AMC CLASSIC Illinois Centre 8
3107 Civic Cir Blvd, Marion, IL 62959, United States

Review №1

This theatre needs a face lift for sure. Customer service was very nice but thats about it. Seats are old an the seating is barely at an incline. Youre better off going to the movie theatre in Harrisburg if your looking for a nice movie experience!!

Review №2

Movie was great. Food toooooo expensive, did not turn down lights during playing of the movie and the seats were so uncomfortable I could barely walk out of the theater from the pain in my back and legs. Overall not a good experience. Only gave it two stars because the movie again, was great. But the theatre didnt really have much to do with that now did they. Changing to one star.

Review №3

First of all the quality of the movie and the movie itself was good. The service was terrible, the consession stand closed right after the movie started, so there was no option to get a refill on popcorn or get anything else from the consession area. The building itself is in desperate need of remodeling, and the wall coverings were falling off the walls around the bathroom area. The carpets have been swept but not actually cleaned. The seats were very uncomfortable after 10-15 minutes of sitting. Overall experience will not be coming back to Illinois centre 8 theater again.

Review №4

Nice experience, atmosphere! Still thrown aback when I ordered Milk duds n a small drink n she tallied it up to a whopping $10!!! I will never NEVER get over these prices! Robbery! But movie was great!

Review №5

Movie was great (Frozen 2, room 7) but the theater was FREEZING. It felt like they werent even heating it. The lobby area was toasty though, so I dont know why they wouldnt. Also, no free single refill even for a large popcorn. Was asked if I had my receipt first (why does that matter? I came out of the theater with a popcorn bag they gave me) when I went to get a refill, but then told that I had to be a rewards member. I dont get it. Lol. Will be going elsewhere from now on.

Review №6

Nice clean theater with friendly staff and professional management. Lots of food choices. Get the stubs program and save $.

Review №7

Good classic style theater. Prices are a bit more reasonable as a result too. Staff was really friendly there tonight too.

Review №8

Very good movie theater great viewing experience but everyone knows just dont sit next to colored.

Review №9

The theater is pretty run down. The sound system is sub par, small screens, and the place smells like mold, mildew, and cigarettes, which I dont understand because you cant even smoke in there. I would rather wait to watch a movie at home where the sound and experience is better than ever go back to that theater again.

Review №10

Saturday night and very few people there. Popcorn was good and from what we seen everything was clean.

Review №11

Helpful staff, decent prices and clean. Sound and picture quality good.

Review №12

Its nothing compared to the new theaters but if its the closet one to you and youre too lazy to drive, this one will do. I dont recall any difference in price between the classic theater and the newer ones with reclining seats which made me lower the rating. Why would I pay the same amount for less features?

Review №13

My new favorite place to see a movie. I went there for the first time yesterday because I did NOT want a big, reclining seat! It was great to be able to sit with my feet on the floor here, because in Carbondale/other places they ONLY have reclining seats. It was also nice to buy the ticket from a person and choose where we wanted to sit once inside the theater, instead of at an outside kiosk. Marions theater smelled, looked, and felt like an average normal movie theater (just fine!) and I hope they dont update with huge recliners everywhere! Thanks for being more traditional, Marion!

Review №14

Taking into consideration the high prices, it was perfect for me. The recliner was absolutely perfect for my bad back! Splurged on the cheese/caramel popcorn was delish! For 2 gals watching Once Upon a.....Hollywood (typical Tarantino dark comedy 5*) on a Tuesday matinee cost us $50. Yes, we splurged, but it gives me chills to think about the cost of a basic night for a family of 4!

Review №15

Love this place great selection of movies friendly staff clean facilities

Review №16

The best experience ive ever had. Im 41 an havent been to a theater since I was 16. It was so incredible. I couldnt believe the experience.

Review №17

Seats worn out, bathrooms dirty, smells bad, needs a facelift really bad, staff was very nice.....

Review №18

Very classic... almost to classic. Modern sound and projector/screen. but the seating is outdated, they could remove 1/5 -1/4 of the seats and raise the remainder up to sit more closely to the center level of the screen. I really like the decor, reminds me of the 60s/ 70s when drive-ins and theaters where the height of going out would give 5 stars if the screen was bigger ( they have the space for it ) and had modern reclining seatingEdit: the screen did get bigger lol had retracting curtains that hide the rest of it changed to 4 stars

Review №19

Only one person was waiting the counter to sell tickets, serve (extremely overpriced) refreshments and our theater smelled like a dirty bathroom. Clean this place up and staff it properly.

Review №20

Can be a little pricey. But hey its the movies.We need to support our local theaters.Looking forward to seeing The Irishman

Review №21

The aeats an movie was terrific. Just wish the good and drinks wasnt so high priced. Spend more on it the we did the tickets

Review №22

Dont like payn 10 bucks to watch a movie but it was good

Review №23

The staff were all very nice and polite!!! I saw Bad Boys For Life,great movie and filled with lots of a action!!!

Review №24

Good deals on popcorn and other snacks! Although, they are still expensive, the snack are tasty! Mmmm

Review №25

Everything was great from the movie to the popcorn and everything thing else

Review №26

Great crew, love the help yourself unlimited drink refills.

Review №27

Enjoyed the movie we were watching but about half way thru the power went off. The video finally came on but the audio never came back. Disappointed.

Review №28

Its A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Review №29

I like the Marion Theater better than Carbondale.

Review №30

Concession stand closed as soon as we got there. No staff around when I had to ask a question during my movie. Needs to be updated and cleaned better.

Review №31

I enjoy coming here. They dont have the recliner seats, but thats ok to me.

Review №32

Decent theater, tickets and snack are extremely overpriced

Review №33

Worst theater ever no staff at door! Kiosk was broke no refills and high prices! Theater 2 was horrible smelled like mildew in and was muggy! So I checked the others before I left and only found one that smelled decent! Don’t waste your money!

Review №34

Good staff. Popcorn, good movie.

Review №35

They have improved since the last time I was there.

Review №36

The staff was very rude. Considering the cost of attending an AMC facility one would imgaine that you would be treated with a little more hospitality.

Review №37

Could have been cleaner prices are high but still a good place

Review №38

MATINEE was $9.40! Snacks was really high Ugh. Way too expensive. The theater smelled old and like feet. I was almost afraid of sitting in there. But I hung in there. The movie Vice was great though.

Review №39

Cozy theatre with great popcorn, excellent early Sunday prices

Review №40

Desperately needed an update. Its an AMC classic that it could still be clean and smell nice

Review №41

Its always a great experience...we saw Poms, and it was so cute! And, the popcorn is always the best!

Review №42

You dont get the reclining seats like at carbondale but I find the smaller entrance to be better and the atmosphere to be just as great

Review №43

They are OK I wish the seats were bigger they show the latest movies

Review №44

Watched a movie in theater 7 and had to wear my coat and gloves. It was very cold

Review №45

One of the best theaters Ive ever been in. Clean and friendly

Review №46

Good movie good service and lots of parking.

Review №47

The theatre was clean and the staff courteous. I didnt order any food to comment on that. A good experience overall.

Review №48

Loved it. Everyone was nice. The place was clean

Review №49

We went to see Captain underpants on a Tuesday. We had the whole theater to our selves and the service/popcorn was really good. The temperature wasnt too hot or cold. It is a nice theater.

Review №50

We enjoyed ourselves! Friendly employees and clean theatre.

Review №51

Amazing! Went there, watched a movie. Exactualy how it should go. PS, Dont eat to much popcorn...

Review №52

Its a good place to go see movies, except when its cold because apparently they dont have heat.

Review №53

They were very kind and Dolittle rocked

Review №54

About the nicest theater in the area. This AMC is great to watch the big hits of the year but is on the expensive side even for a theater. You are able to pick your seats ahead of time and the seats are paired with a movable middle arm rest and power reclining.

Review №55

This is an adequate Cinema if you are looking to catch a recent movie. I recommend going for the big hit film, which will place you in one of the two large theaters. Those larger rooms are nice and the audio is very good along with a bright picture. As with most theaters, they now use modern LED bulbs in wall sconcs. This means that traditional ambience is lost for overly bright LEDs even on their dimmest settings. But when the lights go out in the movie starts, you forget all of that. The smaller theaters are a bit cramped, some have a hint of a smell in them, and the air circulation is poor. This particular building is due for an update. On slow nights, you order your tickets at the same place you get concessions. This could be a very long wait. My advice is to use Fandango or the AMC app when ordering, and use the kiosk in the breeze way to pick up your tickets. Always use your stubs card, concessions are good and the staff is very friendly. Overall, a very passable theater but only receiving three of my stars because the bathrooms, seats, and lighting could all use an update. Worth mentioning is the projectors and Concession area have all recently been updated.

Review №56

Clean good service.

Review №57

Staff was very friendly and helpful. The facilities need a really good cleaning. Unfortunately, the air was not working properly in our theater which made the experience less than desirable.

Review №58

Seats were really uncomfortable and it had a foul odor in cinema 1. Popcorn was stale but the movie was great.

Review №59

It stinks, the floors are nasty, and the seats are uncomfortable!

Review №60

Comfortable chairs and cool place.

Review №61

We love this place and the team. The concessions are pricey perhaps, but with prices ticket prices lower than Chicago or St Louis and certainly other big city venues, Im guessing the concessions help them break even and keep the staff!!$5 Tuesdays and Stubbs memberships keep us coming back and back and back, in fact, were going tonight!

Review №62

Freezing! i can’t feel my toes. please turn on the heat during winter. olivia was very nice though!

Review №63

I dont go to the theater often this theater and the one in Mt Vernon has always been clean. Matinee prices are good in Marion better in Mt Vernon. If I get popcorn and soda I,get a smaller one because they do refill both. Also hint people, fountain soda is already cold ANYWHERE so you dont need the ice.

Review №64

Nice. Clean. Paige was sweet

Review №65

I enjoy going to the movies. Clean

Review №66

The concession stand clerk was friendly. We enjoyed our movie!

Review №67

Very enjoyable time watching the movie the employees were very kind and quick getting your popcorn to you

Review №68

Terrible! No one was working ticket window so I used the auromated ticket order. Walked one taking tickets until I get kids to bathroom. He asked for tickets...fine. Go to order drinks and food and the girl tries charging me again for tickets plus food. No prices shown on board for snacks but I knew total could not be correct. Froze to death entire movie. Bathrooms were disgusting. Never again.

Review №69

Husband and I had a great time... self serve on drink machine was awesome .

Review №70

Loved the twilight marathon and all the midnight premiers they show! People r very friendly and weekday prices r great. I would love to c some renovations to make the seats more comfy, but overall good theater.

Review №71

Even though this theater has been around for quite a few years, they still seem to keep it looking nice. Staff was nice. Would like to give a lower rating due to cost of movie and snacks but thats going rate nowadays.

Review №72

Decent place but prices are rough

Review №73

Expensive movie ticjers. Parjinglot always empty.

Review №74

Terrible price too high and to loud

Review №75

Need new seats. Three hours in those seats was miserable but other than that everything was great

Review №76

Its decent. Could be a lot cleaner, but its still decent. Nice employees. But still, the theatre itself could be a lot cleaner, and could smell better. The seats arent very comfortable, as they are old.

Review №77

Need to update the seats to compete with the carbondale il location

Review №78

We were half way into movie, when we had a tornado warning! We ended up in hallway and waited out store! We received pass so we could come back to view whole movie !

Review №79

This theater is alright. The seats do not rise a whole lot, so if you get stuck behind someone tall or disruptive, youre in trouble. But the food is price right and they have Coke Freestyle machines, so bonus points there. Could use an update on the interior, but nothing to really smirk at.

Review №80

I dont mind the theater the people are always so nice, but I cant stand the seats and how close they are and you have no room to move.

Review №81

Love this theater. Its always clean and customer service is great.

Review №82

Great seats.

Review №83

A classic seating viewing. On the verge of being outdated but on par with the ticket pricing.

Review №84

Great movie: Knives Out!!!!

Review №85

Average theater. Hasnt changed a lot over the years. They did add coke freestyle somewhat recently I guess. No complaints. Just nothing too fancy.

Review №86

Decent theater to go too, but would like to see it refurbished some. Seems to me its out dated compared to other AMC theaters Ive been too.Also, it seems like every time I go I have to purchase tickets at the consession stand instead of the front desk. It takes longer to get the tickets when I have to wait for people to purchase their snacks and beverages.

Review №87

Awfully rood worker! Me and my family were being harassed by a fellow customer and nothing was done about it.

Review №88

Too loud, seats old and uncomfortable, overe priced concession.

Review №89

Im not an avid movie goer, so all I can say is that the facilities are clean the picture is very nice and the sound is clear. A good place to view a movie in my humble opinion.

Review №90

The upgraded snack counter was nice, but the theater smelled like moldy farts. Saw the only showing of The Shape of Water in our area, so thank you for bringing it in. Please shampoo your theaters, as they all smell terrible.

Review №91

Room smelled like mildew and our feet were freezing during the ENTIRE movie...did i mention that the room smelled aweful!! We spent $50+ for three people to have a girls night out and enjoy some laughs. Not impressed and will not be back to this theater.

Review №92

Cant speak for all of their theaters, but the one I was in was ok, clean but dated. However the seats were pretty small (narrow) and the arm rests did not lift up.

Review №93

The theater was musty, and the seats were uncomfortable. Picture quality and sound were fine.

Review №94

Love the service and the soda machine but not all the seats are good unfortunately

Review №95

It was alright, the theater was kinda hot. An for a normal size bottle of water is 4 bucks. So I think at those prices they could afford some ace.

Review №96

Went and seen How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World. We got popcorn and a slushie.. its expensive but what theater isnt these days. It was overall a good experience.

Review №97

Needs updated to charge what they do for the movie. I dont think its been updated since it was built.

Review №98

Its not top notch type place but its decent and seems fairly clean. Customer service was average no major complaints.

Review №99

Good experience each time

Review №100

Nice place to take the family. Ticket prices at noon time are good. Clean no complaints.

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  • Address:3107 Civic Cir Blvd, Marion, IL 62959, United States
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  • Phone:+1 618-993-5102
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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