AMC CLASSIC Manitowoc 10
2555 S 44th St, Manitowoc, WI 54220, United States

Review №1

Good movie theatre. Best around! Prices are definitely higher but it’s worth it to take the family or do a date night every now and then.

Review №2

I loved it! I enjoy the movies! I even noticed that their was a Amazing World of Gumball head. The seats were great and comfy, but the best thing about it is was the movie quality. There was no blurry look. This is a amazing Theater. I highly suggest it. The picture is The Amazing World of Gumball head.

Review №3

Great movie theatre for the community. Always enjoy going here.

Review №4

The staff was very friendly. The seats were very comfortable. Video and sound was also quite good.

Review №5

Great place to see a movie!

Review №6

Always greeted with a smile and helpful demeanor. The associates are always willing to better guide you to the correct theater. The concessions are frequently cleaned (even during busy times when it looks hopeless) and presentable. The floors are free of popcorn and wrappers. Usually not busy in the afternoons, so you can find a good seat. The app is worthwhile since you can get free stuff for using it.

Review №7

Unfortunate that there is no assigned seating when buying tickets online. Also, surround sound could be better. If felt like all the sound was coming at me, not around me. This was in the RealD theater #1. However, still have a good movie experience. Nice to have alcohol choices. Unable to put extra butter on popcorn in the middle like most theatres.

Review №8

This is a great place to catch a movie. The seats are very comfortable; and the sound system is great...albeit maybe a bit loud. I used to think the place was over priced. But now you can catch a matinee (before 1600 hours) for five bucks.You can get a beer or glass of wine and there are the usual concessions. Alas, their choice of beer and wine were not to our liking.I was surprised how dirty the place was, as we caught the first movie of the day. Glad I wasnt barefoot. Amazing to think they left the place that untidy over night.But Im not some kind of prude who slams a place for being a bit dingy. We went there to see a movie. We wanted comfortable seats and good video and audio. Thats what we got. The movie was pretty mind blowing; and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Untidiness aside this is a great movie theater. You cannot go wrong going there to catch a matinee. If you want to catch a recent release it would behoove you to check this place out

Review №9

It could certainly use a good cleaning. The chairs were comfy and the sound was awesome. Saw Ford v. Ferrari in the Big D.

Review №10

The audio of the movie was at a comfortable level. The prevues were way too loud. The seating was somewhat uncomfortable. The rates on Tuesday were under the normal rate I would pay to see a movie. The employees were very friendly.

Review №11

A great theater. Well done

Review №12

I like to come to this place a lot. Never had a issue with anything other than their new business hours schedule. Tried to go see a movie last night there for the first time in maybe a month to find the place closed at 8 pm.

Review №13

Movie was great, amount of previews proved come a full half hour or more late

Review №14

Friendly staff, comfortable theater, its just that lobby, drinks area, and bathrooms are always a mess. It doesnt seem to matter when I go. Its just always filthy and disgusting.

Review №15

Super friendly staff

Review №16

Popcorn was okay, alot of the drink dispensers & popcorn butter were out of order. The cleanliness of the entire facility is bad. Fingerprints, popcorn in every corner & overflowing garbage. Bathrooms were in need of a good cleaning as well.

Review №17

This is a movie theater, for watching movies and eating foods that kill you. Go watch movies here so they dont go out of business. I dont want to drive to sheboygan.

Review №18

Loved Star Wars. The bathrooms were filthy. No towels. Dirty stalls. Bot happy.

Review №19

Friendly and quick staff. Heads up they serve alcohol here, big bonus points. Easy to find, if I come back this way I would use them again.

Review №20

Staff is friendly but all need to get on the same page when it comes to the theatre membership. On one occasion, I wasnt credited for monies spent on a movie. Manager again making excuses for employee being fairly new which I had also heard before. Previous management had it much more together.

Review №21

Clean theater and friendly staff.

Review №22

Very nice theater including screens and seating. We are sure lucky to have this facility in Manitowoc.

Review №23

Not busy at all. Anytime I visited it was quick service.

Review №24

Disappointed in the movie, didnt realize it was going to be animated. Call of the wild.

Review №25

This was our first time at the AMC theater in Manitowoc. I downloaded the app and signed up for the AMC Stubs rewards account. I love being able to book tickets on the app. No more showing up to the theater and finding out the show is sold out. The staff was friendly. One surprise: they didnt put any butter on the popcorn. When I went back to ask for butter I found out they have a butter station by the put on your own butter. The theater was clean, sound was good, seats were alright, but not as nice as the dream loungers at Sheboygan Marcus Cinema...but the tickets were less: only $5 for a Saturday matinee. Overall a good experience.

Review №26

I enjoy that the theater itself is a bit out of the way, but its seems more like a teen hangout spot. The theater itself is ok, not the cleanest- I would much rather go to the Sheboygan theater however, so probably wont be back.

Review №27

Great theater. Lots of parking, very clean, staff was nice.

Review №28

Great place to watch movies. I love that I can butter my own popcorn!

Review №29

As sad as it was to see the Strand go, this is a nice replacement. Its reasonable, and the chairs are very comfortable.

Review №30

My wife and enjoy this theater a lot. We try to see a few movies a month if we can. Its something we both enjoy. Theater is well maintained and always cleaned. The staff is always kind and even enjoy the new A list from AMC.

Review №31

Its a pretty decent theater, has high quality screens and fairly reasonable pricing depending on when you go. Typical movie theater pricing for food but they have beer and pizza. Cant go wrong.

Review №32

All the current movies, spacious and comfortable seating. Could be better at cleaning, though.

Review №33

Great experience and better ticket prices than Marcus.

Review №34

A very charming small town Theatre!

Review №35

Very streamlined service. You buy your tickets and get concessions at the same counter. They have a really cool window so you can see where the projectors are.

Review №36

Always a good time. Always clean. Everyone is nice. Overpriced as per usual with theaters

Review №37

A large variety of movies, with a small selection of other snacks besides popcorn. They have IMAX movies, and a large selection of drinks. The people were very friendly and the wait is never long.

Review №38

Love it. Great theater. Very comfortable. And many option. Love it that they have those coke soda dispenser. So many option.

Review №39

I dont go out to the movies much, unless its something i dont wanna wait to come out on dvd/ blue ray.. but i love this theater. Prices are fair, there annual bucket of popcorn is so worth it if you go often enough. Comfortable seats. Great screens. Overall always pleased. Just seen Jurassic world fallen kingdom and loved it lb the BIG screen.

Review №40

Good theater but too many horror/thriller-type movies all the time!

Review №41

Call of the Wild. Excellent movie

Review №42

Great theater but pricey. We only go for certain movies that we want to see right away and in the Big D theater.

Review №43

Pretty nice theater it has 5 dollar Tuesdays as well

Review №44

My daughter and I had a blast here

Review №45

The staff is friendly but the soda fountain area was a mess and was missing several caps and straws. And the theater itself wasnt cleaned after the last movie. Garbage everywhere

Review №46

Very accommodating & comfy seats!

Review №47

Love going to this theater! I’ve always had a good experience.

Review №48

Always friendly staff nice large theaters. The only problem is bathroom could be cleaner. Overall great experience.

Review №49

Clean, friendly, many movies in one place!!! Which is great if you want to come together yet view your own flick. Expensive for average family to attend.$7.00 a ticket (unless its $5.00 tuesday)plus popcorn & a drink!!! WOW.!!!

Review №50

Apparently you cant purchase kids tickets here even if you have kids with u. The cashiers exact words were, Thats all we have, which was her explanation for charging me adult prices for kids. Which doesnt explain anything to me as a purchaser. I wont go here again, I planned on getting children priced tickets seeing that I was with ACTUAL children, 10 and under. Instead I got charged adult prices as if going to see a movie once isnt expensive already.

Review №51

The sound, picture,and seating were fantastic!

Review №52

Cleaning crew needs to be replaced with people that want to work.dirty sticky seats everywhere lets strive to be better people

Review №53

Clean. Not too busy. Good movies.

Review №54

Decent small town theater. Popcorn is not the greatest, it is often tough and chewy. Also, while it does have stadium seating, it does not compare to the Marcus theaters with recliner seating. Tuesdays are $5 night like Marcus, and you can buy a refillable popcorn tub if you are a regular visitor.

Review №55

Best theater in manitowoc

Review №56

Great movie place clean comfortable & i love their coke slushys. I only give it 4 stars cause their website format stinks! Slow & laggy, could be better.

Review №57

Very nice clean theater with reasonable prices for movies and food.

Review №58

Always a great time. Good prices, well kept, comfy, and always clean.

Review №59

Movie started late. Drunk couple next to us was allowed, by their friend who works there, to bring in beer. Male proceeds to spill said beer all over himself and the floor. Popcorn is served in bags, which just arent as easy to handle as tubs. Also, they fill the popcorn up and then you put the butter on yourself, so only the top gets buttered, unlike other places that fill it half way, butter it, full it the rest of the way and butter it some more. I will say that the seating is pretty good, though its hard to beat the recliners at Marcus. The one really good thing about this theater is that they have ICEEs in their drink section.

Review №60

The theater did not have handicap assist doors. Floors in lobby were dirty.

Review №61

Movie theaterVery nice

Review №62

The theater is clean and modern. Service is good and the employees are polite and friendly. My biggest problem is that the previews are not in line with what is movie is being shown. We went to see a family friendly movie aimed at young audiences. The previews were for horror movies. They frightened my children and we had to all look away from the garbage being shown prior to our movie. I spoke with a woman who claimed to be the manager and she dismissed my complaint saying they have no control...but they should at least express our concerns to someone higher up.

Review №63

Not a very good theater, but it got the job done. I saw the movie I came to see and was happy with it. Would certainly reccomend any Marcus cinema over AMC though.

Review №64

Great place to see movies. Friendly people, stadium seating, just a nice place to visit

Review №65

Its cold inside the theatre, but a very nice place to watch movies.

Review №66

Attended the 930 am show on Christmas day and the theatre was filthy

Review №67

Love this place. Just wish the movies would come on sooner

Review №68

A nice theater, but it was cold! Sound and screen were great! Seats are comfortable too.

Review №69

Customer service was....oh wait, there was none. Attendant looked like she hated her job and had no interest in caring for others. Movie and popcorn was awesome though. Had a great time.

Review №70

This place was really nice to go to on Tuesdays for $5 but since switching to AMC, you can only get $5 if youre an AMC ticket stub person and honestly thats just stupid. Bring back $5 Tuesdays! Id rather drive down to Sheboygan for $5 and get a comfy chair than go to this theater now.

Review №71

UPDATE: The manager called and offered vouchers. No policy/notification change however. Theater goers beware.Went to see Ant Man with my wife. Got off work a little late for a 7:10 showing. The building was locked. No note, nothing. Called and the manager was completely unapologetic. I’m happy to drive to AMC’s competition in Sheboygan. They’ll let me in.

Review №72

Cool movie theater

Review №73

Nice theater all around. Its nice to have a modern theater in Manitowoc. My only real complaint is that you purchase tickets at the same place you purchase snacks. So if your running a little late, you may end up in line behind someone just cant decide what they want. Ticket sales should be separate so people who just want to get a ticket and go sit down can bypass waiting for people to decide what size popcorn they want. I actually like the long previews. For me, the more previews, the better. Its an integral part of the theater experience for me. Everybody is in too much of a hurry to get in and get it over with, it seems. Besides, at the cost of a movie these days, I want a little something extra for my money.

Review №74

My experience so far here is fantastic. Great people and nice drink selection. The seats and theater are also very nice.

Review №75

Is it just me or is going to the movies getting expensive?!?

Review №76

Absolutely loved it minus the seats...they need to make them more roomy

Review №77

Good. Could use more comfy seats and more special screenings.

Review №78

Sound good, movie interesting. Dirtiest floor I have ever stepped on. Shoes stuck to floor with each step. We had other peoples tickets, paper napkins and candy wrappers stuck on our shoes.....all the way to the parking lot

Review №79

Great theater. Staff is starting to get less and less friendly. Annoyed that youre there keeping their paycheck coming.

Review №80

Another great time watching Goosebumps 2 with my granddaughter. Great prices, no lines or waiting, great food, clean environment. We love it!

Review №81

Great theater. They even serve beer!

Review №82

Movies in theaters are great but the bathrooms need a lot of work in the cleaning area

Review №83

Im at a loss for words to adequately describe American Sniper. I will say that it was excellent, top of the line. Clint Eastwood excelled in his expertise in production. The acting was superb, and I was riveted to the screen throughout. The action was tremendous, scenes were riveting. Most of all it touched the heart.It showed the horror of war and how the new fighting is so debilitating in loss of limb, and even loss of sanity of our American veterans who fight this one. If not for some loving positive moments and a few laughs, I dont think I could have handled it. It was all too true. To think then that he went through all the hell as a sniper to die from the hand of a veteran is just too cruel. This was an experience that will live with me forever. Thank you for showing this movie in my town and shame on Hollywood for ignoring it.

Review №84

Super friendly staff. Theater was nice but not super clean. Good food deals and they serve beer. Whats not to like?

Review №85

Clean Comfortable Entertainment for the family

Review №86

A bit pricy but good overall

Review №87

When we first arrived to this movie theater, we bought popcorn, soda, salted popcorn, walked to the seating (the top was overly hot). We sat down on the middle. We were anticipating some exellent previews, but were sadly disappointed. Then we told each other all about our days. Then we wrote this review. And we posted it.

Review №88

Always polite, and a wide variety of movies

Review №89

Went to AMC movie theater in Manitowoc to see Legos movie with my grandkids, just to find that it was closed due to weather. They should have posted this on their website prior to closing. Although there were people there and the parking lot was plowed, they were closed. Others were also confused as to what was happening. Very inconsiderate of them not to at least give notice to those who went the distance to bring children to see a movie.

Review №90

I enjoy watching movies here

Review №91

ITWASGUD great time got. GOOOd p0pc0rN like broooo movie lit tooooo

Review №92

A Great place to watch movies, with great sound, excellent service & lobby, and for the best movie experience, watching on the big D, a 3 story high screen by 60 ft. wide !

Review №93

Theater clean and seating seems new and comfortable. Prices fair compared to competitors.

Review №94

Comfortable chairs and great snack deals make this a great theater a place to visit. If you live in the area and love movies, consider purchasing the popcorn bucket! Its a great deal!

Review №95

This theater is a must for watching any new movie on their big screen. It makes the viewing experience so much better. Love it!

Review №96

Nice theater! Comfortable seats. Movies do not start at posted times, close to a half an hour of previews start at the posted time

Review №97

Sometimes its really nice to choose your own seat once youre in the movie theater, as opposed to picking it out at home on your phone will you buy the ticket. Nice sized screens and clean.

Review №98

Our sales lady was very helpful, explaining the Stubs reward system. $5 Tuesday is great.

Review №99

Pop corn was like cardboard and when I bought tickets no one said where my movie was. Ive been there a total of 3 times and figured all 3d movoes were in the 3d movie room but it wasnt. Workers cleaning the bathroom wouldnt leave when I asked if i could use it.

Review №100

I enjoy going to carmike 10 seating is nice. Like the popcorn bucket. I dont like the bathroom the tissue paper holders are down to far. You need to take out to before or you cant get it.

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  • Address:2555 S 44th St, Manitowoc, WI 54220, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 920-645-6002
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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