sound was a bit too loud and the advertisements were way toooo much and long! Approx.45 minutes plus?!

Review №73

Love the place. Nice and big, also with great seats. The only thing is the prices are kinda ridiculous, but they have good stuff

Review №74

Comfortable recliners, reserved seating which can be difficult for big parties but always great for couples. Friendly staff and capability of ordering tickets online is always a great help also!

Review №75

Love the reclining seats. Very comfortable and hard to stay awake during the movies.

Review №76

We stopped in only for concessions. Then we left to see the concert in the park.

Review №77

Best place to watch a movie in comfort.

Review №78

The movie was great! But, the movie was Way Too Loud! There were only 7 people watching Men in Black...Honestly..Somebody needs to check the Volumeand loudness....loud movies are Cool, but not that loud!I even put on my noise canceling earbuds....still left there with a son and his friend thought that it was very loud too....

Review №79

Seats were comfy and employees were friendly. Great experience!

Review №80

Regal Cinemas is great. I love the recliners. Its hard when you have pain to sit for 2 hours to watch a movie. These seats made it very comfortable. The facility is clean, staff are polite.

Review №81

Theater was great, no issues. Movie quality was good, including the sound. Overall no issues

Review №82

Not usually as crowded as the Belden Village theaters. Nice theater, comfortable seating, friendly staff.

Review №83

Clean Theatre, great seats prices on snacks and popcorn are a little expensive, but just like every other theatre. I will be back again!

Review №84

Not a bad theater at all, maybe the best in the area

Review №85

I felt like the theater rooms were like industrial factory walls. The popcorn was not very good, and if you sit in the top row and recline your seat, the wall blocks a small portion of the bottom of the screen.

Review №86

Nice theater. Great seats.

Review №87

Went with family and friends to see the newToy Story on the 21st. Great movie we all loved it. Unfortunately the seat I was seated in had a very bad order to it. I can only compare the stench to a dish rag that gets wet and then sets out. I believe some effort she be taker to check seats

Review №88

Nice theater with sweet reclining seats!

Review №89

Went to see 47 Meters Down Uncaged with my wife on our 8th wedding anniversary. Movie was great!

Review №90

Great service. Love how amazing the seats feel. Best prices to see a new movie for. No long waits in line.

Review №91

The theater is cozy and comfy while still being large. My kid and I loved the entire experience.

Review №92

I work there great place to see a movie, come on a week day at noon, its 6 bucks a ticket if you say you are a senior. And we have cheetos popcorn, beer and wine. And with the lazy boy, style seating, its a great place to enjoy a movie. Shout out to Randy hes is the best.

Review №93

Great place! Very nice staff.. Comfortable seating.. I would give It a five but the pricing for food and drinks are way to expensive.. 4.95 for a bottle of water! other than that check it..

Review №94

I just love how they presented the film Star wars rise of Skywalker

Review №95

I went to get tickets the day of expecting to get them, go into the theater and seat myself. When I got up to register and asked for two tickets, they said the only seats left are the front row. I really didnt want the front row but we had drove there and everything, and I said it was fine. I had never been to a small theater that actually assigned seats. We got to our seats and we were practically under the screen. Then we noticed something else. The seats were not the usual fold down movie theater seats, but leather, power recliners. They were so comfortable. I reclined far back and was able to see the screen just fine. It was so fun and comfortable. I had never seen anything like it in the theaters. Not to mention, Im not sure how they keep those seats so clean. Over all, we were pleased with paying only $8 per ticket and getting to sit in premium leather recliners.

Review №96

Wish the chairs reclined before the foot rest comes all the way up, this doesnt help my back problems. Other than that the theater was great. Things were clean, workers friendly, etc.

Review №97

Great theatre, always clean! Staff are friendly and helpful. This is our preferred movie theatre! Not too big where you get lost, but up to date all throughout!

Review №98

My wife and I really enjoy this theater. Large comfortable recliner seats, great sound and view. Staff is always very polite and accommodating. Please enjoy....

Review №99

Overall, great theaters. The only reason I am leaving this review is because every time I go there during warmer weather, it is not just chilly or cold, but freezing. Today, when it was 73°F outside, there was condensation on the entranceway doors. I wore long jeans, a hoodie, with the hood over my head, and I was reasonably comfortable, but my nose still got cold. So, to whomever it concerns, I think most people would be more comfortable if the temperature were somewhat warmer. Maybe 70 or so. It seems like the air conditioning is set to just run continuously to get it down as cold as possible, and today, that was maybe about 62 or so.

Review №100

Chipotle is always delicious and this is no exception

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  • Address:175 Cherry Rd NW, Massillon, OH 44646, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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