Massena Movieplex
Main St Harte Haven Shopping Center Street, Massena, NY 13662, United States

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The chairs are gross.....I dont think they have ever been cleaned. And my shoes stuck to the floor. I have only been in there 3 times in 25 years and I dont think anything has changed for the better. The movie its self was awesome and enjoyable

Review №2

Place is run down, however the staff make it much better. The seats are dated, ceilings are in bad repair, sound is so so. Refreshments are generous and good. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №3

Reasonable rates for the movie and the popcorn. Friendly staff great service.

Review №4

Its so sad to see this place in such shambles. Standard quality showings in rooms with ruined ceilings for the same price as going literally anywhere else.

Review №5

Not as clean as it was when it first opened. Some seats are broken. Still, nice to have a place to see multiple movies.

Review №6

Friendly staff, concession is good with excellent prices. Theater itself could use some renovation.

Review №7

The last review is months ago and im not from here and im here now and I already have to write a review, highly advised to not wear nice clothes in here, I could write a whole essay if I wanted to about how nasty it is in here, I feel like I was in a abandoned movie theater, overall the chairs.... well everything is dirty look for yourself If you don’t believe me and don’t look UP trust me you’ll regret it save your money stay home and watch Disney Plus or Netflix anything but here... PS: don’t listen to the guy under my REVIEW it’s definitely not beautiful far from it!!

Review №8

This place is beautiful place dont want to let it go down like you did before we need to come here more often

Review №9

This was my first trip to the Massena Movieplex. After returning to northern NY from southern Connecticut, I find most things lacking. Not so with the Massena Movieplex, although smaller than say, Watertowns Theaters in the Salmon River Mall, this complex is still fairly modern and offers comfortable seating with a good selection of movies given its location.

Review №10

They dont keep the theaters clean here like they used to. Still decent place.

Review №11

I loved it! The guy working there was a cool, chill dude. He hooked us up with free posters. Only complaint I have is that the bathrooms need some work. Other then that I would recommend going here!

Review №12

Good picture and sound. The bathrooms are pretty clean and the service is good

Review №13

Had great time movie plex 8

Review №14

Always a fun time happy we have a theater to enjoy nearby.

Review №15

I read the reviews before going. We sat in theater 6. Seats weren’t too bad but you could see heavy dust in between each seat but they didn’t seem too bad. We noticed that the floor was very sticky from spilled soda just about everywhere you walked inside the theater. We were the only patrons in theater 6 so I made it a point to check out what the reviews had stated. Candy all over the floor. Very odd because I’m sure our movie was the first one shown in that theater 6 for this date. The lobby was extremely clean. Ladies bathroom was pretty gross though. Sinks haven’t been cleaned in quite awhile. The floor was filthy although the toilets themselves weren’t too bad but the back of the porcelain was dirty - and the floor by each bathroom stall was quite filthy. Three attendants at the front register. Very nice young people! I noticed the female worker at the back of one of the more frontal theaters waiting with her broom to clean up after that particular movie. Not sure if they only clean the front ones. It’s clear though that they need to hire a cleaning crew if the attendants on duty are not responsible for doing that work. Or get additional attendants. Overall, it wasn’t terrible but I’d expect better from such an establishment. First time there and maybe the only time I’ll go. And yes, the ceiling tiles are water-damaged and heavily stained, but that doesn’t affect watching a movie!!

Review №16

Liked the movie place was dirty floor was like syrup

Review №17

This movie theater needs some renovations: The ceilings are grossly stained with water and the seats are not that comfortable! But at least the sound quality of the movie was pretty good!

Review №18

Sound system is good, wish my seat had been more comfy. Overall a nice theater

Review №19

They need to finish renovating. Prices for candy a little high. If you get large popcorn and soda there is free refills. Cost of movie very reasonable.

Review №20

What to.e does that Spiderman movie start anyone know cuz it wont show up on thedates and showtimes

Review №21

The owners are putting a lot of money into the building to renovate. Spacious theaters. Friendly staff

Review №22

It is a nice place and has everything you could need

Review №23

Theater is run down and in certain places kind of gross but that is all justified by the incredibly cheap tickets and snacks and a certainty that you won’t be in a packed theater. Some people look on the small amount of people in each theater as bad but it increasesy enjoyment of the movie tenfold.

Review №24

Nice new seats could use some fixing up for sure

Review №25

I dont like the popcorn I get sick

Review №26

Thank you for having the movie Miracles From Heaven here. It is based on a true story. It is a beautiful movie. And, the renovations you have begun are REALLY nice. Thank you so much. It was clean for us upon entering...maybe patrons can do their part also upon leaving. Its called courtesy.

Review №27

Theater is dirty and doesnt appear well maintained, staff doesnt enforce cellphone use. Id rather drive to Watertown or Plattsburgh to get that theater experience with a place that has general standards.

Review №28

Good best theater around

Review №29

Comfortable seating . Only downside was the small staff making lines long and theatres not very clean.

Review №30

Enjoy the movie with my grandson

Review №31

This place is absolutely disgusting. The seats are filthy and unstable. I was afraid to sit on the seat and possibly stain my clothing. Half way through the movie the seat fell backwards! The ceiling tiles are gross and falling down or missing. The floors are filthy! My feet stuck to them so bad I couldnt get up from my seat. I felt like I needed a shower after leaving the movie. I actually debated asking for a refund and leaving because it was so gross inside the theater. I wont even attempt to use the bathroom in that place. If I were the owner I would be embarrassed to operate that place.

Review №32

Even though it is run down Im always satisfied to see a new movie. The staff is friendly.

Review №33

Needs 1,000,000 make over has potential child hood favorite

Review №34

Dont waste your hard earned money!!

Review №35

I guess were really lucky to have a movie theater in Massena period so I dont think we should be sending negative comments about it. We realize the theater needs to be updated but I think theyre doing everything they can with the resources they have.

Review №36

I am extremely thankful for our movie theater. For our little town, we dont have merely one or two shows playing, but six at any given time! With everything disappearing in Massena, we are so lucky to still have a theater. The seats may be a little worse for wear, but the popcorn is delicious! If everyone pitches in to keep it up, hopefully, well have it for a while longer.(and Im including our drive-in theater -- one of the last ones left in the country). Very thankful.

Review №37

Decent theater, but the very limited hours/showings could be much better.

Review №38

Met my wife while I worked here for 7 years.....20 years ago

Review №39

Good place to watch the big screen, needs remodeling!

Review №40

Had a good time tonight taking my daughter and bestie to the movies tonight. Helped that the plex had a great atmosphere and charming staff. Altho the concession stand prices are quite expensive Ill be back soon..

Review №41

I love our local movie theaters but this one needs some serious renovations.

Review №42

Good movie nice staff

Review №43

Great place to bring the family.

Review №44

Best popcorn around, prices are very reasonable, usually shows all the newest films & always friendly staff. Only real complaint? Not all theatres have the new seats in yet & sometimes the bathroom can be an issue b/c they need some new locks on a few of the stalls. But overall, my fave movie theater to go to.

Review №45

Place can get crowded and needs to be renovated, but its overall a good theater

Review №46

Good theater but I found the girl working the food/beverage to be rude. I bought a large popcorn and simply asked for a small bag of sort so I can share with my friend. Her response, “we can’t give you one because it’s official inventory” (period). Going to continue to go to the Potsdam theater as their bags arent under official inventory.

Review №47

A good place to see a movie but the seating is a little old with a few stains, but other than that its great!

Review №48

Love the new seats

Review №49

Always a great time ... very friendly and great service

Review №50

Improving but could be better

Review №51

Its the only movie theatre in town. I wish they would fix it up though. Its getting a bit ramshackle at this point. But staff are friendly and popcorn is always hot and fresh!

Review №52

Family fun always nice

Review №53

Good theater...

Review №54

Movie was great. They dont take debit cards and the bathroom was the most disgusting one that I have ever been in.

Review №55

Dirty is an understatement! They literally just opened the doors for today, and they have not cleaned anything from yesterday or longer. Old popcorn all over the place, drink cups still in the armrests from who knows when. Four lazy kids working with no apparent adult supervision. Movie hasnt even started yet and very disappointed!

Review №56

Good place to see a movie!

Review №57

Really need to renovate and upgrade. The prices have soared to a ridiculous amount as is all the candy.

Review №58

Decent theater. Definitely needs updating.

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Needs an update but low grade theater

Review №61

I take my grandkids often we love this place, renovations looking great, staff is awesome and kid friendly and heaps of movies playing at once!! Highly recommend :) :] =) :-)

Review №62

This place needs a serious upgrade in everything...

Review №63

They have remodeled a lot! All new seats, the floors have been painted, its a much more family friendly environment now :D

Review №64

Glad that we have a movie theater, but dang its dirty.

Review №65

They are upgrading seats. (Getting better) no hearing impaired headphones. That sucks for those who need them !!

Review №66

Plenty of theaters, the place just needs to be redone.

Review №67

Needs more children friendly movies maybe just have one half for children and another for adults other than that it was kinda disgusting in the back but the front is completely fine and people should be thankful they watched the movie instead of complaining about wear they sat or something stupid you watched the movie right at least you watched it.

Review №68

The place is disgusting. If you go in winter months bring a blanket or three. You will freeze. Place should be condemned. Seats go to the floor. With what they charge for popcorn the place should be fully renovated by now.

Review №69

The theater is absolutely disgusting. The seats are filthy and wobbly. The actual cusions are so old that you sink down so far you cant see the screen if someone sits in front of you. This is a cash only establishment which I find to be odd. The only perk is being able to see a movie in town.I am surprised its lasted this long. In some places it looks like a crime scene took place. There is yellow caution tape wrapped around whole rows of seats, water fountains and bathroom stalls. Ceilings tiles have huge mold spots in all the theaters. For the prices they charge that money should go back into fixing up this theater.

Review №70

Great price on food much cheaper than other theaters

Review №71

They got new seats now, waiting line was not long, great experience. We watched The Mule with Clint Eastwood, unexpectedly funny!

Review №72

Several seats were bad in the theater we were in. Seats were dirty. There was even a small tear in the screen. If you run a business you must do maintenance.Movie did start on time. Food prices are too high

Review №73

Its disgusting. Seats are disgusting. Ceilings are disgusting. On the plus side they are renovating. And the popcorn is good. Wait till they finish renovating.

Review №74

Had good time

Review №75

Not much to say. Was an ok experience.

Review №76

This pace is a petri dish of disgust and filth. shame on the owner. Why doesnt the board of health check on these establishments?..they serve food Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №77

Seats are terrible, ceilings is falling down, cash only still a huge hassle for customers. Went there for a movie and a water pump would activate every minute to make it impossible to hear the dialogue. The new cinema cant be built quickly enough.

Review №78

I dont know whos running this place but they need to find another profession. How in the hell do you show the hottest release in the country (and probably the world) only at noon and 3 pm ? Hunger games is smashing records and this place doesnt even offer a night showing ? Yet it will show kid shows and month old movies 4 times a day. If this place isnt the most mismanaged place in massena i dont know what is. The owner needs to find somebody with a clue to handle this place. What a joke

Review №79

Expencive snacks......

Review №80

Depends on which number theater you are in

Review №81

Good theater

Review №82

Its ok in the front 2 theaters, others are moldy missing ceiling tiles chairs stained

Review №83

Here from NH for vacation which is also summer vacation and no day time movies....

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Decent place to see a movie.

Review №88

Small but clean

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Review №90

Dirty discussing . But no place else to see a movie. Cash only?????? Are they in that bad of shape. Popcorn, drinks, and candy prices out of site.

Review №91

Old school experience

Review №92

Nice clean

Review №93

The place has gone downhill.

Review №94

Cold, dirty and haunted

Review №95

Yes new fresh and clean seats!!!

Review №96

Need to relax on the prices,on the Candy,$$$

Review №97

Conveniently located

Review №98

Dirty and expencive

Review №99

It is a theater but its very old needs attention to every room

Review №100

This place is the benchmark for low end theaters.

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