Azra Haunted House Chamber of Horrors
31401 John R Rd bldg 2, Madison Heights, MI 48071, United States

Review №1

Had so much fun! They had entertainment for while your in line and heaters so you arent too cold while waiting in line. I appreciate the temp checks and the mask wearing. They had club music and vids to keep you occupied while in line as well. The house itself was pretty good, we had a wonderful time and some things were definitely unexpectedly awesome.

Review №2

Ive been too so many of these haunted houses..haunted forest..mazes. but this location is the best!!!! The people are so nice. Very fun waiting experience very entertaining! And the actors are the bomb!! They take their jobs serious...they get into character and actually scare you!!! Always a good time.. its now become a tradition every year we come back

Review №3

This place was safe, fun, entertaining with the fire displays and DJ before you even enter. The haunted house was top notch and different in ways. There is limited parking but extra parking is close. The owners are there to ensure a good experience and despite being a somewhat new place it is like they have done this a long time. Most of these places have been lame considering the rules forced on us but this one was really cool. Good job guys!! Recommended by someone who personally knows the difference between ok and great. TA

Review №4

Went last weekend with a group of 6. Paid $63 for 2 tickets, waited in line for an hour and a half wasn’t bad had great entertainment but as soon as it was our time to go through the workers put us through with 2 other groups. Very rushed through and considering my group was put in the back we had no jump scares. Inside props were pretty cool but not 1 time were we popped out at they just wanted to get you in and out, Cool inside but definitely not worth the money i paid. Especially because I didn’t get scared 1 time.

Review №5

As a seasoned actor I can appreciate what Azra haunted house is doing with the covid-19 restrictions they still make a great hunt with good jump scares and for the price of tickets I think it was pretty good. I would highly recommend this haunt to those of you who want to experience a great haunted house.

Review №6

Oh my goodness!!! Best haunted house Ive been to so far! Its kind of short walk slow and enjoy it all. But worth every second and worth every penny. I dont get scared easy but that had my heart pounding. definitely will be back next year. Applause to all the actors!! Apparently after reading the reviews its a must to not go on a Friday or Saturday ..we came on Sunday the wait was less then a half hour (I was actually kind of sad about it because we didnt get to enjoy the DJ and the fire jugglers.) the actors were all very lively and there were many many jump scares. Dont go on a busy night and complain about waiting!!! Thats just rude!!!

Review №7

Fun funhouse. A new experience came in the dark light, neon paint spattered, 3d glass wearing travel through a series of scary slow lined corridors. Lots of good pop out scares. One cool section made you feel like you were in a fun house, unable to escape, except this time, no mirrors, but a different optical effect. Well worth the visit!

Review №8

Organized well and when waiting in line there was good entertainment from live music to a cool talent act. The house was very well put together and took about 20 minutes to get through. The detail and animations were put together nicely, but overall it was not that scary. It seemed to be lacking a lot of jump scares and was more of a cool experience than a thrilling one.

Review №9

Haunt was fantastic! The experience is the whole package- party with a great DJ and dancing, live line entertainment that is very unique and then a scary haunt with each area a different form of fear! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great evening out! It’s truly got everything!

Review №10

This is by far my favorite haunted house! Always keeping me on my toes and screaming. This year we brought my friend and he lasted a whole 15 seconds before he turned around and ran out!!! Each room has its own unique haunt, something scary for everyone. Actors were phenomenal. Definitely a great spook, this was my 3rd year going and I’ll be going to their lights out haunt too! Bonus it’s it’s like 5 mins away from my house! :)

Review №11

Great haunted house, if you’re looking to have fun on a brisk October night, this is the place to go. I can’t say enough about how good this haunt is!! They are great with socially distancing each group but still making sure the experience is as close to normal as possible! I loved this haunt, thanks for being so great!

Review №12

Azra holds a special place in my heart. I used to live in the apartments nearby and was curious when they first started decorated the facade in the back. Now, a few years later, Ive moved on but I keep coming back to Azra. Their haunt is pretty short, about 10-15 minutes but you get so much entertainment while you wait. Live DJ, lighting effects, scare videos on the projector, and sometimes fire breathers, although I dont know if they had them this year. Its a very in-your-face haunt that keeps the scares coming around every corner. Highly loves and highly recommended!

Review №13

I loved it! Such a good haunted house. Actually scary & cool stuff inside. I recommend it. They also have entertainment. 3D inside, amazing donuts & cider outside.

Review №14

Went in a group of 3 and we very slowly went through the house and got in and out in 25 minutes. I don’t know if we were judging the size of the building or the price but we thought we’d be there much longer. Only entertainment outside was a DJ. We did pick an earlier time slot of 8pm because I thought there would be a line. Long with other activities or things to see outside the house but there was not. **edit went on a Saturday night.

Review №15

Not worth $30 for a ticket. Every thing about the experience was mediocre.The line entertainment that is hyped up on the website is just eh. There was some girl hula hopping and then another using an angle grinder on this metal bra thing?? She didn’t have safety glasses on so was that the trick? It was bizarre and made no sense. Fire guy was cute, equivalent of a baton dancer with some fire at the end of the stick. I don’t know what the DJ was on....he only played songs from 2008-2012. Very odd. Poor guy’s attempts to hype up the crowd were just awkward.The biggest issue in the line was the lack of social distancing. They had spray painted spots on the ground six feet apart but everyone ignored those. I wish an employee would have gone around and spaced every one out considering there was plenty of room to do so.Actual haunted house was eh. I was at the front and I jumped a few times, but I could almost always tell when someone was about to jump out. Some of the effects were cool and I appreciated the attention to detail. At one point they gave you 3D glasses and as someone who wears glasses, this was kind of annoying. There wasn’t time to stop and fiddle around with trying to get them over my glasses that were already fogging up because of my face mask and the effects. The actors did a good job, but I just really wasn’t impressed or scared. It was something to do, but was not worth the money. I give three stars just to be fair, because it wasn’t awful, but not as advertised.Also, the donut things at the end were awful. Cold, soggy rings with a sad drizzle of glaze and cinnamon on the top. Not good and not worth $7.Y’all can amp it up

Review №16

It’s a lot of fun. I like the heated lines. And the dj. But he needs to play more modern music. The confusing lights inside made it so cool. Definitely worth a try

Review №17

Bets doughnuts Ive ever had over there, i wish the food truck out there had a google page for me to write review. i had the strawberry cheesecake doughnuts and my wife had the Reeses doughnuts and a cup of the hot chocolate that was also delicious, after that haunt it hit the spot. IT IS A MUST TRY!!The haunted house was amazing! I jumped at least 4 times throughout the haunt and they had me running out of there. Definitely worth the money considering it took us like 35 mins to walk through the whole thing. A lot of visual effects and attention to detail in this haunted house. overall the experience was top notch and i will be back.

Review №18

Q: Was waiting in line for 1 1/2 hours worth it?A: Not unless you have absolutely anything better to do with your time. (Personal Opinion)If you are determined to go and spend money you don’t have to I recommend you spring for the fast pass and watch all the other general admission guests stand in line as you pass on by. Did I mention we waited for 1 1/2 hours.

Review №19

Best Haunt in Michigan hands down. Had a great experience and they are taking all the right precautions for covid. If you havent been you should absolutely check it out.

Review №20

I had such an amazing time!!! Super scary and fun and the entertainment was really nice! I got the fast pass and waited not even 5 minutes!!! The whole thing was abt 15 min which I wish it was longer but it was still super fun!!

Review №21

This was my 1st Haunted House. I was terrified, but had an overall awesome experience. I couldnt have picked a better place for a thrill.

Review №22

Very cool effects, nice job on the haunted house. We stayed and played the Egyptian escape room afterwards. It was a great time.

Review №23

Been to many haunted houses and this by far has been one of the best places I’ve been! Been going for 3 years since they opened and plan to go every year. 5/5

Review №24

Went the other night (and planning to go again!) the people outside hype you up for the scare inside and theyre right ! i lost my voice from screaming & the actors were so awesome! in my group we were a bit freaked out and they helped us calm down before the next room :) it was a very pleasant experience and will be coming back, especially for lights out! im excited

Review №25

This is the best haunted house Ive ever been to!! The staff is very friendly and work very hard to be scary at the same time when going thru the haunt . The music while waiting to get in keeps you pumped up too. Its well worth the price of admission . You wont be disappointed but you will be spooked

Review №26

Loved this haunted house. It was amazing. Will come again. Bob was amazing made it very fun and comforting.

Review №27

Loved it. We went last night and had a great time. The line was not very long. We waited about 25 min. It went fast though. They had a dj and entertainment while waiting in line. Made the wait go by a lot faster. The haunted house itself was great. They have a night where all the lights are off in the haunted house. I think that will be amazing.

Review №28

Amazing haunted house!! The music while waiting in line makes the wait so much better. Great detail and workers. Definitely my favorite haunted house!

Review №29

I had a blast! It was obvious the actors were having a good time. Very well done.

Review №30

Very fun experience!!! Greta location, the rooms were different and definitely worth paying it a visit. Friendly stuff and though during COVID, all employees were very careful and following CDC guidelines.

Review №31

Very good experience! Very scary and very fun! Looking forward to lights out next year️

Review №32

Great time and very good at their job. You will enjoy yourself from being to end.

Review №33

This is the second year Ive gone to Azra, this year it was really well put together. There was a bunch of cool new additions to the haunted house!

Review №34

Said online it was the #1 haunted house in the state, but i have gone to many that were much better this year. It was overpriced and not very scary, there was no story plot and many of the scenes were pointless. Wouldn’t recommend going here for the price. Terrified forest in Pinckney was much better

Review №35

I jumped a few times but its not the scariest haunted house Ive been too. The entertainment outside is impressive ( Dj and performers). Line was about 20 minutes long. Not worth $30 though

Review №36

I was so excited for the haunted house and got the added bonus of the donut truck Outside we had a great time it was awesome to wait in line with a tray of hot fresh donuts and hot coco! Thank you for a great time azra and hankypanky donuts!

Review №37

Had an excellent time with the group. Was definitely worth the drive. Will be coming back.

Review №38

Good Hunted House with live entertainment and heated waiting areas it wasnt super scary but well put together i would definitely recommend

Review №39

Would not recommend they make it to be all that it isnt i had a better time in the line watching fire dances then inside. Inside i got 1 or 2 jump-scares. Im terrified of clowns and the clown section didnt scare me at all.

Review №40

It was very scary and very fun. All of the actors managed to thoroughly terrify us without touching us or coming too close. My favorite part was the cloth strip maze. Thank you guys!

Review №41

The security guard walked me through the haunted house and made everything better, but never going again too scary

Review №42

I’ve went to so many hunted house’s I usually walk them out they aren’t that scary but azra had me crawling it was unbelievably scary.the line was 2 hours long but we took vip passes for $80 it was worth every penny I highly recommend this place ***** five stars for me.

Review №43

Awesome time. Great production and actors. Very fun setup even during covid.

Review №44

The best part of this haunted house was the DJ. Not scary at all. For me it was a waste of money. You order tickets online for time slots that dont exist. It was at least a 2 hour wait. The fastpass was even more money wasted.

Review №45

2020 was awesome . The staff was incredible. So much fun. Do not miss this year

Review №46

Average haunted house. Pretty good for younger crowd. Cost $30 and Took 15 mins to complete.

Review №47

This was from 2 wks ago.. It was ok. Nothing really scary . The only thing that was good was the Dj and fire show.Tonight we went back it much better. You added more monsters and more effects. Good job

Review №48

This was worth every dollar. I was scared the whole time at one point I just really wanted it to over. If you think bout going go GO.

Review №49

Went last Saturday and had a great time! Heard alot of people complaining about this haunt, it was great in my opinion! Me and my girlfriend got the VIP fast pass. As soon as we showed our wristbands, they opened a side lane and we literally were walked in front of everyone in line and were right in front of the door to the haunt. Great sets, actors were pretty good, but they had some very unique scenes. More then your regular horror movie fare. Seems like there was some great creativity going on during conception of some of the rooms. Loved the ramps, pretty sure they are left over sets from the old lazer quest that used to be in the same building. The only thing I could say is that they should remove the hanging plastic strips from the entrances and exits of the rooms. With Covid it probably isnt too sanitary. Even though everyone was wearing masks, people are pushing through those things group after group. And you dont know if they washed or sanitized their hands before entering. Other then that, I recommened the haunt. Splurge for the VIP, definitely made us feel like we were famous or something! Haha! Good stuff! Keep it up Azra!

Review №50

Worst haunted house I’ve ever been to. Way over priced. Waited in line for over 3 hours for a 5 minute walk through on a weekday. Costumes and paint was poorly executed props were very cheap even seen some of the props at menards the next day. One of the actors pushed me tryin to scare, very unprofessional. The music while waiting in line for over 3 hours was so loud that by the time we left all of us had headaches. The Dj was boring played music out of date and never once got the crowd going. No drinks in line or food in line they had food trucks in the front of the building but no one wanted to risk their spot after waiting hours in line. People were smoking pot in line around children and the security guards did nothing all in all will never attend this again. Complete waste of money. Don’t bother replying back to my review bc we all know the truth and so will everyone else once they go. Worst experience, horrible attraction, and bad actors and dj.

Review №51

Best haunt, great entertaining actors, with amazing special effects makeup.just a warning, if you’re epileptic or prone to seizures there are intense flashing lights that can be disorienting or dangerous.

Review №52

Best haunted house i’ve been to, if you’re thinking of buying tickets you won’t regret it !!

Review №53

We went today cuz to give it other try. And I can say it was better. Thx scared me more times this time

Review №54

I totally see why this is one of the scariest in mochigan..... the 3D glasses were very cool never seen anything like it!!!

Review №55

Not bad had a blast next year i will be stopping again the side show was entertaining

Review №56

Haunted house was ok...not super scary. And not worth $30 in mu opinion.

Review №57

Scary and staff are extra nice worth the money .

Review №58

Such an amazing place from the haunted house to the escape rooms and rage rooms! Great staff

Review №59

Very fun and scary, we enjoyed ourselves I will definitely go back !

Review №60

It was jus ok.. 3d glasses and effects were a nice touch..

Review №61

So much better than Erebus... so much fun.

Review №62

Fun experience, great line management. Unfortunately the only night my friends and I could make it was the light out night. Its a neat concept and a great way to end the season, but we wished we could have enjoyed the regular haunt night. With lights out, theres minimal to no internal lighting and were (as a group) given a blacklight flashlight to use. The interior and some of the actors have blacklight reflective paints and glowed in cool ways. The experience was fun, with several environments and good actors.Our biggest criticisms were we wouldve liked some (more?) padding at the bottom of the slide and some of the blowers were pushing more into a wall rather then creating that spooky consumed effect.Overall, were glad we went, but think the regular night experience is probably stellar.

Review №63

After Halloween, in a big group of 10 people went to Azra when lights were out. We weren’t expecting lights out, but it happened and we walked down with little flashlight, it was definitely spooky and nerve-racking. Actors did a great job and staff was amazing. The duration is about 20 mins. Love the post-haunted reaction. Since we went in a big group, and we were all packed while walking so wasn’t that scared. I’ll recommend walking in group of 2 would be hellllll a lot of fun!!!!!

Review №64

Better than what I expected, wasnt scared but they did have some great displays inside!!!!!

Review №65

Great Haunted House. Great Customer Service!

Review №66

Very well ran. Security and actors are top notch.

Review №67

Great time and the lines were not bad at lol.

Review №68

Great experience! Fun if you go with a group of people! The staff mention this was only their second year open and I think you guys are doing amazing! To have a DJ while everyone is in line was such a dope experience. It was so much energy from the staff! I think that made the hunted house even better. Everyone was so kind and it brought a lot of different people together. Keep up the great work guys!

Review №69

Not worth the money or wait, do not buy VIP pass, its too fast and is not as good as erebus

Review №70

Super scary, everyone had a great time!

Review №71

Loved this haunt, very fun and the outside entertainment is amazing ;)

Review №72

Rage room was fun and jacob is a really cool employee that explained everything to us, will visit again

Review №73

Honestly today I had the most fun ever. As soon as you stand in line you have music playing and once you go in it’s already amazing. LOVED THE INSIDE. Scary, unique, fun, and so memorable. Also the owner was just amazing, he comes and talks to you and dances as well. He’s so fun. RECOMMEND

Review №74

First haunted house, would DEFINITELY recommend.

Review №75

I had fun but due to anxiety I had 2 anxiety attacks and 1 bad panic attack

Review №76

This place is for 5 and under waste time money and space in Madison heights !!! This place wouldn’t scare Stevie wonder !!! I swear Y’all should holly Michigan if y’all wanna good scare

Review №77

Was scary I tried to run the whole way thru

Review №78

Scariest haunted house I’ve ever been to payed for vip tickets and was so worth it.

Review №79

Definitely a good scare! Very fun and well done. Staff were friendly and tried to make the wait enjoyable. We got there right when it opened and didnt have to wait long. I imagine the wait gets longer later in the evening. It is a little quick once youre in, but that doesnt take away the creativity and the fun.

Review №80

I went to Azra Haunted House Chamber of Horrors with my friend, 2 of my teenaged kids and their one friend. Ive been to many haunted houses over the years and wasnt sure what to expect. After going in the lobby of their main building and seeing the incredible quality of their escape rooms I knew I was in for an amazing experience in their haunted house. Even the line to get in was entertaining. There were people twirling fire and doing performances on stage as we waited. It was by far the best haunted house Ive ever been through. It took a long time to get through and there seemed to be well over 20 staff monsters, spooky clowns, etc. inside. The section where they give you special glasses to wear was awesome. Everything was awesome, incredible, amazingly well put together, spooky, ... Id recommend Azra to anyone. Get there early because the line was packed later after we got out. I really cant put into words how cool this place was. Go check it out.

Review №81

It was fun in the actors were great!

Review №82

Really good haunted house. More live actors than animatronics which is way better. Much scarier than Erebus. The only reason it’s getting a 4 star is because it wasn’t that long. I definitely recommend fast pass it’s not worth waiting in the 2 hour line. But if you do wait in the long line they have a DJ that will entertain. I will definitely be coming back for the haunted house and there selection of escape rooms.

Review №83

I loved this haunt! All of the actors were phenomenal and their timing was spot on! We had a large group and they still managed to jump scare all of us. The scene outside is cool and the DJ is great. Oh and try the donuts, sooo yummy! Money well spent!

Review №84

Super fun, very kind and accommodating staff, they happily take pictures of your group. The attraction is very fun and has cool affects. Cool entrance people playing with fire at the beginning while you wait in line. We had a great time.

Review №85

First of all, I’m rating based on “scare factor.” There were legitimate moments where I jumped a bit, but it wasn’t that memorable for me. There is a trend where haunted houses don’t want actors to touch you and it’s a real shame. Most haunts are becoming displays of who can spend the most money on props and invest in sending you emails to give them 5-star reviews on Google, which Azra does. It would be awesome if more time was invested in masterfully planning a fun scary experience. Rotten Manor is a MUCH more entertaining experience!!!

Review №86

I loved it it was really worth the money I was really scared

Review №87

A nice haunted house.

Review №88

Best Hauted house Ive ever been to. I usually just find them fun but am never actually scared. Several prolonged periods of scared here and an ending that may have given me an acid flashback. Well worth the cost and the 40 min drive out!

Review №89

Great experience overall. The different rooms were not only scary and fun, but also incredibly artistic and cool. The actors were also great, and the owner led us in and escorted us out. Highly recommend!

Review №90

First of all thank you Azra!! Y’all defiantly up the notch this October 2019 and it was money well spent. The Dj was awesome as usual and the fire swirling artist were great. As for the actors In the haunted house 10/10 and the set up was was really great inside and out! Y’all really saved my October unlike that capital E place in Pontiac which was horrible so thank you!!again.

Review №91

This is hands down an amazing place. The wait time is a little long but it is for every haunted attraction you go to. The outside atmosphere is like a huge party. There is a live dj, fire twirling, and even some monsters lurking about. It was my daughters first haunted house and lets just say they didnt disappoint. We will be back next year.

Review №92

This is such an awesome haunted house! And more! They got amazing escape rooms and a rage room! You got to try this place!

Review №93

Being a Madison Heights resident for 34 years, and I worked at Mutilation Mansion 17 years ago, I was thrilled when this place opened up because I always missed our old haunted house. I have been 3 times and it’s been great every time. I would highly recommend it to any Halloween/haunted house fan!

Review №94

The best haunted house i have ever been to, there was so many different rooms of all sorts and plenty of people/scares. Even though the line took a long time it was so worth the wait. Would definitely go back again some time!

Review №95

We had a lot of fun! Lots of jump scares and actors were really into it. I liked that the actors got close to you without touching. There were some tight spaces to crawl through so keep that in mind if youre claustrophobic.We got there right when it started and waited about a half hour, so not bad at all!

Review №96

BY FAR the best haunted house Ive been to. The detail they put into this scare is amazing, havent been truly frightened by a haunted house in a long time! The wait in line was fun with music bumping and heat lamps to keep you warm. There were so many things Ive never seen done in a haunted house, truly an amazing experience, I wanted to just keep going through it!

Review №97

This place was great and a good scare.this is really worth all your money.the heaters out side was nice to keep everybody warm.also the lines were short too so that was good.the best time to go is around when they this place is on whole another level of scary.i had to be escorted with 2 guides to get me threw the whole thing.their really nice because I wanted to leave so bad but one of the actors talk me out of it because I already they gave me the guides who were really nice.i would definitely go again even knowing I was one of the dramatic customers their.

Review №98

Legit GAME CHANGER.This place is easily #1 in Michigan.I’m super picky about haunted houses and 95% of the time I find myself leaving them disappointed... But this place has got it going on.Around every corner I found myself bracing for something new. There are scare tactics in this place that I promise you’ve never seen before. From people climbing on the ceiling?!to creepy A** strobe light creatures that you see in horror films, to a slide in 3D glasses that you have no idea what you’re gonna find at the bottom.. You’ll find yourself wondering what’s real and what’s not.. Lets just say, trust NOTHING.The overall haunt itself is hands down phenomenal to say the least. It’s not overcrowded with useless props like every other cluttered place that makes you feel claustrophobic.The atmosphere is 10/10. While you wait in line there is a full on DJ that really gets you pumped up. *I HIGHLY recommend getting the VIP Fast Pass for an extra few bucks. It will save you over an hour+ wait.*All in all the entire venue was extremely clean, well maintained, and even smelt great.If you don’t find this the best attraction that you’ve been to within 500 miles, I’ll personally give you your money back lol.110% going back next year. Hell, maybe even next weekend.

Review №99


Review №100

Needed something new and this was it! Definitely felt the fright!! Fun atmosphere, the attraction was awesome, props were done very well, actors Did their parts great, Highly recommend.

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